Prom the Music Video Challenge in 24 Hours!
I can't believe Preston challenged us to do this. It all started when Matt and Rebecca created "Rebecca Said YES!" Then Rebecca Zamolo uploaded "Preston Crashed our Prom inside our HOUSE!" Finally the Game Master Network made "Saying Yes To Evil Daniel for 24 Hours Challenge." Now they started the challenge by trying to be the first to find an M&M in 10,000 skittles. If they lose Preston and Brianna said they have to create a music video and original song in 24 hours. Matt decides to write about Prom and Love. Daniel isn't evil any more but is not married to his crush RZ Twin. Do you think they can complete this song and music challenge in time? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.
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  • Matt and Rebecca
    Matt and Rebecca

    Make sure to subsribe before you find out I misspelled it!

    • Josephine Ortiz
      Josephine Ortiz

      I think the wone we could not trust is Rebeca s

    • jaber asami
      jaber asami

      The song was gorgeous

    • มาเรีย มาการ์เร็ต
      มาเรีย มาการ์เร็ต


    • Wisam Younis
      Wisam Younis


    • Wisam Younis
      Wisam Younis


  • Ashley Burns
    Ashley Burns

    Rick Noah is the one who you can't trust.🤔😊😯🍟

  • Brooke Tooker
    Brooke Tooker

    They game me an ad in the middle of the song 😭😭😭

  • Liv Jacobson
    Liv Jacobson

    You can’t trust him

  • Liv Jacobson
    Liv Jacobson


  • Renee Lee
    Renee Lee

    It’s Rick noa you can trust Rick noa

  • Emily Hay
    Emily Hay

    Rick Noah Was in the window it was green when you guys were talkingAbout the song for Brianna and Preston

  • Josephine Ortiz
    Josephine Ortiz

    Things de One Direction

  • Mackenzie Michaud
    Mackenzie Michaud

    I love it


    and camera man


    u cant trust eve, rebbeca's ex-bf, lego head man guy(dj ),

  • Hayleigh Harding
    Hayleigh Harding

    It's so sad that Daniel was crying during the song :(

  • Bowdydaf

    Lol I can relate to daniel 😭

  • Bowdydaf

    Lol I can relate to daniel 😭

  • Bobbieg Matenga
    Bobbieg Matenga

    can you wite a song about me please thank you my name is bob

  • Kianna Michael Olivo
    Kianna Michael Olivo

    You should put on Instagram because solo

  • Sandeep Pannala
    Sandeep Pannala

    I love you so much Matt and Rebecca

  • Annalisa Iroguehi
    Annalisa Iroguehi

    I choose mammie and Rebecca

  • Aminah Khattab
    Aminah Khattab

    I like all of them 1900

  • Annalisa Iroguehi
    Annalisa Iroguehi

    Mammie the next dance spin

  • Aminah Khattab
    Aminah Khattab

    I like all of the Lerecks

  • Annalisa Iroguehi
    Annalisa Iroguehi

    Daniel is crying Matt and Rebecca you look great in what dress and I am a hacker.👩‍💻👩‍💻👩‍💻👩‍💻👩‍💻👩‍💻👩‍💻👩‍💻💏💑💏💑💏💑..

  • Aminah Khattab
    Aminah Khattab

    I think it was your ex

  • nicole mccoy
    nicole mccoy

    Song mack me sad

  • nicole mccoy
    nicole mccoy

    I like song

  • Alvina rahman
    Alvina rahman

    I'm not in a relationship lol I'm only 10

  • Alvina rahman
    Alvina rahman

    The only people who can be trusted is 1.Rebecca 2.Matt 3.Daniel 4.Maddie? I didn't include the others that were at prom because all of them r sus also Rick noah

  • Valerie Esterlla Hernandez
    Valerie Esterlla Hernandez

    And Rebecca ex bf

  • Valerie Esterlla Hernandez
    Valerie Esterlla Hernandez

    You can’t trust is your madden date and eve

  • dolly thakur
    dolly thakur


  • Isabella Santa
    Isabella Santa

    i love it

  • UniBlox YT
    UniBlox YT

    I love you guys

  • Layla lemons
    Layla lemons

    rick noah is sus at 2:56 rick noah tried to sneak in and he was coming from the lake of secrets

  • Lily Bridgeland
    Lily Bridgeland

    Eve is Evelyn and John was talking to the Lego dude so don’t trust them or Rick Noah cause he’s sis

  • Saanvi S Gupta
    Saanvi S Gupta


  • Jason Maxwell
    Jason Maxwell

    Did any buddy know that Maddie said Brianna instead of Brianna

  • Rachel Castrejon
    Rachel Castrejon

    Rick Noah was in the backround

  • Yaned Adan Sosa
    Yaned Adan Sosa

    Reik noah dat is eveen

  • Hae Kim
    Hae Kim


  • Anahis Baker
    Anahis Baker

    all of then

  • Gina Orozco
    Gina Orozco

    Addie is the best singer Rebecca

  • Gina Orozco
    Gina Orozco

    Can you get her to feelings for you Halloween but the next time Halloween by

  • Michelle 米雪儿Yue 岳
    Michelle 米雪儿Yue 岳

    Maddie should have said it’s been so hard ,yeah I don’t even know what’s gotten into me

  • Sarah Jackson
    Sarah Jackson

    You sud set Daniel on 3 date's

  • Eliana Otero
    Eliana Otero

    You guys can trust eve And Rick noah

  • Dancing Master
    Dancing Master

    DUDE! It was your EX

  • Mo Udd
    Mo Udd

    Eve and Rick noah

  • Delphine Rozier
    Delphine Rozier

    rick noah and eve r evil


    Rick Noah

  • Isnino Hassan
    Isnino Hassan

    Rebecca and Dainel and maddie have a great lyrics and I love you're songs

  • Sisters are always Together
    Sisters are always Together

    I think you can’t trust Rick Noah and his prom date

  • ceana gupta
    ceana gupta

    Dose anyone see Rick Noah at 2:55 outside the widow

  • Hannah Powell
    Hannah Powell

    Im most like maddie im catching my friends on there lies

  • Isabella Huang
    Isabella Huang

    Ok I did.

  • Amaria Williams
    Amaria Williams

    I like Rebecca and Maddie I don't know about Matt but he was laying down dead well at least I thought he was dead

  • ella-may gordon
    ella-may gordon

    You did pranck Matt

  • Carl Eady
    Carl Eady

    you can not trust Rick Noah or Eve

  • Rody Aser
    Rody Aser


  • C W
    C W

    not me crying because of how sad this song turned out 😭✋🏻

  • racheal moyegun
    racheal moyegun

    BTW Rick Noah is so sus

  • Nola Bola
    Nola Bola

    eve is ghost evilyn and john is untrusted

  • Ganga Bathinie
    Ganga Bathinie


  • Jasmine Rivas
    Jasmine Rivas


  • Chance Mclaurin
    Chance Mclaurin

    I think you can’t trust is your ex and the photographer

  • KimmYT YouTube
    KimmYT YouTube


  • Leanna Serrano
    Leanna Serrano

    it is rick nohe

  • Vincent Vu
    Vincent Vu

    I found Rick in the back yard

  • adara mendez
    adara mendez

    It’s Eva and her ex

  • Natalie Romany
    Natalie Romany

    I think it's your x, boyfriend

  • Natalie Romany
    Natalie Romany

    I thin

  • Anthony Maldonado
    Anthony Maldonado

    Maddie I like you when I'm older I know it

  • Lucero Mejia
    Lucero Mejia

    The only think I like Daniel crying and telling Matt we’re in the SNACK THE WAY THO SO CUTE

  • Addah Mabwa
    Addah Mabwa


  • brad coleman
    brad coleman

    I relate to maddie the most

  • brad coleman
    brad coleman

    You can't trust Rick noa or ev

  • Mariah mason
    Mariah mason

    Hey Rebecca your "ex" is RHS and eve is Evelyn

  • Melody Nguyen
    Melody Nguyen

    The song was awesome!

  • Skylers Treats
    Skylers Treats

    When I saw Rick Noah a almost dropped my cup

  • Baby Monkey
    Baby Monkey

    dont trust ur ex rebecca!

  • Jade GA
    Jade GA

    Poor Daniel 😭😪😥😢

  • Holly Jansa
    Holly Jansa


  • Nirla Pierre
    Nirla Pierre

    I saw Rick Noah outside

  • Alexandria Thompson
    Alexandria Thompson

    I did not trust Rick Noah Eva in I saw the red lady in I don't trust me.nice guy

  • Delphine Rozier
    Delphine Rozier

    Eve is evelyn. Rick Noah is a RHS. He is hypnotised. You can't Trust Rick Noah he was one of the RHS who was trying to take the fountain to the Lake of Secrets cuz the RHS sounded like him. I saw Rick Noah walking in the back after Bri and Peston at the table i saw Rick Naoh in the back.

  • Tyanna Charles
    Tyanna Charles

    i related to maddie

  • Lily Nesmith
    Lily Nesmith

    Eve was Evelyn

  • Bella Napier
    Bella Napier

    I think the one you can’t trust is eve or Rick or both

  • Nomfundo Moni
    Nomfundo Moni

    I like Maddie

  • لبنى حسام حمد عبد الواحد
    لبنى حسام حمد عبد الواحد

    O my gosh i live in it best one yet

  • Cailyn Johnson
    Cailyn Johnson

    Rick Noah was sneaking behind the house while you were in the dining room and eve was Evelyn in a different body. (ps. i think Rick Noah and Maddie like each other and jealous of each other's prom dates) # Naddie

  • god,of,hyper

    Poor Daniel

  • Jessika Beloin
    Jessika Beloin


  • hannah clutter
    hannah clutter

    how did you get RZ tiwn

  • hannah clutter
    hannah clutter


  • Saiful and Amani Hassan
    Saiful and Amani Hassan

    I did but I already liked the video

  • Saiful and Amani Hassan
    Saiful and Amani Hassan

    I can't wait ✋until I watch this love 💘you and your videos I have 👍liked this video peace ✌out

  • Bobby Treadwell
    Bobby Treadwell

    I think that we can’t trust Eva bc she pushed Daniel with powers and she was being super mean and she lied

  • Officials Aisha
    Officials Aisha

    I already memeriosed the whole song

  • Officials Aisha
    Officials Aisha

    I ❤️the part we all love love the same we just have different plans so hold on we ok

  • Parvez Mukaddam
    Parvez Mukaddam

    Eve is Evilyn. Rick Noah is working for Kingpin