How To Beat Every Trap In "HOSTEL"
You’ve been kidnapped by criminals, and locked in a room with a human monster who wants to hurt you in the worst ways possible. No one’s coming to your rescue, and you’ll have to outsmart everyone if you want to survive. When you’re trapped underground and being hurt , what do you do?
Thank you for watching Hostel explained and review of how to beat.
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    • jerquez thebest
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    Derikku Desu

    The ending belike: Achievement Unlocked: Right back at ya buckaroo

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    Robyn Official

    Please do a how to beat on the movie shook!!

  • Popescu Luca
    Popescu Luca

    When i watched this movie, he killed the man at the end,not kidnapped his daughter

  • Edward Fredericks
    Edward Fredericks

    "How to survive?" How about, how to avoid it in the first place? Start by being the best version of yourself. Not chase women... Just a thought.

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    Could you do orphan? Idk why but I think it would be interesting UwU

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    How to beat "Frozen" (2010)... one of the most underrated horror movies ever. You can check it out

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    What's with the blurring things out.

  • TheGoondas87

    Expecting the police to do extensive forensic testing, and ask cooperation of another country to share their DNA database all because a hitch hiker left his friends and they saw someone with the same jacket is ridiculous. The police would not go to these lengths for something that cant even be proven to be a kidnapping yet. Next youll be expecting the police to stop investigating a murder case so they can dust a soda can for finger prints and cross reference every countries data bases so they can arrest someone for littering. Also, the handcuffs you focus on on his wrists are not standard issue. They dont even have a chain. So how the hell does your solution of rotating the chain to build tension work in this situation?

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    m. bukhori

    Only OGs remember the original thumbnail

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    Un- Known

    So the way to beat hostel is enlisting an army of children? Also, guys Slovakia doesn't really look like this, jeez.

  • Katie M
    Katie M

    I have zero memory of Paxton kidnapping the daughter at the end of the movie. It this a different cut? I was pretty sure the movie ended with Paxton killing Salad Fingers in the bathroom on the train. Or maybe that's the opening to the second movie?

  • Spencer Cowan
    Spencer Cowan

    My man said uno reverse card to the salesman

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    But how did that guy manage to get into the Women's bathroom without anyone noticing??? and how did he get that daughter out without the man noticing?!!??!?!!?!

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    Watch Or Not Horror

    Clearly different cuffs. Try again.

  • tea's good
    tea's good

    That went so well for paxton

  • Philip Salomon
    Philip Salomon

    I know a different ending. He follows him and cuts his fingers off and then slits his throat. Never saw the ending with the daughter

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    YQ Chng

    Now just got to sell the kids organs to make up for the fingers

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    John Doe

    1st. Dont follow shady people to shady places. Otherwise: Imediatly start an information network by bribing all of the children. Do not let the guy with the jacket go for any reason and dispose of hin after questioning. Arm the children. Follow the lady to the factory but kill her and the other person in the car using a double edged knife. Pose as a killer by stealing the identity of another killer with the information given to you by the children. Proceed to free your victim and inform them of your intent to free everyone. Have the victim scream in agony (pretend like their life depends on it, because it genuinly does) inorder to ward off suspicion. Have the victim act dead and call in the gaurd. Kill gaurd, take his weapons, arm the victim, procees from door to door collecting as many people as possible whilst arming yourselves. Sneakily murder as many as you can. Once found out: use the firearms at your disposal to take out the rest as swiftly as possible. (Good chance americans know how to use the firearms.) Escape and get the police involved. Kill the police, take their weapons, hijack a train, spark an international incident, and demand to speak to the anti terror unit. OR! flee to the american embasy with all the newly freed would be victims.

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    Jayson De Guzman Jr

    Learning how to do a liver punch would be real helpful since you will be able to rupture someone's liver with 1 blow

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    The second I hear His daughter pause the video creepy ass evil face on

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    Can you do a how to beat on Netflix series called VagaBond

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    I’ll just fucking stay in America with my temporary freedom and safety and guns

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    I thought the ending was different?

    • lol lol
      lol lol

      it's an alternate ending

  • K-dub just that
    K-dub just that

    But didn't he also kill that guy by cutting off his fingers and slashing his throat

    • a10goesbrrrt

      Yeah that's what I thought,

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    Its crazy how this came out on my bday

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      Nah I remember that as well, I don't know where he got that ending from

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    I like the other ending more, where he kills the train guy in a bathroom

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    can you please do spilt no one on LV-home has done it yet


    You should do what lies below.

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    Do how to beat distant strangers plz

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    IsolationFunCrazy !

    At the end Paxton should’ve went up to the man and kill her for the revenge

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    Jack Evason

    on netfilx he dosnet taake the girl he kills the buissenes man in the bathroom

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    A suggestion. How to beat Blindsided. The mistakes in that movie are far too many to count

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    Slovakia is fighting corruption like crazy rn

  • djmulder

    Interesting! in the version of Hostel I've seen he beats the dutch guy from the train to death and drowns him in the toilet ... in stead of kidnapping the daughter :o Makes you wonder what else is different? I didn't hear you talk about him bribing the children to delay the bad guys? Was that in your version Also a thing I noticed was the ballgag, he was gagged because he started talking German to the guy wanting to torture him, that was the reason he got gagged and came with the chainsaw.

    • djmulder

      also I hope you do Hostel 2 and 3 soon :D

  • Mark Harc
    Mark Harc

    That trick would not work with those handcuffs- look at them, they are HINGED. Big difference.

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    The only reason I'm going to Europe is to go through Europe to Russia where I have family. If someone tried this I'd tell them nah and keep going towards Russia.

  • Alec Azadi-Hocking
    Alec Azadi-Hocking

    Was this the alternate ending? When I saw the movie I don’t remember the guys daughter getting kidnapped, but I do remember the guy getting tortured in a bathroom stall as revenge. Either way, fucking brutal endings

  • Liam L I A E
    Liam L I A E

    Isnt the ending that he kills the old man? Havent watched in years

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    Hostel 2

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    When you realise this whole movie wouldn't have been made if the mcs had thought from his head and not from his balls

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    Road to 1M

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    bruh i was just like i wonder if i can find a vid about this series and this homie posted a vid about it 😎

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    moral of the story: simping for ladies gets you killed

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    José Savóia

    wtf? Paxton kidnaps his daughter? In the ending I saw, he cuts the guys fingers and troath in the bathroom. Didn't know there was this alternative version. like wtf is he gonna do with a stolen child, lol. Even if he plans to kill her for revenge, how would he keep her quiet until he's able to?

  • Shark Gaming TV
    Shark Gaming TV

    why is the ending different from what I watched? the old man's son was not there and then he killed the old man.

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    can you do how to beat run

  • Not An Expert Mountain Climber
    Not An Expert Mountain Climber

    Can you make a "How to escape/beat LRT station in horror show called shake rattle in roll? What is shake rattler and roll? -The Shake, Rattle & Roll film series is a Filipino horror anthology film series that always contains 3 different stories. LRT station is from shake, rattle and roll 6 as part of the 3 stories. For context of the LRT station story LRT Overview - LRT (acronym for Light Rail Transit) grips us into the tale of commuters stranded in an abandoned station. Soon, a monster from nowhere attacked them and hunts them down one by one. Plot Thirteen commuters take the last trip of the Manila Light Rail Transit System Line 2 at nearly midnight after hours of work from Katipunan to Santolan, supposedly. While on board the train in midnight, Jean met her long lost boyfriend Cesar, who according to him, they last saw each other since they were college. Jean introduced her son, Jimmy. During their conversation, a female deacon named Lita preaches verses from the Bible, annoying some passengers. The train travels into an abandoned station which the passengers thought that this was the final stop. Exploring the station, they find out that everything was shut down and the gates were closed locked. After several minutes of annoyance, the passengers decided to find a telephone booth to call for help. Actually, it was because while between Katipunan and Santolan, the train suddenly shook and went backward to the spur to Santolan Depot Workshops. They passed by some train cars in 2000 series under repair. As they find a telephone, Martin is pulled up the balcony. The group finds his corpse and his heart pulled out. Unknown to them, a human heart-eating eyeless, strong-sensed and vigilant monster lurks the station every midnight. Lita also falls victim same creature. Ojie, sees the corpse of Lita and was killed. The evil creature suddenly appears, killing more passengers until Steph, Don, Nina, Jimmy, Jean and Cesar are the only ones left alive. As they were trying to escape from the monster by closing the doors, one of them got eaten. Another passenger, Rico was killed. The female passenger, Jenny was captured and also killed when they ran. Nina was separated from the members. Nina and her boyfriend Rocky wandered in an old train and discover numerous dead bodies. Apparently, these were the bodies of the passengers who also took the previous last trips of the LRT. The monster appears behind Rocky and kills him while Nina escapes. Steph and Don escaped the train after their friends Jenny and Rico were killed by the monster. Steph and Don met with Jimmy, Jean and Caesar who were losing contact in the phone. The two friends went out to find an exit but they are again confronted and killed by the monster. After several desperate tries of finding an emergency exit, the remaining survivors Jean, Cesar and Jimmy, found an emergency exit. Shortly after climbing down from the station tower, Cesar pledges his still-living love for Jean. He urged Jimmy and Jean to run while he wards the monster off. After a long fight, Cesar was killed. As Jean and Jimmy ran, they found a police and tell everything what happened to the train station. Nina,Jean, and Jimmy alert nearby patrolling officers of the PH National Police about the incident.

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    So we are totally going to get the police to harass some random guy with a coat and do a DNA test on it and have him arrested. Yet later on going to the police they just dismiss his concerns about his missing friends.

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    Best way to survive hostel is to not be cheap and book a hotel

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    16:09 the scene shown is from the korean movei : "Oldboy(2003)" It's truly a masterpiece, and if you are reading this comment you should atelaset check the movie out, tho the movie can be bizarre at times

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    Thatch is handsome !

    Hmmm in the version I watched, he kills the old creepy guy in restroom.. sliding his throat.. there was no daughter 🤔

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