The Cringiest Religious Family on TikTok (ft. Kurtis Conner)
Today @Kurtis Conner and I take a look at the cringiest religious family band on TikTok, SM6 band. I update Kurtis on the latest goings on in the TikTok community, and we laugh at a family connection that I secretly long for.
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James Marriott
Cynic Snacks (

  • Leo Blatz
    Leo Blatz

    The person in the 'Good Girl Gone Bad' shirt better be pan-

  • Beep

    I think it's wonderful that the "good girl gone rad" shirt has the pansexual flag colors on it :)

  • hanna

    6:47 whoever put in the 2017 RRHOF Yes performance footage is based and prog pilled

  • Liz Abeth
    Liz Abeth

    Oh no not the eczema, oh nooo I can feel it, oh nooo

  • Chiara Abbate
    Chiara Abbate

    8:31 Kurtis feels so much like John Mulaney: the tone, the expression, the passive aggressiveness

  • Aidyn Ware
    Aidyn Ware

    Good girl gone rad shirt is 10 dollars on Poshmark...

  • The Lapis Warrior
    The Lapis Warrior

    I’ve just realised I unironically listen to one of their songs......

    • The Lapis Warrior
      The Lapis Warrior

      @hey lol it’s called “oddity” and it’s actually pretty good lol :P

    • hey lol
      hey lol


  • Abby Cross
    Abby Cross

    Why did you think this would be the last quarantine collab?

  • Oodles.

    half of this group gives off intense closeted gay religious kid energy, I can see it from a mile away

  • Morgan Drohan
    Morgan Drohan

    I looked into the free adam thing and apparently fans want him to be free from his family because they think is the most normal and has the most potential. I am not sure if this is more funny than the weed joke, but the fact that they put it on merch with what is really happening is killing me.

  • Arthur

    I really hope SM stands for Sunday mass, it would complete the whole thing beautifully.

  • Eleanor SALETA
    Eleanor SALETA

    My two fav youtubers

  • Emily Contino
    Emily Contino

    Not sure if someone has already said this: but that kid's hat is from "Weed" California. It's an actual town in northern California lmao

  • RaT

    I’m gonna have to correct you on the sleeping with your mouth open part in a car cause that is exactly how my idiot stepbrother sleeps in the car

  • Brave

    low key that magic trick

  • Brave

    who agrees this family is sad

  • Grugg


  • Isabella

    As someone who grew up (and escaped lmfao) a homeschooled, religious family with 9 siblings, I can confirm that we put on the idea of "the perfect family" in public, but when no one's looking, its hell.

  • luci Granata
    luci Granata

    15:59 underrated joke LMAOOOO

  • XxnarratorxX


  • hex

    the umbrella academy, kidz bop version

  • R.E.M

    4:31 I am very uncomfortable

  • Xander Payne
    Xander Payne

    When does the Sorry Monkey 6 album come out?

  • Aaris Howton
    Aaris Howton

    Honestly that staring contest wasn’t even difficult for me

  • The One
    The One

    He just HAD to say Covid 2

    • big gay lol
      big gay lol

      covid 20

  • Minero17

    Think we are just...well no we are just assholes 😂 Edit: just listen to them how are they actually that good?! I was expecting some sickly sweet pop music that you'd get on mid 90s American kids TV these guys are actually aight 😳

  • ItzIllusivez

    jim should react to the sharpe fsmily

  • Somebody

    Perfect video as always

  • Ashley gunathilaka
    Ashley gunathilaka

    4:53 ~screen shot was taken~

  • Raylin Hartman
    Raylin Hartman

    The weed hat is from weed, California. It’s a place.

  • jayde -.-
    jayde -.-

    13:04 reminds me of those lantern fish from Nemo

  • Gamergirl Innit
    Gamergirl Innit

    Sometimes a forget to blink

  • Case

    I beat everyone in the staring contest, I am the band now

  • heather m
    heather m

    googled it it stands for summer monkies

  • Megan

  • Sam Miller
    Sam Miller

    "What is probably the last quarantine collab" *cries in 2021*

  • sneaseq

    this is funny because me and my siblings get along really well

  • Yater Potater
    Yater Potater

    Fun fact: The staring contest bit isn’t good if you have Scopophobia. Found that out the hard way

  • Cameron Birdy
    Cameron Birdy

    4:31 me after beating sm6, kurtis, and james: BITCH IM A BIG GANGSTA

  • Neve Whittaker
    Neve Whittaker

    rewatching this video and i cant believe everyone called the youngest girl pigeon for a whole summer😭😭

  • bethzebanana

    4:33 ngl, i'm freaked out

  • soapbit

    when you wanna go on the boys of summer tour but your parents make you take your younger siblings

  • Livvy

    The way that they called them a Satan Magic band and didn´t realise that´s SM

  • ꧁Kid with cute cats꧂
    ꧁Kid with cute cats꧂

    For anyone wondering is “Summer monkeys 6”

  • HeyImIcey


  • QueenOfSleepDeprivation

    I haven’t blinked in 3 minutes someone send help

  • Spiffay-

    They all specifically kind of look like eleven from stranger things

  • Hugh Macpherson-Hayes
    Hugh Macpherson-Hayes

    Kurtis sounds like that one teacher on zoom and also Danny Gonzolez.

  • Georgie Smith
    Georgie Smith

    Why do most of the daughters in this band look like they're not straight?

  • Alex Gaming
    Alex Gaming

    guys shirt said "weed california" which is a city

  • Kadence Nicole
    Kadence Nicole

    every single time i see james i think of the time wilbur got drunk and james acted like a mum

  • GaspOfShock

    Last quarantine video... Dear god

  • Gemini Neda
    Gemini Neda

    I love them dearly

  • captain bike
    captain bike

    Are we not gonna talk about kuris magic like what the fuck I thought we burned all the witches already

  • Lee TheArtist
    Lee TheArtist

    TW// fake blood and fake weapons around 9:03 until 9:10

    • Marias Kay
      Marias Kay

      is this a joke

  • Robert Clohesy
    Robert Clohesy

    Fun fact. Goggled sm - 6 and turns out it is a Radar Intercept Missle ( RIM -174) and SM - 6 is a Standard Missle 6.

  • Jungle Jin
    Jungle Jin

    Has James never heard of a hair brush

  • Nathanr016

    Okay but I looked up their LV-home channel after this, and why is their music Lowkey kinda fire 😂

  • auddytotty

    9:15 his hat says weed California, which is an actual city in California

  • daisybrain

    I'm so late to this but weed california is an actual tiny town in cali, they sell a bunch of stuff like that hat

  • jol jimaima
    jol jimaima

    Summer Monkeys 6!?

  • Madi Day
    Madi Day

    4:39 ... ok I zoned out then looked at my screen & saw this. I was SO CONFUSED

  • jptrnash

    11:50 If one of my siblings did that to me, I would tell my parents because all my siblings are adults so I don't know why the fuck they would do that

  • elysian butterfly
    elysian butterfly

    the sm could stand for sibling music or something like that

    • Drift

      @elysian butterfly ofc 👍

    • elysian butterfly
      elysian butterfly

      @Drift tyyyy

    • Drift

      it’s stand for Summer Monkeys, they changed their name halfway through the career cause it wasn’t really professional, so Summer Monkeys 6 But it doesn’t really hold a meaning anymore, so they’re just SM6 (because their is 6 of them)

  • leoni the creature
    leoni the creature

    its sorry mum 6

    • Drift

      summer monkeys 6 but they just changed it to SM6 to be more professional, the SM doesn’t hold meaning anymore

  • ت hearteu
    ت hearteu

    They are literally the weeb kids from middle school that listened to nightcore and ate nothing but oreos while running around school screeching

    • Drift

      nope, they were actually homeschooled

  • Mateja Janda
    Mateja Janda

    I beat james in the staring contest

  • Jasper Rosa
    Jasper Rosa

    Me with depression going to bed when I had a good day: I did it but im in pain.

  • Ashleigh Carpenter
    Ashleigh Carpenter

    I once kicked my twin in the nose when I was like 8, 5 minutes before we were meant to go to school, my mum made us wait until it stopped bleeding so we were late lol

  • gentledemi

    as someone who grew up in a christian homeschool environment, cringe like this is very common and always expected. (including me tbh)

  • oh land
    oh land

    I won the staring contest

  • luci

    what in the sweet home alabama fuckery is this

  • Junior

    I was watching this vid at a funeral and I laughed so hard,I'm never going anywhere again

  • I M
    I M

    Looks like a middle aged trucker stuck in an 18 year olds body lmaooooo

  • I M
    I M

    I WON

  • ChocolatePudding

    James: "...murdering people in a rad way, like throwing knives" Me: "sounds to me like you are describing Diego Hargreeves"

  • Alexis O.K.
    Alexis O.K.

    Ik im not the only one who noticed Good girl gon rad was said with a 🌈😏

  • Tess ooms
    Tess ooms

    "What does SM stand for??" me: "idk..." "OOHH MAYBE THE M STANDS FOR MONKEYS??" me: "STRIPPER MONKEYS??"

    • Drift


  • Lauren Mueller
    Lauren Mueller

    Like idk if the drill guy found a pitch in that drill but there is NONE to be found from the recording, why tf are they harmonizing with a drill it’s so chaotic

  • Jonathan Hines
    Jonathan Hines

    i still havent closed my eyeys

  • MACSOffic1al


  • Ilinca Andreea
    Ilinca Andreea

    I have a lazy eye (actually both my eyes are but I digress) which means I always win staring contests because I can just unfocus my eyes and not blink at all. My record is 8.36 minutes.

  • Pretzel King
    Pretzel King

    I’ve had this shirt for the longest time and up until recently I thought it had cute little green leaves on it. I tried to wear it out to the grocery store one time and my dad finally told me that the “cute little green leaves” was marijuana. I’ve been lounging around in a shirt with marijuana on it.

  • Eva Smith Turton
    Eva Smith Turton

    i beat james... who else

  • Kloveliez

    Imagine if they commented lmao

  • Lil Kaotic
    Lil Kaotic

    the seed family

  • PidgeonCrossing

    from the first part of the staring contest clip to the end if the staring contest i didnt blink!

  • Charenor

    i once chucked a metal harmonica at my brothers face and he got a really bad bloody nose.

  • assassinninja79

    Oasis is a prime example of why a family band can be a really bad thing, I know the Gallagher's didn't get on great anyway but the band definitely killed any chance they ever had to get along

  • Roman Pokémon
    Roman Pokémon

    You can’t have a tik tok and be religious

  • kItT3n

    you should react to 8 passengers channel aka: 8 prisoners

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha

    "covid 2" that didn't age well.

  • Jane Cherrytree
    Jane Cherrytree

    "no one sleeps like this" every dad sleeps like this :(

  • pog-chan


  • grifwastaeken


  • I can’t stick to one content
    I can’t stick to one content

    *no one sleeps with their arms crossed* Me: *someone who sleeps with their arms crossed because I'm more comfortable like that* 🥲

  • Tran Dorothy
    Tran Dorothy

    6:47 dont even dare say he doesn’t look like post malone

  • Ava Booth
    Ava Booth

    how much do you recon all of the siblings are single?

  • SuperFrie

    Pretty sure weed is a place in california

  • Isa does Gacha
    Isa does Gacha

    Satanic murderers 6