Kylie Jenner: Halloween Cookies with Stormi
Kylie Jenner
Stormi and I are making cookies for Halloween, one of my favorite holidays of the year! Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!

  • Fatima Hassani
    Fatima Hassani

    Stormi is so cute

  • doha tazi
    doha tazi

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  • Kiko LaVanie
    Kiko LaVanie

    It’s a tradition to spill the vanilla extract

  • Kadijah._. duh
    Kadijah._. duh

    This girl is only 3 years old what do you expect her to be ? The media over hyped everything and has made everyone so pressed over a child’s life. Big deal she isn’t cursing , like what 🤣 she’s like 4. Ofcourse she’s polite and cute. Come on !!

  • Melissa Machado
    Melissa Machado

    Beautiful 😍 Stormi is so adorable

  • Sarah Dela Torre
    Sarah Dela Torre

    Omg kylie posted tgis video on my birthday

  • Julia Scryab
    Julia Scryab

    Stormi so cute

  • Fitnaz Kolçak
    Fitnaz Kolçak

    Türk yokmu kardeşlerim ❤️♥️ Kylie Jenner seni seviyorum l Love you

  • Gacha Time
    Gacha Time

    İt is a so cute

  • Nahomy Ushiña Vilatuña
    Nahomy Ushiña Vilatuña

    Yo ablo español

  • queen gaga
    queen gaga



    not a fan of kylie but stormi has my whole heart she's so cute 🥺🥺

  • Ysabella Tojino
    Ysabella Tojino

    she is an amazing mom wtf

  • Tripti Chail
    Tripti Chail

    Sooo cute 🤗🤗🤗 Love from India 🇮🇳

  • gabrielle suazo
    gabrielle suazo

    many people hated kylie but she knows how to raise a kid

  • Nora Silva
    Nora Silva

    Sua boca está cheia de plástica? Porque a minha prima ta falando que eu sua boca tá cheia de plástica

    • Nora Silva
      Nora Silva

      Eu tenho 4 anos

    • Nora Silva
      Nora Silva

      Vc é linda

    • Nora Silva
      Nora Silva

      O meu nome é Isabelly

    • Nora Silva
      Nora Silva

      Oi Stormi

  • Fatma Zarrouk
    Fatma Zarrouk

    Stormy is such a polite girl who loves sprinkles so much

  • Nilam Patt
    Nilam Patt

  • deeen.over.duniya islamify
    deeen.over.duniya islamify

    cant wait to see stormi do ur makeup

  • Moonlight Blossom Playz
    Moonlight Blossom Playz

    Alternate title: stormi being the ceo of cookies

  • Salma Zihri
    Salma Zihri

    I love u kylie

  • Courtney evans
    Courtney evans


  • Kasey Murphy
    Kasey Murphy

    Is this not the most cutest video ever!? 😍 Stormi is beautiful, Kylie well done on raising such a well mannered little girl ❤

  • BPD Sweetheart
    BPD Sweetheart

    I have never been a fan of the Kardashians and I have no idea why this was in my recommended videos but I am glad it was. This is the most down to earth I have ever seen a Kardashian and I love it. The adorable matching outfits, cooking together, and just spending some good old fashioned time making childhood memories that almost every single one of us have with our parents. Honestly, I loved this. For the first time, thank you for sharing this piece of your life with us. I for one feel like you are more relatable now.

  • Sienna Ayala
    Sienna Ayala

    Last year stormi spilled the vanilla and this year it was Kylie 😂😂

  • Ukulele with Michelle
    Ukulele with Michelle

    Cute mom and daughter moments

  • Amelia xoxo
    Amelia xoxo

    To say stormi is rich she is so polite like other rich children are brats and are not as polite but stormi has an amazing personality and such polite talking I love it 🤍

  • MysteryChan

    The beautiful child is of corse beautiful

  • Alejandra y Adriana Videos
    Alejandra y Adriana Videos

    very sweet little girl

  • Miss Boo
    Miss Boo

    Wow... Your daughter is so very bright. Such a beautiful Gem ❤ At least shes not a snooty brat! Stormi is so well mannered.

  • Leona Batata
    Leona Batata

    Stormi is the cutest

  • Jatin Yadav
    Jatin Yadav


  • kyla javier
    kyla javier

    Such a cutieeee

  • Srushti Shetty
    Srushti Shetty

    8:03 MY HEARRRRTTTTT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Eduarda oliveira
    Eduarda oliveira

    Toró tão nova já sabe cozinhar

  • Dilşad Abbas
    Dilşad Abbas

    Kylie and kimkardashian killed azerbaijan killed

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom

    Can we just all agree Kylie is the best mum and Stormi is the cutest kid ever? Omg, my ovaries!

  • Ruhanika Sarah
    Ruhanika Sarah

    Stormi's talk is so clear


    No one: Literally no one: Kylie and stormi: Wooh~ WoAh~ wO~ WooooOoo~

  • XxTrudy PlayzxX
    XxTrudy PlayzxX

    I loved this! This was so adorable and heartwarming thank you so much!

  • lia.azzles

    For those of you saying that Kylie is a bad mom because she “didn’t raise stormi” it “you MeAn ThE nAnNiEs” you’re actually wrong, a while ago it was released that , she actually has a rule on the contract for the nannies . That they’re not allowed to basically teach , discipline or influence stormi , ONLY TAKE CARE OF HER

    • Ptao Tom
      Ptao Tom

      Stormi is very bright

  • Myesha Jones
    Myesha Jones

    Kylie raised stormi with perfection stormi is nice and has manners and speaks well I’m speechless at this point I don’t know about you guys in the comments but she is most perfect child I have ever seen in my life currently

  • Simone Si
    Simone Si

    Véi, a Stormi é tudooo

  • vivi

    lovely stormi 🤍

  • rene capanas
    rene capanas

    Are you really kylie jenner ????

  • MJ OP
    MJ OP

    may God bless your family very much.

  • Giovanna Gonzaga
    Giovanna Gonzaga

    Stormi is a queeen

  • ᴄᴏᴛᴛᴏɴ ᴄᴀɴᴅʏ ᴛᴏᴄᴀ
    ᴄᴏᴛᴛᴏɴ ᴄᴀɴᴅʏ ᴛᴏᴄᴀ

    Stormi is the most adorable child ever no joke

  • ミlia_berryミ

    Stormi is gonna grow up as a kind, smart and polite girl 😍💗

  • Simply Sammie
    Simply Sammie

    Kylie is queen and beat mom

    • Simply Sammie
      Simply Sammie


  • Cynthia ayline Ramirez
    Cynthia ayline Ramirez

    Odio a tu hija

  • Nani Des
    Nani Des

    Thanks Travis for making stormi❤️

  • Lizbeth Perez
    Lizbeth Perez

    Yo al ver puros comentarios en inglés 👁️👄👁️

  • Alisson Aguilar Gracia
    Alisson Aguilar Gracia

    Hello kylie I want to tell you that I love stormi and she loves that you watch videos with her she is super adores

  • May Flower
    May Flower

    Stormi is very bright

  • Ali

    Stormie is so advanced for her age!! It’s awesome. I know other kids her age and they can’t even speak or do things as well as her

  • Cupcake Queen
    Cupcake Queen

    Stormi is so precious. Kylie you've done an amazing job raising her.


    Stormi is so adorable

  • Rosa Llerena
    Rosa Llerena

    No entiendo nada pero lo vi todo 😂

  • Katie Milincu
    Katie Milincu

    " Cuz pumpkins are orange " Will forever be iconic

  • elixabeth fernandex
    elixabeth fernandex


  • Rahm Adn
    Rahm Adn

    Kylie is an amazing mother

  • Aracely Na
    Aracely Na

    Stormi es una bebé Muy inteligente y hermosa 😍😍 😍

  • London Timmons
    London Timmons

    Stormy has grown up so much since “rise and shine🌞” it feels like it was just last month now she’s speaking complete English🥺.

  • Mariana palacios
    Mariana palacios

    no me aparecen los me gusta soy la primera a alguien mas

  • Neisha gapuz
    Neisha gapuz

    stormi already has better manners than most people😭🖐🤚

  • Danna Ayin
    Danna Ayin

    Your daughter is a tender sueper

  • Satish Reddy
    Satish Reddy

    Sorry this is my father account

  • Satish Reddy
    Satish Reddy


  • Chloe Barrantes
    Chloe Barrantes

    Your such a good mom🥺❤️

  • 우마여성구독자

    Love you Stormi🤍

  • Alanna


  • Francisca Muñoz
    Francisca Muñoz

    Stomi stomu😍

  • Byankavalenzuela1 Valenzuela
    Byankavalenzuela1 Valenzuela

    Awww stormi it's soo cute

  • SxnFlower _
    SxnFlower _

    Everyone is like stormi is so rich blah blah blah yes she is and she’s very polite to people and respects her mom at such a young age and yes she may have more then us but it’s because her parents work hard for what they have they have worked for every dime they have that’s why their so successful

  • Pame Guadamuz
    Pame Guadamuz

    Se ve que eres super buena mamá y tu hija es super bella como tu.. Me encantan que se pongan misma ropa muy lindas Dios las bendiga

  • Sky Squad
    Sky Squad

    Just to clarify some terms Spoiled: get a lot of items but is grateful and respectful Spoiled: get a lot of things and isn’t grateful and very rude about it and disrespectful Spoiled isn’t a bad thing, being a spoiled brat is!

  • Laila’s World 101
    Laila’s World 101

    Stormi might be the gurl to have fake friends then be a billionaire like her mom on her own queen 👑 👸

  • Iyanna Sanders
    Iyanna Sanders

    I wish I was stormi 🥺🥺

    • its-cookie 512
      its-cookie 512

      Same 🙁

  • July Garay
    July Garay

    Amo tanto a Stormi. ¡La tormenta es lo más!

  • nivelle sotupo
    nivelle sotupo

    this is so cute, watch Stormi in 20 years re-living the same thing with a child of her own. she is going to grow up to be so polite and successful.

  • Amanda Raimundo
    Amanda Raimundo


  • Marcel Hazelton
    Marcel Hazelton

    Uhm I just saw a comment and the persons name was "Damian a 3 year old mixed boy who loves kids my age" simping over Stormi wtf has the world came to i-

  • Yesenia Callejas
    Yesenia Callejas

    Stormi is the cutest 😊

  • Rabbit Attack
    Rabbit Attack

    Kylie , your child is gonna grow to be the new queen

  • sari1484

    Such a cutie!!! I want those jammies 🥰 she’s so polite and well mannered 😍

  • Cryzza Catolico
    Cryzza Catolico

    Stormi is so cutee

  • Callmeh_ Pumpkinii
    Callmeh_ Pumpkinii


  • Kamila Castrodad
    Kamila Castrodad

    Kylie: oh this one is so pretty Stormi:and this is so pretty 😂 she just puts sprinkles on top

  • Kamila Castrodad
    Kamila Castrodad

    🥺aww this is so cute

  • Livia Budukievicz
    Livia Budukievicz


  • Nylahvlogs Perry
    Nylahvlogs Perry

    STORMI ⛈ is such a cute baby. Rlly cute

    • Nylahvlogs Perry
      Nylahvlogs Perry


  • Q S
    Q S

    "thanks mom" ❤️

  • Jailynn Huston
    Jailynn Huston

    I CAN NOT watch this without thinking of "simgmproductions"

  • Isa Tuber
    Isa Tuber


  • Isa Tuber
    Isa Tuber


  • Hangout Sisters
    Hangout Sisters

    Storm is always a natural at everything

  • rosario andrade
    rosario andrade


  • Martha Villacorta mancilla
    Martha Villacorta mancilla

    Comentario en español que tanto esperabas

  • Lauren S. Clark
    Lauren S. Clark

    She is absolutely adorable!

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