I Played Minecraft's Incredible Cave 1.17 Snapshot
I test out the new cave generation and it was AMAZING
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    That reminds me of the neither but it’s the normal world version

  • Harold2411

    As well water caves will be a bit difficult because of the air you need for water

  • SomeGuy9

    Dude, I got emotional hearing the music and seeing the caves

  • bluecup

    Bro I can’t wait till we can have shaders and optifine, this will be so poooog

  • Suck Afatone
    Suck Afatone

    I feel like a massive underground colonie would be dope

  • Noelle B.
    Noelle B.

    I have no idea why but this video almost made me sob. Like just with the music and Philza enjoying the game even though this game has changed so much in the 9 years I've played it was amazing. I think for a long time I was very upset that the happy times I had in Minecraft, the golden age of childhood, so to speak was over. But I think not only has Philza's content during quarantine help revitalize my love for this game that is apart of me. But also made me realize that being happy that those times happened over being depressed that they're over will help me move forward. So thank you Philza, and the rest of this amazing community.

  • Racolly_

    Remember when Minecraft had that tutorial world, where you had to build a house to enter the main area? Look where it’s at now.

  • Costa


  • Dady Ab
    Dady Ab


    • Dady Ab
      Dady Ab

      (NO WAY BRO)

  • Ismail Bilal
    Ismail Bilal

    Dont dig straight down now isnt just because of lava...


    yooo am i the only one who thought of the lost river from subnautica when he found that fossil in the swamp water at 2:36??

  • Πορφύριος Κατερίνα Ρέβελου
    Πορφύριος Κατερίνα Ρέβελου

    I think glow squids should spawn in these water caves

  • ArtE

    manhunt is gonna be so cool with this!!!

  • Ralu.

    the caves are philza friendly guys thats so pog

  • Vlad Calsado
    Vlad Calsado

    Conduit power: Time to shine

  • Adam Ford
    Adam Ford

    Moss should grow over time like how coper changes coloured

  • Am3liaZo3

    You have never seen a man get so excited over diamonds than Phil xD

  • Ahmad Danish
    Ahmad Danish

    4:50 BEAUTIFUL

    • Ahmad Danish
      Ahmad Danish


  • Gemma playz
    Gemma playz


  • Andrew Lagasse
    Andrew Lagasse

    It's so hard to think that this is base minecraft now

  • XanderDarkYT

    Where do you mine diamonds now if there is a cave and mountain update :)

  • XanderDarkYT

    Can I ask a question?,

  • Ender Is_here
    Ender Is_here

    'tehehehehehe i love glowy bois' Jesus that laugh made me die for some reason XD

  • Gordon Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay

    I’m not crying at 2am because of the nostalgic music lmao what’re you talking about

  • Mrs. Ada Miller
    Mrs. Ada Miller

    Phil: *amazed* That one dono: I’m having a breakdown how do I stop

  • Holden Kesler
    Holden Kesler

    Dying in his hardcore world was the best thing that coulda happened for this channel.

  • Tea Time
    Tea Time

    Are we not gonna talk about the person at 4:05?

  • Sonicun

    Minecraft is looking more and lore like 3d terraria

  • Dark Void
    Dark Void

    When the music popped up though

  • Jayden . X
    Jayden . X


  • Sean McCall
    Sean McCall

    I got minecraft for $14 the first money i spent on a game. It was the best money i have spent. I have seeing ths community grow. I love this comunity.

  • Augusto César
    Augusto César

    The telescope thing should be able to put glow stone in, and that's minecraft flashlight! Perfect for caves...

  • Cover Singing
    Cover Singing

    Niki being the merling will be thriving!!!

  • kc

    the music made me way to emotional for someone who doesn't actually play minecraft

  • gabby ogier
    gabby ogier

    I take it as an offence that Mojang hasn't added frogs yet

  • Sloffiee

    All I wants to say is... *door*

  • Jassim Ahmad Riaz A Roomi Riaz Ahmad Roomi
    Jassim Ahmad Riaz A Roomi Riaz Ahmad Roomi

    Sad thing is we are loosing mob spawners riverine and mini caves😓😓😖😖😭😭

  • Agent Squirt
    Agent Squirt

    I just realised you can make an elytra obstacle course with the caves... that'd be really fun :)

  • Cosmic Music
    Cosmic Music

    Bro the OG minecraft music made it feel like the first time you saw a world but this time it give you the feeling of accomplishment,

  • BU4H

    No more mining tunel.

  • Ilverds Games
    Ilverds Games

    You know your worlds big when your flying in CAVES

  • Yukari Foxx
    Yukari Foxx

    I need to use that world seed for my Void SMP..... The amount of build ideas I'm getting for that world seed makes my head hurt.... You can bet that I'm never making a house above ground ever again...

  • Gabi Donnachie
    Gabi Donnachie

    Glowy Boiz : (Exist) Ph1Lza : (Happy Ph1Lza Noises)

  • D&M Weaver
    D&M Weaver

    To that 1 guy in chat who said “Hello LV-home!” Hi

  • leech stink
    leech stink

    the old music with this makes me realize how far minecraft has gone.... I am so emotional right now

  • Toxiic

    What's the soundtrack at 11:50?

  • Impostør

    Now I’m imagining an underground Dream SMP war-

  • Addicted Gamer
    Addicted Gamer

    Should be a new enchantment for tools called like underwater digging or something, otherwise it wouldn’t be efficient to go to caves underwater since it takes much longer to dig when you are in the water

  • Arruko_

    the cave update will be cool but how are u gonna go cave when u dont have wather breathing and night vision its almost impossible to get water breathing and night vision whitout cheats when u just started

  • TheWeirdBurger

    I love your vids!

  • Mars

    when he was exploring the caves and the classic minecraft soundtrack came on i legit got emotional

  • prod. kajro
    prod. kajro

    the music killed me

  • arkan raynanta
    arkan raynanta

    respiration is gonna pog now

  • YoshiMadness

    Those water caves look fucking deadly

  • TRUE Cat
    TRUE Cat

    Why are you so excited about a update you made? LoL

  • Purpple_ crayon
    Purpple_ crayon

    What hardcore world

  • Saiyan Spirit
    Saiyan Spirit

    it's so crazy for me to think about being excited about a cave update on PE back in like 2014 and now there's a real cave update

  • mr yeet
    mr yeet

    project bioshockkkkkk!!

  • -内ド

    No ore funkin mod needed!

  • Dirp1515

    am i the only one that thinks about chaos caverns 2.0

  • Nightcore _Kitten
    Nightcore _Kitten

    Omg Phil's little giggles of pure joy give me life

  • Parardhya Hugo
    Parardhya Hugo

    This is where they make hermitcraft or the hermits even richer

  • Madison Meredith
    Madison Meredith

    nihachu the fish would love this lol

  • Gaming_ Potato
    Gaming_ Potato

    I am surprised I got 20 fps on 32 chunks while playing this snapshot-- lul it kept going to like, 6 tho and looked like a slideshow--

    • That Jaden Player
      That Jaden Player

      haha Lol

  • Anni Edwards
    Anni Edwards

    your smile makes my day

  • Annoying Doggy
    Annoying Doggy

    It's like exploring Minecraft for the first time the second time.

  • Sagar Dixit
    Sagar Dixit

    It's kind of emotional like how did it started and how much it has developed and it's only because you're Minecraft LV-homers so thank you because of you I got to see all these developments and I can enjoy them thank you

  • Luki 1331
    Luki 1331

    Hope there's like a Giant Underground Paradise Biome, That's Like A Overworld Forest But Underground, And It's A Rare Underground Biome To Find, so it's like a sanctuary/oasis

  • ogieboi

    Aqua affinity + respiration 3 = op in the water mines

  • Pyramid Obama
    Pyramid Obama

    I cant believe that minecraft/block game used to only have 4 or 5 blocks and now look how much its evolved

  • KleineBoyki

    Is this actually gonna be in the real minecraft or is this just a mod?

  • Algomarble racer
    Algomarble racer

    So the caves are much larger, and finding diamonds should be easier?

  • Lily Bingham
    Lily Bingham

    Mojang really overdid themself hahah. I thought nether updates were op enough. Now we have cave updates. Weeee.

  • Fyack


  • Voldy356

    Too bad massive caves such as these are ultra rare now.

  • Vesa Vehmas
    Vesa Vehmas

    Anyone else getting subnautica feelings

  • Ges J.
    Ges J.

    How I understand it is that they'll erase the bedrock of your old world and add new generation below that, then have the bedrock generate again after that new layer I think. Could be wrong tho.

  • Sans

    "They just officially said 'fuck it' " - Ph1LzA

  • chill sans
    chill sans

    if add RTX or shader or texture pack its well be fricking cool

  • Jv Lance Dumaguin
    Jv Lance Dumaguin

    Im scared about my phone dying to lag

  • • That1RandomGuy •
    • That1RandomGuy •

    It's kinda weird seeing the creator of Minecraft admire his own game


    If you are Christian plz read this make sure you repent of your sins and a fact it is a sin to curse and curse in gods name

  • bradley robinson
    bradley robinson

    Major subnautica vibes rn. Anyone else feeling me? Elytra through caves with peace music is gonna be my favorite thing to do in this game

  • Max The Umbreon
    Max The Umbreon

    after 10 year. our journey with this game has yet to be shut

  • Valentijn Ter Brake
    Valentijn Ter Brake

    Niki the mermaid would be jumping in the water right now

  • Jake Hudson
    Jake Hudson

    At 3:28 I know I've heard that music more than 1,000 times. But watching how happy his face is made an old memory flood back to me of me buying Minecraft in 2011 on my parent's 2007 mac book. I remember listening to that music every time almost every day after school. I'm setting in my room tearing up remembering just how happy I was to make a crafting table for the first time.

  • Birk Chicken
    Birk Chicken

    Water breathing potion makers after this update Stonks

  • mrwolfie__

    Can someone tell me the name of the song that starts at 3:30? it just floods back memories to me

  • Whitney .yayshs
    Whitney .yayshs

    Seeing it in a video from someone’s perspective makes this so much better this new update is going to be incredible

  • Zaky A
    Zaky A

    it's like an infinite cave..

  • nassxz_fn

    Im watching this and is like I’m watching p0rn. Literally, the number of base ideas and things that come to my mind are insane

  • Not Mack Dalrunply
    Not Mack Dalrunply

    Still cliffs to go

  • U.D.

    I love ur laugh xD

  • sajid bashir
    sajid bashir


  • Darksorin

    1:10 why the hell did i think that was herobrine

    • waters e
      waters e


  • Crust On Crack
    Crust On Crack

    Its starting to look like 3D terraria, imo.

  • grilled cheese
    grilled cheese

    This will be Soo good for niki

  • Mandatory Leaf
    Mandatory Leaf

    imagine a conversation with ur friend: you: ayo imma go mine for diamonds wanna come to y-30? friend: it only goes down do 0 wtf r u talking abt me: not anymore

  • Dan Linton
    Dan Linton

    It’s so broken cuz now we can find ores SO EASILY

  • Muhammad yuhib
    Muhammad yuhib

    tinteted glass is like one way glass

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