The LZ Compound Came With a Sandblasting Booth!
This place just keeps getting better and better! Beyond excited to call this place home - and excited to share the last piece of the puzzle on Thursday! So stoked you guys are loving these - they are a blast to make!

  • Atang Molale
    Atang Molale

    Imagine Jimmy having a shop with adam fucking hilarious

  • M I L A Nミラノ
    M I L A Nミラノ

    Please don't ruin the grass space 😌🙏

  • Wak

    dude and its concrete not asphault!!!! shit will last forever!

  • Bóuzidays

    Adam just did a walkthrough through the whole complex like it’s a cod zombies map

  • james smith
    james smith

    @Adam LZ its the fire alarm battery it needs replaced (the beeping in the house)

  • l2eacly- 4Ur-Mom
    l2eacly- 4Ur-Mom

    Buy the warehouse they used in 2 fast 2 furious

  • Micheal Brothers
    Micheal Brothers

    Pretty sure that was a cement smoother at the end of the video

  • Mal P
    Mal P

    for cleaning etc why not rent a vehicle to brush & clean the concrete & do it your selves saving a fortune.... as for alot fo the work sheds, personally why not see if you can rent some out to private companies to earn some rent. regarding replacing the lifts.. just have them serviced again saving more money.. the forklift make sure that's serviced & the hydraulic lines are good to go.. anyway interesting plot, with huge amounts of business opportunities

  • nunya binis
    nunya binis

    Former home of the S40 car collection.

  • HotRod

    Love your compound man!

  • Joseph Atkins
    Joseph Atkins

    Back in the 70's when girls were burning their bra's they would where tops like that. What a great time to be a young man

  • Marko Polo
    Marko Polo

    Adam, your folks must be so proud of you and what you have acheived. Maybe you can rent an industrial brush and jet wash unit that attaches to the tractor to clean the concrete roads?

  • Hunter worthington
    Hunter worthington

    I would way rather have this place than the freedom factory lol

  • DesertFox

    The salami absorbs/ contains spills. Specifically large ones. It's part of a spill kit normally

  • Alec Hodkiewicz
    Alec Hodkiewicz

    Make an rc drift track you got the room

  • carrying ii
    carrying ii

    you’re going to have an insane lawn bill

  • Front Wheel Discussion
    Front Wheel Discussion

    Since the guy restored cars the blast booth was to take them down for the resto process. They would not have had any powdercoat on stuff as it wouldn't be period correct for anything in his collection. The long pieces of tubing on the walls with the wheels was likely to build rotisseries for the chassis to sit on while in the blast booth. That way they could clean the underside as well as the topside.

  • AlexBFresh

    Why the hell would the Owner need all these random shops

  • Habs

    100% get solar on the roofs

  • marty

    9:30 for floods i think? probably was used in the washing area?

  • DogsVS

    The 'booth' is an oven

  • Carlos Prieto
    Carlos Prieto

    Sxs blog should do a build and video with Adam 🤟🏽

  • Tom Mclean
    Tom Mclean

    So when are we seeing a hide and seek game 🤣

  • Daniel Ward
    Daniel Ward

    Had to out flex cleetus lol

  • Daniel Ward
    Daniel Ward

    You can do building builds like our boy T Ray

  • Boosted_347

    I really wish Adam was a v8 guy his personality is to cool 😂 but oh well cleetus is for that 🇺🇸 🤘

  • Brandon Taylor
    Brandon Taylor

    I’m just sayin he def had a couple drinks before he made this video 😂😂👌🏼👌🏼🤟🏼

  • Cole W
    Cole W

    It’s a water absorption sock

  • Rich H
    Rich H

    Beeping is the smoke detector battery low

  • Mustang 3.0
    Mustang 3.0

    This place was owned by a gentleman that passed away in 2016. His car collection was then sold. SWEET place.

  • David Reid
    David Reid

    it's a raised bed

  • two brothers
    two brothers

    Jealous of that wash bay

  • LD Bodyworks Luthando
    LD Bodyworks Luthando

    Imagine all the LV-home builders all based In this compound... heaven in 🌍

  • y0uRF4t3

    dry blasting is like sand blasting, but with dry ice.

  • steinke24

    Those fly mowers are worth some money, I’ve used them my whole life

  • Bob Robert
    Bob Robert

    the cat might be a stray cat and they just feed it.

  • mohit K
    mohit K

    "dharma initiative shutters " lmaoooo

  • southpawl1

    It is an oil catch line

  • Eric Beckner
    Eric Beckner

    You can afford alot of stuff you don't even know what it is.

  • Spaceface gaming
    Spaceface gaming

    When Adam said lonely fans I thought he ment had a twitch and that his fans got banned from his Twitch channel 😂😂😂😂 but man that dose looks so clean with them lonely fans 😂

  • Ghillie

    Skate Park Grate

  • Just Somebody
    Just Somebody

    Adam, you should build karting place to backyard of your house !

  • Armani Motan
    Armani Motan

    this place is sick man. its a diamond in the rough

  • Mashanade

    How much is all that ?

  • Stewart Mckinna
    Stewart Mckinna

    yeah if you're diggin and find a metal/concrete lid with 2 handles, 9/10 times it isnt buried treasure, its the poop tank :)

  • Jake Miranda
    Jake Miranda

    Dope shops

  • John Lucente
    John Lucente

    You have a couple of cool bush hoggers that will make quick work of keeping your jungle in check.

  • Mark Arceo
    Mark Arceo

    Make one of the buildings an rc drift track!

  • brian siler
    brian siler

    It's a spill tube to direct water or contain a spill or ? On concrete etc.

  • Oz Eldubya
    Oz Eldubya

    9:16 It's a pull along squeegee to get rid of the water from the washbay

  • Gabriel Cortez
    Gabriel Cortez

    The salami thing Is a waddle for run off water or mud or run off dirt

  • Linc H
    Linc H

    Snake i think is for keep water in the bay and not let it run in the front drive.

  • TheSareus

    this is how I picture people spending GME profit.

  • Brock McNaught
    Brock McNaught

    Someone comment me the link of the old guy that used to live here I forgot the comment

  • Channel for the boys
    Channel for the boys

    You're going to need a full time maintenance man or two just to keep the place tip top its unbelievable

  • Sebastian Reyes
    Sebastian Reyes

    When you find a village in Minecraft..

  • Candace Jackson
    Candace Jackson

    Adam now is town/compound President. LOL! Team Collette all the way. Definitely hammocks from the trees. Can I rent a pain of trees for my own? Wink, wink.

  • MotherRabbits09

    1:00 looks like 50th try Adam is back haha

  • CrazyCountryGuy

    This place is a maintenance guys dream facility as far as I'm concerned

  • vewdew3

    that foam snake is for water diversion, in case you dont want other parts of the drive ways to fill with run off. much love !

  • Cecil French
    Cecil French

    Its a sheetrock knife

  • David Snee
    David Snee

    Buy a road sweeper 👍

  • Brian

    woodward cars edition

  • Casey Thornton
    Casey Thornton

    I have 7 years sand blasting experience i could tear down and blast and powder coat anything you wanted even using different media

  • The Unpopular Opinion
    The Unpopular Opinion

    6:50 He was legit scared for his life. 6:52 he realized there wasn't in fact a homeless person holding the door from the otherside.

  • TubeDeviant

    Your own gas station..!?!? Man, that is awesome..!!

  • Daniel Robinson
    Daniel Robinson

    It's amazing how many cars you've built and don't even recognize a dust collector or a very common sized blast cabinet!!

  • Harry Burgess
    Harry Burgess

    stance the golf kart

  • CPT Sarge
    CPT Sarge

    the lost reference

  • Page 11 Racing
    Page 11 Racing

    I don't know if any of your compound is ran with 480V but I am an industrial electrician and I can come by and check wiring and motor condition for anything industrial. I can do residential but you can find them easy and probably handle most 120/240 with some youtube videos.

  • Ricardo Vargas
    Ricardo Vargas

    Hell yeah drift game s .

  • Jon B
    Jon B

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 come a long way!

  • jee35

    ill live in a garage there and keep that hooe cleannnn

  • TubeDeviant

    Set up a milsim paintball field in the yards..!! =)

  • Ricardo Vargas
    Ricardo Vargas

    Power wash party 🎉 everyone brings a power washer

  • Ricardo Vargas
    Ricardo Vargas

    Hell yeah brother .

  • Ricardo Vargas
    Ricardo Vargas

    Lil Adam Lz station 🚉 what🤯

  • Robbie

    At 9:37 it could be to soak up chemical or top block drains. That barrel in the sand blasting room should be the sand holder.

  • Elliott

    That was an oil sock in the shed. It will absorb oil that may be mixed in the water.

  • infoslinger

    bunker aka septic tank... lol

  • Steve Lennox
    Steve Lennox

    Easily a multi million dollar compound that will cost $30-40/month to run. But it is awesome !

  • troy_belchamber

    “I’m a firewood type of guy” Adam Lz 2021

  • Ricardo Vargas
    Ricardo Vargas

    Or paint booth

  • Ricardo Vargas
    Ricardo Vargas

    Why nat have a Power wash party lol everyone has a power washer

  • Psalm 91
    Psalm 91

    Is it me or did/does the Cameramen have on Lipstick?

  • Ricardo Vargas
    Ricardo Vargas

    Shake it more than once you’re playing with it 😆

  • unfallen120

    What till you have to cut the grass lol

  • starky carrillo
    starky carrillo

    Adam 1 more time sell your house move to the compound take 1 house Bring you skate ramp and done✔

  • Taylor Camp
    Taylor Camp

    dope compound bro mad proud you are able to make this happen!

  • Uncle Todd's Garage
    Uncle Todd's Garage

    The “salami” is a Pig sock for soaking up oil

  • MikiMan EPS
    MikiMan EPS

    Hi, hope you are ok with the move ;) I know you all busy, but maybe you could find a few minutes, I would like to get in touch with Adam, or someone from within the team, about introducing myself and maybe speak about the possibility to join the team? I have a lot of useful experience with projects like yours.

  • BigMike012

    don't worry ADAM i KNOW about the old used screw driver handle smell bro!!

  • David Zdepski
    David Zdepski

    Remember when Adam was a bmx channel .. crazy to watch him transform into this. Been here before 100k , hell’s respect Adam keep it up!

  • K G
    K G

    You don’t put screechy girls in cool videos

  • Gabriel Ferreira
    Gabriel Ferreira

    Hey Adam how are you? I recently saw you bought some new land, Congrats on that!! Just wanted to let you know I’m 19 I own an exterior cleaning company we are licensed and insured and if you’d ever need anything to let me know! I’ll hook you up with some really good prices, we do pressure washing, roof cleaning, sealer, fence cleaning, house cleaning, house washing and etc and my dad owns a cleaning company so if any houses or buildings have to be cleaned we have teams that go out and can get that cleaned for you guys! Again if there’s anything we can do just let me know and I’ll send you some recent pictures of some jobs we’ve done! Thanks, Gabriel. You can find me on Instagram @924.Gabe Or my business account @LD.CLEANING Thanks again!!

  • E30s don’t run
    E30s don’t run

    *LV-home* “South 40 Private Car Collection”

  • heavyq

    My entire house can fit inside Collette's shop.

  • Sprain Ankle
    Sprain Ankle

    It's sad that he died and his family just sell off his life's work,they didn't even,keep his trophies an awards....

  • rhyuke

    the serrated thingy is called a drywall knife

  • Random survival
    Random survival

    adam has got the whole dharma initiative barracks