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I can't believe we made art using gum and the best one won $10,000 for a charitable cause of their choice! Subscribe if you want to be in our videos!
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  • ZHC Crafts
    ZHC Crafts

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    • Jodi Pratten
      Jodi Pratten


    • Bianca Hamann
      Bianca Hamann

      Your nice

    • teen trap
      teen trap

      The glitch scared me

    • Cruz Payne
      Cruz Payne

      I have subscribed to both your channels there super good bravo

    • Kierxn

      Mr beast of art

  • Lola kyprianos
    Lola kyprianos

    Mikenzies was the best

  • Rumana Ashraf
    Rumana Ashraf

    Jaz your gum art looks beautiful


    Jake should be the winner

  • Dash Voskuhl
    Dash Voskuhl

    Why doesn’t zhc join any challenges

  • Kate Berkoski
    Kate Berkoski

    Amazing video

  • CHiLL_95

    6:00 GoodTimesWithScar ❤️❤️❤️

  • luis servín
    luis servín

    Not a hate comment but makes hair looks like a grass block from minecraft

  • Kevin Su'a
    Kevin Su'a

    I cracked up when it said Michel was rip. 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Yasmin Plante
    Yasmin Plante

    I’m so sorry I love your channel but this video is gross when I saw the chewing gum

  • Bianca Hamann
    Bianca Hamann

    Im Savanah

  • Luna Wolf
    Luna Wolf

    The girl with the red hair a really good artist

  • Audrey Belmonte
    Audrey Belmonte

    ZHC: *puts SYSTEM FAILURE* me: *freaks out* ad: *new Honda suv* me: OH-

  • Piper& Shadow
    Piper& Shadow

    Jake always do spiders in the challenges

  • Joti Kaur
    Joti Kaur

    Zhc jake

  • Maye Dahuya
    Maye Dahuya

    I made a second account so I can have a chance winning I've been your subscribers for 3 years I would freak out if I win a big amount of money if He Actually choose me It will be a big help to my family and I can pay my parents dept my luck is terrible.congrats who ever win And congratulations to 20.1million subscribers 🎉 keep safe

  • Lee Moran
    Lee Moran

    Izzys gum art looks disgusting!!!!!

  • Roblox Playz
    Roblox Playz

    Ugh so disgusting

  • Margarita Propper
    Margarita Propper

    Haha I’m chewing gum rn

  • Anna see
    Anna see

    Ewwwwwww I’ll give this a 2 star review

  • Billy SIMMONDS
    Billy SIMMONDS

    Any one notice he used the same time lapse music as goodtimeswithscar from hermit craft.

  • focxzz


  • Galaxy Wolf
    Galaxy Wolf

    Their just running: 🏃‍♀️💨 Jake: playing with gum

  • Hannah Wauch-Buckland
    Hannah Wauch-Buckland

    hit or miss I guess Mckenzie , Michelle and Jaz missed huh?

  • Crafts man
    Crafts man


  • Rath Soursdey
    Rath Soursdey


  • Sw3vy on Mobile
    Sw3vy on Mobile

    Bruhh zhc is a simp! Jake should’ve won this challenge for sure!

  • Michellyne Chelsea
    Michellyne Chelsea

    Can I have some gum balls ⚽️?

  • Sarah Butcher
    Sarah Butcher

    ummmm at the start you ate so it should be 999.999.999

  • Aarya Neele
    Aarya Neele

    I dont know why but while watching this my jaw hurts

  • Noobified

    Me: Arachnophobia.

  • Ahmed Altaweel
    Ahmed Altaweel

    What Michele did 9 laps but only had to do 8 is it a glich or what!?!?!

  • Let's have Fun
    Let's have Fun

    I almost threw up at 1:37

  • Svetlana Lavrinenko
    Svetlana Lavrinenko

    I think Jake should have won... I like his the best

  • angelica gonzalez
    angelica gonzalez

    Mackenzie should have one

  • me

    I take fish oil and I know how gross it is when it pops and if it gets on you you'll smell like fish for like so long 🤮

  • Shree Ranade
    Shree Ranade

    Can I be in your vid

  • M.M Howard
    M.M Howard

    Honestly Izzy's hair vibes love it

  • Rianah Sanduby
    Rianah Sanduby

    I am subscribed I wanna be in a video

  • Daisy _Does22
    Daisy _Does22

    I- I mean those girls can run.. ..from gum😂

  • Mr Wow
    Mr Wow

    i didnt notice until zach said you get gum in your hair that everyone dyed they're hair and looks like they use 16 different hair products lol

  • Cruz Payne
    Cruz Payne

    Very good vids bravo

  • John Serden Carpiso
    John Serden Carpiso

    ew the blulul gu m

  • Jessica Chavez
    Jessica Chavez

    8:59 I thought i had no internet lol got me

  • Al Ah
    Al Ah

    Kenz or jake should be the winner whose with me

  • Abbey O’Reilly Vlogs
    Abbey O’Reilly Vlogs

    I subscribed



  • oliver knowles
    oliver knowles

    pov: the kids in the back of the class

  • Jersey Royal
    Jersey Royal

    I’m going to bE sick a little

  • Zi Xuan CHNG
    Zi Xuan CHNG

    omg- the chewing gum scene are VERY disgusting UGH

  • Xx-ᴀʙʏ_ᴠɪʙᴇꜱ-xX

    ITS so gross but I still watch cause ITS funny and fun:')

  • Nethuni Thehana
    Nethuni Thehana

    A l love mackanzie's gum art l hate jaz's one its gross🤤🤢🤢

  • Game Riser
    Game Riser

    bruh jake must have won zack u made the biggest mistake jas's wasn't the best craft

  • Rhombo Gaming
    Rhombo Gaming

    Just watching this makes me sick

  • Marcia Angove
    Marcia Angove

    Zack do make a thing using domino’s tiles and what does ZHC stand for

  • Sweet_Chrrxyx

    If one person ate all of those gumballs probably would have diabetes

  • J Junior Ndambi
    J Junior Ndambi

    it is 99,0000

  • Cinto44 Superman
    Cinto44 Superman

    I’m a big fan and I seen most of your episodes but man this episode is one of the disgusting ass episode do you ever done #Yak

  • Univers Fatima
    Univers Fatima

    Hi zhc

  • AestheticJulieCorn

    Zack is surrounded by a bunch of people whose hair are dyed.When can Izzy dye her hair too??

  • Kayla Rouillard
    Kayla Rouillard


  • Tiara Wang
    Tiara Wang


  • Manav Sharma
    Manav Sharma


  • Jaslyn quinn
    Jaslyn quinn

    i Love jakes

  • Hammd Imran
    Hammd Imran

    michale camera man why i m running lap its michale job. lets appreciate the camera man

  • Gargee Dancer
    Gargee Dancer

    I think makenzies was the cleanest of all

  • Renāte Blumfelde
    Renāte Blumfelde

    I like jaz's but i think mckenzie's was the best

  • Sarah S
    Sarah S

    I love gum so I wish I was there even though if I was there I would just steal as many of gum balls if I can lol

  • Saana NorrisNuts
    Saana NorrisNuts


  • Aʀᴘɪᴛ Sʜᴀʀᴍᴀ
    Aʀᴘɪᴛ Sʜᴀʀᴍᴀ


  • Aʀᴘɪᴛ Sʜᴀʀᴍᴀ
    Aʀᴘɪᴛ Sʜᴀʀᴍᴀ


  • Rosario Gonzalez
    Rosario Gonzalez

    And zhc

  • Rosario Gonzalez
    Rosario Gonzalez

    I’m subscribe to Zhc crafts

  • Adventure Time
    Adventure Time

    How come he only has 2 mil sub on this channel but 20 mil on his reg

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl

    What happend to viv

  • Ria Kallipersad
    Ria Kallipersad


  • jessica clarke
    jessica clarke

    What if Zach had to taste test it! 😂😖

  • Cookies basit
    Cookies basit

    WeLcOmE bAcK tO aRe AsMr ChAnNeL 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • CorruptedPanda

    Actually, it was 99,999, he ate one at the start. 0:04

  • Amy LaReau
    Amy LaReau

    i need GUM!!

  • Kaylee Nguyen
    Kaylee Nguyen

    Why Zach is saying bad words?

  • Juan Diego
    Juan Diego

    When you said use your protection it sounded kind of wrong

  • Juan Diego
    Juan Diego

    When you said use your protection it sounded kind of wrong

  • Addy Mc
    Addy Mc

    Izzy should dye her hair cause she does not

  • Zack Gaming
    Zack Gaming

    Love from india❤️🥰

  • Monkey Monkey
    Monkey Monkey

    Disclaimer:- no teeth were hurt in making of this video

  • Tiho Majs
    Tiho Majs

    This guy isa god of clickbait!! Poor peple that think their gona exsualy geta a cool dragon.The same thing whit the 3D pen.Ficks that

  • Kunjana Bora
    Kunjana Bora

    If anyone noticed Michelle has pink hair and wears pink clothes 👛 Jaz has purple hair,but wears white clothes 🟣 Jake has green hair and wears green clothes 🟢 Kenz has red hair and wears red clothes 🔴 Zach has turquoise hair and wears turquoise clothes Izzy is the only one with brunette hair and the only unique one wearing floral prints..I honestly love her style,and everyone else's is good too

    • Hope for Aisha
      Hope for Aisha

      Viv has yellow and wears yellow clothes that means we need blue and orange

  • Blitzinky

    When it said the system fail thing I thought I was being hacked lmao 😂

  • Cheyenne Hoffman
    Cheyenne Hoffman

    This is for jaz but you like the grateful dead me and my family like it

  • Kalsoom BiBi
    Kalsoom BiBi

    When zhc doesn't like someone's art he says interesting 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • Ingeborg Løvseth
    Ingeborg Løvseth

    The oil is acutually called «tran» and like ZHC said its very good for you

  • slimeboy

    6798 laps Q

  • Emma Vetter
    Emma Vetter

    Gross but cool

  • finn houting
    finn houting


  • Maegan Garcia
    Maegan Garcia

    I love gumballs they are so chewy and they taste just so good and I can't believe so much

  • Hyder Khan
    Hyder Khan

    What he ate 1 gumball . He said now he has 100,000 gumballs ??????

  • Lara Rawa
    Lara Rawa

    did anyone see izzy's face after the laps

  • ɪᴛᴢ ᴍᴀᴅᴅᴇʏ PLAYZ
    ɪᴛᴢ ᴍᴀᴅᴅᴇʏ PLAYZ

    I probably think their jaws hurt

  • Beans1M

    Omg I have to take two droppers full of fish oil everyday so this made me happy.

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