Joe Rogan Experience #1554 - Kanye West
Kanye West is a rapper, record producer, fashion designer, and current independent candidate for office in the 2020 United States Presidential Election. @Kanye West

  • Yeahnahyeahm8

    Hes clearly bipolar, this whole podcast is a perfect example of someone with bipolar 1

  • Maurilio


  • peter contreras
    peter contreras

    He is full of crap!

  • VRR 1111
    VRR 1111

    Being his wife must be exhausting. I wonder if Kim has ever told him to please just shut the eff up for 30 minutes. He's A LOT.

  • biguy 69
    biguy 69

    Bee's don't come to honey, they make it.

  • Jeremy Wiebusch
    Jeremy Wiebusch

    Jesus, what a nut!!!

  • Leon Weikel
    Leon Weikel

    “He kissed his sister” 😂😂

  • Serendipity [Multimedia Arts]
    Serendipity [Multimedia Arts]

    Kanye West is such a liar

  • virginia vaeth
    virginia vaeth

    Kanye West makes alot of sense about money going to Haiti, Kris will get the country sorted out, let mama Kris helping kanye

  • vWFlamesWv

    Pretty boring ngl

  • Gio Ib
    Gio Ib

    Geminis do it best. Love it

  • chepito2k10

    Human version of instagram I think is the best description of Kanye and his dialogue. Or rather monologue, since Joe was hardly a part of this

    • zijuiy wttuy
      zijuiy wttuy

      30 min in, can’t follow his train of thought

  • Mike Sylvan
    Mike Sylvan

    watching this makes people more stupid. Jesus christ, come on, this is a fucking joke.

    • zijuiy wttuy
      zijuiy wttuy

      haven't seen the whole episode yet, but 9:40 - 18:40 was a good part.

  • Mister Magoo
    Mister Magoo

    Kayne keeps referring to god in third person but I thought Kayne said he was black jesus?

  • Corbin Fobbs
    Corbin Fobbs

    Joy body

  • Yadse wn Dé
    Yadse wn Dé

    I love this. I'm surprised people can't understand Kanye , especially in this interview as him and Joe even discuss his process, call back to tangents, etc. So many gems

  • chepito2k10

    My God I'm only 17 minutes in and I don't even wanna go any further

  • Ella Cruz
    Ella Cruz

    Bro I really tried to focus on what he sayn lol like he goes of topic and doesn’t go back to his point😂😂 he’s that guy that talks and talks it’s okay tho I love Ye 🤍

  • James Arnold
    James Arnold

    WHAT ???????

  • Anna-Lisa Persson
    Anna-Lisa Persson

    "People joining this podcast are going on the journey with us" So much love for Kanye!

  • Joshua Taylor
    Joshua Taylor

    Joe Rogan is a real cutie

  • Chili Ramen
    Chili Ramen

    Weird.. But! I deal with asbergers and mental illness. I can sense my own🙉

  • Sean Sohlberg
    Sean Sohlberg

    I don't care what anyone says, Kanye would make a great president. Kanyae 2024!!

  • car ozu
    car ozu

    Kayne west, needs to finished his ideas. He goes from topic to topic. Just trying to explain it to people. I get what he is saying, but most of the people like the simple version. People don't think; therefore not everyone could break down his analogies... The massage can't get across. sad, but that's the world we live in. People are being set up to be not to think, but to follow.

  • D B
    D B

    that Step Brothers reference toward the end “the dinosaur never got killed”

  • Annavill Nilsson
    Annavill Nilsson

    haven't seen the whole episode yet, but 9:40 - 18:40 was a good part.

  • TheChameleeon

    30 min in, can’t follow his train of thought

  • JABARI9-11


  • david hodges
    david hodges



    That’s a method to take a interview you just talk all the time ! They ask you a question and you talk a half an hour! So they can’t ask u ugly questions

  • Drake

    I'm so glad this interview happened. I had idea I hated kanya west much. Now I know. Thanks Joe!

  • Edwin D'Almeida
    Edwin D'Almeida

    Give ma guy some dmt

  • fly lucky
    fly lucky

    Kanye ... West

  • Rise Above Anything
    Rise Above Anything

    Kanye West what a beautiful man... God speaks pure truth through him.. disgusting how he was medicated to try to silence him when he was waking us up.

  • Jeff snell
    Jeff snell

    Everytime this guy opens his mouth he is BRAGGING about himself 50% of the time he opens his mouth...He also is always contradicting himself about Money...Meanwhile he admits constantly how RICH with MONEY he wants to be...Do i dislike him?...No not really...But do i put him on a Pedestal like others?...No...Dude thinks he should be allowed to do ANYTHING just because he went to "Art Classes" in 6th Grade...Delusional...Also JUST because his Brain Processes Differently than many other people does NOT mean that he is SPECIAL...Dudes mentality is ALL over the place...WHAT makes that "COOL" exactly and "ADMIRABLE"?

  • fly lucky
    fly lucky

    ... Wait... What?....

  • Doug ie
    Doug ie

    Play the drinking game have a swig every time Kanye says God

  • Carlos Garcia del Conde
    Carlos Garcia del Conde

    WTF is wrong with youtube ads, NEVER have I watched a Joe podcast with this amount of hidden ads.

  • Anka Arsenic
    Anka Arsenic

    kanye, do you like fish sticks?

  • TWF

    The more money we make the less its wroth, so there will always be rich vs poor

  • Brian Johnstone
    Brian Johnstone

    kanye is undoubtably a very clever individual,joe was a bystander pretty much,i wonder his thoughts on ye?

  • Phantomgreen

    Kanye: I don't understand the difference between to, too, and two. I would rather just write the number 2! Also Kanye: I don't understand why Adidas wouldn't put me on the board!

  • TJC95

    Kanye is a communist he just doesn’t realize it yet

  • Cory Trevor
    Cory Trevor

    this was afucking great podcast.

  • Ali Bahaloo
    Ali Bahaloo

    The most delusional person on this planet => Kayne West

  • blue Rose
    blue Rose

    U use religion to fool fools good job

  • KoolShady45

    I just gained huge respect for Kanye West after listening to this interview!

  • R

    Am I the only one who thought what Kanye said made sense and was easy to follow? When did being bright and insightful become “he’s all over the place and crazy”? 🤔

  • AYOO- Q
    AYOO- Q

    The walking a straight line example was so simple but so deep

  • JaeSlow

    This episode really showcases just how fake Joe can be lol

  • Roe Jogan
    Roe Jogan

    Joe Rogan looks just like Joe Rogan

  • Roe Jogan
    Roe Jogan

    I actually fell asleep and when I woke up he was still going.

  • Andrew Kirchner
    Andrew Kirchner

    “I don’t want to go down a rabbit hole....but...”

  • Reece _
    Reece _

    Finally a celebrity talks about the thousands of black babies that are MURDERED DAILY. Those life’s matter too.

  • africanindiaspo

    Thanks for stopping by Joe...

  • Joshua Kinsler
    Joshua Kinsler

    06:05 into the video i can already tell Kanye is going to talk absolute shit

  • Tshepo Mathebula
    Tshepo Mathebula

    What about Sabbath service. The true Lords day. Not Sunday service. That is how you become Leader of the freedom.

  • Josh Banion
    Josh Banion

    Don't do pharmaceuticals kids

  • crank

    This encompasses the entirety of the Trump supporter mindset. The Lees were murdered - actually, accident and drug reaction Bob marley was murdered like jfk and mlk - actually it was skin cancer Mutha fucka doesnt even stop and just keeps talking bullshit without blinking tk acknowledging the lies he believes.

  • SjClips


  • Mike van der Meulen
    Mike van der Meulen

    My brain is done 🤯🤯🤯 wtf

  • Smart Vibes
    Smart Vibes

    Yeah talking about medicine and your Mum ( Kayne ) It's so sad Doctors are another glorified minion on this earth. Go do 20 years of education follow the information simply by computer, so when you're then they're because you have been on it and now. They don't understand or can ever know if you are in enough pain to warrant those drugs.Dr tells me it's all in your mind you can't keep taking this. Even a chronic disease. They just have the legal right to distribute drugs legally.They don't know your in pain, it's not provable in some cases. A broken leg, Arm etc

  • Mr. Bobby Wright
    Mr. Bobby Wright

    I'm high af

  • Chris James
    Chris James

    This dude is in another world. So stupid he sounds smart. Joe played this fool like a fiddle.

  • shazzbutter

    Well. At least Kanye is a non-violent schizophrenic. That's a plus.

  • Paweł Zieliński
    Paweł Zieliński

    This amazing guy must be your next guest Joe:

  • cross hatch
    cross hatch

    More people have starved to death .millions ,

  • Big Old Noob
    Big Old Noob

    Fails to make sense once and again, bordering the least brilliant part of the spectrum. Self aggrandizing and euphemistic, as in believes to be a visionaire = lots of folks milking him out of money for crazy shit. There's all sorts of people with merits/gifts, you can tell the smart from the fools by how these last ones can't help feeling like they're godsent. As per his "ideas" and "concepts" it looks as if he's spent days reading the first 1/10th of too many Wikipedia entries. Mediocre bragger at best. Just listen to his music if you like it, there's nothing behind for the world to be curious about, in fact the contrary, his "inner life" appears to be plain retarded narcissist b/s.

  • Backwood Menace Music
    Backwood Menace Music

    I feel like he just has so much he wants to say at the same time but is constricted by time and ends up jumping back and forth between his ideas

  • Derek D.
    Derek D.

    Kanye’s super power is getting shit done. He might not be the most brilliant, but everything he sets out to do he does (other than becoming president). But he is a class producer, great rapper, owner of clothing line, and made a big ass church. He’s kinda crazy and kinda a creative genius, is genius because there’s no denying his music is genius. I think he’d be dog shit as president, but I like his self sustaining city idea or some of his others because I believe he can actually get them done.

  • Jeff Greening
    Jeff Greening

    I guess I love Kanye now. What a thoughtful dude.

  • Rip Van Winkle
    Rip Van Winkle

    "the whole world innovated around our constitution" Like Britain didn't write the Magna Carta 600 years previous smfh, this dude crazy crazy

    • Rip Van Winkle
      Rip Van Winkle

      @SjClips But I didn't say shit about your music or movies lmfao. South Korea is a country because of the people who live there, though USA and USSR did have a part in splitting Korea into 2 countries sure. The USSR was dissolved again, by it's own country. Now, who wants to be like America, politically or even socially?

    • SjClips

      @Rip Van Winkle South korea is a country bc of us the soviet union split up bc of our influence, we actually did influence a lot of europe shit in like the 1800s, we basically make all movies and popular music etc.

    • Rip Van Winkle
      Rip Van Winkle

      @SjClips Examples? I can tell you for sure no country in Europe trying to be like y'all. You're a third world country.

    • SjClips

      America only been around for like almost 250 years doe and whole world tryna cop our style

    • cross hatch
      cross hatch

      Well said rip van , scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Abel Cedillo
    Abel Cedillo

    He really is crazy 😂

  • N Peacock
    N Peacock

    If yall minds can't keep up with Ye don't watch. He's full of ideas and all you're witnessing is a high functioning thought process. People called Einstein crazy too. Yall killed him for wanting to get into fashion now hes built $3 billion dollar brand.. Just because YOU don't understand him doesn't mean he doesn't make sense 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • polish hammer
    polish hammer alex jones

  • Anthony Reyes
    Anthony Reyes

    Kanye is explaining his schizophrenic episodes

  • Rigoberto Soto
    Rigoberto Soto

    What happened to kanye?

  • David Milton
    David Milton

    Im 17 minutes in, and Im seeing a pattern. Kanye is incapable of completing one thought, before moving onto another without any segway. Its weird

  • Philip Giorgilli
    Philip Giorgilli

    Kanye: i believe my path is to be the leader of the free world Joe: 😺 4:07

    • mikin lirou
      mikin lirou

      Imagin Kanye and Elon alone at the Podcast.... On mushrooms 🙌🏼

  • the ASD guy
    the ASD guy

    He is interesting. But I don't think I can listen to this entire thing lol

    • mikin lirou
      mikin lirou

      Nobody talking about the 50 million in debt

  • R.I.P Etika
    R.I.P Etika

    Some people are bad at explaining their thoughts, especially people who have mental illnesses. *Give him a chance and you might learn something*

  • expectador

    I’m amazed at how so many people consider Kanye some sort of spiritual visionary or genius god-like character. I mean his whole thought process, although extremely varied and pop-culturally interesting, is just so childish and superficial. His half-assed ideas about saving the world, ending poverty or creating some church/monastery utopia, I mean he’s like Trump, throwing out all these wide-eyed ideas and key-words and hyping up the masses with the hot air coming outta his ass at 500mph but in the end it’s the manifestation of an unchecked, voracious ego who has turned the whole western world into his very own personal echo-chamber. This undeserving adulation and admiration for someone who clearly has some mental health issues is really fucking scary. Characters like West come and go but the amount of people so willing to so easily accept all this cockamamie bullshit is amazing. As a producer and as a rapper, I love his music, though and i think that is where it simply has to end. He’s a fucking entertainer, a great and a successful one for sure, but end of bloody story. As an agnostic i’m never sure if there is a god but if there is, IT AIN’T FUCKEN KANYE. Neither is Joe fucking Rogan by the way.

  • James Puru-Peri
    James Puru-Peri

    I dont wana go down these rabbit holes... Michael Jackson... Prince... Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee... Posting a pic of a screen... Haiti... Money... How much do the Earth cost... Joe Rogan's head: Didn't we ask him why he ran for president?

  • Pariah Pete
    Pariah Pete

    The comment section is toxic asf

  • sean grif
    sean grif

    THE CHANNEL DIES IN A WEEK (allegedly) Damn. Here we are again. This morning I woke up to a dozen old copyright claims being filed. As a result, having 3+ copyright strikes has my channel marked for deletion in a week. I'm waiting on responses from folks right now to try and get this resolved, but honestly I'm less than hopeful. As if I needed more reasons to stay away from LV-home, right? I'm going to lose everything if this channel goes away, but I'm sure as hell not going to lose this incredible audience and community I've created over these last 3 years - some of the best years of my life. I owe all of this to all of you, the folks who keep coming back just to see what I've been up to, or message me encouraging things when I'm not feeling 100%. I love you all, each and every one of you. Well, everyone but Phil. Sorry, Phil.

  • Naomi Davis
    Naomi Davis

    This interview has made me see kanye in a totally different light....hes a genius thats totally misunderstood.

  • Jay Jeckewicz
    Jay Jeckewicz

    What if bernie sanders was his running mate

  • mssoxinabox

    this was amazing joe rogan & ye.........thank you r

  • Ninja 12 Lawbreaker
    Ninja 12 Lawbreaker

    At 60 seconds in God told me switch it off

  • Zeem Ramallah
    Zeem Ramallah

    Where the fuck are the timestamps

  • Gusty9229

    my favriote is joe rogan makin excuses for kanye west. Its crazy what being rich does because if u talk like kayne and ur broke ur considered in incoherent dumb fuck who cant put 2 sentences or thoughts together. but if ur rich... well then.... ur a creative genius who is miss understood.

    • Derek D.
      Derek D.

      It’s probably the reason he’s successful. Some tweaking to dumb ideas and you get good ones, ones that make you successful. It seems like Kanye didn’t get to be Kanye by accident. He seemed like he did a lot of things with intent, and because he intended to do them it probably wasn’t by accident. Therefore, he is genius in some way. Don’t get me wrong, not much he said (up to the 1 hour mark) was original or groundbreaking, but he’s actually getting the things he wants to done.

  • j hussain
    j hussain

    Man when Dave chapelle said when he first met Kanye he knew he'll be a genius. I truly believed him.

    • j hussain
      j hussain

      @Jeff snell billionaire status

    • Jeff snell
      Jeff snell

      What exactly makes him a Genius?

  • Cainan Fletcher
    Cainan Fletcher

    Nobody talking about the 50 million in debt

  • joeolcay

    Imagin Kanye and Elon alone at the Podcast.... On mushrooms 🙌🏼

  • john jean
    john jean

    damn if he ran as a republican hed win in a landslide

  • Jerbear 2.0
    Jerbear 2.0

    I need more Kanye.

  • Chael jr.
    Chael jr.

    After reading the comments and listening to the first few minutes I almost turned this off. Glad I didn't. If you really listen and pay attention to Kanye, he is actually very smart and makes alot of sense. Seems like a genuine caring person. Not easy being mega famous and everything that goes with it. Kanye gets alot of shit from media and South park and whatnot but he seems very like-able

  • Christopher Prim
    Christopher Prim

    Interesting guy. If God called him to be president, Joe is asking too many questions about why he thinks he should be. That' not Kanye's process. Hey, we need leaders. The people in power are not leading, for the most part. Twenty years is what, a cennia? It's a score, last I heard. Well, people gotta understand you to follow you. He's got a good heart, as far as his imagination goes. He FEELS like he was 'called' to run. Got 60K votes, I think. Some voice was telling him to run. ;) Seems to be doing more 'leading' if you want love and unity. Haha..

  • mssoxinabox


  • Scott Marsh
    Scott Marsh

    I thought Kanye West was bat shit crazy before this interview, now I know he is bat shit crazy for sure! By the way, did Joe Rogan say a dozen words or so that entire interview. Shit Kanye just goes on and on, mostly about useless things, talking in circles. Kayne, please don't ever run for President.