I Took Erika On A Date (Jerika Reunites)
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  • Cheater-Ryan_YT

    nobody likes you bro

  • Carter Campbell
    Carter Campbell

    Fight Canelo

  • Carter Campbell
    Carter Campbell

    Fight Danila

  • Lejla

    I Am Super Happy That Jake Won😁

  • bigchillin

    Foo foooooo💀✋🏾

  • Browns 05
    Browns 05

    Jesus Christ is king

  • Talking Tucker
    Talking Tucker

    Read the last time I watch this whenever is whenever y’all broke up I came to check on y’all and y’all are telling me that y’all dating now sheeshhhhhhhh

  • matin hassanzadeh
    matin hassanzadeh

    This kids a clown

  • ahmet furkan
    ahmet furkan

    Bot mk


    Is team 10 still a thing?

  • qbviahuervbeauuf

    good luck

  • Furkan Balaban
    Furkan Balaban

    Nobody cares

  • mary trevino
    mary trevino

    Your fighting today!! Good luck king 👑

  • Sushitruck 2.0
    Sushitruck 2.0

    Looks like jake is broke and earning money by showing "exclusive content" on his close friends. $9.99 with that I can feed 3-4 people in malaysia

  • Amanda Davis
    Amanda Davis

    Me cring bc I want a warrant and Jake to be tugethr

  • samantha keating
    samantha keating

    I forgot u existed dream smp is way better

  • xMisttツ

    lmao tyrone's number leaked 12:36

  • Iflying_ender1

    Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein Und das heißt: Erika. Heiß von hunderttausend kleinen Bienelein Wird umschwärmt: Erika Denn ihr Herz ist voller Süßigkeit, Zarter Duft entströmt dem Blütenkleid. Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein Und das heißt: Erika. In der Heimat wohnt ein blondes Mägdelein Und das heißt: Erika. Dieses Mädel ist mein treues Schätzelein Und mein Glück, Erika. Wenn das Heidekraut rot-lila blüht, Singe ich zum Gruß ihr dieses Lied. Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein Und das heißt: Erika. In mein'm Kämmerlein blüht auch ein Blümelein Und das heißt: Erika. Schon beim Morgengrau'n sowie beim Dämmerschein Schaut's mich an, Erika. Und dann ist es mir, als spräch' es laut: "Denkst du auch an deine kleine Braut?" In der Heimat weint um dich ein Mägdelein Und das heißt: Erika.

  • Bashley Sobhee
    Bashley Sobhee

    Fooking LV-home kid



  • Mr G tunes
    Mr G tunes

    The fights on my bday

  • Alessia is Dog water
    Alessia is Dog water

    I was the 101k like

  • amanda jägfeldt
    amanda jägfeldt

    where did the old Team 10 members go?

  • Olivia Scaff
    Olivia Scaff

    Did h see he’s only following 2 people at 0:41

  • Jackie S
    Jackie S

    2.4 million people just got clickbaited

  • Daniele Esposito
    Daniele Esposito

    Close friends it's basically another name for onlyfans

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez

    Did she consent to this?

    • Carl E2
      Carl E2

      lol sheep

  • Peter Playz
    Peter Playz

    chleba is life

  • Cyphers World
    Cyphers World

    This dudes fighting on my 20th birthday 😅

  • imuniquex

    He said join his close friend list but it cost $10 to join im broke asf💀😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Bryce Villegas
    Bryce Villegas

    I thought blue died

  • Jamison Braniff
    Jamison Braniff

    He got a bunch of d riders

  • Mr. Mordy
    Mr. Mordy

    I hope he meets T wood on the street lmfao

  • rousfox

    Jake Paul is type of dude who climbs a glass wall just to see what's on other side

    • Classy

      Will be funny if it wasn’t copied

  • TheMythicalDK

    when you need weiws Jake: puts Erika in thumbnail.

  • Alex Ramirez
    Alex Ramirez

    Your fighting an elite wrestler that has the slowest twitch muscles known to man kind. This fight is bullshit! Pick a real boxer next time.

  • Raider J
    Raider J

    Anybody see the number12:30

  • Skillz Playz
    Skillz Playz


  • Annabella Haines
    Annabella Haines

    Did you move to Florida

  • Jakelyn Jordan
    Jakelyn Jordan

    Yo you need to fight josh brueckner and your brother to

  • ab ra
    ab ra

    mate aren’t you married??

  • Barbara m
    Barbara m

    Love that you ask your fans to pay for "exclusive" content with the close friends list... must be short on money

  • Beny15

    Chleba chleba chleba

  • the emo boy gameing
    the emo boy gameing

    i miss the old jake paul

  • Skrt Skrt
    Skrt Skrt

    he def fit right in with Florida

  • garaxy


  • remfry666

    TRIGGER WARNING: Jake Paul Sexually Assaulted Me - LV-home

  • Samantha Keegan
    Samantha Keegan

    What happend to the camera in your arm...?

  • Chip butty time
    Chip butty time

    Can you add me to EPAR chat.... 🤦‍♂️

  • Jodie Banks
    Jodie Banks

    Can you add me on Snapchat

  • blazefa

    1:56 🤮🤮 that was cringe can’t lie

  • blazefa

    1:56 🤮🤮 that was cringe can’t lie

  • Jonathan Origan
    Jonathan Origan

    Can't believe I am gonna say it....but I miss the team 10 days. He really is a scumbag now. Part of me wishes he gets the McGregor fight just to see how he does mentally against McGregor

  • Dev Man
    Dev Man

    I wanna see jake Paul vs Brock lesner idk why

  • Kiarra Floyd
    Kiarra Floyd

    wow he changed and i oop- (havent been here in like 3 to 5) since

  • iismxlyes

    If your only here for the “jerika” moment 15:29

  • Wild_MooBerries

    I'm literally poor 😄 my trailer wall is molded

  • Alfred Ng
    Alfred Ng

    how many times he said closefriends tho


    I’m ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO EveryOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ'Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ ᗷᗩᑕK....

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese

    CRINGE- a smart man

  • Colton Wagers
    Colton Wagers

    How do you join close friends

  • Cyclone

    I really want beard less Jake Paul back

  • Kathryn Wilkinson
    Kathryn Wilkinson

    Thank you for going bing me a childhood

  • AG BRO'S
    AG BRO'S

    i will sneak my phone into class to see him fight

  • Mojee Nabouta
    Mojee Nabouta

    bro i'm watching this in April 12 and his Jake Paul vs Ben something add keeps coming up. that the fans boil right there(Jake Paul)!!! LETS GOOOO!! give a sub and like to OUR boy!!!

  • Octus

    Jake should shave his beard he looks a lot better without it

  • Enwhi


  • Icethetical

    Jakes hair starting to look like borris johnson each vlog he makes

  • GetMessI26 GetMessi26
    GetMessI26 GetMessi26

    Jake Paul’s fight on prince Philps funeral

  • some guy
    some guy

    Jake I'm glad you've returned (again[again]) I've always enjoyed ur content and style of videos more than any of the other vlogger/life style channels. Unfortunately i haven't been getting notified of ur recent uploads, even tho i hav notifications on, so ill b checking for when u upload just kno u still have lots of love out there for u I'm sure if u keep posting (non riske) content youtube will favor u again. Ty for making my day I'm happy to see ur posting videos again

  • Carol Camey
    Carol Camey

    Daily reminder: You’re enough!! God made you for a reason!

    • Skillz Playz
      Skillz Playz

      Bruh he swearings

  • Ben Leather
    Ben Leather

    Jake is annoying

  • Little Derna
    Little Derna

    Say her name Jake, do you have the balls? In case you forgot her name is Justine Paradise Justine Paradise Justine Paradise Justine Paradise Justine Paradise Justine Paradise Justine Paradise Justine Paradise Get it scumbag?

  • Leni Ruess
    Leni Ruess

    jp is a narcissist, predator and a sociopath. f u jake.

  • sam

    8:53 Ask the girl he assaulted

  • Alex V Balbuena
    Alex V Balbuena

    14:21 Jake Paul laughed so hard

  • Robert l
    Robert l

    This isn't a typical youtube video where i give my editor a new computer... Lol proceed to do just thsy

  • Weemops

    Hay bro did you face pump Justine Paradise......outstanding hahahaha

  • SlimJim

    Out of all the states to move in, why mine 😢😢😢

  • Have A Great Day
    Have A Great Day

    The next Florida Man

  • karu and fat
    karu and fat

    wow man u changed ao much

  • Sumaira Shahid
    Sumaira Shahid

    Jake need to reunite his members

  • Daniel Snow
    Daniel Snow

    Your a bully

  • The Roblox Stranger Things
    The Roblox Stranger Things

    Wow its logans Little brother

  • Elijah Johnson
    Elijah Johnson

    You changed your whole channel

  • Josh Horder
    Josh Horder

    Keep making these videos we miss them

  • KiRaMelon

    Stop using erika as clickbait!!

  • Steelcitybulliezpgh


  • melborn dontis
    melborn dontis

    if nothings gonna happen then whats the point?

  • guitar stuff miller
    guitar stuff miller

    Rich kids dressing like their poor , poor kids dressing like their black 2021 cmon 😂

  • guitar stuff miller
    guitar stuff miller

    Should read , I took Erica on her 10000 th date

  • Tracy Britton
    Tracy Britton

    I will fight you for free 6'1 200 lbs no traning

  • google user
    google user

    I would beat you down Jake. I'm 5' 8" 135 and in Compton,Cali. Street, MMA, or Box ring. Your a clown .

  • Logan Kelly
    Logan Kelly

    8:53 ask justine paradise 😂😂

  • Black Messiah5150
    Black Messiah5150

    Wow, Logan's little brother is "SUCH" a talented guy

    • Max

      Yeah "FOR REAL" 😂😂

  • Raj Chand
    Raj Chand

    Probably the last date you ever get before askrin makes you swallow through straws 🤣🤣

  • mike13th

    all jokes aside jake paul have no boxing skill or ever fought a pro fighter believe me i am gonna enjoy watching jake getting knockout and that be end of these nonsense

  • k d
    k d

    Who is Jake Pauls boyfriend's 8:11?

  • Lüar*