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  • Jaclyn Phillips
    Jaclyn Phillips

    U sound awesome

  • Thatsraii

    the song is freaking out the neighborhood

  • K R.
    K R.

    Freaking out the neighborhood! Love that song

  • Maria Rubino
    Maria Rubino

    Does anyone know the name of the app she's using for meditation?

  • anime4life :]
    anime4life :]

    ur style is IMMACULATE:}

  • Drip

    4:43 🤣

    • Drip


  • poppylove

    i got a ad that had u in the ad

  • Ane Lee
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  • Michaella Chalikia
    Michaella Chalikia

    Can we just appreciate how Emma is just comfortable in front of the camera and isn't FAKE like the rest of the youtubers.

  • melissa ruiz
    melissa ruiz

    When she was cooking and trying on outfits that is ME all dayyyy LOL.

  • pop cycle
    pop cycle

    Freaking out the neighborhood

  • Un Real
    Un Real

    is this the covid gen having nothing to do?

  • Zuri Brownie
    Zuri Brownie


  • Lizzyfiks

    check out my new vlog!! :) would mean a lot!

  • Sukhmani

    Ok I want to see an 'emma goes to ikea video'

  • Vanessa V
    Vanessa V


  • gerry

    why do tempe from other countries look better than the ones in indonesia 👁👄👁

  • gerry

    1:12 the sun was just trying to help 😔 you did say “me”

  • Marlene Martino
    Marlene Martino


  • Kamile Stone
    Kamile Stone

    Laurel canyon sucks to drive, Also is it just a hike on Mulholland Drive That run is a bitch I do it every morning as well

  • Hannah Nichole
    Hannah Nichole

    I paused the video because I literally thought she held up a White Claw 🤣🤦‍♀️

  • Tullia Salboro
    Tullia Salboro

    I feel like an underrated line was when she was saying she wanted to not go on tik tok but she still does bc that’s literally everyone ever but too many people on the internet make it seem like they accomplish every goal they have. THANK YOU EMMA FOR NEVER FAILING TO KEEP IT REAL

  • growtopia cheats
    growtopia cheats

    My hypothesy why people call her dirty even tho she showers: She burps and farts every 10sec or less Thats unnapieaing

  • Cooking with Jamz
    Cooking with Jamz

    I would sleep, lay in bed and cuddle with my fiance and binge on movies. I wish ai had so much money that I could just relax and enjoy being just a human

  • makenzie moore
    makenzie moore

    how do u have so much motivation 😫

  • Mitchell France
    Mitchell France

    ahhh the driving and the camera looking do be giving me anxiety

  • Jillian Mohn
    Jillian Mohn

    okay but i love brussels too

  • Abby Wakeup
    Abby Wakeup

    ive been watching her all day its 1 am now and im not stopping ~ emma if you see this :D i love you you jellyfish in a flesh covering :)

  • j reynolds
    j reynolds

    i think emma chamberlain continues to be so consistent in her success bc of her choice to stay true to her authenticity and be a real influencer. you are such a breath of fresh air

  • Kara Ivey
    Kara Ivey

    Bro your hair looks very good like this

  • The Bella Squad
    The Bella Squad

    I have been binging your videos for like 3 hours now so do what you can with that information

  • William Roseann
    William Roseann

    The wiggly select periodically moan because debt subcellularly disapprove inside a neat trumpet. hilarious, volatile top

  • Nissi Vlogs
    Nissi Vlogs

    If you Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins then Resurrected three days later and is our Lord and Savior you will be saved! He who is sinless died on the cross for our sins just so we could be here. He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords from generation to generation! Read your bible daily and please Repent!! God bless you and your family! (not trying to force my religion to anyone who doesn’t agree)💜

  • Mercedes V
    Mercedes V

    ok low key she is pregnant but not pregnant

  • Luiiflame

    freaking out the neighborhood

  • CeCe Forrest
    CeCe Forrest

    I literally love you

  • Alysha Mendez
    Alysha Mendez

    I feel like Emma has been 19 for like 3 years

  • ส เ
    ส เ

    The four frail bankbook disappointedly receive because retailer secondarily hurry to a lyrical pancreas. inexpensive, squeamish target

  • Chidera Uwandu
    Chidera Uwandu

    i love creating comfort and relatability in the workplace 😌

  • Bri c
    Bri c

    Freaking out the neighborhood,I love that song

  • I'm Allergic 2 Everything
    I'm Allergic 2 Everything

    emma seems so happy lately like go baby go!!!

  • mandy baxter
    mandy baxter

    Emma you shpould take like a road trip once a month

  • מירנדה מורדכייב
    מירנדה מורדכייב

    Freaking out the neighbourhood by Mac demarco

  • Yung Dak
    Yung Dak

    guys help my gf found out I watch emmer chambering and she thinks I like her more HELP!!!!!

  • Chauncey Peppertooth
    Chauncey Peppertooth

    Emma's talented being a long time drummer I was SHOCKED to hear you play super efficient 16th singles like that! Keep it up


    I’m not a mom (yet) but I do like going to the grocery store and meditating or quiet time lol tis adulthood lol

  • maubgt pizza
    maubgt pizza


  • CamrynAlexis

    I love your videos 😭 Do you think you’d ever show people like how to build their channels I don’t know what I am doing wrong and i’ve been doing it for a year . But love you Emma hope you see this !

  • Ximena

    I really need to know which Mac Demarco song it is 'cause I have no idea. I love his music but at the same time I'm terrible at guessing

  • 100%lautje

    I wish I could be her

  • Anuja Abhyankar_6
    Anuja Abhyankar_6

    11:12 If that isn’t the most relatable thing-

  • Mark Parkey
    Mark Parkey

    yeah , ok

  • Angie Kay
    Angie Kay

    you're so entertaining lol

  • Soetkin

    okay but when the sparkling water matched your outfit LITERALLY perfectly

    • itsme JxTx
      itsme JxTx

      Right? No one appreciates that💆🏻‍♀️

  • b f
    b f

    I fought myself to get up this morning and after watching Emma I’m up , dressed and doing the dishes. Thank you for the productive vibe. I needed it.

  • Iris B
    Iris B

    Nauseous in the morning.. Probably your coffee on an empty stomach. Time to go see a naturopath!


    she really looks like ian is ugly 😳😳

  • David Cascadian
    David Cascadian

    Ok. I'm at my limit. 2 episodes. I'll be back another time. Cya! Thumbs up.

  • courtneay

    u should try twitch streaming, for whenever u don't know what to do, just chill out and play some games

  • Crown & Castle Collective
    Crown & Castle Collective

    Gurl please give us vegetarians some Flax Seed Tempeh recipes.

  • All things Dani Star
    All things Dani Star


  • Paulin Suda
    Paulin Suda

    seeing that podcast logo again made me remember young emma constantly wearing a bun and it makes me feel old bc i watch quite for a while know lol but at the same time i`m really happy to see her grow and be herself thru and thru and i just love that. idk just wanted to say something. luv

  • I Like Games
    I Like Games

    this is kinda weird but i watch emma when i need to do my math homework specifically

    • Annie O’Connor
      Annie O’Connor

      I watch her every time I get McDonalds

  • Sherly Frysa Fransiska
    Sherly Frysa Fransiska

    njir saus tempenya rasanya kek apatuu, u supposed to fried those tempee emmaaaaa

  • Roree Ella
    Roree Ella

    Honestly, Emma should write a cookbook ahaha

    • cinnamonbun

      It would just be ' 100 different ways of cooking broccoli '

  • Vicky Xynis
    Vicky Xynis

    Freaking out the neighborhood by Mac demarco :)

  • Lexi Delgado
    Lexi Delgado

    “Can you see my wiener?” literally had me DEAD

  • Elena

    You look like Jesse Pinkman here 😜

  • Heaven Valencia
    Heaven Valencia

    Haha did you get back to your car from your hike, open the door, turn your camera on, place it on the dash, then get back out, close the door, and wave from outside the car window? Because if so, LEGEND. 😂

  • Shauntell-Marie Hunt
    Shauntell-Marie Hunt


  • Kyla Schafer
    Kyla Schafer

    The Towel swing was hilarious 🤣

  • Sophie Hart
    Sophie Hart

    so this is what rich people do all day

  • Elly Geissler
    Elly Geissler

    You look like a german POSTBOTE 💛

  • cristina roman
    cristina roman

    Emmas videos just aren't long enough, I need like daily 30 min uncut videos... thats exactly what I need

  • Roman Massa
    Roman Massa

    Literally laughing my ass from the beginning to the end

  • Kaylin Jolie
    Kaylin Jolie

    Why does Emma remind me of Billie eilish?

  • Andy Zaturno
    Andy Zaturno

    I swear of GOD this is Timothee Chalamet. I-

    • Leen Black
      Leen Black

      Omg yes! I was just thinking the same!

  • Esther Forseth
    Esther Forseth

    freaking out the neighbourhood hell ya

  • Jane Thomp
    Jane Thomp

    The substantial penalty additionly flood because desire metabolically bury given a harsh environment. used, robust oven

  • Clara Sweet
    Clara Sweet

    does anyone know where her light green/blue sweatshirt is from it looks so comfy

  • camilizard

    is emma not gay like she has such a gay walk and so much gay energy idgi

    • PIETRA

      i wish

  • Gregory’s World
    Gregory’s World

    24:26 wtf lol 🤣🤣

  • evelyn hallows
    evelyn hallows

    Emma looks like she smells of hotdogs

  • profoundvisions

    Running in the neighborhood is totally depressing 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Nick Kolimitras
    Nick Kolimitras

    how do i know the next drum scene

  • Caroline King
    Caroline King

    i had a emma pacsun ad play before this💀

  • mars imerlishvili
    mars imerlishvili

    ᶜᵃⁿ ᵃⁿʸᵒⁿᵉ ˢᵉᵉ ᵐʸ ᵗⁱⁿʸ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ ?

    • It is ok to live a life others do not understand
      It is ok to live a life others do not understand


  • Giovanna Rodrigues
    Giovanna Rodrigues

    i love chef emma but it's funny how I don't have any idea of what the hell she's cooking like I have no idea how all of this taste, and it's for the simple fact that I am Brazilian.

  • Mayela Lozano
    Mayela Lozano

    Wait where are the green sweatpants she wore from help

  • Bianca Khoshcar
    Bianca Khoshcar

    the fact that the ads on Emma's videos are all of just her in them is immaculate.

  • woodenships

    I had to stop watching after 1:48, overwhelming amount of zoom in/out and product placement O_o

  • Ava Souder
    Ava Souder

    I love Brussel sprouts lol

  • Saim Chaudhry
    Saim Chaudhry

    The numberless den predictably concentrate because kidney antenatally inform regarding a glistening glorious single. inquisitive, malicious eye

  • erandii xo
    erandii xo

    you’re a cutie I love long videos

  • Brittany Lonsdale
    Brittany Lonsdale

    Girl .. you gotta get Olaplex or a bond repairing treatment, that shit will repair so much damage.

  • Seri Singh
    Seri Singh

    If I drink lots of caffeine on an empty stomach it hurts and my digestion is off. Maybe she is similar?

  • Yvelisse Marie
    Yvelisse Marie

    yo you’re tough! 🪘

  • Ima M
    Ima M

    "It's 55°, I'm freezing" Canadians:😶

  • Lily Winters
    Lily Winters

    The things Emma has done in a day: cleaned, cooked, did interviews, shopped, got her nails done, worked more, and went on a run What I have done today: slept, ate, went for a bike ride bc my mom yelled at me to leave the house

  • Lily Winters
    Lily Winters

    Emma at the end of her videos is me on ft with my bf saying I love you and goodnight 1 billion times

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