Exploring the Biggest Building at the LZ Compound (Lifts, Equipment, Paint Booth and More!)
Literally 10x bigger than our last shop - and it’s not even half of the new indoor space we have here!
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  • Cameron Kramer
    Cameron Kramer

    Propane tanks


    Yo that milling room is like my wet dream as an aspiring machinist. Missing a lathe though. With the proper know how you can do practically anything with those two. Even convert that mill for pretty cheap into a router/cnc

  • Soul Rescue
    Soul Rescue

    LZ Paradise

  • Michael Land
    Michael Land

    I’d take that Ford motor off your hands👀

  • Mullet Mike
    Mullet Mike

    i’ll do my part of power washing 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • ItsBrodes

    ohsha approved

  • Jacob Copeland
    Jacob Copeland

    Sorry to break it to you but that's not in alignment rack. Just a drive on 4 post lift with a rolling bridge jacks on the center of it.

  • battleship Strachan
    battleship Strachan

    They’ve had to have security there for the buildings and everything being so nice to

  • Angelus Devastus
    Angelus Devastus

    Looking for site staff? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Eric Bondy
    Eric Bondy

    If it were me I would position this as an ultimate automotive LV-homer set up. Everything on site and you have your own video production company that multiple youtubers use. You could even do merchandise sourcing and fulfillment. Could be a pretty big deal.

  • Adrift

    This is crazy! I’ve not watched for a few years, and now you’ve got a whole compound!? Congrats

  • Melody Skies
    Melody Skies

    Damn now you can organize a lot better

  • waults

    All I can say is wow, it's like a gearhead having his own Disneyland. I'm at a loss for words on this place. But, now, to pay for it, holy shiite! Idea that popped in my head.... Lots of LV-home creators centered around Automotive content, many based in FL, and some would probably be open to moving there.... Make this place like a Hollywood Studios of car builder LV-home'rs..... lease out shop space, with access to the specialty areas. Hire your own professionals to run the various departments and assist them. Do a discount rent, but you get shared content rights, I will leave the legality decisions to your advisers.

  • bigolesackofboogers 0
    bigolesackofboogers 0

    You need to flip your tractor roll bar back up.

  • Camron King
    Camron King

    It’s not the concrete, it’s because it’s sat and weathered with no use for 5 years, rent you a huge washer you can drive like they use on basketball courts and what not, it’ll go by fast, make great content, be super satisfying, and get hella views, that’ll make you hella money to make the compound hella cooler 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

  • sully's custom cycles
    sully's custom cycles

    congrats on your success, that place is crazy!

  • negativesquirel

    Def dont weld next to anything flammable especially waste you unsure of. You would also loose all your merch...

  • Lee Knudson
    Lee Knudson

    Good driving

  • DogsVS

    Yo Adam I'll pressure wash your entire village for a couple of your old lifts.

  • Joe McFly
    Joe McFly

    You are 80% to what you want for a facility. The remaining 20% will be the most expensive so run what ya got

  • Jordan Brand
    Jordan Brand

    Every LV-home’s dream garage

  • B P
    B P


  • Steve Fisher
    Steve Fisher

    I want to know what the cost was so I can start saving. I wanna come down to work

  • Buckey Laing
    Buckey Laing

    Lol how are there 275 people thumbs downing this.... HATERS

  • Buckey Laing
    Buckey Laing

    Dang the spray booth is sickkkk

  • s_G Walls
    s_G Walls

    Someone probably already said but if you keep that mower on the tractor you can safely lift more weight

  • Dalton Cahn
    Dalton Cahn

    "repurpose" I think is the best word for it, but lipstick on a pig will do.

  • Tito Centeno
    Tito Centeno

    Dude, I would love to help you with the repairs on the AC units or if I can look at them to make sure you really need to replace them.

  • csorrows

    The "stinky room" was for polishing.

  • Ryan Stephens
    Ryan Stephens

    I doubt anyone on the team will see this since the video is a week old but please look up either forklift training or forklift safety. While they don't seem to dangerous, there are A LOT of hidden hazards when operating them; not only towards yourself but others around you.

  • tyler pearcy
    tyler pearcy

    Love this kind of stuff man, keep it up. Just FYI from a guy working around paint booths for over 15 years, u don't want much mechanical stuff around your paint area. The grease and silicone in the air is not good for panels that need paint. Fisheye city... Just a heads up. Have fun and keep it up!

  • Ryan Garr
    Ryan Garr

    This is literally a car guys dream

  • LD Bodyworks Luthando
    LD Bodyworks Luthando

    This is paradise and you are underestimating the way things can go for you Coz of this space.

  • Stefan Babovic
    Stefan Babovic

    search up what is the s40 collection you will find a backstory and a lot of pictures about this ppace and the guy that owned it

  • Daniel Jäger
    Daniel Jäger

    Pls make the tractor able to drift I think that would be hilarious

  • J Goody
    J Goody

    That paint booth was used a lot, just by professionals.

  • RedneckBaller

    Is that Boyd Coddington's shop

  • Alex Engelbrecht
    Alex Engelbrecht

    Ill come work for free for a year... All I ask for in return is knowledge

  • Traw

    Dont leave the bucket up on the tractor like that the hydraulic pump and lines will go bad eventually

  • John Lucente
    John Lucente

    Lease the paint booth and space to offset cost and have an in-house paint specialist.

  • Noel Weyandt
    Noel Weyandt

    The 210 power plant in the forklift is mint

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones

    Man ill come do paint and body

  • Spaceface gaming
    Spaceface gaming

    TWO PAINT BOTHS man 💕 this place is massive and so dang sick

  • ThatJMacGuy

    Ask cleetus to borrow the track scrubber lmao

  • Mr Pat QC
    Mr Pat QC

    wow man congrats again, your lucky that land is freaking awesome man !!!

  • Joshua Phillips
    Joshua Phillips

    Just rent a water truck and spray the place down.

  • Treo Ryiz
    Treo Ryiz


  • mplewp

    how my garage would look if Belgium wasn't such a communist shithole

  • Robbie

    Just started watching you not too long ago I hope your starting a automotive detailing,painting, and mechanic shop at this place and not just for personal use.

  • Samson Mogere
    Samson Mogere

    Lz compound would make a sick go-kart track

  • Eric Beckner
    Eric Beckner

    Way more money than sense.

  • Edgar Mendez
    Edgar Mendez

    Even the forklift is JDM !

  • Gabriel Ferreira
    Gabriel Ferreira

    Hey Adam how are you? I recently saw you bought some new land, Congrats on that!! Just wanted to let you know I’m 19 I own an exterior cleaning company we are licensed and insured and if you’d ever need anything to let me know! I’ll hook you up with some really good prices, we do pressure washing, roof cleaning, sealer, fence cleaning, house cleaning, house washing and etc and my dad owns a cleaning company so if any houses or buildings have to be cleaned we have teams that go out and can get that cleaned for you guys! Again if there’s anything we can do just let me know and I’ll send you some recent pictures of some jobs we’ve done! Thanks, Gabriel. You can find me on Instagram @924.Gabe Or my business account @LD.CLEANING Thanks again!!

  • John Weiss
    John Weiss

    2jz swap in forklift

  • hessen

    So we ain’t fina talk abt 0:18 😭

  • chad fellers
    chad fellers

    solar upgrade time...

  • Sam_pesto

    Add some solar on those big roofs to reduce electricity costs

  • Jackson Avant
    Jackson Avant

    27:50 you could turn that room into an rc drift track that would be sick

  • Hot Rod Dave
    Hot Rod Dave

    Insane! Car guys wet dream

  • Russell Sleight
    Russell Sleight

    Jesus, dude. You have some awesome tools that came with the place!

  • CADguru78

    Don't know what you paid for this place but whatever it was it can't compare to how much it cost to have all it built/installed. Parts/labor alone probably worth twice the price of whatever someone deemed it to be worth.

  • Bas Veltink
    Bas Veltink

    About the pressurewashing army: Just ask some fans if they want to bring their own pressure washers and help you out. For free, just provide some lunch or something! I think it’ll work 👌🏼

    • Jacob M
      Jacob M

      He could hire a street sweeper, too

  • Robert Earl Davis 5.5M
    Robert Earl Davis 5.5M

    Nice gorilla 😁

  • Philippos Vatyliotis
    Philippos Vatyliotis

    You can do it like break room area with pool table and tv and around the walls you cana dd pictures with all the members of your team;)

  • zacktexley953

    That concrete needs a good pressure washing.

  • bburdine

    I know where this place is, right down the road from me. I’d share but that’d be rude

  • Logan Sonethongkham
    Logan Sonethongkham

    I wouldn't park the kubota like that all the time above the mower. If the hydraulics leak off then you will crush the mower

  • Eric Marcus
    Eric Marcus

    I work in a football field size building running lights, Wave machines, SMT lines and wash conveyors plus all the other stuff and the electric bill here is between $10,000 to $14,000 a month. This place is no were near the size of yours but we might be running more machines and lights 24/7. I would think your electric bill will be much lower but it's just some info for comparison.

  • Mike vlogs93
    Mike vlogs93

    where u got all your cars in that show room it would be cool if u hd a mural of lmzfg logo or your s15 car on the wall

  • Isaiah Oto
    Isaiah Oto

    Stance the fork lift

  • CoDisafishy

    This dudes concerned about mop cost when he just bought a multi million dollar facility haha

  • mrfordfairmont

    time to get solar on all the buildings!! to power everything as it will help

  • The Honda Resource
    The Honda Resource

    The bathroom sold me hahahahaha. That's a hella nice setup dude, I'm excited to see what you do with the place

  • El Chach
    El Chach

    At 14:57 what make and model is that car

  • jeerry harding
    jeerry harding

    Keep cars in show or make another show room cause that looks awesome

  • jeerry harding
    jeerry harding

    Ppppaaarrttneerrr with Jimmy o and taylor ray that would be the sickest trio

  • Kirk Oglesby
    Kirk Oglesby

    Just take a golf cart and set it up with a custom pressure wash rig. Just get on and drive it clean

  • Jason Falk
    Jason Falk

    The dream!! So sick! Side note - don't let the tractor run out of diesel, It's a pain to bleed!

  • Felipe The foam thing
    Felipe The foam thing

    You should put more tools in the equipment room so you can repair the Kubota or the golf carts.

  • EFormance Engineering
    EFormance Engineering

    The big table with the cutout is an Upholstery table.

  • ADS Studio
    ADS Studio

    Can I give u a suggestion? Why don't you build an actual company to work on costumers cars, beside of only drifting? Hire a team of people to do restoration/ builds. I think it might suit more the purpose of this place. Maybe you could rent a space and invest in a wrapping company (like yanny or RDB). There's so much space and possibilities, you could turn this one stop shop in a district of building cars.

  • Leonard Dipschitzki
    Leonard Dipschitzki

    I'm so jealous

  • Andre _
    Andre _

    New sub. Congrats on this epic acquisition.

  • Henry Gibbs
    Henry Gibbs

    The man needs solar panels they pay of in the long run.

  • Mini Yak
    Mini Yak

    You were trying to say. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

  • Brent

    A detail shop is what you should use that room next to the paint booth for

  • dalton fogle
    dalton fogle

    The Mittler bros aluminum sheet bender they get made about 45 minutes from my town in Wright city mo

  • Mr.reaper_14

    Yo buying the old owners car would be sick and a HKS livery forklift is lit

  • Tate Thomas
    Tate Thomas

    I would leave that showroom as a showroom

  • Unified Racing Channel
    Unified Racing Channel

    I had an apartment with 2 toilets in the open and 2 showers. I could not figure whos trying to power dump with their homies lol

  • vertigo042

    the Nissan Forklifts use Datsun motors from the 60s

  • Sempre Omertà
    Sempre Omertà

    I want the fitness equipment

  • mmiller4255

    imagine being an Adam LZ fan and your family sold this to him. Would be a trip watching his videos.

  • john bender
    john bender

    first ten seconds and I'm in

  • Brayden Dunlap
    Brayden Dunlap

    That upper storage area would make a sick skate park

  • Devin Gibson
    Devin Gibson

    @sxsblog needs to do up the canam

  • William Rori
    William Rori

    The "real JDM space", nah metric is the global standard. American needs get onboard.

  • Kyle Bush
    Kyle Bush

    I'm wondering if the guy that owned it was part of the Shearer Foods family. I read where one of the sons took it over in the 70s and his name was Bob. I'm just taking a shot in the dark here. Whoever he was, he had an amazing collection.

  • Kendrick Vixamar
    Kendrick Vixamar

    Hide and seek would be crazy

  • Conner Spence
    Conner Spence

    Think the fork lift needs to be turbocharged