I've Lost Faith In Humanity...
I've witnessed one of the harder videos to watch in my time on the Internet, and that's saying a lot. When someone has a visibly bad day, instead of turning it into the next viral meme you should consider telling them "that it's all going to be okay." It's really not that difficult to do.

  • Memes 4 the masses
    Memes 4 the masses

    Teriq neshithead


    This is why i started to just permanently isolating myself. I am tired of opening my heart to this society. I will just be solitary. I cant connect anymore to humanity. Its just too narcissistic and people are just too emotionally and mentally unavailable. I am just tired of the lack of love and genuinely at this point. I dont know how to move forward for the rest of my life but i cant keep trying to apart of something i will never be apart of.

  • Shork

    Fuck Twitter it should just be deleted. It’s literally just a platform for bullying

  • Hackboi 5000
    Hackboi 5000

    You are literally my inner thoughts! Where I live some girl got beat up at a bus stop in broad daylight and instead of helping her these people just recorded it on their phones like wtf has this species become?

  • Happe CJ
    Happe CJ

    If you manage to piss off a Canadian you really need to look yourself in the mirror /s

  • Raukuu

    Shit's really rough out there. Especially in hospitality and retail where everyone sees you as a robot or a punching bag. Mental health is a really big deal but people don't take it seriously bc for one it can be a slow and creeping affliction and people don't understand it. And also bc people don't really want to deal with it bc it takes time and patience to deal with. Hope you keep up on yours Muta and hope you have a good day!

  • WonJon Soup
    WonJon Soup

    As someone who also deals with bpd, it's a very misunderstood disorder and seeing the bullying done to him is cruel.

  • Andrew Pineda
    Andrew Pineda

    Im starting to see why a person wanted to end the world, nevermind covid is here.

  • اباتراب علي زامل
    اباتراب علي زامل

    We love you Muta.

  • Hans Gerber
    Hans Gerber

    I heard alot of Tariq Nashit the self proclaimed expert about racists and white supremacy ... Ironically he's one of the worst racists out there. To be honest after many years I'm convinced we need to shut down social media as a whole or make it harder to access ...it's become a megaphone for mentally disturbed, evil and/or stpuid people and contributes to the dumbing down of people en mass through spreading of missinformation, radicalization, etc.

  • Blair Jacobs
    Blair Jacobs

    The sad thing about the internet is only the bad things of humanity is recorded no good humble person would record him or herself for likes. They do it cz it's the right thing to do.

  • The NSR Show Official.
    The NSR Show Official.

    I actually have depression believe or not.

    • The NSR Show Official.
      The NSR Show Official.


  • Alex B
    Alex B

    As someone who has BPD,, experienced psychosis and delusions, is autistic and has many other mental health issues, thank you muta for speaking up about this shit. Stop recording people when they're having a mental health crisis. It only makes things worse. It happens with "autism moms" and autistic people having meltdowns. It's an invasion of our privacy and it exploits us on our worse days

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus

    As a person with bipolar disorder and Asperger's syndrome this was really really hard to watch. Id rather watch someone getting tortured on liveleak. it hits SO CLOSE to home. I cant tell you how many times as a teen i had a mental breakdown and said and did so many awful things. Even to my own parents. I didnt hit anyone thank god but man i was like a hurricane i fucked shit up. Even though i know it wasnt "my fault" i still feel terrible. it was really hard not to beat a kid half to death when they start making fun of you relentlessly. in so blessed to have such a great mom and dad. Otherwise id probably be a school shooter. And im not kidding i was really fucked up. Puberty hit me like a truck. At 23 im completely fine now. Practically a different person. Which is really weird to me.

  • Commpisto

    I dont think people truly get how brave was the man how had a breakdown. He not only recognized that he had it, but also moved away so he can recollect. Truly admirable

  • bacon get scammed
    bacon get scammed

    This just sums up progressives

  • Mason Armand
    Mason Armand


    • SalvadorGamezzz


  • Gigabased

    who the fuck would want to have a mental breakdown and then have your face posted all over the internet and being mocked for no fucking reason

  • That meme you’ve been looking For
    That meme you’ve been looking For

    You know its serious when muta gets genuinely scary

  • ItsJoKeZ

    man your kid is not going to be ready for those popping eyes and sudden tone changes

  • Nilou Tambour
    Nilou Tambour

    R u telling us you are a higher human being?

  • Øystein A.
    Øystein A.

    SNL made me realize that my atheism was wrong. There is a God and he hates all mankind.

  • TheLexi1

    you know its not good when mutahar starts to yell loudly into his mic

  • ysbe7s7

    2:22 no 😐

  • Lemar Sullivan
    Lemar Sullivan

    I wonder how many times Mudahar can lose humanity in one day that shit could be a new world record

  • Marquis

    05:42 - Why are you laughing about his illness?

  • Margarette

    While I am diagnosed and receiving help for DID, when I say I have this "other personality" I do not not mean it in that sense. Rather, like what people say when they say they have a "work personality" or "customer service personality" and without the reliance of that kind of defensive armour I truly don't know how I'd make it just going to the grocery store 90% of the time... let alone assholes like these existing.

  • Margarette

    Got me wondering if MUTA is okay over here man....

  • jmc - gaming
    jmc - gaming

    i feel ya bro, i havent seen you get THIS mad yet lol

  • B B
    B B

    I lost faith in you when you blasted h3h3 for not a claim but an insecurity you had.

  • Javier Eduardo Marin
    Javier Eduardo Marin

    Stupidity is over the roof now, we need to get back to evolving real soon.

  • oompaville

    This was a really good video Muta.

    • Hugh Mungus
      Hugh Mungus

      Howdy fellow epic LV-home guy.

    • Nilou Tambour
      Nilou Tambour

      Yes ik

    • raggagaga gaagagagga
      raggagaga gaagagagga


    • Not Alta
      Not Alta

      Its ompa lumpa ville

  • murder

    its hard trying to express your own feelings, because anyone can have your entire reputation at their fingertips with a single recording. this is actually messed up. sad that a lot of the time we have to keep our mental health and feelings and sad mushy shit or whatever buried out of fear.

  • GM Fan
    GM Fan

    I think if muta screamed at me like this in real life I might cry

  • Superorange441

    I can't NOT agree

  • Kai Shinigami
    Kai Shinigami

    They do anything for clout

  • Доктор парадокс
    Доктор парадокс

    Muta: I have lost faith in humanity Well thats pretty common situation

  • StitchyStitchh

    Muta u scared me

  • conyo985

    Watching Terminator 2, Arnold's line was right. "It's in your nature to destroy yourselves."

  • *FuriNova*

    Never seen Muta this angry. He should be, this is pure degeneracy.

  • Ninjasliced

    Thank fuck we have creators like this trying their hardest to counteract all the bs coming from the scum of society

  • LB7

    Can someone send me the link, or did it get deleted?

  • Rapping Chameleon
    Rapping Chameleon

    as a guy diagnosed with bpd thats the shit why id never work in retail or service holy fuck

  • Kenji

    I’ve never seen him this mad

  • thefatbob37

    Damn didnt know aliens can walk on gas (this is a joke)

  • Austin S.
    Austin S.

    You had faith in humanity to begin with? What a simple man

  • Layla Towry
    Layla Towry

    When Muta started screaming I was genuinely scared lol but he had a valid reason to be so mad.

  • Biggie Bill
    Biggie Bill

    It’s good to know other people feel the same

  • young dagger
    young dagger

    Hmm yes I will start a race war.....

  • Cyber :
    Cyber :

    Muta don't yell everything will be ok also me: *records*

  • manish mahar
    manish mahar

    muta went full uber charge

  • GEN

    i hate humans.

  • CrumbleBread Pie
    CrumbleBread Pie

    when muta yelled I felt like I was in trouble! In all seriousness, this is messed up. I seen that video and really felt for the guy. I've been in the exact mental state and I know firsthand that all the other guy did was push him further into a breakdown. It's not fun... and the best thing to do is wait for the person to calm down and then talk to them. I don't understand how some people can be so callous. :(

  • Scatman 123
    Scatman 123

    Anyone who records people in a bad time overreacting only makes the problem worse, and anyone who thinks to treat people working in the front desk deserves to be punched.

  • Plastic Bag
    Plastic Bag

    Love you Muta, you're doing the right thing. 💜🌸

  • Will Pressley
    Will Pressley

    Well said Muta

  • Drogenfeld

    First time? Well anyhow if you ask me humans are long overdue in many ways. Expiration date way overshot. Also, social media is just the main cancer of society these days, in various directions.

  • AAWW1010

    Thank you for the nice video it’s wonderful to see people who care about special needs people like me and others 😊

  • Gary jones
    Gary jones

    You have the best energy on LV-home. Loved this video.


    I could never relate more

  • Justin Palmer
    Justin Palmer

    Thought I was the only one w this view, thank god I was wrong

  • Nikiah Nikiah
    Nikiah Nikiah

    I like how mad he got about this (that's not and insult btw this dude bullied a challenged worker having a bad day and was trying to make his better)

  • Manuel Torres
    Manuel Torres

    Maybe because I am from Europe but I have never heard who Freddie is

  • CutenessBud7

    SomeOrdinaryGamers you are awesome and have the best day ever

  • BurgR

    When muta looked at the camera I felt terrified

  • Larik

    Dude 5G mind control is REAL. When will people wake up? Better be not too late. That said, what a horrible situation...

    • Andrew


  • Jacob The Blight Bringer
    Jacob The Blight Bringer

    this reminds me of how my borderline abusive father and his family would bully and manipulate me throughout my entire life just cause of how I have autism (I'm dead fucking serious that's the reason behind it), and my mother and grandpa dying right before I started high school didn't help, and all of the abuse only stopped when I was in 12th grade, (I'm 19 currently), I feel the worker's pain cause he right when he says "mental illness destroys lives"

  • Youhavetoguessit

    Just watching Muta rage on loop at this point. Amazing.

  • no one
    no one

    How convenient and relatable!

  • eque

    I’m happy you said this mutha and I think we should just ignore peoples posts like this and just love the people who are affected. I use to like Freddie Gibbs because of his music but this changed my mind . He should of probably been cancelled by now but I don’t think anyone should be cancelled because that’s normally even worse then what they did like Dan TDM got cancelled because he swore and stream , life’s weird man.

  • Freackedman

    sheesh , first time this guy lost his shit

  • ASOT Forever
    ASOT Forever

    sometimes they need u to be silent and they will be better after that..but a good word also helps, i like to comfort people, even with mental or some illness, cuz they feel when u being honest or not..and people who do nothing at all..like HOURS after seeing depressed person (if its classmate etc) they are just bad people by my opinion

  • Motivated Conor
    Motivated Conor

    That twitter acc removed this video so where can I find it

    • Beta

      Search up man having breakdown hotel

  • Jeffrey Phillip
    Jeffrey Phillip

    Damn took you long enough bro...


    Quality video this mate

  • Brian

    Actualpublicfreakouts is way better

  • ComradeRelic

    That pour man just wanted to do his job and he gets filmed being frustrated this shit is fucking wrong he needed a hug and someone to say its ok or if they don't wanna be hugged tell them from afar

  • Casa Dome
    Casa Dome

    You are humanity

  • The Best Droid
    The Best Droid


  • Chad Kroeger
    Chad Kroeger

    Mudahar is like the nice teacher that you don't want to see get mad When you do, you know it's bad

  • xrigz

    Jesus, when Muta is mad it’s so scary

  • Arakemi

    my guy, you couldnt be further from the truth, its actually harder to be a decent human being than it is to be bill gates these days. and im not saying this as a joke, its literally easier to be bill gates, a billionaire, that started out making computers, and is now making vaccines, than it is to be a fucken decent human being, LIKE EVERYONE SHOULD BE BUT IS NOT!, GOSH, ITS LIKE THIS WORLD HAS DEVOLVED FROM HUMAN DECENCY TO LITERAL APES SHITTING ON EVERYONE THEY SEE BECAUSE THEY THINK THEIR SHIT SMELLS NICER! (this is directed towards the mass population of this planet/disk/cube/whatever else you might believe in, that isnt a decent human being and instead is a dumbass with a fake sense of superiority)

  • Arden Garantoza
    Arden Garantoza

    Use your common sense. Put yourself in others shoes. Ask yourself 'should I be doing this?' Humanity really is depressing. I'm no Saint, but it's not hard to be a normal person and mind your own business.

  • jamie hollaway
    jamie hollaway

    That's why I hate the Public Freakout sub. People are always making jokes and I'm over here trying to deduce what happened before they started recording (or what they edited out). Glad I'm not the only one.

  • Cortical Larvae
    Cortical Larvae

    Much love muta

  • Cyrius

    You’re all reacting too strongly to this tryna cancel Freddie. He made a bad judgement. If he was the guy that recorded, he’s worth ‘cancelling’. But making a joke, no matter how distasteful... it’s still a joke end of the day. Should he have made it? Probably not. But he did, it’s done with now, he’s not still prolonging it and he shouldn’t lose his career from being cancelled when he works as hard as he does making talented rap

  • Prabhanjan D
    Prabhanjan D

    I never had any faith to begin with.

  • Hugarada

    2:16 BASED

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    When Muta is angry you know something is terrible

  • Skully_ Dude 2.O
    Skully_ Dude 2.O

    When you see a group of tik tokers doing the renegade

  • Seth Anuar
    Seth Anuar

    Is this Dark Mane?

  • My Name Isnt Jeff
    My Name Isnt Jeff

    Me getting even angrier noticing his G fuel tubs are off because one is a little bit bigger and one is a little bit smaller

  • Wasted Viking
    Wasted Viking

    You just became my favourite youtuber.

  • Lil Stef Gaming
    Lil Stef Gaming

    If you’re having a bad day then why are you at work? Go home don’t make a fool of yourself


    commenting for the algorithm

  • Mr. Moesby
    Mr. Moesby

    Social media really is the worst thing to happen to humanity since polio and the black plauge.

  • XingSan Kirito
    XingSan Kirito


  • Clear Journey
    Clear Journey

    2:28 I thought mutas eye was gonna pop out 😂

  • SkullGaming

    2:11 he yelled....I’ve never seen this happen....I’m scared

  • stuffforgood goody
    stuffforgood goody

    Something I have noticed about mental health is everyone on twitter claims to care about it and want to help people with mental health issues, but when mental illness isn’t pretty or clear cut everyone stops caring.

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