Cavity Palette 🦷 & Blood Sugar Anniversary Collection! | Jeffree Star Cosmetics
It's time for the next Jeffree Star Cosmetics collection!!!! 3 years ago we launched the iconic Blood Sugar palette and I wanted to celebrate it by creating an anniversary collection with new items and give you a whole RED experience! The 'Cavity' Skin Frost Palette is the perfect counterpart to the palette and we also have a MINI!!! After years of requests, she's here! Watch the FULL reveal to see everything swatched and up close!
THE ENTIRE COLLECTION launches FEB. 26TH @ 10AM PST / 1PM EST on our website and ALL retailers!!!!
🦷 Cavity Skin Frost™ Palette - 4 shades ($38.00)
💉 Mini Blood Sugar™ Palette - 9 matte/frost shades ($28.00)
❣️ Blood Sugar™ Anniversary Edition Palette - ($52.00)
🍫 Blood Sugar Mini Liquid Lipstick Vault (25 shades) - $160
♥️ Fashion & Accessories -
Blood Sugar Soft Touch Star Mirror - ($25)
Blood Sugar Dye Hoodie ($45)
Blood Sugar Dye Joggers ($55)
Mini Blood Sugar™ Palette & Blood Sugar™ Anniversary Ed. Palette ($70.00)
Cavity Palette, Mini Blood Sugar™ Palette & Blood Sugar™ Anniversary Ed. Palette ($100)
Cavity Palette, Mini Blood Sugar™ Palette & Blood Sugar™ Anniversary Ed. Palette, Mini Liquid Lipsticks Vault & Star Mirror ($250)
WANT MORE? 🐶 Watch the OG Blood Sugar Reveal ▷
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  • Professor Rob
    Professor Rob

    Omg cavity looks so good

  • Herman Lane
    Herman Lane

    And, finally I found proof for the reason why the human species is ending. Here it is - watch and grieve humans - the rest of the universe will not miss you,.

  • Nagin 5 VeerVani
    Nagin 5 VeerVani

  • Worm Hole
    Worm Hole

    My daughter just said "why does that man have blood on him? He's scary" lol


    He should review the animal crossing colourpop makeup collection or Halsey new makeup line

  • Nicki Mainardi
    Nicki Mainardi

    everyone is literally taking time out of their day to come to this video, give it a view, throw in a hate comment and feed that algorithm 😂 y’all are stupid asf and subscribed on top of it plz😭

  • Juju shook
    Juju shook

    Your look screams *Madam Red*

  • IndianaHankie

    The past several videos I've watched I have noticed that Jeffree seems to be forcing his usual natural perkiness and excitement. He just doesn't seem happy and that's a bummer. Maybe it's time for him to go back to his roots and do makeup tutorials and reviews. I miss those vids.


    Jeffree, have you been on a tour at the Mar-a-lago estate...if no.....check it will enjoy every bit of’s in Palm Spring.....❤️

  • maria re
    maria re

    I live for jeffreee 😩❤️

  • Leah Frewin
    Leah Frewin

    Who actually watches this shit and thinks this is great entertainment Jesus.

  • tulangkerangka

    Sis you getting real old by the face, not that aging is wrong, it's just that you can age gracefully if youre a good person which you obviously arent. in the end no amount of botox can really conceal whats rotting inside. theres still time, jeff, stop with this whole influencer and internet thingy and go reflect.

  • Gabriel Klein
    Gabriel Klein

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son JESUS CHRIST FOR OUR SINS. so whoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen

  • Gabriel Klein
    Gabriel Klein

    I can't believe people like exists this is against everything against God commandments where the fuck this world is i am so fucking disguised by this

  • Andrea Breider
    Andrea Breider

    If looks could kill Rich Lux would be the fountain of youth.

  • Andrea Breider
    Andrea Breider

    Can nobody mention Rich Lux? His personality is faker than his Louis. Get the stitching right. Ya got the font all wrong too. Aaaaand.....your left eyelash is always lifting and your right constantly has glue on it. One word....blend.

  • Isabelle Chopra
    Isabelle Chopra

    I’m very picky when it comes to lipsticks but I would wear every colour in that vault

  • MonsterGirl 3.0
    MonsterGirl 3.0

    These comments don't pass the vibe check, I'm excited and I can't wait to see new stuff from your collection!

  • william lee
    william lee

    jeffree please unblock me on twitter...

  • CajetaBunny

    When will you come out with your own skin care line??!! 10/10 would buy, would anyone else buy??

  • Curl.Shawty

    Jeffree has AGED

    • Freyja Kat
      Freyja Kat

      We all do...

  • shaz&Jazz

    His brand must be going downhill because there is never hype now when he realises.


    this looks like a makeup for kids, the colors are tacky. i think jeff needs sometime alone because in his videos he looks so dead..

  • Missi_ Slaughter
    Missi_ Slaughter

    Beautiful as ever!!!!! Luya, Jeffree!!!!

  • Karter

    You made me gay to thats fine just pls make a pink

  • Unknown B
    Unknown B

    Why does he look like a 60 year old?

  • Thomas Bretz
    Thomas Bretz

    Awww did you make this with the blood of your victims!

  • Ellie Houghton
    Ellie Houghton

    Who tf bought these

  • Russell Akers
    Russell Akers

    You are everything

  • Russell Akers
    Russell Akers

    Love you

  • Kiema Des
    Kiema Des

    Sub count went *dowwwwn* (Also I don’t want your overpriced Claire’s makeup. I’ll get my makeup from actual good people.)

  • Zara Chaoz
    Zara Chaoz


  • Noah Proft
    Noah Proft

    Subscribe to mrbeast

  • Evelyn Rodriguez Toro
    Evelyn Rodriguez Toro


  • Wireless

    “We launched the same palette but with one new colour because we’re not creative”

  • Kay

    Why haven't you done a pink palette? 🤔

  • Idk what I’m doing
    Idk what I’m doing

    imagine subtly flexing on people who you know have less than average lives and selling overpriced makeup only for it to suck ass. Cant imagine purposely starting a major controversy about a person who did nothing only to make a shitty apology subtly flexing your mansion and Hella overpriced shit, wowwwwwwww cant imagine

  • Jessica Taromino
    Jessica Taromino

    I love the new wisdom shadow it is amazing!

  • Есения Мовчан
    Есения Мовчан

    #Егор_Андрюшин жду обзор на эту коллекцию

  • oscar mcavoy
    oscar mcavoy

    the packaging looks SO cheap and tacky

  • Autumn Animations
    Autumn Animations

    Don't for get about that new house tour and. Please show your you're closet tour I can,t wait to see it and Paris French # 1 million€euro💶🏵👠💅👒🏵

  • Polite Gordon Ramsay
    Polite Gordon Ramsay

    Only coming back to youtube to promote something... remind you of anyone?

  • Ashley Fabregas
    Ashley Fabregas

    Jeffree, we love the make up because let's face it...its great. A lot people dont really like you for the shade of who you were, are and potentially will be... but talked so much SHIT and TEA about Nikita dragun putting her face on her make up and look...I hated her packaging and product as well but like........... cremated, orgy, and now this mini blood sugar. I get it, your face is iconic amd has been for many years back in the Myspace days. But like, we love the regal shit. The blood money palette was fancy looking with the almost gator like suitcase. The blood lust palette design, and overall quality the pallete was made with??? Fuck me up I want more palettes that regal. Please, make more of the tissue paper with your face and more cards but not the palettes sis. It ain't it

    • Amby

      he doesn't care. don't waste your time sis

  • stefanie lieb
    stefanie lieb

    All his videos are is promoting his products now. No fun videos anymore. He's changed. 😔 Didn't even watch his last few videos because that's all they Are

  • KaylaKalon

    I don't understand why everyone hates the packaging so bad. It's his palette he can put his face on it if he wants to. There are many brands that put their face on the package and I don't see them getting dragged for it. At 8:45 he talks about yall asking him to put his face on it and now you mad

  • Gabby DiCecco
    Gabby DiCecco

    Can you please do a customizing mirror wands????

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown

    Why is this guy disliked? Only just started watching his video’s.

  • N

    "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand" [Matthew 4:17] "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life" [John 3:16] Know that God desires "all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth" [I Timothy 2:4] To my brothers and sisters in Christ, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" [Mark 16:15]

  • marymangomama

    That red shade. I want that palette just fo that shade

  • Tiny Garcia
    Tiny Garcia

    Hi can anyone help me bury my father. He pass away last Tuesday from kidney failures. If your able to. Search GoFundMe than type in Melvin Hughes; by Christina hambrick. If you not able to can you share or a simple prayer will be fine. Thank you

    • Tiny Garcia
      Tiny Garcia

      @Kiema Des I'm sad. thank you for asking I appreciate it

    • Kiema Des
      Kiema Des

      Are you alright? I’m kind of worried....but I’m sorry for your father :(

  • Hayley Ward
    Hayley Ward

    We LOVE deleted comments

  • Matrin Mozammel
    Matrin Mozammel

    i cant wait to get my hands on the blood sugar white-toned palette.Still a student so have to save for this baby..I hope u include this in the upcoming sale. Best wishes 4 u jeffree..

  • Keira Diaz Rivas
    Keira Diaz Rivas


  • chelsea Drew
    chelsea Drew

    I NEED this blush/highlighter pallet 😍 finally a highlighter pallet from you that I will use EVERY color in 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Kaitlyn Berto
    Kaitlyn Berto

    Jeffree! I’m dying for foundation from you!!!!

  • LacieAmelia

    You should buy your merch and pallettes from websites like wish and compare them to the actual pallette

  • Ximena Rivera Corona
    Ximena Rivera Corona

    Me encantan tus videos!!! Saludos desde Mexico 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • 10521577A

    I just realized, his color palette is very clown makeup

  • Kendall Henry
    Kendall Henry

    Great palette .... will you do part 3 of your tattoos

  • Tianaz Bryant
    Tianaz Bryant

    Meh annoying

  • GoDie GoDie
    GoDie GoDie

    Keep up the hot puppet videos

  • Coco St
    Coco St

    This guy with the stuff he talks about and his crazy sex life he has no right to trash talk or judge James Charles! This person is more disgusting !

  • Ivy King
    Ivy King

    Ewwwwwwwww how dare you

  • Fray Clary
    Fray Clary

    so cuuuuuuute

  • Rebecca Luman
    Rebecca Luman

    Hey guys do any of you guys have any drug store recommendations on facial mists for dry skin because the one I have the bolero Beverly Hills hydrating facial mist watermelon and aloe isn't doing anything for my face

  • Khaliah’s Gloss boss
    Khaliah’s Gloss boss

    I used to like watching your videos until you said the n word. YOUR SO CANCELED

  • deathly free
    deathly free

    bye brother!

  • deathly free
    deathly free

    you didnt take the high road as you claimed, you just have nothing on j c

  • deathly free
    deathly free

    disappear like tati and shane

  • deathly free
    deathly free

    dangelo wallace brought me here

  • deathly free
    deathly free

    how are you still here after that half assed apology video? get help you toxic middle aged man, you need therapy not social media

  • Yadira Flores
    Yadira Flores

    Please bring back Masochists!!! 🥺🥺🥺 I have not been able to find anything as amazing as that color with that formula 🙌🏽😭 I hope you see this!!!!!!

  • Z. Ivailova
    Z. Ivailova

    OMG this hair....stunning , amazing, awesome..... 💗 💗 💗

  • K C
    K C

    It makes you look so unauthentic and fake profile when you go and delete every negative comment. And can you just be real and say “I don’t think Jay did anything wrong and that is why I’m still working with him.”

  • Ana Aniston
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  • Matthew McCoy
    Matthew McCoy

    Whoa is that Madam Red, Ciel's aunt from Black Butler!?

  • Glafayette Gorillo
    Glafayette Gorillo

    finally a blood-sugar mini!!!

  • Aryan

    I love love loveeee this new relaunch!!❤️🤍❤️💜

  • chippy9822

    Does anyone even buy his makeup anymore and why would I want to buy a pallet with the same colors twice. I won’t buy from has-been anyway, so 5 years ago

  • chippy9822

    Wow he is really looking haggard

  • Nataly E
    Nataly E

    Review 1212 gateway products!

  • Nicole

    love you forever girl!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Samulos

    Gurl y u looking like Sia, I guess the toxics have that hair

  • Ali Thomson
    Ali Thomson

    No hate here or judging you I am just trying to help you. I don't want you or anyone to go to hell that's all. I have read my Holy Bible front to finish and it says being gay , lesbian, BI, Pan and Transgender is not being a Christian . God didn't make us to marry the same sex. The devil made it , and he wants to take many people down as he can. We can't change what God says he wants us not do and do . If any of us change or add to the Holy Bible he or she will burn in hell forever . If you are not a Christian or a believer listen up. God is real , Jesus is real, Heaven , Hell is real and Angels are real. The Holy Bible is not a fairy tale book filled with fake stories everything in it happened . If you are not saved or a believer please be come a christian before it's too late Jesus is coming soon I don't want anyone to go to Hell . If you go to Hell you will never feel happy you will always be in pain and sadness instead. You will never see your friends , family or pets again. If you have hatred for the Lord let it go look deep inside your self you have good inside of you everyone does you just have to dig a little deeper inside your heart. Jesus was born of the virgin Mary, he did great miracles for many people, he died on the cross to save us from sin , he rose again on the third day and now sits with our God on the right side. To become a christian you got to leave all your sin behind you , hate all the evil wickedness of satan, read the holy bible, go to church, get baptized and be a changed new you. If you have friends or family who are not a Christian or not saved please pass it on this could help them stay out of hell . God bless you may the Lord be with you and shine upon you with his righteousness . I will be praying for everyone in this world to get saved and get to go to Heaven. Let no one go to Hell let's start a rivial for everyone .

  • emirac ozar
    emirac ozar

    Damm he's a human he needs to have imperfections. What makes you different than him when you all are bullies? And still here watching him. Anyways I love his makeup

    • Marsco

      Lol all his haters are only helping him because all youtube cares about is "viewer engagement" 😂😂😂

  • Agent Tales
    Agent Tales

    `Wow.... I am absolutely shocked. I have been a loyal subscriber since you finished your music career and I have never... EVER... seen you lie so blatantly on camera. I expected a completely opaque and pigmented white eyeshadow. That is the least you can do for your struggling fan base. If you continue to release subpar makeup like this, you can kiss your oh-so sought-after rich huffy puffy lifestyle a sweet, relishing goodbye. You had better IMMEDIATELY release both an apology video and re-do this palette for even entertaining the joke that is this current palette. - your ex-fan.

    • Kiema Des
      Kiema Des

      @Agent Tales it’s basically even more overpriced Claire’s makeup

    • Agent Tales
      Agent Tales

      Is this a joke?!!!!!! That sad excuse of a palette, which is, by the way, the most ridiculously overpriced palette I think I have ever seen. And let's not even get started about the graphic design. Obviously, your taste level has plummeted as quickly as your pockets have piled up with undeserved money these past years. The design looks like a child scribbled it on the back of their third-grade addition worksheet, or like it would be a default template on a google slides presentation. Get help!!!!

  • Chase Keylime
    Chase Keylime

    also all the packaging is lazy and boring.

  • Ittybitty

    Guy is like an annoying product pusher on QVC late at night 😬

  • Chase Keylime
    Chase Keylime

    i cannot believe someone so vile and heinous is still getting support.

  • Sarah

    is it just me or is jeffree lowkey looking old o__o

  • Hailey Landry
    Hailey Landry

    Can we get more single shadows please???? 😫😫🙏 Especially that one from the mini pallete 😍🥺❤

  • Roxy Harley
    Roxy Harley


  • Nina Burton
    Nina Burton

    After spending 5 1/2 months in the slammer, I’m back and got a lot of catching up to do!!

  • Dove’s Addiction
    Dove’s Addiction

    Jeffrey should review Trixie Cosmetics

  • John c Dawson
    John c Dawson

    B*** like what the f*** your the best don't listen to haters

  • Rose Johnson
    Rose Johnson

    You should check out This is real life with Sheri. She absolutely loves you. I sent you a link on Instagram where she got three of your mystery boxes and was like a little kid. She does skin care and DIY projects. She is hilarious.

  • çútê brät
    çútê brät

    the packaging is beautiful, yall just jealous

  • çútê brät
    çútê brät

    i feel like the packaging is beautiful- yall really nitpicking

  • Poke_Russ

    Hi Jeffree, please make a video explaining all the drama, what youve taken from it and how you want to move forward. You used to address all the drama and crush the liars and clout chasers I not only miss that about you but I also don't want to see you dissapear or suffer from all these people wishing hate on you. Hate drama and violence solve nothing I can tell your done with the drama and ignoring the cancle culture I love that about you but at the same time I want that to inspire you to be a better person dont let fame, money, haters, and clout chasers turn you into a monster and remember where you came from. Remember you have the power to turn yourself around not just your life. Redemption is real and you can still be truly happy no matter what comes at you. Remember to step outside your comfort zone and occasionaly let people in your life that make you uncomfortable or speak their mind even when it hurts. Yes-men will only make you a spoiled monster and thats why our parents tell us no. Only wishing you love and happiness jeffree this is coming from my heart because I really do care. I want nothing from you exept videos, makeup, and you to be truly happy with a life full of kindness remember the saying if you can't say anything nice say nothing at all and don't give into the temptation to gossip because these things will always come back to bite you.

  • DeDe Nicholls
    DeDe Nicholls

    Ms. Jeffree Star better start recognizing the people that keep Miss Thing living the life style she does. She might have works hard to get where she is but she doesn’t stay living high and mighty on her own. The little people matter too. I always defended her when people talked down about her but I didn’t care. I thought she had a fucking heart. Guess she is just like all the other rich fuckers living off of us suckers that buy their shit. Well Miss thing just lost another one. Not that she cares but I DO! Pass that along to her. 🖕🖕🖕💔💔💔

11 milj.