NBC News hosts town hall with President Trump - 10/15/2020
“TODAY” anchor Savannah Guthrie hosts a live discussion with President Donald Trump in an NBC News town hall event in Miami on Thursday. Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden were supposed to hold their second debate on Thursday night but it will instead take place on Oct. 22.
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NBC News hosts town hall with President Trump - 10/15/2020

  • Michael Joseph
    Michael Joseph

    This is a nasty woman host

  • Spartanunit117

    why there is cut blackout at 2:26 ??

  • Amir Naveed
    Amir Naveed

    Watch Biden's Town Hall he also gets tricky questions by the moderator, and the moderator diggs deeper into it and is also critical. I believe when Biden would be as rude as Trump is and would say false things then the moderator would have attacked him in the same way, in fact it's their job to be like this and dig deeper

  • J J
    J J

    This interviewer is a freak. Look at that smile and eyes. She's like an early terminator that doesn't quite have human emotions down yet. Like seriously.

  • Tibor T
    Tibor T

    If you are interested in the Hunter Biden Burisma story and censorship in the USA: www.thesun.co.uk/news/12934274/trump-mac-repairman-hunter-biden-emails-feared-murdered/ nypost.com/2020/10/18/media-avoiding-the-posts-hunter-biden-stories-as-much-as-joe-devine/ lv-home.info/the/Y5-Lo62-oaF0usc/video.html&ab_channel=SkyNewsAustralia

  • Ron Duff
    Ron Duff

    Looser ...

  • Greg Allen
    Greg Allen

    I want to support him but he talks around the issues.

  • God Bless
    God Bless

    "Biden Handlers BREAK SILENCE After Leaked Photos Catch Him with Teleprompter" lv-home.info/the/ZKeNpW3DZ5yJlKU/video.html

  • crxdelsolsir

    Why are the comments open on Trump's town hall but NOT in Biden's town hall (in ABC news)? lv-home.info/the/apGTsp3WlaB_19M/video.html

  • Lion King
    Lion King

    Superbe journalism!!! Just superbe!!!

  • Chris R
    Chris R

    Dear Democrats. For the brave only. lv-home.info/the/iJmosnumgWZozb0/video.html You have a God filled Jesus blessed day🙏

  • Daniel Reardon
    Daniel Reardon

    Lookin p under levered

  • Silvia Berberian
    Silvia Berberian

    Savannah thinks she's smart with her sharp questions but she's rude, foolish and very abrupt for an interviewer. Savannah, you need to be more respectful towards your President. Stop siding with the Dems and speaking against your president who has blown every aspect of the country out of the water and loves the people, unlike the party you are defending. Where's your manners?

  • Bryan Tang
    Bryan Tang

    NBC is playing the game on behalf of Joe Biden. This is not fair.

    • Chris R
      Chris R

      Evil is never fair. Just means fight more with His light.

  • elmtree33

    What the eff is this? The Savannah Show? STFU SAVANNAH! I'm not here for your diarrhea mouth. I literally can't even watch one more minute of this garbage. Savannah needs to stick to puff pieces. Tuning out now because Savannah talks and talks and talks and talks ad nauseum. NBC sucks at identifying "talent."

  • emi kira
    emi kira

    This cow is wrong on so many levels, it s not even funny. Wrong and irritating! One of the points worth mentioning is the death of bin laden. Listen to the interview bbc did with benazir Bhutto after the first attempt on her life. There she tells who are the possible catchers of that guy and US ain’t among them. (At the time of the interview he was already dead. About 2 yrs later Obama announced they caught him...🤯🙄🤔) Savannah, how the hell can U ignore all the other infectious disease specialists who came out and talked about their experience in treating patients with covid? What is this obsession with liberals wanting the person in power to say something and everybody to obey without question! That is the embodiment of communism, you sheep!

  • Mango 78
    Mango 78

    He got destroyed 😂

  • Joseph White
    Joseph White

    This lady is so pathetic.

  • elmtree33

    Was this a town hall or a grilling? I thought the way Savannah handled this was tacky and unrestrained. She's literally talking over the President of the United States. Very disrespectful of the Office. Tasteless and classless. All about Savannah grinding her personal ax. Someone should stuff a sock in her mouth! I have lost all respect for her as a journalist.

  • ry ry
    ry ry

    Im having a hard time deciding whether to like or dislike this video because i like what Trump says but i dislike the interviewer and the obvious way she is skewed against Pres. Trump. Why is it always liberal, leftist, Democrats who are asking the questions and hosting. And why put such a rude and disrespectful person on as the host? Also very curious as to why there are no commercials for this but Biden had all sorts of them supporting him during his.

  • porky11

    The election works well. Less than 50% of the ballots are lost :P

  • Mia Wayne Slimes
    Mia Wayne Slimes

    oorootor try oorotottoott

  • Shoaz don
    Shoaz don

    I don’t like trump or Biden tbh but man this host is going for him ‘you’re saying you caught it from a grieving military family’ LOOOL. This is great entertainment when you don’t live in America lol

  • porky11

    They have enuogh distance AND wear masks. Pretty stupid, right?

  • TEXAS 70.3
    TEXAS 70.3


  • Bruce Gilmore
    Bruce Gilmore

    yo the host with no mask is really taking one for the team

  • Scorpion87

    She asked when did you last remember having a negative test? His reply: Well, I test quite a bit, & I can tell you before the debate which I thought was a good debate, which I felt fantastic, followed by more rambling. Is it really so hard to just say I last tested the day of the debate or before the debate? If you can't answer a question straight forward and give me a bunch of information that isn't what I asked for you're wasting my time & energy & I'm just going to assume you don't know how to carry a conversation and I don't feel confident in you, to be honest. It doesn't make you sound smart, in fact, it's the opposite for me. It's annoying that the majority of the time this is how he replies and it is just off-putting.

    • ry ry
      ry ry

      Sound exactly like blowhard Biden...he does the same things.

  • Bryan Perez
    Bryan Perez

    mexicans for trump 100

  • Lee Javier
    Lee Javier

    I just noticed that she loved moving to another question or topics.

  • Ameera 9090
    Ameera 9090

    The same words in every interview

  • andranik babajanyan
    andranik babajanyan

    Find the "WalterCoinProof" channel on Telegram, read the proofs, and start profiting today

  • 4% Neanderthal
    4% Neanderthal

    TRUMP 2020

  • Александр Шалимов
    Александр Шалимов

    Find the "WalterCoinProof" channel on Telegram, read the proofs, and start profiting today

  • Fun Stuff
    Fun Stuff

    Joe Bama is voting for Joe/Kama'an Man!! 2020 Trump 2020 🇺🇲🇺🇲👍👍

  • J. R.
    J. R.

    Shouldn't Savannah be impartial? She's very aggressive and combative with Trump.

  • J. R.
    J. R.

    Great job Mr. President! Savannah was horrible... always interjecting.

  • Huneycuttt Huneycutt
    Huneycuttt Huneycutt

    I thought a town hall meant the people are supposed to be asking the questions not this biased leftist lady for 75% of the time? Asking for a friend

  • Rob Visée
    Rob Visée

    MAGA! Love Trump and his last 3.5 years making America great and for saving the WEST as we know and love. Greatings from Holland

  • PostMan Scott
    PostMan Scott

    Trump will remain being President. Latinos for Trump. Nationalism will thrive.

  • CeterumCenseo100

    He did good. I hope he wins ..

  • CeterumCenseo100

    Good good 🤘🏼

  • Blue Eyes
    Blue Eyes

    This is all one-sided! There shouldn’t be ‘debates’ anymore until they are equally fair with fair moderators! Having all democratic moderators means the fix is in!!!

    • Chris

      It actually helps Trump. You can see how biased and crazed some of these "moderators" are. Trump knows how to handle it too.

  • just down the road
    just down the road

    he just isnt able to give straight awsners to simple questions...

  • Just Passing Through
    Just Passing Through

    Legend has it that woman is still nodding...

  • Mark Ramos
    Mark Ramos

    This woman, who supposed to be moderating, is clearly biased! She is showing such sustain for our President! Very disrespectful! She intentionally and strategically sabotaging this town hall!

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones

    That chick in the background is hilarious 😂😂

  • Matt Alexander
    Matt Alexander

    This might be most unfair treatment of a candidate, much less, _THE PRESIDENT OF THE US,_ I have ever seen in my life. The left is *SO* sour over all of the corrupt Democratic positions they’ve lost in Washington. #DrainTheSwamp really got under their skin. I find it so ironic that Trump was absolutely loved and adored by the black community with NAACP awards, rap music video appearances, etc., but as soon as he runs for President with the Republican Party, he is shunned. It only got worse when the media bias took hold and those corrupt positions that the left lost in Washington were replaced by Trump’s people. I can’t promise much but one thing is for sure, if you vote for Biden/Harris, you’re hurting the country more than you could possibly imagine. Those two people have done more to keep black people in prison than anyone on this planet, making sentences much longer, parole much harder to acquire and the least reform in 47 years of office. Trump on the other hand has done incredible things for reform, freed multiple nonviolent criminals, donated millions to historic black colleges, and the list goes on and on. You can only manipulate Trump’s quotes to try your best in making him _sound_ racist. Anyone can go listen to _exact_ quotes from Biden and prove his racism in alive and well, more so than ever before in his entire life. Good luck, America. If Biden somehow wins the election by a long shot, the economy, black community and all social classes will feel the wrath of the Democratic Party. Again, good luck, America.

  • Sean Russel
    Sean Russel

    The black lady with the Red mask was definitely paid to nod her head for trump

  • MrGonzo23

    We need a president who keeps his promises. He promised to f**k them all to death and has only reached 200k.

  • Dark World
    Dark World

    Make Donald Trump President Again. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Lance Jarecki
    Lance Jarecki

    Why do we have a libtard asking him questions🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Rohit Jagtap
    Rohit Jagtap

    TRUMP 2020 👇🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Joseph Fouché
    Joseph Fouché

    Why did they cut out trump covid-19 story? 2:26-- 2:44 Question 1 cut "You received some treatments that are general reserved for those with the most severe form of the disease. How severe were your symptoms? In particular did you have pneumonia?" Trump's answer " I didn't feel good, I didn't feel strong. I had a little bit of a Temperature. the doctors at the white house are fantastic, as you can imagine. And they didn't want to take a chance and they said let's go to the hospital. That's Ok, I am going to respond to what you say. And we went over to Walter reed and we have tremendous professionals and they gave me Regeneron and Remdesivir and all I know is I felt good the following day. I felt really good." Question 2 " Did the doctor tell you they saw pneumonia on you lung span?" Trumps answer " No, but they said they are a little bit different, a little bit prohaps infected and." Talk about Media Bia's cutting questions and answers you don't like. Just at the start too. I mean talk about Orwellian Orange man bad. Give Trump 84 likes for having to deal with this stuff from CNBC and give the New 1984 dislikes. I hate trump ,but I hate this more and what I have been seeing from the democrats like California trying to repeal civil rights in prop 16. I voted for Hillary but that turned me red. If you don't believed that because it sounds crazy. Go to the government's website and read what is on the ballot. It's insane, here in Ohio we won't take that. If your voting in California. Please vote NO on prop 16. BLACK RIGHTS MATTER. #BlackRightsMatter Every one who read this thank you and have a good night or day, when ever and stay safe.

  • Julian Vasquez
    Julian Vasquez

    Hey not using you’re Facebook anymore I’ll buy off you for $50 through PayPal lmk!

  • Ginnastica Posturale Metodo Feldenkrais
    Ginnastica Posturale Metodo Feldenkrais

    Anyway, only busty behind the president, is it a coincidence?🙄🤔😂

  • Tequila Blevins
    Tequila Blevins

    Thumbs up to the woman nodding 👍

  • Harmen Schouten
    Harmen Schouten

    Im not from the USA and not a Trump fan but I agree about Antifa. These guys are total crazy. They are everywhere and they get away with everything. I dont understand why.

  • Tony Omutere
    Tony Omutere

    This guy is presidential. ..wish all countries would have a president like this

  • Chadrick R
    Chadrick R

    Her mic is louder than Trump

  • Plasma Glow Music
    Plasma Glow Music

    17:07 "Thousands of ballots are being given out by the Millions" Donald Trump 2020

  • Ruans Jutz
    Ruans Jutz

    Hahahhaha... "His an expert, his one of the great experts in the world" hahahha how can people follow someone like this?

  • Joao Guermandi
    Joao Guermandi

    The impression we have is that he is in front of an inquisitor, who interrupts him all the time trying to break his logic, and weaken his clarifications, a shame, when one person speaks to another one has to listen, she and Biden's most fervent voter that I already met

  • Real talk
    Real talk

    a foul female if he acted like that with this dingbat she would cry SEXIST hater sad setback for women

  • Gary

    Made Trump look tougher than ever. Biden was treated like a special needs child. Gotta love unbiased journalism. Go get em Q.

  • Abby E
    Abby E

    he is such a child, so disappointing

  • Tattletale Hermès
    Tattletale Hermès

    Well I Watched THE WHOLE THING And I Can Honestly Say - Donald TRUMP - Beat Donald DUCK Ain’t Nobody Else in This World Who Could’ve Survive In THAT ROOM But (Peter🧟‍♂️n🧟‍♀️Pan) 🤗🤣

  • TrumpIsBadForAmerica

    If QAnon doesn't say anti-pedophile group on their main page, how far would one have to look into them to assume they are an anti-pedophile group? And then still claim they don't know anything about them too??🤔 Ya, right. Liar.

  • Jack Hammer
    Jack Hammer

    🤢Mask questions!

  • Ruans Jutz
    Ruans Jutz

    At 10% infacted and already 210k deaths... 🤔 10×210k=2100k 😱

  • Joey Diaz
    Joey Diaz

    I went and watch it back for the girl in the back lol 💀The president have himself cheerleader

  • Ruans Jutz
    Ruans Jutz

    "Excess mortality is a winner"... genius!

  • V •VEENZ•
    V •VEENZ•

    Wdf is wrong with the modirator? She asked the question and stoped him before he gave the full answer😅 Love from INDIA

  • Brandy Burkhart
    Brandy Burkhart


  • Jenn Plando
    Jenn Plando

    How many times Should President Trump denounce the white supremacy? For News casters and reporters this question is over and over again!!!.. yeah why won’t u asked Biden to denounce antifa!! When u get covid and you have pre existing condition and unhealthy surely you will die. But if your healthy surely you will recover. So, stay healthy and live healthy. God bless America 🇺🇸Trump 2020👍👍🙏🙏

  • Reza Suleimani
    Reza Suleimani

    Trump is playing victim he blames everything on China

  • Reza Suleimani
    Reza Suleimani

    It shouldn’t happen because of Gina it happened because of Gina 😆

  • Ginnastica Posturale Metodo Feldenkrais
    Ginnastica Posturale Metodo Feldenkrais

    I have no sympathy for Trump but the phrase that says that "the cure is worse than the disease" he gives a very good idea of ​​what is happening in Italy. 😔

  • Joseph Chun
    Joseph Chun

    Anyone else notice how much fewer people watched Biden? And how many more actually liked what they saw?

  • Wabam wabisca ip pit tah
    Wabam wabisca ip pit tah

    Lol, they had to separate them like bad dogs.

  • Tony Omutere
    Tony Omutere

    Tell her trump

  • Nutkin B
    Nutkin B

    Trump's 'common sense' reason for not releasing taxes: trying not to go to prison for owing money to 'sinister' people

  • Maryan Marik
    Maryan Marik

    Sorry for writing here, this is not my best idea! Please support the Ukrainian startup. patreon.com/vizitua_com/ This project is a space for Ukrainian content. This is an inspiration for young, talented Ukrainians to create Ukrainian content and implement their ideas. And sorry for google--translate)

  • pat pat
    pat pat

    lv-home.info/the/e4mmpJqpdnGaqtc/video.html twitter.com/hkmarksimon/status/1316917931536715781?s=21 No mention about Bidens’ chinese secret n HB’s link with Taiwan’s Michael Lin who acted as the middleman between HB n Ccp leaders....

  • MrFancyg

    All Albanians and Shiptars from Kosovo will vote for Biden, they despise Trump. Serbia is voting for Trump and we hope that Trump will change his attitude towards Serbs, and also towards Albanians.

  • Ginnastica Posturale Metodo Feldenkrais
    Ginnastica Posturale Metodo Feldenkrais

    If they were a couple in crisis, they would need a therapist🤔🙄😳🤪

  • Thunder Chief
    Thunder Chief

    Kudos to Savannah Guthrie for sitting through a whole hour of this steaming pile... And for trying to get a straight answer. I think the expression "like pulling teeth" has nothing on "like questioning Trump".

  • otherwise

    trump would have been better off debating Biden. XD

  • Nutkin B
    Nutkin B

    I came here because of SNL. I can't tell which is the joke... THIS sht or the skit

  • 808MANEA Honolulu, Hawaii
    808MANEA Honolulu, Hawaii


  • Aaron Abhizar
    Aaron Abhizar

    I Support Donald J Trump!!! Make USA Great Again! Don't Lose to opponent China! when United State did the atomic bomb on China? I agree to use military equipment because China began to colonize USA through trade which was very detrimental to the United States economy. Losing again to the USA, rather than unemploying Nuclear and the military. The United States (USA) must move quickly to finish off China by means of the Chinese atomic bomb. first of all you have to finish off the center of the crowd like Beijing, shenzhen, Wuhan, Shanghai, Guangzhou! I'm sure with the advanced US military equipment and you have F22, Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit, Trident II 5D ballistic missile is better to use fast. before China becomes Super Power and one day USA will have difficulty dealing with China. It would be better and faster for the USA to carry out the atomic bombing on China before they develop any further. It's time United States showed its fangs to the world and told the world not to mess with the United States.

  • idk

    MSM has no idea that they are pushing moderates to the right. We aren't stupid and this behavior is like inner city algebra class....just stfu and listen

  • Vonzelle Vonzelle
    Vonzelle Vonzelle

    This don't no sense! It's a shame how they treating this man. This woman is ridiculous she act like she is debating Trump with questions. You can tell this was all a setup to try and make Trump look bad. But it's not going to work!

  • Anton Dutch
    Anton Dutch

    Wanna see a joke.... check out the Biden ad comments......lol. haha

  • kirkwould

    I’m really impressed with the professional and intelligent way the President conducted himself during this hostile interview

  • Joseph Böhme
    Joseph Böhme

    I know nothing about it. But.... I agree to be against pedophilia. A retweet can be a way to disseminate anything with deniability.

  • Je nsz
    Je nsz

    Notice the overwhelming amount of annoying leftists women there. This was a sabotage job.

    • Tattletale Hermès
      Tattletale Hermès

      Je nsz Sad To Age Job😍WO💨man 🤗Got It 🤣

  • Joseph Böhme
    Joseph Böhme

    Did you or didn't you?- it depends, ask somebody else. A mask is a crutch, its like being in a basement. It makes a President weak. If someone gets it, it can't be the blamed on me ; it is because of China. No lockdowns. No cure can be better, or is a cure as worse, Can you ask Joe if he has denounced anything that is correct.

  • Nathan Lapham
    Nathan Lapham

    Trump is a legend. The media can't control him and that's why they hate him. He handled those questions so well. If Biden got questions like this he would have the biggest stroke.

  • sandy jane
    sandy jane

    Does this woman still have a job ?

  • Arturo R. Heyer
    Arturo R. Heyer

    Trump 2020