Murray Ties It Logo 3! Beal Game Winner! 2020-21 NBA Season
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  • Chief Smoke A lot
    Chief Smoke A lot


  • Aidan

    refs and clock runners are trash

  • Gang Mafia
    Gang Mafia

    Son definitely jumped straight up at the end

  • ChiTownMade David
    ChiTownMade David

    Maybe if Westbrook was actually scoring more points and shooting 3s better the wizards would be amazing

  • Anthony Davis
    Anthony Davis

    Beal is the best SG in the NBA

  • brook Yohanns
    brook Yohanns

    he called the nuggets a contender

  • Youssef Bougroum
    Youssef Bougroum


  • D.M.E S
    D.M.E S

    Did the Nugguets trade Grant or they let him go? Either way that was a bad move considering he was lowkey balling there and their playoffs spot last yr compared thia yr speaks it

    • Bando

      They threw him a 60 mil contract for three years but he wanted a bigger role so he went to the pistons who offer the same money

  • TyJamar

    Foul at the end of the game thats a noob move.

  • greg bob
    greg bob


  • mjaay

    pretty sure thats the same female ref from the first half of the super bowl. I cud be wrong...but i'm pretty sure its her

  • cae

    dude stop saying "from the logo" when clearly it's NOT from the logo

  • Eoghan McGrath
    Eoghan McGrath

    Gotta love how he said Bertrans early on when it was in the 4th quarter

  • Sahil Ali
    Sahil Ali

    Wait but at 0:12 Westbrook came back in from out of bounds to hit the ball isn’t that illegal?

    • Deleted Account
      Deleted Account

      not illegal. it just should have been called out of bounds on westbrook

  • Guy Who Comments Everywhere
    Guy Who Comments Everywhere

    The 6-8 seeds in the east will be the raptors, heat, and the wizards.

  • dusten rodrigues
    dusten rodrigues

    Lol in 2k i made it a tradition to hit at least one logo three each game

  • Munty LEGEND
    Munty LEGEND

    I’m sorry but that wasn’t a foul on Beal at the end

  • isDogg96

    No one gets to the point better than Chris smoove

  • Deadsoul

    Jamal pulled out the 9

  • Gang time
    Gang time

    Nuggets contender but also not

  • Gang time
    Gang time

    Jokic MVP

  • D

    Cmon cuh it’s called ball smoovement

  • Feng han lin
    Feng han lin

    haiz westbrook would have dunked on the first one a few years back :\

  • Tony C.
    Tony C.

    Refs need to be held accountable.

    • Ruzh

      @Legendary Gamer if ur talking about me my team isn't actually the nuggets i was just acknowledging a bad call

    • Tony C.
      Tony C.

      @Legendary Gamer Thanks to bad officiating.

    • Legendary Gamer
      Legendary Gamer

      Stop crying bozo you guys choked a 20 point lead🤣🤣🤣

    • Ruzh

      @Vonte they did the same thing when Westbrook tipped it in after his layup, he was out of bounds when he did that

    • Ruzh

      @Vonte it wasnt he went straight up and dude got bodied

  • Izaiah Schloss
    Izaiah Schloss

    I would be mad if i was jamal

  • toasted chicken
    toasted chicken

    1:03 refs are right there and they can’t even call Lopez illegal screen for some dumb reason

  • fafinaf

    MPJ actin a fool sometimes

  • Gonja Sensai
    Gonja Sensai

    Bertans should be a Spur.


    Number 0 dumbass on the nuggets caused them the game smh ik murray was mad 😡

  • adomas klinga
    adomas klinga

    Didnt even do a vid about sabonis 36 point tiple double im kinda dissapionted

  • Francisco Samir
    Francisco Samir

    Facundo Campazzo remember the name

  • Yandhi

    "Look at the ball movement early on" when it's the 4th quarter. Lmao

    • WildCashout

      Lmao 😂

  • Tyrone Sorra
    Tyrone Sorra

    Murray gonna be untouchable for the nuggets on 2k21 my league lmao

  • Victor Moquete
    Victor Moquete

    That last one was not a foul he jumped straight up

  • Dont Mess with me
    Dont Mess with me

    at 4:25 min they lead by 13 bruhh.

    • Anonymous

      obviously you don't have a life

  • OpLeX ender
    OpLeX ender

    Why aren't you showing avdias shot clock cheese

  • Adrian Dominguez
    Adrian Dominguez

    Dam these nba players love to complain

  • Benas

    When chris says "look at ball movement" i always tought about "ball smovement"

  • Chavanun Siphomsay
    Chavanun Siphomsay

    What shoe is Jamal wearing?

  • Vince Tristan Chy
    Vince Tristan Chy

    Bertans for 6th Man of the Year

  • Devastinator


  • 6abriel

    1:03 Robin Lopez on Campazzo 😂


    Lol the fucking ref is right there, what are they looking at?

  • Garcia Garcia
    Garcia Garcia

    Beal to the nuggets confirmed at the end

  • Drezo 4L
    Drezo 4L

    0:03prime Westbrook Would yam that

  • 2Late

    Refs on fire 🔥🔥

  • Praise Getachew
    Praise Getachew

    I’m surprised it didn’t show when that one guy almost got tackled while making a three

    • Hamish Leslie
      Hamish Leslie

      His names campazzo

  • anonymous

    Someone stat padding..

    • Timothy Martins
      Timothy Martins


  • Maxi edits
    Maxi edits

    Murray traveled on that pull up 0:45

    • Deleted Account
      Deleted Account

      nba redacted the travel rule. players can do whatever they want now

    • Tom Aurelius
      Tom Aurelius

      nah, it was still a live dribble, i mean you can take the stepa you can until you catch the ball, after catch his feet or two feet that are/is in the ground are called gather step, then 1-2.

  • Edgars Korns
    Edgars Korns

    Bertans Latvizn Lazor lets goo.

  • Ali

    I swear westbrook has never shot above 50% in his career.

    • Say

      Neither has Kobe. It’s not easy for players who take lots of shot attempts


      That wasn’t popular for guards to do until recently

    • I2xMiir

      A lot of players don’t..

  • Alan Tseng
    Alan Tseng

    Wizards are getting better

  • stanmattan

    "Bill inside!" 🤣

  • YeeSoest

    Look at that! When Russ isn't shooting 31 times per game in order to score 23 points, his team actually benefits. Huh...

    • Timothy Martins
      Timothy Martins

      Yh I think the best version of fuss is when he’s being a playmaker not an inefficient scorer

  • jc sj
    jc sj

    0:12 how does that ref miss westbrook jumping from out of bounds and touching the ball. She needs to be fined for that.

    • DanishxNYG

      @jc sj yea I searched it up and ur right

    • jc sj
      jc sj

      @DanishxNYG you sure CAN'T do that. You need both feet to be in bounds before you can touch it. Additionally, as he touched the ball, the one foot that landed was still out of bounds.

    • Buddah Kz
      Buddah Kz

      Cuz the nba is a joke if you think they follow real basketball rules

    • Kanye Rae Jepsen
      Kanye Rae Jepsen

      @DanishxNYG nah, you have to be inbounds before touching the ball.

    • DanishxNYG

      Cuz u can do that

  • Elmar Daghbayli
    Elmar Daghbayli

    Murray got that bubble treatment if ya know what I mean

  • saz19s8

    I just realised how cheese Latvia’s national team would be with both Porzingis and Bertrans

    • ray herrera
      ray herrera

      They’re below average

    • MrEDZ

      Eurobasket 2017

  • Paulo Moran Rey
    Paulo Moran Rey

    We’ll never know what happened in the first three quarters

    • Rumble

      @Shockked same can be said about you boomer, LOL

    • Colin

      or even the 4th. All we saw was Murray hit 2 threes to tie the game twice but not how Washington took the lead back

    • Shockked

      @Magic LeChina's 18 years in the nba is better than your whole life.

    • steveocho

      Smoove always skips a lot of highlights

    • Trace McSorley
      Trace McSorley

      You should watch the full game highlights it was actually a crazy game.

  • DasPhilosoph

    Green is a doofus ngl

  • EU Wonder
    EU Wonder

    Beal deserves to be in a better team!

  • A.B Ismail
    A.B Ismail

    How did the ref not see the illegal screen by Lopez at 1:05? 😂😂😂

    • toasted chicken
      toasted chicken

      @Lilpetey The beast yeah but he is right there, he pretty much cost the nuggets the game, u can’t use that excuse

    • HenryViii Fake
      HenryViii Fake


    • TrayVMO

      Refs suck

    • Aaron Spiller
      Aaron Spiller

      Exactly what I was thinking

    • Lilpetey The beast
      Lilpetey The beast

      Cause he’s a human


    I love these vids

  • Youtube Gaming
    Youtube Gaming

    Danny Abdia🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

  • Ryno

    I really wanna see the wizards in the playoffs hopefully they can turn there season around

    • x Issue
      x Issue

      @이윤서 legend

    • QuaJ Da Abstrakt
      QuaJ Da Abstrakt

      What about their draft pick?

    • Mustafa Mohamud
      Mustafa Mohamud

      @Aydaruss with westbrook as thier section option im sorry i dont see it

    • Aydaruss

      @Mustafa Mohamud have some optimism

    • Aydaruss

      @Mustafa Mohamud Uh yea they could

  • Marbelous_g35


  • vincent Cool
    vincent Cool

    murray being clutch clutch

  • Trizqi Flame
    Trizqi Flame

    imagine if wizard and nets meet in the playoffs that will be sick

  • Bob Narama
    Bob Narama

    Bertans is a sniper 3s

  • Santis

    Where is Bertāns? Smoove?

  • Arjay Magboo
    Arjay Magboo

    Today I went to the toilet without my phone, there are 134 tiles in our bathroom.

    • Albuquerque, NM
      Albuquerque, NM

      Next time count the number of 🐍 s coming outta that hole

    • Snek Shrek
      Snek Shrek

      Stop spamming

    • 이솔SOL

      The UFO you saw probably brainwashed you

  • tingsnstuff

    Yh mams early

  • Ona Ebodaghe
    Ona Ebodaghe

    Bertans found his cannon🔥

    • metalsadman

      Bertans always been a lights out shooter.

    • Carl Max
      Carl Max

      dude still overpaid


      @Magic ?????????????????

    • HenryViii Fake
      HenryViii Fake

      @Magic ???

    • ryan green
      ryan green

      @Magic what??

  • GodLotus

    happy for beal

  • P D
    P D

    Mvp Beal

  • Datu Omar Farouk Guro
    Datu Omar Farouk Guro

    im one of the early viewers

  • Wissro

    When you're so early Carmelo Anthony hasn't even commented yet

    • Jason Thing
      Jason Thing

      @Kaden Wright prob

    • Kaden Wright
      Kaden Wright

      @Nigel Mk bad day?

    • Russell westbrook
      Russell westbrook

      @Nigel Mk sound mad as hell

    • Nigel Mk
      Nigel Mk


  • Datu Omar Farouk Guro
    Datu Omar Farouk Guro

    whats up

  • Jarza Scarlet
    Jarza Scarlet

    Bertans popping off though! Lowkey want Wizards to make playoffs and make some noise...

    • Emmanuel Brako
      Emmanuel Brako

      @Magic lol you a whole lebron hater

    • Kanye Rae Jepsen
      Kanye Rae Jepsen

      @Magic lol

    • Magic

      True I hope they beat LeFruad and lechina

    • 10Bird

      @Bill Pap. They won't Lol

    • Bill Pap.
      Bill Pap.

      They will

  • I'll Shiv you.
    I'll Shiv you.


    • Bihan J
      Bihan J


  • LeeBoy

    Beals goat

  • Creighton Strickland
    Creighton Strickland

    1st comment 🤑😝

  • Max Hamilton
    Max Hamilton

    MVP Beal