Trying Rare Snacks You Have Never Seen Before
Trying Rare Snacks You Have Never Seen Before! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and comment what your favorite food was! Watch the best Among Us tiktoks Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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  • SSSniperWolf

    Grab a snack and a sit back and watch until the end ☺️❤️

    • iimadiii

      I am right now

    • Ada M 2027
      Ada M 2027

      Happy Birthday Lia we love you!

    • Nayeema Haque
      Nayeema Haque

      Love ya!

    • Spirit User
      Spirit User

      whenever the camera backs off digital always seems like he needs the snack

    • wolf pack
      wolf pack

      I have a cupcake

  • Olivia Ellis
    Olivia Ellis

    i have had ketchup lays so many times- why would that be special?! and i have had cucumber lays a lot.

  • eugene jones
    eugene jones

    what is your favourite sweet mine is skittels

  • Danielle Manning
    Danielle Manning

    Some of that food was ....... 🤭🤢🤮

  • Josiah Gaitan
    Josiah Gaitan

    ONLY gluten free people thinks A cheeto without cheese powder is good

  • Emma Blackley
    Emma Blackley

    Me: reads tittle Also me: I have seen mystery Pringle’s

  • Athbe Alsabah
    Athbe Alsabah

    will you Murray me

  • 《Shira Youko》
    《Shira Youko》

    I feel like drinking soda right now

  • Alexis odell
    Alexis odell

    I live in the U.S and drink peach Fanta all the time😂🤔

  • kayla needs help
    kayla needs help

    so um they basically had a snack thanksgiving???

  • Luna :D
    Luna :D

    Happy Late Birthday :D **I have le same bday >:)**

  • eleora lim
    eleora lim

    6:05 *sssniperwolf : i cant open it* digital nex : *casually opens the bottle* no one : litterely no one : digital nex : *OWWWWWWWWW*

  • Math et Méré
    Math et Méré

    am i the only one having lays ketchup at home. like its normal for us, groceries have them LMFAO

  • Titaniceyes


  • Icy Clouds
    Icy Clouds


  • Minikuii Taekook シ
    Minikuii Taekook シ


  • Edie and Rosa ;D
    Edie and Rosa ;D

    Ohhh yum

  • Student Eden Fields
    Student Eden Fields

    Love you lia

  • get noob
    get noob

    it’s lia’s birthday when it was uploaded I forgot..

  • Grace Tibbits
    Grace Tibbits

    I remember that when you started singing chicken wing.

  • Faith.Love.DoleWhips

    Fizz or not the peach Fanta looks good

  • Maryjane Child
    Maryjane Child

    i love dil picols

  • Maryjane Child
    Maryjane Child

    i dont like anething fese

  • For Van
    For Van

    They sell dill pickel layes in the southeast, i love them.

  • Paige H
    Paige H

    her: eats ketchup chips in this video me:grabs ketchup chips from beside me they are normal here, is that wierd?

  • obert ndhlala
    obert ndhlala

    I have done the mystery factor

  • Bonny Mlores-Setati
    Bonny Mlores-Setati

    i was waiting for the giant skittles

  • MochiBear

    I’m from Poland!

  • Sojood A
    Sojood A

    a good food combination is yellow rice and yogurt

  • Mikaelin Hann
    Mikaelin Hann

    huh. this was posted on my birthday.

  • The Things
    The Things

    i had dr.pepper cotton candy, they sold it in the US... it was Delicious

  • The Things
    The Things

    do you still do the videos that you unbox your mail?

  • Jadess Alberto
    Jadess Alberto

    She said slightly bigger than ur average skittle umm that’s the size of a peanut M&M

  • Aga Sus
    Aga Sus

    I am from Poland and the peanut puffs are very good

  • The Life in New York with Isai Casanova
    The Life in New York with Isai Casanova

    🙃 I wanna try those

  • Xandri Wagner
    Xandri Wagner

    I Love your videos

  • 1125linz

    Happy Birthday Sniper!

  • Roberto Taveras
    Roberto Taveras

    oh wait never mind

  • Roberto Taveras
    Roberto Taveras

    in wish i had that much snacks so i can just eat and enjoy

  • Lorelai

    Lia: *eats cucumber lays* Also Lia: No..... Me: *gets offended bc it's my favorite flavor* Btw those cucumber chips aren't rear in china, you can buy them in like ANYwhere

  • yahaira sanchez
    yahaira sanchez

    Who else eats ruffles with ketchup

  • Sajeda Elmansuri
    Sajeda Elmansuri

    I just be waiting for the scittles bro bring it up bring it up!!!🍬

  • Honey Dew
    Honey Dew

    I’m Canadian and ketchup chips are normal??? 😭 like you find them all the time in convenience stores ✨

  • Anne Gwyneth Vibar
    Anne Gwyneth Vibar

    Height? Oh lia

  • Sliver Moon
    Sliver Moon

    me: hey mom i want a snack mom: what do you want? me: *lets go get some boys*

  • Purnima Cccc
    Purnima Cccc

    I love u sssniperwolf

  • sophia coca
    sophia coca

    omg hi i can finally coment on my new lap top i got it for my bday yesterday

  • xx_Moony_xx

    Lia’s nails are everything 🤩

  • OlyTheTuber

    Mystery Pringles are here in Australia

  • Claire Drew
    Claire Drew


  • Maya Borth
    Maya Borth

    *Isn't it sad that Japan makes better American food than Americans*

  • the kids videos
    the kids videos

    i just realized all the chips are cheetoooooooos

  • Jasmina Fernandez
    Jasmina Fernandez


  • AnimeAshura

    Watching while eat deluxe pretzels.

  • Anastasiya Skakun
    Anastasiya Skakun

    Now I’m hungry T-T

  • name name
    name name

    i see them ketchup chips and started to drool

  • Ren

    "when evrything u saw was at the supermarket and you always buy it" OvO

  • Wajahat Saeed
    Wajahat Saeed

    The Dr.Pepper cotton candy goes hard after like 30mins after being opened. Biggest disappointment in my life 😟😔

  • PoisonDartYT

    The first skittles i had were the giant ones

  • PoisonDartYT

    me: cold in a sweater lia:wears noodle sleeve crop top lamo why tat be so tru though

  • Halina Werner
    Halina Werner

    Hello I love you so much I love you my 1st favorite youtuber

  • Payton Rutherford
    Payton Rutherford

    Iv had the dr pepper one it ok i got it at the movie store


    happy birthday sorry i just found out that it was your birthday but i promise that i'm a big fan i have been watching your videos for 4 years now

  • Yunyan Zhu
    Yunyan Zhu


  • Sahara Payne
    Sahara Payne

    Lol are you rich

  • Mariah Crocker
    Mariah Crocker

    The skittles part shocked me because lia is a germaphobe

  • Panda Loveheart
    Panda Loveheart

    Happy birthday

  • Nia Livsey
    Nia Livsey

    what store ?

  • Kelly Wood
    Kelly Wood

    Have u actually really not seen giant skittles lol 😂 x

  • Agata K.
    Agata K.

    my country has faild me

  • Rachel Barns
    Rachel Barns

    I'm litterally crying now that I can't have that peach fanta. First of all I am dying for that container, second of all I love peaches more that anything 😔

  • Maria Lopes
    Maria Lopes

    my best freinds are from tialand

  • Bill Horner
    Bill Horner

    i had a mystery mountin dew and it was skittles flaver

  • swoodton1

    I love your videos lol that food lookin good

  • {ß Ë Ā Ń Č Õ F F Ė Ę}
    {ß Ë Ā Ń Č Õ F F Ė Ę}

    Bruh are ketchup chips really that rare- man I have them all the time (I live n Canada btw)

  • Dil Rawshanara
    Dil Rawshanara

    I would like the Dr Pepper Conjuring candy

  • Rhett Rhett
    Rhett Rhett

    Want to case of pizza flavored Apple Pay you seetexting

  • Kim Seok-Jin’s Wife
    Kim Seok-Jin’s Wife

    “iT sMeLlS lIkE fLoOr ClEaNeR” Ssniperwolf 2020

  • Mentallyinsanechild101 I'm insane
    Mentallyinsanechild101 I'm insane

    I'm Italian and Meatball pasta is not Italian but I still watch.

  • Annajelika Rivera
    Annajelika Rivera

    I agree with Lee I struggle on a day-to-day basic on my height to😁😁😁

  • Maral Khaliun
    Maral Khaliun

    You guys are telling me that you guys never tried a soda without sugar in my country there is cola, fanta , sprite zero aka it does not have sugar

  • Talia Andrews
    Talia Andrews

    Bro I eat Ketchup chips so often here in Canada 😹 That's where they are from

  • Yay dumbo
    Yay dumbo

    Is it just me who eats ketchup lays every day

  • no u no u no u NO U
    no u no u no u NO U

    Ketchup chips are Canadian ok, it's not uncommon here

  • poly roy
    poly roy

    happy birthday

  • Bella Guzman
    Bella Guzman

    Who else loves Lia?!

  • Ela Ouček
    Ela Ouček

    Did anyone else se someone at 10:37 someone Just walking in the back

  • - Ḵ ặ ỹ - ÙwÚ
    - Ḵ ặ ỹ - ÙwÚ

    I've had Dr. Pepper cotton candy before it's good!

  • Alexa Sandoval Santos
    Alexa Sandoval Santos

    I just realized something 1 I’m late 2it was her bday so happy very late bday

  • Theodore Mister
    Theodore Mister

    Hey i like dr pepper😢😢😢

  • Marielle Friddell
    Marielle Friddell

    I had Dr. Pepper cotton candy it was good and not varey rare

  • Eirwen Johnston
    Eirwen Johnston

    In the uk giant skittles r only £1 and in America their $10?! Their only a little bigger than normal skittles!

  • Magic Snowflake
    Magic Snowflake

    Lia: sKiNnY My Ears: Goodbye life sKiNnYyYyYYyYyYyYy

  • Fatima Ali
    Fatima Ali

    I feel bad for Digital he seems genuinely annoyed at being interrupted and ignored. Poor guy

  • Jessy Le
    Jessy Le

    Random person: What do you want to be when u grow up? Me: Also Me: SSSniperWolf

  • Marlon Kastillo
    Marlon Kastillo

    10:50 REAPER IS THAT U ?

  • Jade Kaparr
    Jade Kaparr

    What store is that even?!

  • Wong Jiaen
    Wong Jiaen

    It's tomato

  • Jamee Oshiro
    Jamee Oshiro

    It's a pizza because in hawaii we bought one and it's was pizza same container

  • xylafy

    I'm sorry.... What is fonta?

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