Dallas Mavericks vs Houston Rockets Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season
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  • Victor Molina
    Victor Molina

    dallas are cringe

  • BB Breakdown
    BB Breakdown

    Porzingis would become a legend sooner or later..

  • Hisoka Morrow
    Hisoka Morrow

    Mavs gave Houston a W. C'mon their coach was crying. After that, they've won a few.


    bullshit coach...give donchic the ball..fu coach

  • Esrock Abdulhamid
    Esrock Abdulhamid

    Hardaway crocodile🐊

  • blackcrow

    Doncic is such a boring basketball player... difficult to watch.

    • ZTB

      I like hin, but I notice he complains EVERY Layup he takes. Plus he stat pads

  • Darlington Diala
    Darlington Diala

    Jalen Brunson was forcing it lmao 🗑️

  • Catur Fajar
    Catur Fajar

    If rockets can keep this rooster (at least their core) for next year, they will be good

  • Jorge Chapa
    Jorge Chapa

    Wath a play min. 8:00 💥💥💥

  • DJ

    it might have been that rick was too predictable for the former mavs assistant coach.. inteligente plays will always get you wins.. and that is what happened here.. Rick change your strategy

  • Joseph Velasco
    Joseph Velasco

    Too much complacency can kill. Looks like Mavs took the Rockets lightly. If they play like this next game, Pelicans will eat them.

  • Tony Mahoney
    Tony Mahoney

    Sometimes a Basketball Game is a joke

  • Idjah 084
    Idjah 084

    It’s funny cause the Rockets have a nice little team

  • Paulo Baptista
    Paulo Baptista

    Finaly Houston. Lets go, keep it up

  • Big Siv
    Big Siv

    Luka shoots 9/26 and it's a "frustrating night." Wall shoots 9/26 a few games back and people hate him😂

    • NBA Insighter
      NBA Insighter

      I think it is because Luka did too much for Mavs in this season already and earned to be tolerated 1-2 bad games on the other hand Wall needs to prove that he can carry this team first to be tolerated in a few bad games

  • L.M

    Live by the 3, die by the 3

  • Sid Bartedo
    Sid Bartedo

    lousy..game..for the dallas..kp playing and yet..lost the game..damn..

  • Iker Gonzalez
    Iker Gonzalez

    18 rebounds Kelly Olynik🧐🤔

  • Uros Mihailovic
    Uros Mihailovic

    Only my Mavs beat win against Utah without Porzingis and lose to struggling Rockets with Porzingis, I cant explain it...

  • Ciscero

    They found their line up!

  • Gioele Elerdini
    Gioele Elerdini

    How do you let Kelly olynyk get 18 rebounds 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Spencer Daniel
    Spencer Daniel

    2:44 Tate tryna hold Wall so he didn't get heated 👀

    • MichaelKB8-24

      I think he held him bc he ran into him too fast. He was heading in for a put back attempt 🤣

    • Martin Aguilar González
      Martin Aguilar González

      😂 frr

  • Stromile Gerald
    Stromile Gerald

    Damn wall really shred Dallas d

  • Stane Hering
    Stane Hering

    Mavs had to take Olynyk and not JJ Redick. But Donnie Nelson is not smart enough and likes to take injured players a lot. KP can not guard Wood or Olynyk at all. His 7,3 means nothing !!!

  • Natasha Bolton
    Natasha Bolton

    Good win rockets 🙃🙂🇬🇧 they needed this :)

  • Jonas Kindler
    Jonas Kindler

    nice highlights somewhere between all the adds....

  • F. M.
    F. M.

    Off night for Luka = instant Mavs loss that's a big problem. You can't be serious about the playoffs and then rely on the performance of a 22year old kid night after night. Weak stuff

    • I Like Cute Girls
      I Like Cute Girls

      problem is, Luka is trying to make up for off night by ball hogging in 4th and making bad plays. on good night all is fine, but he is trying to pad his stats many times and it leads to losses.

  • Yanou Poyraz
    Yanou Poyraz

    can you feature some blocks in here

  • Perfect Yasai
    Perfect Yasai

    Luka is an incredible offensive player, and his defense is like 36 years old Lebron

    • Mr Alberdi-l
      Mr Alberdi-l

      way worse than LeBron, by far, not even close

    • JP H
      JP H

      Lebron at 36 plays better defense than luka

  • atl aman
    atl aman

    J. Richardson 0-9, that trade )))

  • This world is ours
    This world is ours

    That is the problem of luka doncic. He is not consistent!

    • NBA Insighter
      NBA Insighter

      relax, this is his first bad game in a long time plus give me one “consistent” player that didnt had a bad game for a whole season

    • mohammad qubbaj
      mohammad qubbaj

      Frrrt, and he ain’t clutch

  • Fredilly

    why was this deeply satisfying to watch?

    • MichaelKB8-24

      I'm a Celtics fan but the rockets were almost unstoppable. This match was really entertaining

    • Jeferson Miranda
      Jeferson Miranda

      I know xd

  • Fredilly

    John Wall Vs Dallas

  • Marchel Sugi
    Marchel Sugi

    Open lane to drive. Nope. I rather step back and three. Bricks. Mavs becoming one dimensional team, it's irritating. Lives and die by circus shot. Focusing too much on highlights material rather than ensuring the win.

  • A T
    A T

    Glad to see Houston team running like this👍🏽 Good game to watch one more time 🙌🏿

  • олег Олегович
    олег Олегович

    Mavs win at the best team and lose to the worst, what

  • Svjetlan Gavranic
    Svjetlan Gavranic

    Mavs can win anyone...they won the Jazz,first team in a league.And after that they loose against the Rockets.Come on man...they would be a step closer to Blazers.And then they do this!Come on Mavs,stay awake!!Maybe they are tanking😉 disaster!

    • mohammad qubbaj
      mohammad qubbaj

      Maps are maximum a 1st round exit

  • The Kurk Gaming
    The Kurk Gaming

    Fuck you rockets! You were lucky today

  • Edi Stanec
    Edi Stanec

    Luka, malo glej kako Neymar odigra favle, pa ti bodo več piskali.

  • Eric Bordier
    Eric Bordier

    Where the f### is jj reddick?

  • wong cj
    wong cj


  • MAD speciesTv
    MAD speciesTv

    7:33 this play i can see KPJ smile for the 1st time and Teaming up with john wall after Cavs Move his locker!

  • Russell Hartley
    Russell Hartley

    Rockets need to keep Kelly he’s a bucket

    • jgsk78

      Yeah, the guy s good, I was surprised when heat let him go

  • MAD speciesTv
    MAD speciesTv

    Rockets playing Good tonight! And KpJ , C. Wood and John Wall will be have a Good Chemistry next season if J. Wall will be Healthy

    • LINGfromYT

      @Afshin Ghazanfari but i feel wall wasn't that type of player.

    • Afshin Ghazanfari
      Afshin Ghazanfari

      Wall will be healthy! But he is gonna be a laker next season

    • Super Mann
      Super Mann

      Wall wont be here next season

    • LINGfromYT

      And draft pick

    • Big Siv
      Big Siv


  • Samuel Biyoghe Minko
    Samuel Biyoghe Minko

    Houston best team in Texas . Really ? 🤣🤣

  • Retro gaming a
    Retro gaming a

    They did it! They lost from the worst NBA team!!!

  • Ayo Mentality
    Ayo Mentality

    Olynk was really worth it

  • Mixed pleasure
    Mixed pleasure

    Lets all take a second to laugh a the Maverick to losing to the Houston Rockets lmao

  • SA 826
    SA 826

    Good shit Houston


    18 rebounds by olynyk, hes really hard working dude who can make the 3s and some assists.

  • x munki
    x munki

    I think it's a subconscious thing for the Mavs. They undermine the opponent (whether they're aware of it or not) and then automatically play with less effort and focus.

    • MichaelKB8-24

      As a Celtics fan, the rockets were determined to take this from the start. The energy level was too high for the Mavs to match

    • Ni Ño
      Ni Ño

      yeah and the rockets coach is former Dallas assistant coach he know the system of Dallas

  • Ivan Leon
    Ivan Leon

    1:40 ouch!

  • LaZaR

    Luka need to leave this team asap! Club doesnt know wtf they are doing by giving KP max deal even he is not close max player,selling Curry for J.Richardson who is shooting guard which can't shoot,similar goes for Melli who can't shoot to save his own life,and JJ Redick who doesn't even wanna be in that team + he is injured. Last season everyone was waiting to get rid of Delon Wright,and now getting same trash.shooting,rebound is just pathetic like they don't care,at that point Luka need to just leave to team who will give him some support.

    • Mystique Portal
      Mystique Portal

      Luka loves the Mavs, Dirk was from Mavs.

    • Luigi Mauro
      Luigi Mauro

      Melli is a great player. Maybe you should watch the entire games and not only the stats.

    • Imants Kairišs
      Imants Kairišs

      You are funny :)

  • Darrell Hogan
    Darrell Hogan

    Embarrassing fucking lost tonight!!! SMDH!!!! Go Mavs!!......I guess.

  • Soza

    Bro what happened to the music smh

  • george roupas
    george roupas

    Pay back

  • AlmightyMe

    It's a breathe of fresh air seeing wood and wall lookin healthy...wood need more touches though!! I also find it amazing how wall still dunking after back to back injuries.

  • ericb950

    That 7th seed is a risky proposition, if there's a team I don't want to meet in the playoffs, Phoenix, would be it.

    • Lup 999
      Lup 999

      @Ah Fei blazers, mavs and clip are 1st round exits

    • Ah Fei
      Ah Fei

      or healthy Lakers. Clippers/ Blazers would be their best chance I think

  • Ingeniero 12
    Ingeniero 12

    Houston is a good team, the problem this year are the injuries, but Wood, Wall and the Canadian are good players, I think the 🚀 can win 6 games in a row from now!

    • Ingeniero 12
      Ingeniero 12

      @mohammad qubbaj ???

    • Lewxs9

      Nah we need to tank for that top 4 pick

    • mohammad qubbaj
      mohammad qubbaj

      Tank, they have to tank you dumb fuck

    • Jonas Ribeiro
      Jonas Ribeiro

      Don’t forget KPJ

  • mam zand
    mam zand

    ha ha ha good luk

  • Hail Snover
    Hail Snover

    why is Luka going for post up 2s when they are down 9 under a minute left?

    • kronovi je
      kronovi je

      Cuz he had bad shooting night i guess

  • PeePeePantsCity

    Same issue with the celtics game in the 4th, we get into the penalty early and Luka ends up taking step back 3’s instead of driving to the rim which is way more likely to result in points. I don’t even blame luka, rick has to tell him to drive more in that situation.

  • bs will
    bs will

    Lol feels like last year beating top teams getting beat by shxtty team. Smh

  • Onur Aydoğdu
    Onur Aydoğdu

    Another fixed game in NBA. NBA is not basketball league its a fixed league. Dont betting NBA games.

    • Guy Bartlett
      Guy Bartlett

      Then don't watch

    • İbrahim Koca
      İbrahim Koca

      Rockets taraftarıyım bu maçı kazanacağımız son üç maç performansımıza göre belliydi, doncic ekstra bir şey katmadığı zaman mavs ligde zayıf halka. Rockets tankladığı için kasten yenildikleri maçlar var. Tanklamasak net playoff oynar bu takım.

  • Wei Xiong Toh
    Wei Xiong Toh

    this comments section full of mavs fan any rockets fan here🥺

    • Bks Odia
      Bks Odia

      WE ARE HERE🚀🚀🚀🚀

    • Gregory8051


    • Imageless TM
      Imageless TM

      Yes im a Houston fan too :(

    • Val Rommel
      Val Rommel

      Not a rockets fan but im rooting for them. I just dont like the mavs this season

    • Noah Kean
      Noah Kean

      Yeah baby I love this rockets squad man hopefully next season we can stay healthy and do something in the playoffs 🔥

  • Freddyb

    Great game Htown!!! We can still get home court advantage in the playoffs!!!.... next year

  • Baterdene Breeze
    Baterdene Breeze

    Can't help but feel bad for KP honestly.

    • Akhilesh Prayag
      Akhilesh Prayag

      and wood

    • Akhilesh Prayag
      Akhilesh Prayag

      @Baterdene Breeze Porzingis was equally bad and cold today tho and he was getting cooked by olynyk...

    • specialagro

      @Baterdene Breeze I've noticed that in previous games to

    • NBA Insighter
      NBA Insighter

      KP and Luka obviously doesnt get along well, I hope KP gets traded to somewhere he can have the opportunity to be THE MAN bcs it looks like he want that and Mavs wont give him that over Luka. Current situation is not good for either Mavs or KP

    • Baterdene Breeze
      Baterdene Breeze

      @MOKA Yeah, but it has been like that at least for some time now. Today's game was just obvious to anyone. Just my opinion though.

  • Timothy toby farreleo
    Timothy toby farreleo

    baby face luka went to mans gym

  • Alex C
    Alex C

    Worst game I’ve ever seen luka and mavs play I think. Brutal to watch.

    • Hainebo

      Yep I'd have to agree. It was horrible to watch.

  • Yuan Lemuel Montejo
    Yuan Lemuel Montejo

    kp is paperdoll

    • atl aman
      atl aman

      he was the best on the Mavs in the game, wtf are u talking abaut?

  • Yuan Lemuel Montejo
    Yuan Lemuel Montejo

    bad nght

  • Zoran Milosevic
    Zoran Milosevic

    awful game

  • zeinolla salen
    zeinolla salen

    rokets i like no: 1

  • zeinolla salen
    zeinolla salen

    көптен күткен жеңіс құтты болсын kazakhstan almaty

  • Виктор Вик
    Виктор Вик

    Bad lose but it is no time to punish themselves. Game vs bucks tomorrow and mavs need it

  • JIK

    beat the 1st seed and get beaten by 14th.. classic Mavericks

    • Karl Bteish
      Karl Bteish

      @Perfect Blue no i don't know from where u got that info but yes there is a play-in tournament between 7,8,9 and 10 seeds

    • Perfect Blue
      Perfect Blue

      @Karl Bteish Really? I thought there is no playin If there is a gap like 4-5 games between seeds

    • Karl Bteish
      Karl Bteish

      @Perfect Blue its better if they r the 6 seed cuz 7,8,9 and 10 have to play in the play-in tournament and maybe they get knocked out of the playoffs. Who knows

    • Perfect Blue
      Perfect Blue

      So what? It happens, shots weren't falling and they did in opposite direction, they are maybe tired or not motivated. It doesn't relly matter Its better for them to stay on 7th seed to play against Suns or Utah than Clips

    • Victor Magtampo • 17 years ago
      Victor Magtampo • 17 years ago

      @Rosenskarm Nestorson with covid seasonings for extra flavor

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    Luka Doncic: 23 points Guy's that Luka guarded: 83 points

    • PeePeePantsCity

      In the end, the nets winning the chip so who cares lol

    • KoroKiri

      @Aerin better than your dog


      @Aerin lol

    • Aerin

      And still better than Lebron

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    404 Network Error Luka Doncic Defense Not Found

    • Rastajevo

      Lol you funny bronsexual.

    • Onechance2 Onechance2
      Onechance2 Onechance2

      He never plays defense

    • Julian Mc
      Julian Mc

      The n1 seed jazz had 0 players injured lol, also his defense today was solid as most of the games the problem was his offense

    • Kerzon Mendoza
      Kerzon Mendoza

      @Rroxez 49 dont mind him he's just noisy when the mavs are losing

    • Rroxez 49
      Rroxez 49

      Hey im just sayin its been awhile since i saw ya man 🤷‍♂️