He officially quit
You will be missed Noah
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug

    goodbye noah... we'll miss ur editing

    • Salma Saeed
      Salma Saeed

      Tbh Noah’s editing was bad cuz the of the sounds and yea it was lame

    • Caleb Auman
      Caleb Auman

      Idk if u know this but May the forth we with you it is a StarWars reference. Nice vid keep it up.

    • Donkey

      @GAMINGWITHRON Pubgm shut up

    • Sebastian A
      Sebastian A

      I rug how you doing.

    • Josefina Soto
      Josefina Soto

      Faze rug is the best LV-homer i will Give life for you


    I got a heart attack in the intro

  • Cutie Patootie
    Cutie Patootie

    Noah is a trash camera man he moves the camera way to much, rug is better at recording.

  • Laura Sohlstrom
    Laura Sohlstrom

    Today was a terrible day for me. I watched this today (haven't caught up on your videos for almost a week - loyal watcher) - you made me laugh and wipe the tear away. This particular video with Sherman & Papa Rug & of course your handsome brother, Brandon, all in one. Perfect. Couldn't have watched it at a better time. Thanks FazeRug, Barawadis & Sherman the Vermin for being such great people. Love you all.

  • JT DA ANIL8R 4
    JT DA ANIL8R 4

    Bro u clickbait so hard

  • Zero

    Love you vids

  • Głowzシ

    Who else saw how big denis’s thumb is

  • Atomic cat
    Atomic cat

    yall scared me

  • TraveyonTV

    This a positive comment “❤️”

  • Miguel Coreno
    Miguel Coreno

    Awesome video rug,!

  • awais sajid
    awais sajid

    Yooo wtf that,s don lad house isn’t it?

  • Leyby Pineda
    Leyby Pineda

    This is an amazing editor and really matches the entertainment, too. Thanks for your hard and best work!!!:) Also love the crazy and embarrassing activities they do for our entertainment.


    Faze rug: Noah is going to quit...editing! Haha, you thought it was real! Me: umm...shouldn't they close the comments?

  • MMar s
    MMar s

    great vids

  • Iria Geertsema Cinos
    Iria Geertsema Cinos

    I love the editing

  • Tyler And Ethan
    Tyler And Ethan

    I thought Noah quit you got me good

  • Mafia Gamer
    Mafia Gamer

    Lol I thought noah would quit as a camera man lol 😆

  • My land Of stories
    My land Of stories

    Ur smile brightens my day 💗🥺

  • Towanda Msane
    Towanda Msane


  • Brodie Fryer
    Brodie Fryer

    keep posting i love you and your vids i love your positivity thxs

  • Erika Castillo
    Erika Castillo

    Always in a good mood 💕

  • Dani Zaya
    Dani Zaya

    My barber cut papa rug

  • Hyperbeast23

    This editing is 🔥tho

  • Cristian Lopez-Gonzalez
    Cristian Lopez-Gonzalez

    And I miss u to Noah

  • Cristian Lopez-Gonzalez
    Cristian Lopez-Gonzalez

    Nice vid rug

  • Ferrell Scott
    Ferrell Scott

    I clicked this video faster than faze rug could say he likes Kim Kardashian

  • God's Touch
    God's Touch

    Ay yo where is Raze Fug at never seen him since a long time

  • seiom jvony
    seiom jvony

    Brandon should have made a gun sound effect 😝

  • Pulice90

    Noah, that sweater is lit. Can i buy it from you

  • Arinze Nomeh
    Arinze Nomeh

    more click bait😑smh

    • seiom jvony
      seiom jvony

      6:40 I woulda said “WELL DONE” bcuz that little toothpick flag they put in your steak if you order it well.

  • Rickyy Omana
    Rickyy Omana

    its the beginning of the video and i know its a prank jajajajajaj

  • YouTube Hwx
    YouTube Hwx

    Why did you quit fortnight

  • RoKing YT
    RoKing YT

    You are the best youtuber

  • Amy Gaming
    Amy Gaming

    Why are people so mean to Noah what did he do he didn’t do anything


    Do the goggles scrunch ur nose?

  • Mia Van de Ven
    Mia Van de Ven

    hey rug i know your probably not gonna see this but i love your videos and how you honestly just want to make people happy and to put a smile on their face, Keep doing what your doing and your amazing

  • Donita Donita
    Donita Donita

    "01:19"The only working one is *𝐢𝐧𝐣𝐚𝐩𝐩.𝐜𝐨𝐦'*

  • Snup


  • Mark Donias
    Mark Donias

    I live your hoodie but they’re sold out in my size (xl) 😔

  • Riley Kuiper
    Riley Kuiper

    Who else thought civic when it was car and computer, car people will understand

  • Royal blue
    Royal blue

    Kinder weird you should go fishing


    FaZe Rug ur my fav yt and ur most positive person i have seen

  • AOT mikasa
    AOT mikasa

    something positive

  • 馬蘭txayy

    Wait whattt

  • Hey It’s Me
    Hey It’s Me

    6:40 I woulda said “WELL DONE” bcuz that little toothpick flag they put in your steak if you order it well.

  • alixeh zara
    alixeh zara

    this was a nice video .. fun to watch

  • Baker's Alumari
    Baker's Alumari

    something positve down below

  • Luke Zuffelato
    Luke Zuffelato

    your the goat keep up the videos, and goin live is the best song out right now

  • Little Guerra
    Little Guerra

    The editing is fire! Love Noah’s video recording! And rug, you the best! Always looking forward to a good video

  • Xavier Asmr
    Xavier Asmr


  • Mia _
    Mia _

    Rug you need to make another song your first one was amazing

  • Jitu Pandit
    Jitu Pandit

    Jitu pandit

  • Jitu Pandit
    Jitu Pandit

    Have hdjs

  • Jesus Lopez
    Jesus Lopez

    Sherman the virmen more like Sherman the virgen

  • Manny TV
    Manny TV

    faze rug you inspire me to make videos consistently keep up the hard work man

  • NexyUT

    What happened to your old editor the one when u went into your old haunted house it was a completely different name

  • priyam agarwal
    priyam agarwal

    9:09 why did he say ow lol and also how did he win that point Mann literally screeched

  • Dylan Burdette
    Dylan Burdette

    That is the richest kid in America‘s pool off his videos

  • Sky Champi0n
    Sky Champi0n

    Wow some of u actually fell for this

  • Iesha Daugherty
    Iesha Daugherty

    No joke i thought noah was quiting dude you scared me lol not a cool prank but love your vids and i have 💯% respect for you both

  • fadedkev

    The Android sound😂😂

  • Lennart Hitgano
    Lennart Hitgano

    NO Noah ill miss you :(

  • Evan Gurski
    Evan Gurski

    Hi rug your the best stay you

  • Irma Lopez
    Irma Lopez

    Not Noah

  • Irma Lopez
    Irma Lopez

    Omg nooo

  • SoJohnny12 :
    SoJohnny12 :


  • Paige Harper
    Paige Harper

    I've been loving the content recently. I love ALL your videos, but i replayed the whole remake challenge starting 8:44 about 24 times now

  • Paige Harper
    Paige Harper

    i knew it. i said the whole time, "you guys play too much."


    Brian you’re so awesome btw I’m from Nigeria ❤️

  • Jahan zeb Khan
    Jahan zeb Khan

    Paparug be like Matt stonie mode activated

  • James Hayed
    James Hayed

    I hope your day becomes more like hmmm religiosity I want you to tell people that god is great

  • Gamer boy Play’s
    Gamer boy Play’s

    I love your videos.

  • wyndchild1

    Stop clickbaiting for views it’s not fun to watch and it’s mean.

  • Kelly’s World
    Kelly’s World

    Noah I so sad when they said that I got so much happy now good prank

  • Stephjr vids
    Stephjr vids

    I thought kina was the editor

  • Luke Rogers
    Luke Rogers

    Happy mothers day!

  • Jynxs XII
    Jynxs XII

    I’m pretty sure we alll new that he wouldn’t leave

  • Khloe lover
    Khloe lover

    Lmao follow me

  • PaperShred Films-MCN
    PaperShred Films-MCN

    **I hOpE tHiS iS a PrAnK**

  • yVAn Official47
    yVAn Official47

    We want more

  • yVAn Official47
    yVAn Official47

    Let's here the sound of the lambo Rooooooonnnnnnn...

  • Hayden J
    Hayden J

    You are also just as crazy but in a great way

  • Hayden J
    Hayden J

    That is the worst Prank ever. I literally thought that he was going

  • Shamecia McNab
    Shamecia McNab


  • Aliya M
    Aliya M

    Love your videos, your content is so good no 🧢 keep it up

  • Andrea Visagie
    Andrea Visagie

    RUG and NOAH are the best duo ever,better than pbj

  • Bray Vlogz
    Bray Vlogz

    been watching since cocaine prank love ur vids

  • Ezy Ibrahim
    Ezy Ibrahim

    Its like Noah completes rug on his channel like without him there’s something missing he makes rugs channel so much entertaining 🔥

  • Reynaldo Persad
    Reynaldo Persad

    i know it was an prank from the start

  • DAY2DAY Vlogs
    DAY2DAY Vlogs

    Humble video♥

  • Yeeter McPeterson
    Yeeter McPeterson

    Your life will be amazing if you love and believe In god

  • Yeeter McPeterson
    Yeeter McPeterson

    Your life is amazing if you love and believe in goi

  • Rayyan Naeem
    Rayyan Naeem


  • Keata Mae The Official
    Keata Mae The Official

    “idk any of my neighbors???”........ “meet our new editor aka neighbor”

  • Marcus Cunha
    Marcus Cunha


  • Abigail Kabwe
    Abigail Kabwe

    i was scared when u said Noah's leaving love ur vid's hope noah's in ur vid's forever ilove u man

  • Ksksjsh Keioem
    Ksksjsh Keioem

    Whyyyyyyyyyyy did you do that Brian😭

  • Ishan Nahar
    Ishan Nahar

    U the Best

  • Kawaii Aesthetic
    Kawaii Aesthetic


  • Sxmplx -_-
    Sxmplx -_-

    Go back to the tunnel