Mean Girls On TikTok Shame Mom, They Instantly Regret It | Dhar Mann
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- Mean Girls Reject Teen From TikTok Dance Group, They Live To Regret Their Decision:
- Life Tips:


00:00 Mean Girls On TikTok Shame Mom
06:29 Recommended Video To Watch Next

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  • Dhar Mann
    Dhar Mann

    Hey #DharMannFam! SHOP NOW! My latest limited edition merch is available now and everything is on SALE! New colors, slogans & styles, you're going love: Also, for exclusive giveaways & more inspirational content follow me on Instagram here:

    • ElshyysBunni_


    • Love Teddy
      Love Teddy

      @DharMann a great idea would be to do the same type of video but instead of old people being stopped it should be younger people being stop because they “can’t do it because there too young”

    • AkiraI am your biggest fan and I’m really Morris
      AkiraI am your biggest fan and I’m really Morris

      Your videos are amazing and I want to talk about it maybe you should make some more and maybe even me I’m just a kid I’m just a kid my name is Keira and I love the

    • iah squad
      iah squad

      I LOVE Y OU😗😙😚😘🥰❤️💓💞💞💞💞💞💞💞🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💞💞💞💞💞💞💞🤩😍🤩😍😍😗😙😙😚😚😚😘😘😆😆😆

    • Myami Shoaf
      Myami Shoaf

      I'm sorry that your daughter won't let you do a Tik Tok but girls got to be

  • Zainab binth Mohammad
    Zainab binth Mohammad

    2 things I learned after watching dhar mann 1st: so you see 2nd:I have never thought about it that way

  • ocean • blair
    ocean • blair

    her: imagine being famous like allison day me: u mean addison rae .-.

  • Mrbobsllsl Alt
    Mrbobsllsl Alt

    Who the hell is alison day

  • Y/N Anime
    Y/N Anime

    Bruh I would think it’d be cool to have a mom who actually wants to do TikTok and take me and my friends to the mall or watch a movie 🥺

  • Felyne Vox
    Felyne Vox

    What tik tok is about: have fun, just like youtube What tik tok thing it's About: *Dance, charli ,eat cake and dunkin's*

  • Woofy Vlogs !
    Woofy Vlogs !

    The grandma is to goof

  • Roshawn Palmer
    Roshawn Palmer

    Less goo

  • Smile Smile
    Smile Smile

    I would be happy if she was my mum

  • Amelia Venzuela
    Amelia Venzuela

    Me as a small tiktoker i always never give up in my dreama

  • Nathan Adventures
    Nathan Adventures

    There is a granddad that is using tiktok

  • SquidKid Productions
    SquidKid Productions

    Plot twist the mom gets the belt and gives her child a whopping!

  • Brian WRLD
    Brian WRLD


  • Kay_bratz

    Girl: your to old to be on TikTok Me:who tf is you talking to her like dat you too young to be on the internet you probably like 10


    dhar mann vids dont make sense

  • Mr. Bacon
    Mr. Bacon

    Oh man.

  • Duckyman17

    Man the respect that mom has I would've said no if they asked to do a tiktok


    My mom does that and I don’t get mad

  • Zerœ’

    the child is acting more like the mother than the mom is. All I need is a belt, hanger, shoe, katana, machete, plastic bag, spade, sword, shovel, coffin, knife, mace, club, chain, white van, big car trunk, oven, stove, boiled water, hot coffee, lego, blade, butcher knife, gun, m4, bombshell, cannon, dagger, spikes, spear, tnt, catapult, tank, flamethrower, rocket, dynamite, crossbow, slingshot, baton, pepper spray, blade, axe, pickaxe, nunchucks, scythe, rejuvenator, whip, baseball bat, sharpened stick, hatchet, holde dug 6 feet underground, electric chair, electric eel, lava pit, deep ocean, venomous spider, trident, flail, fork (to eat) and she'll be disciplined in no time :)

  • Zerœ’

    If I said that to my mother there would be a shoe flying at 300 miles per hour at my face.

  • Victoria Todd
    Victoria Todd

    Instead..... You should not let your freaking daughter yell at you. 😑

  • I love Lala life
    I love Lala life

    No she was trying to get I more likes that’s a lot of likes

  • Hi

    My mom would slap the disrespectfulness out of me she does not playyyy😭😭

  • The Official Tangy
    The Official Tangy

    Kid- Oh my god! Your so embarrassing! Go away! Oh my gosh what are you wearing?! Your way too old! Me- Ummmm if I talked to my mom that way... I wouldn’t be here today 😳

  • Vinessa Theoc
    Vinessa Theoc

    This mom is so nice I wonder if I can have a mom Like that

  • Aj sun
    Aj sun

    " That you"re never too old to go after your dream"..... AWESOME

  • Travis glenn
    Travis glenn

    if i was a parent my child yell at me like that i would make her friends leave and beat her into next month

  • Vahagn Gyulnazaryan
    Vahagn Gyulnazaryan

    She can bring up her tone a lot and her mom still talks nicely to her?! My mom would of already got the belt!!!!

  • A Rice Bowl
    A Rice Bowl

    "Our video only got 3,000 likes" Bruh thats a lot

  • Team Impossible
    Team Impossible

    Her: Mom, what are you wearing, your not a teenager *Me when I find the same clothes I wear in my Mom’s size and begs her to buy one for herself* :Say what now?

  • Gaming Adventure
    Gaming Adventure

    Hold on they only got three thousand???? That is so much btw what is this adision day🤣🤣🤣

  • Unigirl

    Imagine how her friends felt when she was yelling at her mom🤣🤣🤣

  • Unigirl

    I wish there was a single mom in my country that wants to post a vid on tiktok or wear tie-dyed clothes or shop in malls w me and my friends :((

  • Mr Cheese
    Mr Cheese

    I am disappointed. It didn't bash TikTok.

  • Anamul Haque
    Anamul Haque

    I'm downloading this video this is my favorite can anybody pls type something in my chat

  • a simp
    a simp

    I’d put my kid for adoption if they were the straight tiktok it was never meant to be 😔 🤚

  • HadsDoesYT

    Dude, the mom looks so good wearing Tie-Dye.

  • B.A.K Gameplay
    B.A.K Gameplay

    Ewwwwwwww tiktok

  • Summer S
    Summer S


  • •BłueBerry_Gachå•

    Our moms gives birth to us and give us a home to live her mom even gave her a phone and a room they give us almost everything they have in their budget and we should be happy to have it!

  • Lauren Tait
    Lauren Tait

    Maybe if you were half your age now thats a big burn LOL

  • G R U M P S
    G R U M P S

    6:14 the cringe is real..!

  • Avaneesh Mehta
    Avaneesh Mehta

    Very nice video

  • Jordy Apolonioa
    Jordy Apolonioa

    Man I could never talk to my mom like that bro I would be smacked before I ever let half a word out


    I would be happy if my mom was supportive and let me have tiktok especially to dance with me.

  • Duvy The coolest
    Duvy The coolest

    Sad part Is that TikTok Exists DISCLAIMER!! THIS IS A JOKE!!!!

  • arshi qamar
    arshi qamar

    If I said my mom, You we're to old. This will be the last words before coffin dance music.

    • Empress Macaron
      Empress Macaron

      Yup. Same.

  • Paul Riley
    Paul Riley

    Lol it is Addison rea not day

  • mystic

    these idiotic children...they don't even know wut's a mom hAH

  • Ester Jean
    Ester Jean

    Some much joy i love it

  • CL Tricks
    CL Tricks

    The mum 🥺

  • CL Tricks
    CL Tricks

    Allison day 😩😩😩

  • Elly Gaming
    Elly Gaming

    My mom do tiktok she’s 34 years old

  • Gamergirlz2021

    Ugh this is why I’m never getting tik tok it’s gonna wash my mind away

  • TheFoxCub_Studio

    I like all of your videos!! And how the mom is so positive all the time

  • Mr._Phibb #1
    Mr._Phibb #1

    Didnt apologize only using her mother for followers tf is this generation im disgusted

  • DIY Chaos
    DIY Chaos

    i would be happy if she was my mom-

  • Zachary Pierre
    Zachary Pierre

    Wow my mom has tiktok and she is a really good actor!!!

  • the Princess family
    the Princess family

    When you said her dream was for To dance my 💙 was 💔💔💔💔💔

  • the Princess family
    the Princess family

    I feel so bad

  • Sophia Orellana
    Sophia Orellana

    I love ur videos

  • Left Island
    Left Island

    I wish my kid would even think about talking to me like that.

  • OmegaTD

    Allison Day?

  • Umer Sarosh
    Umer Sarosh

    It's kinda funny that girl made her mom cry if you do this in Pakistan to your parents you are gonna be the one crying

  • Janeil Gordon
    Janeil Gordon


  • Jakson Tatum
    Jakson Tatum

    My mom wouldnt take the first hint shed just slap me silly at the first no said to her

  • Randompotato

    Allison Day......doesn't it sound familiar lmao

  • Sedona Arminio
    Sedona Arminio

    PLEASE i beg my parents to do tiktoks with me and they still say no 🚶

  • 토끼수빈

    That ungrateful daughter didn't get thrown off the streets that's so sad

  • viggo gaming
    viggo gaming


  • Jacen Reed
    Jacen Reed

    I was going to say happy they put a gay couple in the dhar man man, but then she said mom. BTW love the videos.

  • Wiktoria Cimoch
    Wiktoria Cimoch

    I’d do anything for that to be my mom

  • Wiktoria Cimoch
    Wiktoria Cimoch

    It’s the “Allison Day” for me

  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami

    Allison day always cracks me up

  • Mehroo Ismail
    Mehroo Ismail

    She's so cool and frank

  • Elijah Siby Joseph 13609
    Elijah Siby Joseph 13609

    That mother should dance like Michael Jackson

  • Candice Alleyne
    Candice Alleyne

    All your videos does make me cry 🤩 I they are so cool

  • Nadine Aleeza Nahla
    Nadine Aleeza Nahla

    I do tik toks too, even though my mom joined I don't tell her she is to old to do it.

  • King Louis
    King Louis

    Dont you get enough of 3K i get 5 liked

  • Camryn James
    Camryn James

    I know this is just acting but I would love if my mom made a TikTok with me and match

  • Paolo Quesada
    Paolo Quesada

    SO SAD😭😭😢😢

  • Talon & Kaius Gaming
    Talon & Kaius Gaming

    :( I feel so bad 😭😪🥺

  • Issac Cosey
    Issac Cosey

    Never underestimate your elders. Their tiktoks might get more positive responses than you think.

  • ただユキ

    Having tiktoks with my little brother before is more embarrassing and still in musically, I was around 8-9

  • Banana Rakeesh R a k e e s h b a n a n a
    Banana Rakeesh R a k e e s h b a n a n a

    if only my mom had that energy id be the happiest person ever lmfaoo my mom ignores me :.)))))))))))

  • This_is_me

    that kid needs to learn how to talk to adults 😒😒😒

  • Rosey Sylveon And Glaceon
    Rosey Sylveon And Glaceon

    If I every said Your too old to do tiktoks to my mom She would have did the marshadow z move with the belt (If you don't know what that is its a pokemon and search up Marshadow z move)'

  • Raquel Alonso
    Raquel Alonso

    Hahaha I love the end

  • Trev,chels,coop, Kodaandroxy
    Trev,chels,coop, Kodaandroxy

    Girl : *yells at mom* Mom : *does nothing* Me : *screams at mom* Me : *dead*

  • UwU everything
    UwU everything

    Kid:your too old to do tiktok Sis:no your to young to do tiktok

  • Crystal CreoleQueen Chachere
    Crystal CreoleQueen Chachere

    Right at 2:05 is where my paw would’ve beat theeeeeee crap outta me!

    • Empress Macaron
      Empress Macaron

      Same here!!

  • bridgette wilson
    bridgette wilson

    I encourage her

  • bridgette wilson
    bridgette wilson

    My mom‘s TickTock‘s and I don’t shame her

  • Emily Mariscal
    Emily Mariscal

    oo no honey my patience woulda run out at the skate park lmao

  • lunawolf

    E tiktok mom

  • Jadiel Davolos
    Jadiel Davolos

    i love this vid!!!!

  • Spice Of The Rice
    Spice Of The Rice

    Allison Day 🤣

  • jazzy j
    jazzy j

    I wish i would those wouldve been my last words


    If I was her I was about to whoop the living whoopty out of that girl and said do your dance now

  • Silver Rane
    Silver Rane

    If I talked to my mom like that I would be 6ft under ground 😂😂😂😂