What Happened to Daniel? Best Friend Lost His Memory After Giant Game Night In Real Life
First Rebecca Zamolo created Giant GAME NIGHT with Rebecca Zamolo to Win $10,000 (Police Called). Next the Matt and Rebecca uploaded There is an EVIL PIG in our HOUSE - Surprising Piggy IRL to Host Game Night. And before all of that the Game Master Network made Hello Neighbor in Real Life to Win Game Night. What happened to daniel? We need to get him to the hospital. This looks like an emergency room trip and Matt is getting emotional. No one knows what happened. Daniel has to spend the night and is scared but hopefully he will be ok. The next day when we pick him up he doesn't know who we are. Rebecca and Maddie try to bring his memory back. Matt and Rick Noah try different tricks and hacks to see what will work. Hopefully he comes back but Matt thinks he can play fruit ninja with his Tesla. Hopefully they don't have to do a battle royale. Do you think this will work? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.
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  • Matt and Rebecca
    Matt and Rebecca

    Can we save Daniel?

    • Rosa And Daddy Show
      Rosa And Daddy Show

      Hopefully !

    • 임한봉

      i love you

    • Shaheen Akhtar
      Shaheen Akhtar


    • My Home Abhra Tiny Tots
      My Home Abhra Tiny Tots

      Yeah but dainel didn't lose his memory

    • Karmen Neal
      Karmen Neal


  • Park

    I think mr x was poisoned

  • Prince Boateng
    Prince Boateng


  • Cupcake Swirl
    Cupcake Swirl

    Rebecca:IS HE DEAD Me:Uhmmm you can find out

  • Angie Hall
    Angie Hall

    Daniel was so rude like you can’t just do that

  • Nelson Rodríguez
    Nelson Rodríguez

    I love you me 💕 💖 💜 ❤ ♥ 💛 💕 💖

  • uriel kakon
    uriel kakon

    i new it

  • uriel kakon
    uriel kakon

    daniel knows black jack he sad his name

  • matthew gomez
    matthew gomez

    he dance when you guys said gane night

  • Libby Hickson
    Libby Hickson

    I saw clipart game night Mr egg cookies Mr x torque kingpin actress the average chest and Daddy trim and IV plane Andy's torquay's Festival

  • tj clark
    tj clark

    Daniel Remember black jack

  • libby joneso8
    libby joneso8

    when you were talking Daniel said black jacks name so I don't think he's lost his memmory

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson

    He was playing blackjack in blackjack

  • Nayeli Martinez
    Nayeli Martinez


  • Nayeli Martinez
    Nayeli Martinez

    It was rodieo

  • Saad Tarfawi
    Saad Tarfawi

    lol when rebbeca said IM OfFeNdEd LOL xD

  • Oscar Beniour
    Oscar Beniour

    Comment down below do you watch the video in the mix missed the exit died I didn’t watch it yet

  • ilici saharovic
    ilici saharovic





    is going on here

  • Sherrie Barnett
    Sherrie Barnett

    Danlwl hop you ok

  • Charlotte’s World
    Charlotte’s World

    He got hit by the cane

  • Aidan Breedlove
    Aidan Breedlove

    Is he pranking team

  • michelle chagas
    michelle chagas


  • michelle chagas
    michelle chagas


  • michelle chagas
    michelle chagas


  • Godfred Sekyere
    Godfred Sekyere

    Daniel is not dead his fine mr.x is dead to


    His faking////

  • Cindy Paxon
    Cindy Paxon

    Hi my name is Parker. I am eight years old. And I’m at my grandmas I don’t get a comment that much because I live far from here I live an hour and a half away from my grandmas. I am sorry I don’t get the concept I would but I don’t have LV-home at my house. Sorry!!!

  • Cindy Paxon
    Cindy Paxon

    I’m sorry Daniel are you OK I’m sorry that you lost your memory. I want you to feel better I’ve been through something really bad happened to me I am too scared to tell you. From Parker. To Zamm Pham

  • Parbati Gautam
    Parbati Gautam

    He just hit hit him with the head Godus

  • Matt Kelso
    Matt Kelso

    Daniel is planking you guys

  • chloe colville
    chloe colville

    Hello Rebecca I really want to visit you one day can I please come see your house thank you bye

  • nicky thode
    nicky thode

    new daniel shehse

  • alisha ali
    alisha ali

    He said black Jack

  • alisha ali
    alisha ali

    Daniel' said robi rod

  • Sean Rowellghfghfhjgfhggg
    Sean Rowellghfghfhjgfhggg


  • Zahia Gallie
    Zahia Gallie

    Something happened with Mr explain

  • Candice Cannon
    Candice Cannon

    I miss Daniel ☹😭😢😩

  • Sherika Cooper
    Sherika Cooper

    He remembers black jack

  • Paul Spooner
    Paul Spooner

    You said blackjack and you wouldn't remember that you saw Rebecca's necklace and you said your a hacker so yeah

  • Kaushila amen true messenge pastor Ba Basnet
    Kaushila amen true messenge pastor Ba Basnet

    I. Ow it was a prank he was sus

  • Wow Cool
    Wow Cool

    Ghost busters

  • ปรัตถกรณ์ ปั้นนาค
    ปรัตถกรณ์ ปั้นนาค


  • Olivia Richardson
    Olivia Richardson

    Mr x is ded

  • Olivia Richardson
    Olivia Richardson

    Mr is ded

  • May thaw
    May thaw

    We love you guys

  • Opening Surprise
    Opening Surprise

    Hi Rebecca and matt

  • Opening Surprise
    Opening Surprise


  • Paul Briones
    Paul Briones

    Denile was fakeing it because black jack was there when you left and he knew black Jack's name this is a clue

  • Valery Quinteros
    Valery Quinteros

    After you get to talk Daniel talk to blackjack

  • Valery Quinteros
    Valery Quinteros

    Daniel knows your dogs peanut and blackjack

  • Avectus

    What's a speed deserves to be in jail

  • Avectus

    Kingpin is in jail

  • Avectus

    Can't change pin is a game

  • Krista Comee
    Krista Comee

    Daniel is not hypmatysd

  • Lilee Lodge
    Lilee Lodge

    Kingpin brainwashed him and mr x saved him and he fell to the ground

  • Katherine Carroll
    Katherine Carroll

    Team girls

  • Kyrie Rainey
    Kyrie Rainey


  • Morrie Ward
    Morrie Ward


  • Victoria Bain
    Victoria Bain

    Man who is the only one who can make a difference with

  • Jeff Levan
    Jeff Levan

    I am your biggest fan Rbeeca Zmolo♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Jeff Levan
    Jeff Levan



    mr x died because of the memrey ball

  • Ellie R
    Ellie R

    Is Mr X he's faking he took Frankie

  • Tessa Gunnelli
    Tessa Gunnelli

    What is happening in

  • Tessa Gunnelli
    Tessa Gunnelli


  • Papa Hudson
    Papa Hudson

    He is

  • lizzy cutey
    lizzy cutey

    i am crying right now poor daniel:(

  • Ailani Falcon
    Ailani Falcon

    The whole video of Daniel but Mister Mister X is 10 1/2 and Daniel's mouth and Miss Alexis sister put the memory bar on Mister X is McDaniel but I don't know but Daniel and Elsa video he's going to be pranking you guys but I don't see this message

  • Adriana Howard
    Adriana Howard


  • Gracie blah
    Gracie blah

    Guys if he lost his memory he wouldn’t have known where your bathroom was😂😅

    • 16-Salma Mohammed Mesalhy
      16-Salma Mohammed Mesalhy

      ravi sarai yea

    • ravi sarai
      ravi sarai

      Yeah and he said restroom

  • Lexie Norman
    Lexie Norman


  • Ariyiah Vargas
    Ariyiah Vargas

    Daniel so blackjack

  • Jia Moses
    Jia Moses


  • Ziva Addison
    Ziva Addison

    On a shoe for you which is a 3 are gonna put the spell

  • LG Ansar
    LG Ansar

    daninle is faking that he lost his memory

  • Skylar Higgs
    Skylar Higgs

    his facking so he say black jack ok bye

  • Audrey Carr
    Audrey Carr

    I love how everyone is freaking out and Daniel is just having the time of his life

  • Roseline Joseph
    Roseline Joseph

    daniel is preting to Memory

  • Tete Sharpe
    Tete Sharpe

    It was funny when Matt picked up Daniel and Rick Noah got hit in the face 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rosa And Daddy Show
    Rosa And Daddy Show

    Not gonna lie i feel like. Its a prank bc he said hi blackjack

  • Shay Hood
    Shay Hood

    yes you can I believe in to you

  • Car Phone
    Car Phone


  • Casrol Roberts
    Casrol Roberts

    Daniel is not died he got hit with the cane

  • Shazia Begum
    Shazia Begum

    I hope Daniel is okay

  • Johna Ann Vargheese
    Johna Ann Vargheese

    I feel bad for daniel

  • Rooney girls
    Rooney girls

    He is faking it

  • Rooney girls
    Rooney girls


  • Rooney girls
    Rooney girls


  • Ruth Oluseyi Ajibade-Smith
    Ruth Oluseyi Ajibade-Smith

    How did he get Hort.

  • Candece Murray
    Candece Murray

    He is faking it!!!

  • uyangaa0427

    hi rebecca game master sus

  • Olivia Westerbeck
    Olivia Westerbeck

    He said blackjack while they were talking

  • Janene Connellan
    Janene Connellan

    😭😭😭 Daniel

  • Janene Connellan
    Janene Connellan


  • Sanny Guan
    Sanny Guan

    Omg Daniel said blackjacks name

  • Crystal Pyle
    Crystal Pyle

    Danielle remembers blackjack

  • Joanna chong
    Joanna chong

    Daniel hent ber cane

  • Joanna chong
    Joanna chong

    I watch game nihtg

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