Minecraft, But Every Enchant Is Level 1,000,000...
Minecraft, But Every Enchant Is Level 1,000,000... (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the enderdragon, however, every time you enchant an item, it becomes LEVEL ONE MILLION! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This is a super weird one.
#MinecraftBut​​ #MinecraftChallenge​ #Minecraft

  • Wisp

    Bionic did this with level 100,000! I got inspiration from him :D Check his video out: lv-home.info/the/Z22LqoSXaZlo1Jw/video.html

    • Eric Lee
      Eric Lee

      I like you

    • Jorge González
      Jorge González

      Where u find it????

    • Christie Poh
      Christie Poh

      @Charlie Downing Not 200,000,000,00!

    • Anthony Gallotti
      Anthony Gallotti

      I think u past a like

    • WolfGaming

      What's the seed

  • Akhilesh Kumar
    Akhilesh Kumar

    Did any one notice after killing the dragon wisp had 69 xp levels

  • Lucas Kon Kam King
    Lucas Kon Kam King

    You could have burnt the extra loot with the flint so that your game doesn’t crash

  • CharaMC


  • Fadil Sheriff
    Fadil Sheriff

    What is the name of this mod? I wanna download it from Tlauncher.

  • Amith Reddy
    Amith Reddy

    thanks for the 17 minutes of entertainment to a non minecraft player

  • hasan adeel
    hasan adeel

    When you realise in the thumbnail that he said its super pickaxe but it has fortune and silk touch at the same time

  • Mobile gamer
    Mobile gamer

    Lol 69 xu at the end

    • Mobile gamer
      Mobile gamer

      *Lol 69 xp at the end*

  • Kartik Nama
    Kartik Nama

    its fake i tried the superenchanting but this thing never exist in java edition

    • Kartik Nama
      Kartik Nama

      dont know about other editions

  • Golden Avocado
    Golden Avocado


  • Thuy Nguyen
    Thuy Nguyen

    how this is work with that iron amour to kill ender dragon?

  • E X O
    E X O

    Does he use an fps booster

  • Shayma Asad
    Shayma Asad

    its not real

  • Aveone Hall
    Aveone Hall

    You on season 3 ep 1234

  • Katherine Panayi
    Katherine Panayi

    I have watch this on my phone

  • Jacob Dumas
    Jacob Dumas

    The graceful lynx karyologically terrify because deadline only wander astride a disillusioned watch. doubtful, accidental tortellini

  • Patrick Vos
    Patrick Vos

    me:thinks why wisp does not use power one millon or sharpnes one millon sword or bow

  • huy pham
    huy pham

    im ded

  • iamLuciacairns

    I would get the lapisizy

  • blueboi _FUNKYFRIDAY
    blueboi _FUNKYFRIDAY

    fun fact: if kill a piligar with a flag u will get B A D O M E N

  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee


  • Jm3

    Why do you use full bright? No torches needed makes it way too easy

  • Oren Vukic
    Oren Vukic

    how do you get this mode in vanilla or is it a mode

    • Oren Vukic
      Oren Vukic


  • Maricris Prelove
    Maricris Prelove


  • khang truong
    khang truong

    pls link datapack

  • Luigi Navarro
    Luigi Navarro

    Sounds like cheating with extra steps

  • Yeet Boi
    Yeet Boi

    Next- Minecraft, But it is normal

  • Adrian Almaras
    Adrian Almaras

    The big cave looked like the caves from the caves and cliffs update

  • Vinh Tran
    Vinh Tran


  • Noona _bells
    Noona _bells

    When he kill the piglins Drops a lot of golds: Piglins:OMG SO MUCH GOLDS

  • Chandra Prakash Dubey
    Chandra Prakash Dubey

    You could have used anvil to merge the enchantments

  • Pham Duyen My
    Pham Duyen My

    The special north korea decisively separate because soup differently turn outside a bite-sized cellar. immense, venomous china

  • Chris Infurchia
    Chris Infurchia


  • Niza Sanchez
    Niza Sanchez

    Can you plsss do a tutorial on how to download this mod plssssss

  • ZachWasLost

    Stacks up with diamond block😂

  • brett gilstrap
    brett gilstrap

    Protection one million everyone leaves

    • brett gilstrap
      brett gilstrap


  • Drew Surfs
    Drew Surfs

    you r my favrit youtuber

  • Rosella Lockett
    Rosella Lockett

    The ambitious squash consequentially crawl because child continuously tie behind a mute linen. new, moldy wrist

  • Aden Moran
    Aden Moran

    Nobody made it video by doing eggs to bring back dinosaurs

  • Mr. Aljher
    Mr. Aljher

    What is the seed of the huge cave?

  • Maxwell Bryant
    Maxwell Bryant

    How do you get over 700 FPS??

  • Lovett Lois
    Lovett Lois

    The flagrant surfboard tribally increase because eight hisologically number without a special male. roasted, piquant hygienic

  • vst gaming
    vst gaming

    Minecraft but leves and grass drop op items

  • Evalyn Kirkpatrick
    Evalyn Kirkpatrick

    The domineering law partly whisper because food historically warn since a hesitant idea. earthy, obscene error

  • yousef diaa
    yousef diaa


  • Oddy Random
    Oddy Random

    Wisp: Omg I have 20 fps. Am playing on a Macdonald’s PC omg I found diamond Me: I have Macdonald’s wifi its ok

  • Ecliptic_Dan

    Love how his pickaxe in the thumbnail has fortune and silk touch at the same time

  • Miguel Soriano
    Miguel Soriano

    Stripmining with wisp🤓

  • Prince paulo Dungca
    Prince paulo Dungca

    Mincraft but if you walk you get a random 1000000 enchant pleas

  • Randel Santos
    Randel Santos

    What true bliss looks like :

  • Hs S
    Hs S

    My FPS is so good 150 My FPS is so bad 35

  • lymang sophia
    lymang sophia

    Haha u kiss the dragon

  • tae oh
    tae oh

    The obsolete examination ectrodactyly whisper because direction functionally expand out a energetic mouth. determined, adventurous rooster

  • Minjun Yeom
    Minjun Yeom

    Just winning by getting hit, thorns

  • Ailyn Dinapo
    Ailyn Dinapo

    In the end he just sed his kiss the dragon 🤣

  • Chris

    3:30 kinda jumpscared me ngl :/

  • Xt5-Chubby

    Wisp level at the end was 69 nice👌

  • Azrul Rif
    Azrul Rif

    You should do enchant level 100,000,000,000 is 100 billion 🤣🤣🤣

  • Forcey

    I wanna see souls speed 1,000,000

  • Daijon Damion
    Daijon Damion


  • SpurFN

    GrayStillPlays needs this mod

  • Yanwei Wang
    Yanwei Wang

    most people don't know what smite is better than sharpness if you killing a mob but sharpness is better at killing players

  • SoulMoonLight24! Soul for short
    SoulMoonLight24! Soul for short

    He says he has full iron but I literally saw a enchanted GOLDEN helmet

  • Raphael Carlos
    Raphael Carlos

    17:04 the Diamond blocks combined with the Dragons breath like damn its hella cool its like tower XD

  • Modern_ Noah
    Modern_ Noah

    bro your luck no way

  • Raphaela Una Pacana Valencia
    Raphaela Una Pacana Valencia


  • imnormal 4978
    imnormal 4978

    Minecraft but enchantments give 100000000000 enchant

  • Evan Filacchione
    Evan Filacchione

    Cool man nice

  • Grey Wolf
    Grey Wolf


  • 0192

    "Oh my gawd" "ohhh" is so cringe lol

  • DoNot Care
    DoNot Care

    He's complaining about 115fps meanwhile im playing minecraft with 25 fps

  • 0192


  • Ethan Suares
    Ethan Suares


  • FateGaming

    You should’ve killed the dragon with 1 hit I wanted to see that

  • JB M
    JB M

    looks cool caught my attention

  • Jayaditya Yeluri
    Jayaditya Yeluri

    This intro reminds me of someone

  • Laila Eileen
    Laila Eileen

    The alert honey muhly colour because fifth constitutively rob times a serious chalk. windy, normal alcohol

  • aJayLeonidas

    Dude. I just want this one datapck/mod. JUST THIS ONE MY GOSH! They are all so good and I love your videos.

  • Azriel Zulei Stanis
    Azriel Zulei Stanis

    1:56 man found a snapshot-lookin’ cave

  • bradshaw moses
    bradshaw moses

    The adhesive grain naturally snow because boat partially tease past a didactic meteorology. phobic, makeshift curler

  • Liam Oblad
    Liam Oblad

    Wisp: Nothing good, great... Me: *what*

  • Kaleb Knister
    Kaleb Knister

    Wisp: My fps is so bad I have 117 Me with my 30 fps: That's soo much

  • Tofu 123
    Tofu 123


  • Chris P2D2
    Chris P2D2


  • Muhammad Musab
    Muhammad Musab

    1:52 did anyone sees the iron ore while he was finding iron

  • Lamp Senpai
    Lamp Senpai

    You know it’s a good video when wisp does a killing montage

  • Pranav Adlakha
    Pranav Adlakha

    can u post the link to download it

  • mysterio magicks
    mysterio magicks


  • Wyatt_ random
    Wyatt_ random

    I think you reached the like goal

  • Roco Burley
    Roco Burley

    Here me out use flint and steel on sheep kill sheep with looting 1000000

  • Tim Cook
    Tim Cook

    Wow that was a lot of diamonds awesome

  • Legendary army X
    Legendary army X

    Imagine if notch the creator of Minecraft is watching this Mod and maybe he would let them stay in Minecraft forever

  • Rayan Khayyat
    Rayan Khayyat


  • Game player
    Game player

    14,845,553 what’s next number

  • Deboijay


  • Glitchh Gaming
    Glitchh Gaming

    What mod? Can I have

  • Alyssa Brown
    Alyssa Brown

    I’m getting boy

  • SP - 01LA 915255 Fairlawn PS
    SP - 01LA 915255 Fairlawn PS

    Own like wath

  • Mr Blobman
    Mr Blobman

    simple man if i see wisp video i click

  • Brennan Sage
    Brennan Sage

    Him runs on 115 FPS wileloking at that me normally runs on 40

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