WILL HACKER PZ2 QUIT? We Played Spy Ninjas Challenges with Impostor Hackers Among Us in REAL LIFE
After Chad Wild Clay made IS THERE A GHOST AMONG US? Don't Choose the Hatch in our Real Haunted House at 3am Halloween Pranks!, Vy Qwaint created GHOST HUNTING in Our HAUNTED HOUSE Using Spy Gadgets! An Imposter is Among Us at 3am on Halloween!, and Daniel Gizmo uploaded HACKER BOSS Scavenger Hunt but it gets WEIRD! Pumpkin Hide and Seek Challenge Among Us Friends!, the Spy Ninjas learn that the weirdly adorable PZ2 is actually the boss of the hacking division! He's such a mysterious fella, but he has been around for a long time, so it makes sense that he's actually a powerful hacker. Now that we know his true role in the Project Zorgo organization, the Spy Ninjas know we must make him quit! If we take down the hacking division, that will really weaken the bad guys big time! Also, it will stop them from deleting one of Chad's classic videos! Thankfully, PZ2 has been friendly to us throughout our time battling the evil Project Zorgo. It shouldn't be to hard to get him to leave the organization, should it? What if he's got some tricks up his sleeve? Or rather, his hump! How can we even understand what he is saying? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2020!
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