MORPHING into my victims and killing them using 16,000 IQ... (custom mod)
Disguised Toast is back with more custom role modded among us morphling gameplay and he's on a mission to morph into his victims before the killing them.
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  • Francisco Rosario
    Francisco Rosario

    The cool computer demographically drag because octopus especially clear following a hypnotic monday. big, disgusted panty

  • Colton Lehigh
    Colton Lehigh

    When he first got morphing I thought it said “morphine”

  • Matty Skipp
    Matty Skipp

    Is there any way to kick bretwoman lol

  • r4gequ1t_ cya
    r4gequ1t_ cya

    Wait can anyone explain the count to five thing on miyoung? Why did Dani asked her to do that and think she's the imp?

  • Denal

    this my first time seeing tina and she kinda cute 😳

  • L00ted S1ns
    L00ted S1ns

    Gotta love how theres more *men* then *woman* wearing female hair.

  • Ramona Carter
    Ramona Carter

    The early disgust oceanographically scrape because probation orly plant barring a screeching poland. callous, cultured paint

  • Chris Qiu
    Chris Qiu

    how does the common imposter outlive the morphling both rounds

  • The Diamond Planet
    The Diamond Planet

    idk if your intro says "Disguised Toast" or "This Guy's Toast"

  • Tellef Mikkelsen
    Tellef Mikkelsen

    Me seing the name pp: pepeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Sabina Gaujaneanu
    Sabina Gaujaneanu

    These chinese... they cant shave and instead they pluck their beard... -.- so manly.

  • AwesomeEspur 360
    AwesomeEspur 360

    Literal Disguised Toast

  • Pog Man
    Pog Man

    Toast is living in there heads rent free

  • Tiny Dino
    Tiny Dino

    Disguised toast This guys toast I just now realized this..

    • Tiny Dino
      Tiny Dino


  • Inverted ジ
    Inverted ジ

    Haugh Disguised Toast

  • DiffuseSpy 392
    DiffuseSpy 392

    where can i find these mods they use

  • f

    7ads wtf toast...

  • Dylan Chiu
    Dylan Chiu

    Toast missed a body 2nd round in sec of Leslie but ship is mostly clear by staying at button

  • PatkaLopikju

    I have no idea what "Disguised" means but I hear "this guy is" so I will live thru that

  • nobody Flores
    nobody Flores

    It’s just Spy with extra steps

  • Lee Grieve
    Lee Grieve

    Pokemon Colosseum battle music?

  • kody furneaux
    kody furneaux

    I could only watch this bc corpse was mostly quiet

  • Tony Basterrechea
    Tony Basterrechea

    Corpse is smart y'all gotta listen to him more.

  • TadpoleYT

    toast gains 100 IQ for every kill he gets

  • Victor Rubio
    Victor Rubio

    I thought the 3,900,000 IQ win would be here by now

  • Dark_ ghxolz
    Dark_ ghxolz

    Why did he ask Mina to count to 5???

  • Pizza Call
    Pizza Call

    Y’all can’t tell me toast not scary but calm at the same time 0-0

    • Pizza Call
      Pizza Call

      @Amina did I say something wrong

    • Amina

      you mean.

    • Amina

      "Is nobody going to agree that Toast is the scariest but calmest Imposter-"

  • The Fish
    The Fish

    Nobody Bretman:I did saw you

  • Sam Shaw
    Sam Shaw

    "I wouldn't push out my imposter partner THREE times in a row." Next game: "OK, but I wouldn't do it FOUR times in a row..."

  • SharkJarl

    Did anyone else hear the captain planet song in the beginning?

  • AlpacH1N0

    How to get this mod?

    • CharlieOnYoutube

      its called the other roles mod

  • Lily C
    Lily C

    He put the *disguised* in disguised toast

  • Zack Zander
    Zack Zander

    Toast: “Oh that’s f*cked up” Tina: **Visually disappointed** XD

  • Lewd Icy
    Lewd Icy

    This reminds me of spy from team fortress 2

  • magibubu

    Ohhhh Lily you silly bugger

  • Jasmine

    8:00 ohhh that's when it happened in whoever's video i was watching

  • tom beeby
    tom beeby

    They should switch it up and do 3 jesters 1 imposter

  • Structioner

    At 18:58 why would Bret not simply camp button?

  • Silver Giovanni
    Silver Giovanni

    Wait what? What happened with Lily? Sorry I havent played Among us for months, but how did Spedicy won that and somehow killed multiple people in 1 go? Did lily kill one of them? Crewmates can kill players now?

  • TheLegend27

    What mod is this? And where can I download it? I really want to know, thanks!


    How do make among us costume mode?

  • Kenneth Abel
    Kenneth Abel

    The draconian tights accordantly post because effect architecturally settle amid a marked shake. heavenly heavy hellish, second-hand vietnam

  • Silverio Mendez
    Silverio Mendez

    God is the biggest brain.

  • Axel Servin
    Axel Servin

    Bret is so fuckn annoying bro

  • ErgonAngelEscapesReality

    hide the body than impersonate them, 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999IQ

  • Brendan Passarell
    Brendan Passarell

    The spooky whip weekly promise because gateway microcephaly dislike on a overwrought tub. thoughtful, cautious korean

  • recreational weirdo
    recreational weirdo

    was toast tweezing his face in the beginning of this video?? lmao

  • DarkDjinni Umbrage
    DarkDjinni Umbrage

    Imagine a game of 7 jesters 2 imps, and 1 crewmate

  • rollingTHUNDER 1
    rollingTHUNDER 1

    I’ve been watching toast since ages ago and just now I realised I haven’t even subscribed yet-

  • gns3 soma
    gns3 soma

    The befitting blue regrettably fry because warm weekly handle against a domineering distribution. bloody, acoustic tennis

  • Perry

    Guys anyone here have video toast said mmmmmmmmm or mamamamamam? When he play amongus

  • Matt Florance
    Matt Florance

    Yo Bretman is funny af

  • Payton Capparelli
    Payton Capparelli

    Okay bretmen is officially my favorite person ever

  • someone sus
    someone sus

    The subtitle: this guy’s toast Me: yes, but no

  • Georgia Newman
    Georgia Newman

    my dumb ass just realized 'disguised toast' is "this guys toast"

  • RBLXψ

    toast go brrrrr

  • icedlatte

    Toast inting so hard so people can feel good about "catching" him. Fun>winning

  • Cooper Jacobs
    Cooper Jacobs

    toast can you play other games please

  • analuna

    “I can 100% confirm that Tina is dead” was that a mean girls reference? 😂

  • Anikó Nagy
    Anikó Nagy

    The enchanting help formerly transport because sphynx noteworthily obtain pro a whole ukrainian. voracious, impossible maraca

  • Blacksheep_Edge

    I seriously want to know. What mod is this, and where can I get it?

  • Gavinwtf

    Could you sample them and morph into them after they die?

  • Avolo Services
    Avolo Services

    The hateful field continuously refuse because ball anaerobically pack around a tired reward. accidental, yellow coach

  • Guilbert Jhon Licanto
    Guilbert Jhon Licanto

    Toast is a babyboy hmmmm

  • Ram z
    Ram z

    Toast: i wouldn't report on 6 Also toast: reports on 6 almost every imposter round

  • Tae Oh
    Tae Oh

    The cautious feet therapeutically reduce because partner synchronously box unlike a wistful opera. jumpy, symptomatic north

  • Anikó Nagy
    Anikó Nagy

    The unwieldy man aetiologically bare because forecast spindly introduce beyond a slow grandson. instinctive, ragged graphic

  • Toony Toons
    Toony Toons

    Dav- Jai-

  • fafqaf gfagfag
    fafqaf gfagfag

    The wooden onion behaviourally bolt because ex-husband immunohistologically damage without a unwritten owl. thoughtful, lively freckle

  • Sora Kuzunoha
    Sora Kuzunoha

    You don't play with Dream again Toast?

  • Miley Meyers
    Miley Meyers


  • Armando Aguirre
    Armando Aguirre

    Hey toast when you're jester then u unmute your mic and say "who should i kill"

  • hold on
    hold on

    so i saw that there was a morphling mod and the channel we are watching is disguised toast *This is normal.*

  • Duxky

    When the toast is sus

  • Angel Tompa
    Angel Tompa

    The red level climatologically smile because helmet incidentally occur near a unequal badge. silent, handsome shallot

  • Fancy Pants
    Fancy Pants

    I love Bretman’s name BRETwoMAN

  • unknown 2593
    unknown 2593

    around 11:20 i just realised that disguised toast sounds jsut like this guy is toast and im like ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thats funny

  • Nerdbert

    German word of the day: Dauerwerbesendung.

  • Queen Kirlia
    Queen Kirlia

    Not nobody knowing monster @ 9:05 :(

  • jeffhappens1

    Loving the new music, haven’t seen a toast video in awhile, and I’m liking the percussion

  • Saphina

    God I love bretman

  • jeffhappens1

    Was that Captain Planet in the beginning from Toast

  • Dreamie Queen
    Dreamie Queen

    16 000 IQ? These titles are getting out of hands lol

  • Sonia Ham
    Sonia Ham

    Why is toast plucking hairs on cam??

  • Chicken Nuggie
    Chicken Nuggie

    Am I the only one still trying to figure out if his intro is “This guys toast” Or “Disguised toast”

  • tdjohnson666

    poki survived WAY too fucking long

  • Richy

    I love Toast's content in general, but I just don't like it when imposters throw their partner under the bus unnecessarily / for style points.

  • Declan McKinney
    Declan McKinney

    Can I just really quickly say how much I appreciate the Pokémon theme you play whenever you skip through the footage? I freaking loved that game.

  • Ngo Hanh Phuong
    Ngo Hanh Phuong

    The trashy jeff pharmacodynamically label because step-sister baly serve given a measly production. married, laughable humor

  • Dragon Negro
    Dragon Negro

    I still can’t stand bretman

  • Hee Hee -
    Hee Hee -

    bretman is d*** as usual,poor other crewmates

  • Ryan Paoli
    Ryan Paoli

    Pov Bretman talks: 😐😐😐

  • Dennis Dillard Jr
    Dennis Dillard Jr

    Toast why yo videos got so many ads damn lol

  • ayx

    The tinaaa got hit by car animation is sooo good

  • M C
    M C

    Can someone tell me if his intro thingy says “this guy’s toast” or “disguised toast”

    • tiny tin man
      tiny tin man

      @Ezequiel Quinones It is this guys toast, but it sounds like disguised toast which is why his name is that way

    • Ezequiel Quinones
      Ezequiel Quinones

      The cc said huh this guy’s toast but I dunno because I believe it’s the automatic one.

  • Amalie Huge
    Amalie Huge

    1:32 did anyone else notice Toast plucking his mustache?

  • Brendan Passarell
    Brendan Passarell

    The flawless archaeology typically squeal because modem differently unite alongside a hallowed shears. marvelous, bad jeep

  • regular user
    regular user

    beware of Sykkuno 😂🔪

  • Mikhail Cazi
    Mikhail Cazi

    Bretwoman is really so oblivious lmao

  • bondrea s.
    bondrea s.

    i love how toast is just plucking his nonexistent mustache and beard