HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5
Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!
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  • Vivziepop

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      The next episode should be like a racing type. I LIKE CARS

    • vermelon

      Lol that shark that smashed moxxie

    • Carmen Angulo
      Carmen Angulo

      0 l Prv^¿*^^

    • Slyuniform


    • Alisha Fox
      Alisha Fox


  • marie hemmingby
    marie hemmingby

    i would like striker and stolas fight for blitzo. That striker uses blitzo, says he is mine when stolas shows his true power!!

  • Lennon Philo
    Lennon Philo

    What’s it take to get a shot at voice acting on this absolute fucking master piece of a show.

  • Greatsaiyakirby

    I'm glad they gave Millie a spotlight episode, but it more feels like another Moxie episode since it's mostly following his arc.

  • Braveryrain

    This is so cool the animation is top TIER

  • jessica adams
    jessica adams

    Isn't striker sucking up to royalty too? 😂😂 Is he also talking about himself too??? 😂😂😂😂

  • Nathan

    Theory These episodes are setting up multiple antagonists for the imp team to face off soon

  • Loki Loki
    Loki Loki

    Please Can someone put subtitles on this ? I'm deaf af

  • ian ocheltree
    ian ocheltree

    thanks for the birthday present!

  • Michelle Paul
    Michelle Paul

    I am never going to get enough of Striker.


    Wait.... Blitz used his clients as an excuse the first time?? Then when stollas invited him he dumped the idea?

  • Marco Antonio Lopez Rojas
    Marco Antonio Lopez Rojas


  • Cancer Guy
    Cancer Guy

    Now, if Stolas is the prince of hell (and his Wife is Queen, I suppose), who really is Satan in their world of hell? Like, just a mythical creature, or a literal God on another plane of existence, maybe a minister or some shit? Who the fuck is Satan?

  • Trollus

    I wonder what Stella must've been thinking when Stolas came home alive.

  • Tony Canales
    Tony Canales

    This is probably my favorite helluva boss episode out of all of them

  • MuseTheSinger

    I want Loona’s outfit

  • Alex Clancy
    Alex Clancy

    Has in hotel 2!!!!!! Cmon

  • TryingMyBest

    4:40 Mille, I'm not above hitting a female in front of her daddy Also very Southern

  • Letah Chewe
    Letah Chewe

    Amazing shii...stuff amazing stuff 😅😂

  • Enclave_ Banana
    Enclave_ Banana


  • Blaze King
    Blaze King

    This was f@%king hilarious once again lmao these are the godamn best lol

  • xd Cxmbos
    xd Cxmbos

    +quality > -fps

  • OttoTF

    13:41 Striker has the rinnegan nice. XD

  • Oliver Han
    Oliver Han


  • IDrovePastYourHouse -
    IDrovePastYourHouse -

    The fact that striker doesn’t die after millie stabs him means he must have some insane healing properties. It also explain why he wasn’t really phased when Blitz held him at gun point. The only time he really seemed nervous was when moxie had the gun that was going to be used to kill Stolas. Something that powerful is probably the only thing that could kill Striker in one shot. He’s probably a hybrid of some Kind and will probably be a prominent villain for now on.

  • Mihai Alexandru Nita
    Mihai Alexandru Nita

    Is it bad to say I'm only 11 and still get these references (sigh) christ


    The animation quality gets better every episode

  • Eri -chan
    Eri -chan

    Octavia at the end got me so hard the way she was dancing 😂

  • nessies

    8:40 Blitzo: ugh fuck me Striker: *rape face*

  • Chosha Ito
    Chosha Ito

    So, a couple of things I wanna note about Striker that adds to his allure (aside from having the buttery alpha male voice of Norman Reedus) - he's a guy who clearly takes a lot of pride in being so talented and different from other Imps, yet he takes his failure to kill Stolas pretty well. This is pretty different from your average egocentric characters, who usually lose their shit/get outraged when they lose. Even after failing the hit and being yelled at by Stella, Striker is still a smirking badass who doesn't intend to give up on killing Stolas - Again, Striker is not like other Imps, as he mentions to Blitzo that they're "superior to most of their kind". This suggests Striker has some kind of internalized racism about being an Imp, because he doesn't encourage or empower Imps like Moxxie to be stronger, but mercilessly bullies them and calls him "vermin". Plus, Striker clearly doesn't like Demon royalty, even if he's willing to work for Stella. I'm curious about his past, maybe he or a loved one of his was mistreated by a Royal and this is what makes him simultaneously hate Hell's royalty and his own kind for being weak and subservient.

  • Brendon Kuar
    Brendon Kuar


  • Brendon Kuar
    Brendon Kuar

    yes. I approve

  • Handsomeless King
    Handsomeless King

    Hitman Absolution

  • Hamburger Heart Attack
    Hamburger Heart Attack

    This has become the show I had hoped it would become, this has much potential.

  • Wren

    Daryl????? 🙆‍♂️🙇‍♀️😳 I'd recognize that voice anywhere..... Aka Norman Reedus 🤗

  • jffry890

    This episode finally explains why they changed Millie's voice. Also, why the fuck do they have a bunch of armed bear traps in their cellar?

  • Ryan ablett
    Ryan ablett

    BTW Striker is Norman Reedus. Vivziepop how did you get Norman frickin Reedus to come do a character on Helluva boss?

  • Abanoub Safwat
    Abanoub Safwat

    The idea of getting famous ppl like norman redees Making incredible animations with really cool smooth scenes Also having a cool story All that as a free content Maaaan

  • dont know what to call myself
    dont know what to call myself

    moxxie : exists shark : ITS FREE REAL ESTATE

  • Boebie 505
    Boebie 505

    Bitch says that right in front of Stalos and he like..."what?" Lol

  • Dru the cool kid denard
    Dru the cool kid denard

    Lol I liked when I gets elbowed by tht shark

  • Renārs Z.
    Renārs Z.

    Never ceases to amaze

  • Nightmare

    Octavia be doing that jig 17:19

  • Lillian Johnson-Killmer
    Lillian Johnson-Killmer

    this was psted on my birthday so YEEHAW

  • Rapitfire

    This show is the best thing ever. I'm so invested.

  • Yolanda BAEZ
    Yolanda BAEZ

    8:50 Billy and Mandy flashbacks

  • Yolanda BAEZ
    Yolanda BAEZ

    Millies face at 5:39 is weird and cute

  • RadaxianUxas

    5:09 Moxxie and Millie standing behind Blitzo during this scene is perfect 👌

  • Yolanda BAEZ
    Yolanda BAEZ

    I am still confused about who is top and who is bottom for stolas and blitzø

  • PheonixGaming Denshiku
    PheonixGaming Denshiku

    looking through the comments a bit I seem to be the only one that noticed that Norman Reedus played as striker that is amazing and I recognized his voice right away. oh treeflesh noticed...

  • achraf laoulaou
    achraf laoulaou

    Striker : i failed to kill the target Stella : oh wow thanks for stayting the obvlious

  • Luna Violet
    Luna Violet

    Millie and moxie are the most wholesome animated couple in the history of everything and I am *living* for it

  • Hytel The Wolf
    Hytel The Wolf

    17:25 omg this 3d animation or 2d animation :/ Idk But thats so amazing

  • Call me UnderFalls.
    Call me UnderFalls.

    9:08 𝑴𝑶𝑻𝑯𝑬𝑹𝑭𝑼-

  • Baby Dom
    Baby Dom

    "The guy that tried 2 kill you def isn't here" im freaking cacking at that

  • Gilberto Carlos
    Gilberto Carlos

    Do more

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu

    No one gonna talk about how striker called blitz blitzy which is stolas's pet name for blitz

  • Capt Whiplash
    Capt Whiplash

    got to turn rtx on, getting some frame drops

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu

      This show is the best I feel like it needs to be more popular for it's humor and so much more

  • sparrow

    plot twist Moxxie is actually better at warfare than anyone else

  • evilwolf72

    Can I just say I love how much mily and moxie support eachother

  • Nathan Castaneda
    Nathan Castaneda

    This should be a show on Netflix or Hulu or enything els

  • mirai99

    Some characters have a really low framerate this episode...


    Okay can I be honest? The only reason why this show is so popular is because it’s related to hell and satan and all that edgy stuff... And the animation...and it is funny to an extent. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore....I just feel things get weirder and stranger in this world each year and each second that passes.

  • silentjosh847

    This show is SO good

  • Sensha

    The fact that this is free is frankly criminal.

  • Pyra Mink
    Pyra Mink

    I’m always on edge because the *immediate murder professionals* might show up

  • Redwolf2 The wolf that fight alone that walks alone
    Redwolf2 The wolf that fight alone that walks alone

    More helluva boss vivziepop plz

  • Salty Kombat
    Salty Kombat


  • Savvy Strings
    Savvy Strings

    Nobody here talking about how Norman Reedus is the voice of Striker?

  • Parker Bowen
    Parker Bowen

    Blitzo said he never went to wrath, but didn't he max out verosikas credit card by taking horse lessons there?

  • Spartan lock477
    Spartan lock477

    How did you manage to get Norman Reedus?! That's impressive

  • demons _666
    demons _666

    I can't wait to the real plot line with both series connecting. I hope there's a big plot twist in the future.

  • u̥ͦn̥ͦk̥ͦn̥ͦo̥ͦw̥ͦn̥ͦ

    16:42 honestly thought he was boutta say "sheeeeeeeeeeesh"

  • Miriam Yauri
    Miriam Yauri

    This show is the best I feel like it needs to be more popular for it's humor and so much more

  • Stick figure
    Stick figure

    Iz no one going to talk about how smexy that voice is 17:00 ?

  • Ya boi The Cadian
    Ya boi The Cadian

    The jump in frame consistency is so jarring. Either stick to animating by the twos or animate in 10fps. just whatever you do stick to one please

  • Grimm _ Satisfaction
    Grimm _ Satisfaction

    Did anyone else get worried these past two episodes? I mean, with Angel Weapons in play, there was an actual threat of death for our reviled (beloved) imps...

  • hercules bob
    hercules bob

    Striker is what i call a Viper imp, the snake genes within Viper imps make them generally more conniving, tenacious as well as stronger/faster.


    Come on a cliff hangar

  • hannah johnson
    hannah johnson

    Norman fucking Reedus?

  • Emily Zhen
    Emily Zhen

    Did anyone notice Stolas's book at 17:18 says "Imps in the sheets - and why they're so hung" LMAOOOO also since striker didnt have time to take back the weapon from moxxie before running off, does that mean I.M.P just casually now possesses the means to kill demon royalty?

  • benny dude
    benny dude

    Where did striker get that guitar

  • Mr.X

    meddl ihr kaschper!!!!^^

  • Mr. Blocks
    Mr. Blocks

    School schedule: Math. Me: Meh. School schedule: Math Games. Me: 5:17

  • Ja'Nese Watt
    Ja'Nese Watt

    You know, this episode makes me think that those kidnappers from the Loo Loo Land episode was low-key from Stella, but they were so incompetent that they failed. Henceforth, Stella decided to get a more capable Imp - Striker - to do the job properly.


    Finally we got a new episode

  • Erick Chavira
    Erick Chavira

    Can Someone Tell me the me the height of the oficial helluva boda characters

  • quirkychamp

    I searched up who voices Moxxi and I'm pretty sure it's the same guy that voices Invader Zim

  • Castle Rusher
    Castle Rusher

    Yeah, now we have to wait a couple of years to see Striker again.

    • chong willson
      chong willson

      @Castle Rusher h could still show this season.

  • Daijra

    i love the part when moxxie say what the f*ck?!

  • Pixelized Cloudz
    Pixelized Cloudz

    We support the Blanket Stolas Supremacy 1:05

  • Karissa Rasmussen
    Karissa Rasmussen

    Awwww our little Moxxie has finally become a man!!! Good for you Moxxie 👍👏🙌👌

  • CrimsonDarkWolf 68
    CrimsonDarkWolf 68

    Holy Shit Norman Reedus! It show this show more and more popular.

  • Lombaxguy


  • Abigail Bischoff
    Abigail Bischoff


  • foodog hi
    foodog hi

    5:17 every kid in gym

  • Zara Gutierrez
    Zara Gutierrez

    Sólo inglés Puede hablar entonces ya está volando demonio mándame un email

  • Kaitlyn Charlson
    Kaitlyn Charlson

    This is awesome!!! 🤩🤩🤩 I love this show and Hazbin Hotel!!!! 💓 I can't believe Norman Reedus did a voice character, that is so cool!!! 😍😍😍 I wish I could do voice acting, I've always wanted to🥺 it seems amazing 💞 Can't wait to see more!!!! 💗💗💗

  • BeastMaster 99
    BeastMaster 99

    I wonder if they could get Kevin Michael Richardson to voice a character.

  • Radio lady
    Radio lady

    I love this put more out pls