The Norris Nuts had no idea Sabre was being bought a brand new car. Everyone was shocked!
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In this video the Norris Nuts surprise Sabre with a brand new car. Sabre just recently got her driver's license or learner's permit to be more precise! The Norris Nuts have vans that they usually drive so Sabre is expecting to do her learning to drive sessions with those cars. The vans a really big to drive so Justin and Brooke wanted a smaller car that all the kids could use and learn on. She has no idea that, behind the scenes, Mama and Papa have been organising Sabre a brand new car. In this video we see the car being collected with Brooke and Naz seeing it for the first time. Then the other Norris Nuts and tricked into going to a run where they come across a brand new car wrapped in a ribbon. It's Sabre's brand new car.
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  • The Norris Nuts
    The Norris Nuts


    • Sakar Abdulqadr Rashid
      Sakar Abdulqadr Rashid


    • Mohamed Naeem
      Mohamed Naeem

      Im eating an ice lollie right now

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      Annabelle Martin

      @Omari Ragland hi

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      Peyton Time

      She did I think

  • •Glitchy Cara•
    •Glitchy Cara•


  • Comfy Tori
    Comfy Tori

    Charm looks so much like naz🥺🥺🥺

  • Kawaii.Ashely

    to be honest i don't think sabre should drive because she is short and i dont think she can reach the paddles or if she can reach the paddles she wont be able to see anything and then its not gonna end very well, i think she should be driving when shes at least 5 foot 4, i dont know i feel like its too dangerous

  • kbclipz

    Noris nuts song kinda suck

  • Tina Addy
    Tina Addy

    Congratulations sabre

  • Zenavia S
    Zenavia S

    Already unsubscribed so hard bitch

  • Zenavia S
    Zenavia S

    The last to leave when Becky made the veggie making and I don’t like how like you gave it as a second chance and not the other doors not stop doing that I hate it when guys do that I’m not unsubscribe and I’m gonna rip up your alleged shit if he’s just stop doing that to other people and make noise feeling herself she could get out of the chair and it’s not getting a second chance bitch

    • Caramel Sabre
      Caramel Sabre

      i'm sorry what did you just say, you spell like a second grader

  • Quinn Kelly
    Quinn Kelly

    The baby looks so much like naz

  • verycooljam


  • Something

    At Norris nuts do stuff when naz is out of the challenge you give her a second chance,when sabre is out you guys don’t care,it’s like you parents hate HER,I really hate you guys after that.

  • Shenez Essalsh
    Shenez Essalsh

    I feel the norris nuts should do the tiktok videos again and the cooking vido

  • Shenez Essalsh
    Shenez Essalsh

    I feel Naz should get a gunia a big because sockie got to see cordan Ramsey and sabra got a car and biggy got exprive colthd and why didn't they do nazzy brithday blog and charm but they did Sabres and biggy

  • Masoke Sano
    Masoke Sano

    Only TRUE legends can like

  • Anamta Baluch
    Anamta Baluch

    8.26 you messed up a d forget to delete its fine lol

  • Mateo7 Mateo7
    Mateo7 Mateo7

    I feel like naz doesn’t get anything like look Sabre: new car at 16/ she does deserve it though Biggy: gets the best birthday ever Socke: gets to meet Gordon Ramsay, spent all there money for her, and a whole house for her just to cook Naz: Never gets a guinea pig, is the most loyal, and never gets attention.?,

  • Emi Yumiba
    Emi Yumiba

    this proves how nice and wholesome and pure and nice the norris nuts really are awe

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger

    i feel like its not a norris nuts vlog if i dont hear naz say, were here at the shops

  • Addison Zytniak
    Addison Zytniak

    she did win the $5 food challenge

  • Addison Zytniak
    Addison Zytniak

    i think naz deserves an guinea pig

  • Leandra Ahmeti
    Leandra Ahmeti

    I love you sokie! You and biggy and sadra and naz are te best! Sorry but i think that sokie is lelybet cool then the other kids!!❤️ I love you sokie ❤️

  • Isla Parkin-Beacher
    Isla Parkin-Beacher

    On mamas pregnancy test I can see the second line

  • Braylen Gamble
    Braylen Gamble

    I thought she was 14

  • Mrs. Crap
    Mrs. Crap

    I don't understand why they get so much hate.

  • Elicia Leblanc
    Elicia Leblanc

    I can’t believe it saber gets her first car

  • Paige Kilfoil
    Paige Kilfoil

    What app do you use to edit

  • It’s me Macy
    It’s me Macy

    The comments are back on !!!!!

  • Carizta Yundira
    Carizta Yundira

    Guys please don't hate on them..i get it that we feel bad for Naz but every kid has their time to get their surprise..Sab waited 16 years to get a we just have to wait, Naz will probably get a guinea pig when she is older. Papa is just concerned Naz won't be able to take care of's a living creature too, imagine the guinea pig guys will probably hate on her for not taking care of it properly yet you want Naz to get a guinea pig now..this is what makes their comments honestly for once just don't spread hate

  • Rosette Masamba
    Rosette Masamba

    I stop watching them and I forgot how much they made me laught. AND NAZ STILL DOESNT HAVE A GUINE PIG

  • Rabi3 Habach
    Rabi3 Habach

    she didnt drive it yet

  • Ella Holden
    Ella Holden

    if I'm the top comment then the Norris nuts love there fans/subs

  • Ubah Siad
    Ubah Siad

    Me:hOw dOeS sHe hAvE hEr

    • Ubah Siad
      Ubah Siad

      Driving license and my brother doesn't

  • Stephanni Calderon
    Stephanni Calderon

    I love how Sabre is getting to grow up🥺💗 I can’t wait to see her drive🥺💗 lysm Norris nuts

  • Jeffy

    I love that biggy is funny

  • Cleayant B. Bayot
    Cleayant B. Bayot


  • Art With Ella
    Art With Ella

    I want to see her drive it!

  • lilly todd
    lilly todd

    NAZ knew befor you even told her (DUH)

  • lilly todd
    lilly todd

    Yall are so fricking childish

    • Caramel Sabre
      Caramel Sabre

      there kids, also atleast they dont hate thats the most childish thing you could do

  • Alexis Lind
    Alexis Lind

    For everyone that is saying 'Alexis Lind you joined 4 says ago?' I did not this is my school account for my new school also catch me knuckles :D everyone have a great day and stay safe

  • Pauline Mulholland
    Pauline Mulholland

    When will sabre learn to drive

  • Rahma Fataki
    Rahma Fataki

    When is saber gonna drive

  • ThatRandomGirl _
    ThatRandomGirl _

    Literally like saber just got passed her driver’s test and failed it on the first time, and now she has a car like spoiled much

    • Caramel Sabre
      Caramel Sabre

      shes sharing with her dad, and she made all that money herself editing all the videos and starting the channel without her the whole family would still live in the swim school. and she's grateful for it thats not being spoiled

  • Technicallyroblox?


  • sunset Sapphire
    sunset Sapphire

    :NOT TRYING TO BE RUDE OR ANYTHING DONT COME AFTER ME WHEN I SAY THIS: why are there names like that in austrailia i dont get it saber? socky? biggy? naz? disco??? charm? what?? i dont get it pls someone tell me why they have there names like that in Austrailia

    • Caramel Sabre
      Caramel Sabre

      idk there unique i guess but i think there cool, also its not biggy its coda and its not sockie its cerrus, its a greek god

  • Tallulah Bradbery
    Tallulah Bradbery

    I am so happy that sabre has a car

  • Charlotte Deigaard Hansen
    Charlotte Deigaard Hansen

    I love youre videos so much!!!! But when she Say nobody knows but she does not a hate comment i love youre videos!!!!😍😅😇

  • Yamin Ali
    Yamin Ali

    Sockie and biggie: *jealous*


    Brh ur spoiled j bought my first car


    What a bot I drive Tesla model s for my first car not Mazda mx5


      @Caramel Sabre Brh live in Australia and I am fucking 24

    • Caramel Sabre
      Caramel Sabre

      im sorry are you a first grade your spelling is so bad, and no one cares ok

  • Itskikka !
    Itskikka !

    Sabre: gets a car straight away Biggy: spends lots of money on Gucci and expensive stuff Sockie: meats her idol Gordon Ramsay Naz: doesn’t get the Guinea pig after winning Make this black,blue 👇

  • Kiara's world
    Kiara's world

    Pls post sabres first time driving

  • Kiara's world
    Kiara's world

    Congrats sab

  • Gracey Tucker
    Gracey Tucker

    So has anybody noticed that Sabo is getting a brand new car biggie gets basically whatever he wants close everything sake gets a whole bunch of money what does naz get Nest doesn't get nothing she asked for a guinea pig which is way cheaper than a call yet no one got her there at that is just messed up

  • Melisa .G
    Melisa .G

    I still believe that the kids are kidnapped, look at the punishments the kids get and Naz doesn't get a guinea pig

  • art in progress
    art in progress

    “I have realised, running doesn’t make me happy, it makes me tired.” Sockie 2021.

  • Shayla Kemp
    Shayla Kemp

    I like it how they blur sabres license plate, but don't blur there van.

  • ii_simplyari _yt_ii
    ii_simplyari _yt_ii


  • Gemma Lee
    Gemma Lee

    im only 8 and i know how to tye my shoes

  • flamingos princess
    flamingos princess

    I want working so I have to download it sadly.

  • troy tracey
    troy tracey

    nice video!

  • txnsle

    She deserves it tbh

  • Kendall 9954
    Kendall 9954

    How did she get her license if she has never driven a car

  • Tilly Blayden-ryall
    Tilly Blayden-ryall

    Ur the worst you tubers ever 😡😡😡😡

    • Sophie Ramsden
      Sophie Ramsden

      @Sanuka FRR not a legend at all 😌😌

    • Sanuka

      @Sophie Ramsden your welcome! Plus,he was being rude

    • Sophie Ramsden
      Sophie Ramsden

      @Sanuka thank you for saying this :D

    • Sanuka

      Shut up,dont comment if you dont like them

    • Sophie Ramsden
      Sophie Ramsden

      Piss off then

  • Yasmine Ahmed
    Yasmine Ahmed

    You are the best in all world amazing I love you so much I hope you get a 100'000000 million subscribers wow

  • black_ aqua
    black_ aqua

    Is it just me or when they did the edit of sabre crashing to a tree and then it looked like slender mum saw what happened to sabre 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Gaming with Jamie
    Gaming with Jamie

    Ik not everyone is doing this but some haters are being really mean and saying sabre is to short to have her driver license I think her size is prefect and she as grown so much is the last two years/ love you guys ❤️

  • Ingo Wübben
    Ingo Wübben

    I wish I could live in your country :\ I sadly live in germany I love ur channel u cheer me up everytime :), AND im not a boy im an girl and im just using my dads yt acc Lysm!

  • Michael Ho
    Michael Ho

    Guys how old are you guys

  • Kyle has earnings
    Kyle has earnings

    She looks a lot younger than her age idk if that is an insult or a compliment to her.

    • Kyle has earnings
      Kyle has earnings

      Oh I didn’t know that

    • Caramel Sabre
      Caramel Sabre

      she has a condition that doesnt make her grow but she is taking hormones

  • Lonely Willowツき
    Lonely Willowツき

    I feel like Sabre and the others should get Nazzy a guinea pig soon

  • *Brøwńxłÿ Beàr*
    *Brøwńxłÿ Beàr*

    Wait sabra can drive

  • Elise Vivian
    Elise Vivian

    when Nazi asked if anyone had crashed a car they just bought and mama said I hope I'm not the first. I couldn't stop thinking about the fact that my sister crashed her car driving it home after she bought it

  • Lily Boutte
    Lily Boutte

    Can you please bring back the challenges pls!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Bree Bree
    Bree Bree

    U guys Said in the next vlog that Sabre will drive but u haven’t

  • Meba Habtamu
    Meba Habtamu

    When will she be able to drive her car on biggys b day why did she not drive

  • Anissa Hughes
    Anissa Hughes

    Who here is a super legend is been here forever like if you are. By the way happy birthday 🎂🎊🎁 saber

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    I have the same car but it’s grey instead of black

  • iiBrxok

    omg yes! finally the comments r on

  • Grace Patrick
    Grace Patrick

    I like nazs Merch

  • Tiara Werner
    Tiara Werner

    Omg I can’t wait to see u on a drive test!!!!

  • Nadha Gaming
    Nadha Gaming

    Love you guys sm😊😊😊💓💓❤❤❤

  • Antonia TIRSAN
    Antonia TIRSAN

    lets be happy bc they let us comment

  • Ella equestrian
    Ella equestrian

    Poor naz is left out all the time all naz wants is a Guinea pig and she’s still not got one yet sabré sockie and biggy got all there dream things

  • Xena Wolf
    Xena Wolf

    This reminds me a lot when I got my car lol

  • Shereen Stewart
    Shereen Stewart

    anyone else waiting to see sabres first driving video or just me😂

  • Stephanie Haf
    Stephanie Haf

    it smells clean XDDD

  • Ruba Abdallah
    Ruba Abdallah

    sabre Biggy naz and sockie i think we should do Norris nuts exercise clothes

  • Jorge Brown
    Jorge Brown

    I cried when sabre found out I am such a legend

  • Mino Games
    Mino Games

    My parents would not even pay for The license , this is so crazy! How did she got this huge Vacation and also this huge car? I wish i had a life like this :(

    • Caramel Sabre
      Caramel Sabre

      @Mino Games Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that

    • Mino Games
      Mino Games

      @Caramel Sabre my mom also works really hard every day

    • Caramel Sabre
      Caramel Sabre

      she worked, she edits all the videos and film and dose everything the norris kids work super hard thats probaly why they have a good life they worked for it

  • Sienna Milliss
    Sienna Milliss

    i am really happy for sabre

  • CallMehBerry

    Yay you get Comments now

  • Zhanna Gray
    Zhanna Gray

    Hey can you guys make the nest vlog be about the baby please

  • Antoinette Yehya
    Antoinette Yehya

    good luck sab wish u the best with driving

  • Neko Sin
    Neko Sin

    Yet you won't get Nazzy a gainy pig lol

  • Carl Draghoender
    Carl Draghoender

    Omg charm you are growing up so fast 🙃🙃

  • AidanDefinitely

    its not the next vlog, it it may be soon...

  • Lil Spice
    Lil Spice

    How do people like their music? It's sooo bad

  • Mitchell Cox
    Mitchell Cox

    Hi my name is Becky and when I was 2 i did swimming lessons at your dads pool and Sabre was skate boarding on the skate ramp there

  • Lillian Crosby
    Lillian Crosby

    Guys don’t be so mean to them there peopel just like us

    • Caramel Sabre
      Caramel Sabre

      @Lil Spice thats just stupid whats the point in sharing something that people dont care about and that is mean

    • Lil Spice
      Lil Spice

      We have a right to dissaprove of other people's content

  • Ella Nisbett
    Ella Nisbett

    Your videos suck I think you would stop making them and you guys act like babys

    • Caramel Sabre
      Caramel Sabre

      whats the point in hating, they make alot of money making these videos they make people happy. if you think there going to stop making videos because someone said that they dont like the way they act is just stupid. you cliked on the video i guess they must be doing something right then huh

    • Ella Nisbett
      Ella Nisbett

      Yeah I know right

    • Lil Spice
      Lil Spice

      Finally someone who actually gets how bad their content is🤣