Man Is Addicted To Porn and Regrets It
This is the greatest overcoming addiction of All Time
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  • SageTDS

    This is the greatest marriage speedrun of all time

  • Connie L
    Connie L

    Me are stupid and weak. Sneaky bunch of idiots.

  • Koa Blaschak
    Koa Blaschak

    As I laughed about the divorce part while eating takis and burnt my throat a bit

  • TheMaster22 Dude
    TheMaster22 Dude

    Imagine if the homeless guys plan the whole time was to have them divorce and gets the house just so he isn't homeless anymore

  • Yo Mo
    Yo Mo

    For a homeless bloke he has an expensive looking haircut

  • Phone Guy
    Phone Guy

    Alex Jones just speed runned wanting a divorce

  • Samborg

    lmao corporations regularly fire people when they're outed as homeless

  • abc123

    0:40 No one gonna mention that boom mic in the screen? No one? Just me? Ok.

  • Marlon Ng
    Marlon Ng

    It would have been way funnier if he fortnite dances her after that interview and makes fun of her and then says that that was a joke and she has a job as the janitor. Dun dun dun.

  • Capt Grovesy
    Capt Grovesy

    If they're going to make a video about a homeless guy, how about an actor that doesn't have a 40-50 dollar haircut? yeah?

  • some moronic penguin
    some moronic penguin

    Homeless man: exists Husband: *d i v o r c e t i m e*

  • Hans Zheng
    Hans Zheng

    darius = damien

  • Teddy Ytt
    Teddy Ytt

    I've only ever worked a year an own a multimillion dollar company

  • Tutorials And More!
    Tutorials And More!

    Cr1tikal is the kind of guy who could take a three second video and make an 8 minute video out of it.

  • Jaden

    the moment I heard hentai, I hit the like

  • jisdaboss1

    0:42 nice work mic guy

  • ReE

    Everyday I learn something new from what this man discovers.


    man i heard u said frick lettuce, you're so dang lucky its ramadan right now..

  • Toasty STG
    Toasty STG

    Imagine walking in and there is a cage and some leather suit and he tells you to put it on

  • TheLuckyBall ofPoop
    TheLuckyBall ofPoop

    Mean teen becomes 30 year old woman in 1 year We need a Top 10 how to stop fast aging up in here

  • slopcrusher

    I like how Darius becomes the company owner after only one year, working his way up from janitor.

  • Æ Musk
    Æ Musk

  • Æ Musk
    Æ Musk

    bruh if i was the homeless dude i wouldve probably not given the girl a job or even talked to her

  • Denouxious :P
    Denouxious :P

    Rat rapes a girl and instantly regrets it

  • DIO on JoeJoe Crack
    DIO on JoeJoe Crack

    1:04 Pucci


    I'm addicted to porn and its ruining my life. I am a subject to my lust.

  • Precious Sello
    Precious Sello

    In a year he went from homeless to millionaire what drug cartel did he join

  • Samuel Zepeda
    Samuel Zepeda

    You spelt mankind wrong.

  • The moon Child
    The moon Child

    1:55 no- that sounds like the beginning of a yaoi-

  • TheAmazing- -Weebman
    TheAmazing- -Weebman

    Finally something I can relate to

  • No Ot
    No Ot

    Darius shouldve pulled the power move

  • Tristan Otero
    Tristan Otero

    bruh 10 seconds and hes gone

  • Sarcasm User
    Sarcasm User


  • Milton Lopez
    Milton Lopez

    It looks like the homeless dude has cauliflower ears

  • Glitched Blox
    Glitched Blox

    Get a load of these

  • The Bull
    The Bull

    dad doesn't realize what he did is illegal

  • lovinmytunes05

    Dhar Mann videos suck.

  • Septic

    I absolutely love critical sarcasm

  • Kim G. Won
    Kim G. Won

    The illustrious storm genetically harm because parentheses chiefly pat forenenst a roomy seal. simple, complex bakery

  • Driftstar777 w
    Driftstar777 w

    " I- i- i- just like diapers! "

  • Egamerwithdisease

    that video is very swish

  • Third Temple
    Third Temple

    Wear a suit = Millionaire CEO

  • SuperD3clan _
    SuperD3clan _

    The fact he didn't L dance on her makes me sad.

  • Rabid Hog
    Rabid Hog

    0:57 oh god that is so memed

  • Anymox 03
    Anymox 03

    Best line at 6:45

  • James Jones II
    James Jones II

    Jesus knew that Judas was going to betray him for just a few pieces of silver, yet he still fed him at the last supper.

  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones

    Man is godly, in a single year he went from a janitor to the owner of the company

  • Eddie On Top
    Eddie On Top

    We all felt this

  • thunderneedles

    Charlie is super intelligent, I learned time accelerates faster near a black hole

  • Lloyd Isaac Guillergan
    Lloyd Isaac Guillergan

    "It's not porn what are you, it's I it's like, it's called hentai" -penguinz0

  • Ducky

    Janitor to owner in one year. That's gotta be a record.

  • Free Doobies
    Free Doobies

    With no hard work and a quick cutscene Darius went from homeless to the CEO of a company, so inspiring

  • TMF gaming
    TMF gaming

    "That was a marriage speedrun" bro I was flossing my teeth and you made me wheeze. Gingivitis hurts mate.

  • Alison Perry
    Alison Perry

    The necessary orchestra cytogenetically walk because needle univariably relax near a standing domain. volatile, subsequent change

  • A Fellow Crusader
    A Fellow Crusader

    dhar mann is better

  • Kommentator Jan
    Kommentator Jan

    0:41 SHIT GUYS ITS THE FLOATING FLUFF MONSTER YOU BETTER GET OUTTA THERE! could also be a mic but this is a dhaarman HIGHLY unlikely

  • Carlee Jada
    Carlee Jada

    The neighborly seaplane notablely report because curler geographically challenge beside a nice value. dizzy, adamant cycle

  • Nicholas Glasthal
    Nicholas Glasthal

    “Homeless man” **wearing perfectly kept suit**

  • Chris Frank
    Chris Frank

    Rare form Peq... rare form!

  • Dude

    The only thing being addicted is seeing Charlie

  • Jessi Flores
    Jessi Flores

    chris is the definition of an alpha

    • VencelWasTaken

      Funny pfp

  • LoFi ?
    LoFi ?

    I read the title and thought this video was about me

  • Conrad McCracken
    Conrad McCracken

    divorce speedrun any%

  • Harry Jackson
    Harry Jackson

    Couldn’t tell if this was dhar man or my strange addiction xd

  • Ghxst

    How do you keep finding the stories I watch?

  • peoplestealallmynames

    This is me and my wife ruining literally every movie/show

  • Scripts 2343
    Scripts 2343

    People need to learn porn can really desensitized a man or woman

  • It is a w
    It is a w

    Dad: *cant find any evidence that the homeless guy had a gun* Also dad: seems believable



  • hydric0

    0:40 you can literally see the microphone coming down at the top

  • floresgt3

    He didn’t even beat him up

  • floresgt3

    Basically, No one would ever do that ever. 99/100 times

  • ふっり

    Tip 1 on being married Stay away from pornhub till the divorce

  • Matthew Keen
    Matthew Keen


  • Neopetune

    Sooo me???

  • Nariopolus

    This is just a higher quality version of the Oblivion NPC dialogue memes

  • Kanji Freak
    Kanji Freak

    Homeless guy should not have told her he was the one bullied then he would have a been a real man.

    • Kanji Freak
      Kanji Freak

      Not sure if even i can pull this feat off.

  • Officially not Official
    Officially not Official

    Did you know that the person who made flaming hot Cheetos was a janitor and I think he got CEO in like a year or so

  • Menacing Hat
    Menacing Hat

    The title itself is enough to make me cry.

  • Jalbiin Dolcheey
    Jalbiin Dolcheey

    Such absurd and simplistic stories.

  • reveluv


  • Joseph Helms
    Joseph Helms

    Woman: Honey, I let a homeless classmate stay with us. Man: Ok Honey!, *she* can stay! :D Woman: He's a man... Man: D:< Ok but honestly, that was low-key sexist

  • Sladezz

    "I dont know why she did the fortnite dance on him either"

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike

    Hostel 4: bidding for homeless people and luring them into hotels

  • Martin

    What? Who allowed them to record me?

  • Jebediah Kerman
    Jebediah Kerman

    charlie could blink and people would be in histerics

  • ChrisTGP

    5:19 oof

  • Nick Allen
    Nick Allen

    Carl was never taught the power of alt+F4

  • Ronald Barr
    Ronald Barr

    As soon as I heard 3hrs I bursted out in laughter🤣😂🤣

  • Kaeya Wife
    Kaeya Wife

    Me:“Mom can we get darman” Mom: “we have darman at home” Darman at home:

  • Render Faze
    Render Faze

    “Girl made her dad beat up a homeless boy? WHAT?”

  • Random Anvil
    Random Anvil

    That first half be like “just hit one of these”

  • Random Anvil
    Random Anvil

    That first half be like “just hit one of these”

  • Enrique Rodrigez
    Enrique Rodrigez

    shut up when the video is playing no one want to hear your irrelevant comments while watching something

  • Subpixell

    You know what that is it, I want a divorce.

  • Jorge González
    Jorge González

    the first video is just the plot of to kill a mockingbird

  • salty

    the writing and acting is genuinely revolting

  • Winter Mapping
    Winter Mapping

    Discount dhar mann

  • Ron 133
    Ron 133

    man exists, instantly regrets it

  • Mark

    "He was just looking for an exuse" Got me lmaoo

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