This Early 2000's Dating Show Is Pure Insanity
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I recently stumbled upon an old dating show from the early 2000's called "Chains of Love" and I knew I had to make a video about it. Enjoy!
thanks for watching!
comment "quit being such a steph" if ur reading this!


  • Xenayda Baldwin
    Xenayda Baldwin

    Your telling me you had an opportunity for ‘kurtismas’ and you didn’t take it

  • Richard Mängelmann
    Richard Mängelmann

    In Germany we still have those cringe dating shows, but like the two that come to my head are called:" Farmer searches for wife" where farmers try dating women and "Daughter in law wanted" where apparently the son really needs a wife. So yeah, its very weird.

  • ensope

    14:54 you're welcome

  • ThisIsLukas


  • Shorlchen

    Farting and making out 😂

  • Greg Greg
    Greg Greg

    would you bi chance like men as well as females?🏳️‍🌈✌️

  • Saga Giss
    Saga Giss

    Did he just out bestie picks bae?

  • HarestarAnimations

    "we don't have date game shows anymore, only singing game shows" the Bachelorette and the Bachelor: *exist*

  • irismeeow

    you make me want to play sims

  • Dakota Dad
    Dakota Dad

    Kurtis I forgot your channel existed, subbed and currently binging 🤘 I feel the 90’s when I watch and man do I miss it/we need the 90’s again

  • vanessie999

    Pooetry CRACKed me the hell up

  • Bee C
    Bee C

    Just looking at that eggnog is making me sick

  • Harris Rihan
    Harris Rihan

    Lmao I just realised why this is so painful to watch. I basically had a friend group that was just this without the chains

  • Casey DeWitt
    Casey DeWitt

    14:27 "And you brought [Monopoly] home. And you were super excited to play it--you've never played it before." That's the only way to be excited about playing Monopoly, tbh.

  • lemon dude
    lemon dude


  • - IrisKnowsAll -
    - IrisKnowsAll -

    If you thought this show is weird try watching Flavor of Love. It's about 20 women on a dating show trying to get the chance to be Flavor Flav's girlfriend. It came out in 2006😂

  • Daniel Clay
    Daniel Clay

    This is my favorite video of his

  • Riddle Me Fish
    Riddle Me Fish

    11:37 "You telling me you didn't laugh at that" SHIT HE KNOWS LMAOO

  • Justa C-Fatchick
    Justa C-Fatchick

    Jesus-Fuck! I thought I had imagined this show! lol

  • Claudia Santiago
    Claudia Santiago


  • Steph Vancheri
    Steph Vancheri

    My name is Steph and I feel personally attacked

  • Claudia Santiago
    Claudia Santiago

    Honestly some of my only memories from my childhood are me watching movies like Harry Potter (specifically chamber of secrets) barbie and monster high in my huge tv- k miss it

  • Audrey Brown
    Audrey Brown

    the only way we know that kurtis's 2020 was not ok is that he has a mullet.

  • Leah


  • Kalie Wiest
    Kalie Wiest

    Farts *ARE* FUNNY

  • The Swiss Guy
    The Swiss Guy

    I always find it so weird that people NEED an athletic dude! If being athletic‘s so important to u, do it yourself maybe?

  • Deucey Dee
    Deucey Dee

    The Locksmith is my favorite cryptid

  • Michelle Turner
    Michelle Turner

    We did the headphone movement at the same time LMAO! Who wouldn't want to know what everyone else is saying?

  • Danny Weasley: Ultimate emo simp
    Danny Weasley: Ultimate emo simp

    13:01 he has spotted the tiddie

  • That_ Deadeyegamer79
    That_ Deadeyegamer79

    It's so funny how many women are in the comments with their double standard comments but no one one wants to point out how materialistic and shallow Steph was, or how she was clearly feeding into their "childish" behavior. You can tell she was gonna be into Alan after a few minutes into the video, she showed zero signs of maturity and I'm sure she enjoyed being fought over and tugged around as much as they loved making fun of her bubbly crotch.

  • Gaz Blackheart
    Gaz Blackheart

    F in chat for jason

  • Faizah Choudhury
    Faizah Choudhury

    This isn’t about the video but it’s about the 2000s kind of in our textbook for Spanish they will always use MSN as an example for anything idk why

  • Ovium the Sheep
    Ovium the Sheep


  • aoc's kinlist
    aoc's kinlist

    150,000 beers.... I don't think Pete's even breaking a sweat

  • Allan Vargas Tomas
    Allan Vargas Tomas

    I'm sorry Kurtis, what's wrong with my spikey hair and my rocking bod?

  • Marionette Hannah
    Marionette Hannah

    Me realizing Kurtis had to search up two guys kissing to edit this video ...

  • Ruby Vogel
    Ruby Vogel

    your butt makes a noise that stinks

  • Loxi Rext
    Loxi Rext

    ur intro is so boring and annoying :( funny vid tho

  • isabella


  • Ya'll Need Jisoos
    Ya'll Need Jisoos

    9:12-9:20 was funny for no fucking reason.. I was drinking water and that shit shot through my nose- kurtis, you need to stop .

  • Alex Speakman
    Alex Speakman

    how did hey get dressed?? Like their shirts can't come off without being unchained? I'm so confused.

  • Marie Krueger
    Marie Krueger

    I am partway through and just wondering how they go to the bathroom. Perhaps this is addressed later...


    The locksmith is so fricken scary omg

  • Jordan Jordan
    Jordan Jordan

    Wait what about when they use the bathroom?

  • Laken Jackson
    Laken Jackson

    Keep this look .. 🔥

  • Teresa Michelle Stevens
    Teresa Michelle Stevens

    Kurtis made my night once again!

  • Andrew Towell
    Andrew Towell

    The locksmith should have won Change my mind

  • Shawn Conway
    Shawn Conway

    Alright, I'll admit, I laughed my ass off at the Jigsaw joke. I'm really shocked that was never done as a parody somewhere.

  • Catinthehat

    Plot twist: one of them is kira 😐

  • Abby Lynn
    Abby Lynn

    During this entire video I felt like Steve from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs... my mind kept going ✨mustache✨

  • Sour Skittles
    Sour Skittles

    She goes like "he doesn't have the athleticism I neeeed because he can't play ice hockey" like bitch you aint wearing nothing but ur underwear like get a life (when the locksmith takes jack away)

  • Precí Mzo
    Precí Mzo

    When I see the locksmith at my wedding ... 👁👄👁

  • why why
    why why

    I screamed when he spinned with all of that fart sounds. Kurtis is my god-

  • ana helena
    ana helena

    Waaaaaiittttt!! So is dean not dating the girl from bestie picks bae?? 😭😭😭 I liked them 💔

  • Zulry ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    Zulry ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Wait a second.... how did THEY CHANGE?!

  • Lexi Brown
    Lexi Brown

    kurtis please please please marry me i am begging you please

  • Yasmachina

    You forgot about Flavor of Love. That show was so fucking entertaining.

  • AnOddball

    Pete going in straight for the hug reminds me of the time 10 year old me went to my sister’s college graduation and a random girl my sister barely knew, walked up to me said “Heyyyy!” Hugged me, then straight up danced away

  • Katie Gray
    Katie Gray

    Okay but it's the Sims 1 soundtrack for me

  • Ela Solarova
    Ela Solarova

    Locksmith is my favorite anime protagonist.

  • Serena Pierce
    Serena Pierce

    catch me watching this seven times, all while at school

  • lea

    omg the bestie picks bae joke babahahah

  • Aurora Cachia
    Aurora Cachia

    Jason deserves way better than a Steph 😂

  • Wee Bo
    Wee Bo

    I see the locksmith and actually keep expecting him to pull out a neuralizer

  • Coral Morrison
    Coral Morrison

    did he insinuate that bestie picks bae was fake?

  • Noelle Paden
    Noelle Paden

    19:03 ok I always watch videos with other tabs on so I never pay attention with whats on screen but I used to go to THAT beach all the time.

  • Mister. Bean
    Mister. Bean

    rest in keith? no rest in pete? no rest in jack? no rest in jason? yes.

  • Warriors IsGucci
    Warriors IsGucci

    The Locksmith x Kurtis

  • Nitara Jones
    Nitara Jones

    Tila Tequila and Myspace were my vices. Please don't judge me *judges myself

  • Edwin Levi
    Edwin Levi

    11:38 is one of the funniest things I’ve ever witnessed

  • Edwin Levi
    Edwin Levi

    Curvy girls make my junk twitch

  • Aithusa

    cracking open a cold one for Pete. He was in it for a good time not a long time. and its safe to say it won't be the same without him.

  • XxHooded NekosxX
    XxHooded NekosxX

    I guess I’m a *Steph*

  • Thomas Brown
    Thomas Brown

    The locksmith looks like he escaped the matrix

  • Grg Frmn VA
    Grg Frmn VA

    You sexy 26 year old man

  • Aaris Howton
    Aaris Howton

    Been watching you for a couple years, love you dude, but I could literally never date a guy who laughs at farts. Whenever you use toilet humor it always makes me just feel awkward. I watch your vids with my boyfriend pretty often and when you start joking about farts and poop we just sit there like 😐😐

  • r e x i a c
    r e x i a c

    I hate stephs

  • Lemon Drops
    Lemon Drops

    #simpforjason get this to the top :3

  • G B
    G B

    10:06 How did he discover my secret!?!? *I NEED ANSWERS NOW!*

  • Kristopher Manzo
    Kristopher Manzo

    I love this

  • Oscar Rubio
    Oscar Rubio

    Ohh so this is how it starts huh? First Kurtis “Kristmas” then comes Kurtis’s “Klan”

  • Cherries

    Hear me out. What if instead of one person being chained to 4 people of the opposite gender, we had one nonbinary/pan person with 2 guys and 2 girls.

  • Random Wonders
    Random Wonders

    Don’t listen to her because he’s a drunk Your a 4

  • Sophia Schnur
    Sophia Schnur

    Omg I’ve tried to watch this video like 4 times and every time I fall asleep

  • Maya Velázquez
    Maya Velázquez

    Ah yes, because the most delicious steaks are from A P P L E B E E S

  • Jimena Moreno
    Jimena Moreno

    #justiceforjason and his swaggy hair

  • Geraldine Simons
    Geraldine Simons

    I need a part 2 of this DJSHHS

  • Kaytee Baca
    Kaytee Baca

    Rest in pete

  • Sirbalin

    wow, he has more views than some of jake paul's videos

  • Oscar Pelican
    Oscar Pelican

    kurtis I love ya but the the fart "joke" part was a miss.

  • Azul Lerma
    Azul Lerma

    quit being such a steph

  • • anelisse •
    • anelisse •

    jason was too good for her

  • exotic_ pizza
    exotic_ pizza

    It's not kristmas it's kurtmas

    • exotic_ pizza
      exotic_ pizza

      Also "ONE MAN MUST GO"

    • exotic_ pizza
      exotic_ pizza


  • melo issosweet
    melo issosweet

    Kurtis is the love of my life

  • Gay person
    Gay person

    I had an early 2000s tv until 2015 🙃

  • Ariona Hall
    Ariona Hall

    I'm sorry, but now we can't get mad at that other girl who had a whole group of men strip naked for her. It's already been done. "No idea is original " lmao oki oki I'm good now

  • Ariona Hall
    Ariona Hall

    Yooooooo, I forgot about menstrual cycles 🚲 omgeeeee

  • Ariona Hall
    Ariona Hall

    Bruh. Also, how does being an actual human work? Like bathroom breaks, and showers. And midnight snacks? And insomnia. LV-home addiction. Smash Bros tournaments.... Animal Crossing compilation binges...

  • Water

    wtf that guy who gave her a 4/10 is hot

    • Water


  • Water