Jakob Poeltl Airballs Two Free Throws In A Row
Jakob Poeltl got intentionally fouled and proceeded to airball two free throws in a row late in the 4Q.
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  • thomas gabriel
    thomas gabriel

    Im from austria, the name of my childs mother is woendl and it hurts to say but I think she even hits more free-throws, but my son is insane i allways tell him stop playing baseball youre born for bb.

  • Froi Mendo
    Froi Mendo

    For every miss freethrow players should pay

  • Moses Ungson
    Moses Ungson

    The 9th overall pick in 2016 and the guy who came with DeRozan to San Antonio for Kawhi Leonard 🤦

    • Benjamin

      Right? Lol can't believe he was drafted so high. That was the knicks pick that was traded for andrea bargani i think

  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson

    Should’ve used the emoji: 🧱🧱

  • Maki Burgess
    Maki Burgess

    Are you Shaq?

  • Christopher Henry
    Christopher Henry

    They should trade bro for Alex Len

  • Shenanigans Fπckery
    Shenanigans Fπckery

    Thats a nice nickname, "Airball"

  • Alvaro Herrera
    Alvaro Herrera

    Bro WTF !!!....Do you even lift ???

  • Bad Max
    Bad Max

    april fools

  • Something Seems Off
    Something Seems Off

    How the fuck can you be in the NBA and not be able to shoot a god damn free throw?! Work on your damn shot! I just find it bewildering.

  • Mya Villarreal
    Mya Villarreal

    I doubled over in laughing at the thumbnail hahahaha

  • Pedro G. Guerrero
    Pedro G. Guerrero

    Una mala tarde la tiene cualquiera...

  • Gonzo Carp_1901
    Gonzo Carp_1901

    remember the good old days Duncan,ginobili and Parker!!!!

  • Jakob Poeltl
    Jakob Poeltl


  • Buddy TK
    Buddy TK

    Foul him the entire game and you probably win

  • Risman Wildan
    Risman Wildan

    This is gonna be Shaqtin a Fool Hall Of Shame,,

  • Coach Popovich
    Coach Popovich

    extra sauce

  • Panda Bear
    Panda Bear

    This is so unfair adjust the ring 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Unspeakable Josh
    Unspeakable Josh

    Yowww this thumbnail is good keep making them its easy to see whats content is on the vid

  • Fitness & Entertainment ChicoCash
    Fitness & Entertainment ChicoCash

    Come on Jakob, back to back air balls though...and the NBA pays “Millions” for this type of performance...🤔

    • Luca H.
      Luca H.

      Seems like you know nothing about him. For sure he is a bad player. That's why he is in pops starting 5

  • kerpal3

    Ouch but at least he grabs the boards. I rather have him as a back center than Bruno Fernando

  • Music library24
    Music library24


  • Arianto Chin
    Arianto Chin

    Why you can in here (nba) lol

  • HugoBoss

    who won?

  • KuLaML

    Pops must be mad 🤣

  • Edo Truman
    Edo Truman

    Oida Jakob, was soll der Schas?

  • Jacob Blue
    Jacob Blue

    Like how you air ball twice. You get paid millions

    • Lennox Miller
      Lennox Miller

      He doesn't get paid to shoot though, still no great though

  • Talent 3Point0
    Talent 3Point0

    Yikes 😬😬😬

  • RJ Novaking
    RJ Novaking

    Yup man also had a double double

  • carlosmagno petz
    carlosmagno petz

    why the fuck this guy is in the nba

  • William PPL
    William PPL

    I play basketball with friends whenever we have free time and we rarely airball, 1 yes but twice in a row?... He is in the NBA, have professional practice and with head coach Pop. How the fuck does he airball 2 free throw in a row, not even shaq could do that, it takes talent to be that bad.

    • Hiji's Friend
      Hiji's Friend

      He scored double-double. Maybe that's his bad day.

  • Kevin Thoj
    Kevin Thoj

    There’s no coming back from that! If you air ball’d twice with barely no fans, in your own home court, with no one boo’ing you, man, you really need to rethink your career decisions.. 😂😂

    • maciej guzek
      maciej guzek

      yeah you are right. He made a mistake going to the NBA..

  • Joe Congdon
    Joe Congdon

    He's a millionaire by the way. Any millionaires in the chat that also struggle with this?

  • sirius black7
    sirius black7

    The rare and astonishing double air ball frethrow

  • Edward Aitken
    Edward Aitken


  • Delossantos Johnmaicael
    Delossantos Johnmaicael

    hahahahhahah lol

  • Amneet Singh
    Amneet Singh

    Nothing but net

  • Naro Efundo
    Naro Efundo

    Hahaha good shoot poeLTL

  • Foolish Specialist
    Foolish Specialist

    These players need to realize they are getting paid and need to do the work.

    • Foolish Specialist
      Foolish Specialist

      @Carl The One I don’t need your expert’s sheets. That shot was awful.

    • Hiji's Friend
      Hiji's Friend

      He is a beast in spurs. Rn, somehow he airballed it twice. Well, maybe he need some fresh air(bench) or need to talk with other teammates since that maybe his bad day.

    • Carl The One
      Carl The One

      Check the stat sheet before you bring that bullshit. Casuals really talking smack and not knowing a lick about basketball.

  • Sam

    In all my years watching the NBA, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player air ball 2 consecutive free throws! I don’t think even Shaq or Ben Wallace ever shot back to back airball free throws 😂

    • Josip Hodalj
      Josip Hodalj

      Giannis did the same 🤦😄

    • Brent Poss
      Brent Poss

      @Sam Roberson? Somehow he’s still in the league. Good defender but a horrible shooter.

    • Sam

      @Brent Poss hence he is essentially out of the league by the age of 29

    • Brent Poss
      Brent Poss

      Andre Roberson accomplished the feat

    • Hiji's Friend
      Hiji's Friend

      Shaq tho

  • Warren George
    Warren George

    What's the odds of that at least shaqs free throw was hitting the rim

  • O EAO
    O EAO

    When r u gonna make my team look good for once bleacher report?

  • DrVince

    I think this is the first that happened lol

  • godisbollocks

    That would be embarrassing in a high school game. In the NBA?? They need a new word - embarrassing isn't strong enough.

  • 4 Kingss
    4 Kingss

    Nigga Shaq can’t make fun of someone when he did it himself

  • Michael Ready
    Michael Ready

    who’s here after they didn’t post the video on instagram

  • Muhamar Firmansyah
    Muhamar Firmansyah

    Your thumbnail game is evolving just backwards

  • うずまき ボルト
    うずまき ボルト

    The new thumbnails noo😭

  • Z

    Must have the same coach as Giannis

  • ky kochan
    ky kochan

    People who can’t learn how to hit a free throw is pathetic

  • Demetrius Smith
    Demetrius Smith

    Ayo wtf

  • Kermit the frog Sings
    Kermit the frog Sings

    How can you be a pro basketball player and not know how to shoot a basketball? Answer: Be very tall

  • Shawn Nagra
    Shawn Nagra

    spurs shoulda kept Lamarcus and utilized him like they did last year

    • Zaza Pacheapshot
      Zaza Pacheapshot

      But he didn't want to be there anymore. You could tell by the way he plays. No effort on defense and only does catch and shoot on offense.

  • G MIX
    G MIX

    I'm just happy my Spurs are back in the playoffs

    • Leon Sandro
      Leon Sandro

      @JoyBox Trickster we still haven’t seen enough games to see if that was the problem hope that wasn’t just the case for the spurs being bad

    • JoyBox Trickster
      JoyBox Trickster

      I’m glad that the small portion of the Spurs fanbase finally sees that LA was the problem and not DeRozan.

  • AB 7092
    AB 7092

    The emojis and font make this channel seem like a fan channel with like a 100 subs

    • Navin Jupally
      Navin Jupally


    • Matt Valin
      Matt Valin

      Well...I mean....the content isn't so hot either most of the time to be honest.

    • Avery Bradley
      Avery Bradley


    • Tim Cleezy
      Tim Cleezy


    • Savio Christopher
      Savio Christopher

      True!!😂😂 Lame af

  • TheAnthonyMoore

    Imagine being a professional basketball player in the NBA getting paid millions are air balling a (free throw) literally no one is guarding you why are you (nervous)😂😂

    • Zaza Pacheapshot
      Zaza Pacheapshot

      Doesn't matter, Jakob still makes a great impact on defense. He's 5th among centers and 9th among all positions in defensive real plus-minus. Ahead of him are well known great defenders.

    • Amadou Maiga
      Amadou Maiga

      @Mo K nerves definitely have some to do with it.

    • Dark_Hunter_05

      @Alex Raptors so like Andre Robertson?

    • Mo K
      Mo K

      Shaq could airball a basketball by a hula ring, was that because he is nervous? Nah idiot lol its just a matter of practice and mechanics

    • Alex Raptors
      Alex Raptors

      Lol he wasn't nervous he just really sucks at shooting Amazing defender though

  • Jonathan Villegas
    Jonathan Villegas

    Trade this guy for a bag of chips for all I care. This just shows how bad our starting lineup is when we got him as a starter..... we're shit nowadays.

    • Zaza Pacheapshot
      Zaza Pacheapshot

      A true spurs fans knows the spurs don't make trades. We already have a fresh young core led by a veteran derozan, mills and gay. Just let them grow and develop for a better future cause that's how the spurs basketball is all about and known for. "PLAYER DEVELOPMENT"

    • Jonathan Villegas
      Jonathan Villegas

      @Zaza Pacheapshot Or trade for a better set

    • Zaza Pacheapshot
      Zaza Pacheapshot

      Trade this guy? Trade our best defender? Dafuq you saying? This is the best starting line-up since the kawhi trade. If you want a team like the 2014 spurs. Tell kawhi, parker, ginobili, duncan, diaw and splitter to get young and comeback to spurs.

    • Jonathan Villegas
      Jonathan Villegas

      @Har Cat Yeah, but we aren't anywhere close to our 2014 - 2017 years.

    • Har Cat
      Har Cat

      Bruh he’s been averaging a double double the last 4 games LOL

  • Zaza Pacheapshot
    Zaza Pacheapshot

    The thumbnail is shaqtin a fool but not a funny one

  • Moh

    All this to defeat Isaac Bonga

    • GP 7105
      GP 7105

      Bonga is the 🐐

  • You Liked Your Own Comment
    You Liked Your Own Comment

    Yall tryna be funny in the thumbnails but we aint laughing

  • MadMrMatter

    I swear the only time y'all post about the spurs is when they lose or do this

    • Lennox Miller
      Lennox Miller

      @No2d3 What do you mean no flash? Search up some of Ginobili's passes.

    • No2d3

      @Lennox Miller definitely were boring . No flash but I like team ball so I atleast I liked it

    • Lennox Miller
      Lennox Miller

      @No2d3 no, you just don't watch basketball

    • A- ROD1299
      A- ROD1299

      So it's a few people out of San Antonio to targeting those superstars in the comments good to know

    • Zaza Pacheapshot
      Zaza Pacheapshot

      A true spurs fan would never complain about the spurs not getting enough attention from anyone because we are pretty much used to it. Just let them get the job done provide the necessary support.

  • Jareth Cruz
    Jareth Cruz

    Stop with the emojies

    • Nuby29


    • :/


  • poophehlol

    Old thumbnail n

    • :/


  • Mason Mitchell
    Mason Mitchell

    That font aint it

    • :/


  • Angelo Mio Mendoza
    Angelo Mio Mendoza

    Lack of eating junk foods 😁😁😁

    • Angelo Mio Mendoza
      Angelo Mio Mendoza

      @P G You don't know junk foods? Hahaha

    • P G
      P G

      speak english the man dont need junk food

  • bigtmac23

    Someone let that wind in🤣

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan

    Go back to the old thumbnails please

    • :/


  • Flick It Cards
    Flick It Cards

    Jaktin a Fool

  • Kepler Pinto
    Kepler Pinto

    How sway??

  • Mafuu


  • Obvious Troll That Baited You
    Obvious Troll That Baited You

    fam these thumbnails are not it

    • Hans

      @:/ what the hell is an ong

    • Joel C
      Joel C

      They work doe it’s a marketing technique used in the LV-home niche my clients have gotten a 12% increase in clicks

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