Last to Stop Touching Evil Fountain of Truth Wins Challenge
First Rebecca Zamolo uploaded "Preston Crashed our Prom inside our HOUSE!" Next Matt and Rebecca created "Prom the Music Video Challenge in 24 Hours!" Finally the Game Master Network made "Saying Yes To Evil Daniel for 24 Hours Challenge." Now the Game Master Network needs to protect the fountain and do what the game master says. It will be like a last to leave the fountain wins challenge. If Daniel's plan to hack the fountain works then we can save it. Rick Noah is being high level sus and we don't know if we can trust him. Do you think this giant plan will work? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.
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  • Game Master Network
    Game Master Network

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    • Mario Sebastian
      Mario Sebastian

      Yes Do not trust Rick Noah

    • Ellissa Jones
      Ellissa Jones

      I think Rick Noah is an RHS member 🤔

    • natalia maldonado
      natalia maldonado

      @Ashley Beyer saying I don’t trust Rick Noah

    • Layla Williams
      Layla Williams

      Ric nowa threw it

    • Victoria Mendez
      Victoria Mendez

      Rick Noah threw the chord

  • Franchesca Doval
    Franchesca Doval

    Rick Noah knows Maddie's vision he spyed

  • Juana Gomez
    Juana Gomez

    You cen not trast rec noua. He es a rachs

  • Emma Raymond
    Emma Raymond


  • Not alex
    Not alex


  • Angelina Shirley
    Angelina Shirley

    Rick Noah threw the cord

  • Moises Reyes Cruz
    Moises Reyes Cruz

    green No Gm

  • Zaniyah Snowden
    Zaniyah Snowden

    I have chickens at my house

  • Blossom's And Lilly's
    Blossom's And Lilly's


  • Maximiliano Villagomez Farias
    Maximiliano Villagomez Farias

    Rik noa so Marid vishin

  • Stream man
    Stream man

    Thee rhs kidnapped rick Noah and send 1 of rhs to steal fountain of truth

  • Nena Chavez
    Nena Chavez

    holy. the. cob. gin. is. sus😤

  • Tory Troyer
    Tory Troyer

    Rick can't be trusted!!!!!!

  • Louis DiCostanzo
    Louis DiCostanzo


  • •pillow_ froggie•
    •pillow_ froggie•

    Rick Noah was spying on maddie when she was telling her vision

  • 이종태

    Rick noah is one of the rhs and he throw something

  • Hayleigh Harding
    Hayleigh Harding

    Ruck Noah through the charger cord into the bushes he is so sus

  • Britney ebanks
    Britney ebanks

    Rick Noah is the one that can’t be trusted he was one the RHS that was trying to take the fountain of truth

  • Yaiden Beaver
    Yaiden Beaver

    Rick Noah can not be trusted

  • Mowahida Basil
    Mowahida Basil

    Rick Noah can't be trusted he threw the cord when Daniel wasn't looking

  • Whitney Statham
    Whitney Statham

    Rick know is the are you chess

  • Its funneh
    Its funneh

    rick Noah sus

  • Ana Silvestre
    Ana Silvestre

    At 6:21 Rick Noah was talking about his grandma. Was that Cayous grandma?!?

  • Aubri Rineheart
    Aubri Rineheart


  • Mckenzie Brinegar
    Mckenzie Brinegar

    Rick Noa was one of the RHS

  • Zainab Hussain
    Zainab Hussain

    I saw an rhs and inside i saw a green shirt and who wears a green shirt rick noah so rick noahbis working with rhs

  • yah gurl niqua
    yah gurl niqua

    It was Rick's Noah cuz he's always wearing green and he all and he's working for the rhs

  • Purple norris
    Purple norris

    You can't trust Rick Noah he is working with kingpin and he was spying on you guys when you were telling your visions. And he was the one who threw the cable into the bush and there is someone or something in Rebecca's closet

  • Tri'Near Young
    Tri'Near Young

    Rick noa can’t be trusted he threw the cord in the bushes

  • BadkidLindsey

    rick noah is totally working with the rhs

  • Emily and Lexi
    Emily and Lexi

    One of the Rhs had green and it was Rick noah

  • Saba M
    Saba M

    No offense but Maddie is boy crazy

  • thareallayla .d
    thareallayla .d

    Rich Noah is so SUS bc he threw the phone charger 🔌

  • kielan Cummings
    kielan Cummings

    Rick Noah is a part of the red hood spys

  • Oliver

    Game master can we have a face reaveal

  • Ama Appiah
    Ama Appiah

    Rick Noah is with the RHS Maddie's suspicions are right

  • Eddie Meek
    Eddie Meek

    Rick Noah is very SUS. He is working with the Rhs. DON'T TRUST HIM

  • Pinkstyle


  • Pinkstyle

    Rick Noah threw the cord!

  • isi pisi playz
    isi pisi playz

    Rick noah is part of dhe RHS

  • Game With Lily
    Game With Lily

    Rebecca if you didn’t know that Rick Noah throat away the charger

  • Alvina rahman
    Alvina rahman

    My favourite chocolate is reeses too and I'm left handed too and my favourite colour is pink too Rebecca we have so much in common and u r my favourite LV-homer 💗

  • laci groat
    laci groat


  • Wanda Eckenrode
    Wanda Eckenrode

    game masker helping a rebecca telling a meet kingpin

  • Wanda Eckenrode
    Wanda Eckenrode

    game masker network helping a rebecca Quit gane masker network leave today right now too

  • Wanda Eckenrode
    Wanda Eckenrode

    game masker telling a rebecca meaning to best friends matt maddie daniel rick noah todayright now too.

  • Karly McGillen
    Karly McGillen

    Rick Noah was watching Maddie when she was saying her vision to the ZamFam

  • Krenar Sahiti
    Krenar Sahiti

    Madie ricknoah is lieng hi is e rhs

  • Amy Anderson
    Amy Anderson

    He was wearing green

  • Meghna Ashok
    Meghna Ashok

    I agree

  • shadow wolf
    shadow wolf

    Anyone gonna talk about how Rick Noa had a appointment at the doctor for a tooth......isnt that a dentist? `-`

  • Kathyren Grace A. Briz
    Kathyren Grace A. Briz

    Rick Noah your liar you betrayed game master network

  • Summer Bailey
    Summer Bailey

    Rick noah is rude

    • Summer Bailey
      Summer Bailey


  • Summer Bailey
    Summer Bailey

    Rick noah is a lier

  • Layla lemons
    Layla lemons

    rick noah was spying on maddies vision when she was saying it to us/zamfam super sus

  • Kateleigh Dykes
    Kateleigh Dykes

    Rick Noah was one of the RHS if you look closely you can see his mask

  • Layla lemons
    Layla lemons

    rick noah is an rhs one of the rhs are wearing green 0:09

  • Melia Mohamed
    Melia Mohamed

    Through the white cord into the bushes do Daniel couldn't have them protect the Fountain of Truth

  • Lily Bridgeland
    Lily Bridgeland

    I think Rick Noah is daniels clone so he defo can’t be trusted

  • Lily Bridgeland
    Lily Bridgeland

    Rick Noah was one of the rhs don’t trust him make Rick Noah leave man

  • April Kydd
    April Kydd

    Wait a second I found something in my room it looks like a game master game master

  • April Kydd
    April Kydd

    You know what it's how I felt I should quit

  • April Kydd
    April Kydd

    This is my folt

  • April Kydd
    April Kydd

    I should uv non

  • April Kydd
    April Kydd


  • April Kydd
    April Kydd

    That is sus

  • April Kydd
    April Kydd


  • April Kydd
    April Kydd

    Guys freak know what is a Red Hood

  • Ana Rosario
    Ana Rosario

    Nova Legacy

  • Ana Rosario
    Ana Rosario

    Llamar y Washington positivo de que María Mari en este año Ángel Ángel

  • Ana Rosario
    Ana Rosario

    Amar es bueno tamborete el jueguito Peppa que se enamora de septiembre

  • Ana Rosario
    Ana Rosario

    Ándale was like everything

  • Ana Rosario
    Ana Rosario

    Super 7 hoy ves mi like Posdata n26 algo química

  • Ana Rosario
    Ana Rosario

    Armas de balines de juguete

  • Ana Rosario
    Ana Rosario

    Ver nobody's watching you Ver nuevos en ca

  • Ana Rosario
    Ana Rosario


  • Ana Rosario
    Ana Rosario

    Betnovate Road Cuautepec indigente yéndose para citroen en Dover

  • Ana Rosario
    Ana Rosario

    Translate GTA PC build okay O que pase no va estar okay Sony pictures Ovidio coche somewhere in time is it Now anuel que contesten betnovate es like crazy no van a salir density of the Wild Brenda jacuzzi okay LV-home

  • Marlene Gordon
    Marlene Gordon

    Because you didn't do the full

  • Ana Rosario
    Ana Rosario

    Que no canten

  • Marlene Gordon
    Marlene Gordon

    Rick's Noah is working for the rhs love you matt😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Dylan Orantes
    Dylan Orantes

    Rick Noah Was Listening To Maddie's Vision

  • Digitaki Levaci
    Digitaki Levaci


  • Digitaki Levaci
    Digitaki Levaci

    Rick noah threw the cord to the

  • Karimar Soto
    Karimar Soto


  • Digitaki Levaci
    Digitaki Levaci

    Rick noah is one of the rhs

  • Sham Sing
    Sham Sing

    Nooo Rick Noah was a cool guy but sus

  • Quinn O'Brien
    Quinn O'Brien


  • Lexi_bug29

    Rick Noah is lying he threw it into a bush

  • Rosemary Williams
    Rosemary Williams

    I love the Gmod

  • Johnnetta Coleman
    Johnnetta Coleman

    Rick Noah listened to maddies secret Rick was warning green for RHS Rick Throwback cord that Daniel

    • Johnnetta Coleman
      Johnnetta Coleman


  • Aubrey Kiger
    Aubrey Kiger

    Rick Noah can not be trusted he was one of the RHS because the RHS had a green shirt!

  • hayleigh kiger
    hayleigh kiger

    Rick Noah can not be trusted sorry but yeah Rich Noah needs a lie detector

  • Fernanda funes-lovo
    Fernanda funes-lovo

    Rebecca Rick Noah's vision was to make u quit the gamemaster network

  • vero and Jacob game master mayor box Vero
    vero and Jacob game master mayor box Vero

    Hi game master howe you game master Rebecca game master Network it is my Rebecca husband mad Frank Rebecca what the police ticket arrest Rebecca mad he pretend to be to be you master sore big I can still a car an author and Rebecca fun alligator of King Pen silver Fun Junction open Kingpin she can turn Rebecca evil and away from the game master Network I told Rebecca to talk to you in game master and to Twin telepathy Gamemaster only you and stop Rebecca to go join kin fan and are speaking also stubborn Rebecca to commit what the evil camp in King Pen

  • Jordyn Mckenzie
    Jordyn Mckenzie

    I saw it to with Rick Noah as th red hoad spy

  • Lileeanna garcia
    Lileeanna garcia

    Yes he did

  • Vayah Graham
    Vayah Graham

    Rick Noah seen Maddie when she was talking about her vision

  • Jaeda Mulyangote
    Jaeda Mulyangote

    One of the RHS had a green shirt on it looked just like Rick Noah

  • Lilly Yu
    Lilly Yu

    when the gm said enough it sounded like Mr x

1,2 milj.
1,2 milj.