World's Most Expensive Water Bottle
watch chandlers reaction at the end hahaha #shorts

  • MrBeast Shorts
    MrBeast Shorts

    "it just tastes like water" - Chandler 2021

    • Benjamin Play RB
      Benjamin Play RB


    • SickMan 589
      SickMan 589


    • Dreamsimpnotfound

      Y e s

    • Basic Bella_Art Oficial
      Basic Bella_Art Oficial

      If you don’t want it I’ll take it 😅

    • Rośe Garden
      Rośe Garden


  • Lili Dunovska
    Lili Dunovska


  • gamingwithdan

    Did I just here Jimmy say he’s gonna pour the boys into a cup

  • Biker_ Boy69
    Biker_ Boy69

    You may have been scammed, but in a parallel universe, you didn’t

  • shaggy of the black bulls
    shaggy of the black bulls

    Plot twist it’s poison

  • JAM_YT_07

    Drink at 3 am

  • Napkin Knows
    Napkin Knows

    "I have no idea why it costs much" funny joke lol

  • the Vindicator
    the Vindicator

    Water is water

  • Not Vailable
    Not Vailable

    It's Belle delphine bath water

  • villager test
    villager test

    Seller : this water cost 600$ Mr beast : so cheap

  • necroguy 56
    necroguy 56

    I don’t care

  • Isaac vr 0509 vr
    Isaac vr 0509 vr

    What were you going to expect

  • Bluep

    1$ water 599$ container

  • Isaiah Castellanos
    Isaiah Castellanos

    Can you send me a gaming computer

  • Mundis

    Send it to me, I’ll try it out and let you know. I’m a fish boi

  • Aarav Jain
    Aarav Jain

    water has no taste bro

  • Error Error
    Error Error

    Who can say we got scammed out of $600 with a straight face

  • Nguyen Nam
    Nguyen Nam

    It’s because it has a lot of water

  • Zander Jaeger
    Zander Jaeger

    My over here enjoying my hose water 👌😎

  • SHAYEB #
    SHAYEB #


  • Taylor Wells
    Taylor Wells

    Jimmy:idk why this is $600 The cup:idk Jimmy maybe cuz I’m MADE OF DIAMONDS

  • Slump God67
    Slump God67

    Why is this dude even popular

  • Adrian Playz
    Adrian Playz

    Ooo a chicken

  • SSGT Graziano
    SSGT Graziano

    Never drink any expensive beverage from a Solo Cup. Always drink from glass. But yeah, you got scammed.

  • Earl Gamer
    Earl Gamer

    Guava juice HAHAHHAHAHHAHA

  • non existent channel
    non existent channel

    arrowhead water

  • Salvador Rodriguez
    Salvador Rodriguez

    The fact that I drink no water and mr beast is getting 600 dollar water 👁👄👁

  • Nick Weaver
    Nick Weaver

    This will be in everyone’s recommended in 7 years from now

  • Alex Roblox
    Alex Roblox


  • I'm a fan Bro
    I'm a fan Bro

    Holy water?

  • Dream Team
    Dream Team

    Who cares?

  • Nine_tailed_rasengan

    It’s goin be put da rappa

  • Bluecifer

    I love how they are drinking the worlds most expensive water on plastic cups LMAO

  • Jonathan Akers
    Jonathan Akers

    $600 worth of water...poured in the cheapest cups.


    0:23 anyone know what background music it is

  • TestVFX

    Fiji water is better

  • Jade Jason
    Jade Jason

    Maybe it’s holy water

  • ana saucedo
    ana saucedo

    The reason it’s so expensive it’s because of the design 😐😑

  • bruh moment
    bruh moment

    if apple was selling water:

  • Louise Avesand
    Louise Avesand

    ijuwanttobecool has already done this :)

  • Ken Johnson
    Ken Johnson

    Man, they saw you coming! I’ll sell you bottles of water for half that price.

  • Christoph

    You need 1000$ Glasses. Then it tastes different.

  • Muhammed Samee
    Muhammed Samee

    MrBeast: Worlds most expensive water NileRed: Hold my flask

  • Karra Samson
    Karra Samson

    No matter what the cost of water doesn't taste dude

  • Jonathan Morrison
    Jonathan Morrison

    What I could do with $600 right now OMG

  • Dharmendra Kumar
    Dharmendra Kumar

    It was made of diamonds so that's why it's costly

  • Dave Laplano
    Dave Laplano

    You know maybe it's vg water

  • Bread. Scholar
    Bread. Scholar

    Mrbeast fucking why😩

  • Antony Kean
    Antony Kean

    Just burn your money

  • Daniel Mercado
    Daniel Mercado

    Pays for for water, turns out to actually be water. "I got scammed"

  • Yam haha
    Yam haha

    Drinking $600 water in plastic glasses.........

  • Eric Choi
    Eric Choi

    what a scam

  • Kieran Yong
    Kieran Yong

    Jimmy: I have no idea why it cost so much Me: packaging

  • Pink Panther3205
    Pink Panther3205

    This is the stupidest thing I've ever watched.

  • 1337hehe

    Can you try carbonated water made with diamonds?

  • Loo

    Now put vodka in it

  • Aziz Pepic
    Aziz Pepic

    Try zam zam water

  • ToCarlosWebos

    Imagine pouring 600$ water into some plastic cup

  • luke nagle
    luke nagle

    Water doesn’t have taste chantler

  • Wing Sayas
    Wing Sayas

    Of course you're scammed. 🤣

  • Thomas Garman
    Thomas Garman

    But does it have that watery wetness?

  • Jon C
    Jon C

    EET ursg1stjseehf

  • Snifey 76
    Snifey 76

    Hmm, maybe it taste abit different if you drink in the world most expensive chiseled cup

  • Amy Tang
    Amy Tang

    Because is just water

  • Amy Tang
    Amy Tang

    Of course

  • P. UNIT
    P. UNIT

    God: water food shelter knowledge all free Human:mine mine mine pay pay pay destroy destroy destroy

  • Yummy _
    Yummy _

    300$ of water in dollar store plastic cups👌


    Jimmy: whoever lives for the next 5 seconds wins 1mil dollars Chandler: dissapears

  • Tong Thao
    Tong Thao

    It is water of immortality, now go my friend...your people need you

  • Gaming and art with Zainah
    Gaming and art with Zainah

    How much

  • MR floor
    MR floor

    You’re right you probably didn’t get scammed but some natural springs have incredible water

  • MsSpyNoodle

    Its the pope’s distilled pee. You are all now blessed.

  • Jelly73

    I got some I'll sell you for 500 a gallon. It's waaay better than that junk.

  • GlitchWard

    600 water inna solo cup 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • gogos1234567890

    Shoulda used a Horry. And done some vocal excersizes beforehand

  • Joel Sanjay
    Joel Sanjay

    Orders water gets water....we got scammed

  • Vijay VJ
    Vijay VJ

    You can come to "Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India" and taste the world's second tastiest water on the planet "The Siruvani river water"🔥.

  • Drippyprofile Pic
    Drippyprofile Pic

    Ngl you missed the the shiny cup and the water nearly pink?

  • how to be asthetic?
    how to be asthetic?

    Plot twist it actually holy water

  • Anoxim

    It's a 600$ cup my man

  • Wayne T
    Wayne T

    Expensive water then pour it in plastic cup, very smart. How can you really taste the freshness if your tasting the plastic?

  • Koby Nguyen
    Koby Nguyen

    I was waiting for Chris or Chandler to just drop all the water or sumthing lmao.

  • Jordyn Perry
    Jordyn Perry

    Plot twist: it was vodka

  • Dalton O'Green
    Dalton O'Green

    It cost so much cuz stupid ppl exist...

  • Oldwestern Way
    Oldwestern Way

    Because it's holy water

  • Lemmy Head
    Lemmy Head

    Soon wars will be fought over water.

  • Straw flower cow •
    Straw flower cow •

    Imma poor all the boiz in cup

  • Arda Akin
    Arda Akin

    it is maked from the ices of titanic that is why it is so expensive

  • J

    Mr beast, buys things so we don't have to even tho we never would anyway

  • Abdulmajid Albloushi
    Abdulmajid Albloushi

    Another form of stupidity. Greetings from Dubai 🇦🇪

  • Haha Yeahscran
    Haha Yeahscran

    There's more expensive water than that so no

  • Tian C
    Tian C

    Water sucks. It really, really sucks.

  • SS Joker & Cars
    SS Joker & Cars

    You were the kind of guys that bought the Pet Rock.

  • servietsky officielle
    servietsky officielle

    What did you do with your life I buy a 600$ water

  • P N
    P N

    600$ as they drink out of solo cups

  • Priyam Patel
    Priyam Patel

    There’s one that goes for $72,000: Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani.

  • Dana Plays Roblox
    Dana Plays Roblox

    That water is expensive cause I saw somebody make water out of diamonds

  • XxnanoxX

    For the botle

  • Colin Keane
    Colin Keane

    $200 per cup

  • Starting

    mrbeast and pewdiepie got scammed lol both for the same amount of money