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It has been an emotional weekend. It all started when Rebecca Zamolo posted We Lost Our Baby and I Am Not Pregnant Anymore. Then Matt and Rebecca created Surprising My Wife with 10,000 Roses in Our Pool for Valentines Day - Emotional. That was all after the Game Master Network uploaded Last to Leave Circle Wins $10,000 Gold Vs Silver Challenge. Now our neighbor is in our house. This looks like its going to be a giant game of hello neighbor in real life. Rebecca reveals that she signed us up for game night so this must be that. Do you think we can win this game or is it a game? Did the game master network do this? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.
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  • Game Master Network
    Game Master Network

    Do you think we can win this so we can host game night?

    • Zuleima Fernandez
      Zuleima Fernandez


    • Caroline Loock
      Caroline Loock

      ya you guys got this!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tia Walton
      Tia Walton



      Yes becuse we here to help u

    • Raj Princess Raj Beriño
      Raj Princess Raj Beriño


  • Bre Vermeersch
    Bre Vermeersch

    rebecca i these time's have been hard but you still make the best of it and rebbecca is my idol i love your video's you are the best youtuber in the whole world and your so brave and so pretty and so amazing you will always have me the zamfam and your family and friends

  • ty nicole
    ty nicole

    The coin is where the dishes are

  • Abdulwahab I786
    Abdulwahab I786

    OMG lm scary when I go to squad

  • Savannah Utley
    Savannah Utley

    and ya you can win

  • Savannah Utley
    Savannah Utley

    agent D

  • Adjoa Yeboah
    Adjoa Yeboah


  • Roger Donald
    Roger Donald

    Rebecca why are you so excited on all of your videos

  • Kota Riley
    Kota Riley

    The coin is in the kitchen cabinet with the plates

  • Yves Losier
    Yves Losier

    I mean Cassatt

  • Yves Losier
    Yves Losier

    It’s the. Kitsap tape player

  • Areeba Adil
    Areeba Adil


  • Areeba Adil
    Areeba Adil


  • Mark Schnoor
    Mark Schnoor

    This is so cool

  • Xian Liu
    Xian Liu

    g mi

  • Rachel Joy
    Rachel Joy


  • Brooklynn Shovlin
    Brooklynn Shovlin


  • Antonio Checa
    Antonio Checa

    Cuz agent d loves nights of goo goo

  • Antonio Checa
    Antonio Checa

    I think the neighbor is agent d

  • Unicorn carpet
    Unicorn carpet

    The ccrane is in dishwasher

  • Tia Walton
    Tia Walton


  • Morgan Vaughan
    Morgan Vaughan


  • Adalyn Moffitt
    Adalyn Moffitt


  • Macey Elsdon
    Macey Elsdon


  • RonnieOnYT

    That alarm that started the game sounded like the purge alarm

  • Eunique Provost
    Eunique Provost

    I did not know that king pin is a part of game master network

  • Joshua Wilson
    Joshua Wilson

    the hello neighbor was in a pattern all over again

  • Jake Franklin
    Jake Franklin

    The neighbor was agent d

  • Teresa Alonso
    Teresa Alonso

    wow matt 13:14

  • Debaki Miranda
    Debaki Miranda

    he tuk it

  • Jorge Mireles
    Jorge Mireles


  • Nicole Arias
    Nicole Arias

    I like your champs

  • Molex Jerome
    Molex Jerome

    Yes you did

  • Gabryś Matt
    Gabryś Matt


  • Gabryś Matt
    Gabryś Matt

    Behind the pillow money bag

  • Gabryś Matt
    Gabryś Matt

    We’ll I do

  • Vasi Ant
    Vasi Ant


  • Miyah Dingle
    Miyah Dingle

    Game master network did you has been meeting the tapes with Maddy whenever Maddie went to in the movie theater to check if they were there they went there because Daniel had them and net and he hit them behind the gumbo the scene because Maddie looked in there and they want to do it and he thought since he he thought that if he put it in the same place that think it’s gone so he put it behind the gumball machine gumball machine

  • Breanna Campos
    Breanna Campos

    Maddie Rick Noah and mat were dancing in the back

  • Eddie Gauche
    Eddie Gauche


  • Larrese Menton
    Larrese Menton


  • Jodeyris Valentin
    Jodeyris Valentin


  • Merigona Kolgecaj
    Merigona Kolgecaj

    Hello neighbor is so easy when I played the game

  • Myrna Flores
    Myrna Flores


  • Russell Clark
    Russell Clark

    y’all make fun of her but think if u had kids u would rather them watch her they like someone inappropriate

  • TikTok Family
    TikTok Family

    Hi Game master network I just want to tell you happy Valentine’s Day and Valentines is my birthday and I hope Rebecca is feeling better🥰

  • Jersey Lea
    Jersey Lea

    ❤ i am so sorry for ur baby it is gone if it was born it would be so cute ❤

  • Jackie Lopez Villagrez
    Jackie Lopez Villagrez

    im am a biggit fann plz come to my house doung drive number of my house is 106

  • Shakanta Jones
    Shakanta Jones

    I ship R icknoa and Maddie

  • Clare Whibley
    Clare Whibley

    I love how rebbeca acts

  • piluss aromatiq
    piluss aromatiq

    this my dad acun

  • piluss aromatiq
    piluss aromatiq

    please see that i love ur vit

  • piluss aromatiq
    piluss aromatiq

    rebecca how do i download games mester app

  • Celebrity Walls
    Celebrity Walls

    just for ddaniel thumbs down

  • gan hyun yuik
    gan hyun yuik


  • abby thompson
    abby thompson

    hello neighbor is agent D i love the game master network.

  • Keira Haney
    Keira Haney

    Game master Network the back of money is under the couch pillow look under the pillow and you see the


    It was not there the table quarter was not behind the gumbo machine Daniel took it and he put it back inside the safe house inside the house in when he was getting out you guys call him something doing something I don’t know🤔🤔🤔 Daniel sauce Houston busters Is the imposter hitting it behind it🤣🤣🤣


    I bet the woman’s head a little house I thought something flirting with other girls

  • Andy Young
    Andy Young

    Called Daniel sold the store TT

    • Andy Young
      Andy Young


  • Erin J
    Erin J

    Daniel took the tape

  • Hornet Hornet
    Hornet Hornet

    Game night game night

  • Christopher Gossett
    Christopher Gossett

    The para were Matt said is it your ex I started cracking up 🤣 lol

  • Maryanne Gaming
    Maryanne Gaming

    10:14- 10:21 Rick Noah Matt and Maddie all foimg some weird hype dance Got me laughing so hard

  • Kristine Tedesco
    Kristine Tedesco

    Do a video where rick noah🙋I was your first subscriber

    • Kristine Tedesco
      Kristine Tedesco

      Takes his mask

  • Cali Handlen
    Cali Handlen


  • Amanda Fulks
    Amanda Fulks


  • Amanda Fulks
    Amanda Fulks

    5:54 I’m so sorry for you

  • Jason Skramsted
    Jason Skramsted

    I love your videos game master network

  • Helen Torres
    Helen Torres

    Daniel has been listening to the tapes

  • Chesney Craig
    Chesney Craig

    Put Paige in the network intro.

  • Robbin Banks
    Robbin Banks

    Rebecca i died my hear pink

  • thesnowman0121

    I love you guys

  • Eileen Riordan
    Eileen Riordan

    behind pillow

  • Manene Rodriguez
    Manene Rodriguez

    It back for the billions

  • Sreeja Viswanath
    Sreeja Viswanath


  • Kamal Ibrahim
    Kamal Ibrahim

    I noo it was hello neighbor

  • Sarahi A
    Sarahi A

    Game master phone work if you're still reading this I just wanted to say I'm a big fan and I try my best to get all your match

  • Puseletso Mokorotlo NTENE
    Puseletso Mokorotlo NTENE

    The BFF of mat is Jan R because he name starts with R

  • Phongman82

    Look in your plates that’s the best hiding spot he put it there probably

  • Phongman82

    It’s on your plate somewhere

  • Michael Maxwell
    Michael Maxwell

    I love your videos!

  • Kaysha Harding
    Kaysha Harding

    Danail sus

  • alayce gonzalez
    alayce gonzalez


  • demani robinson
    demani robinson

    I think I going to win because I already watched the video after this one hey he so sorry for the Miss spelling I'm just not doing this right and I'm doing voice recorder so yeah and by the way you're not safe need to sleep cast Cloud them so you can tell the emotions from motions from King pain just send me a notification now tell you all you need to know and tell me you are not safe please defeat Queen painting using me Christmas play our Christmas play remix RNE play so so I I will want you if you don't follow this and look at the comments you don't look at the comments Damani Robinson you'll be in great danger until you lock the doors lock the windows oh and shut up Al by send me a notification and shut off alie

  • Jayden Nguyen
    Jayden Nguyen

    Matt say don’t get the watermelon now he say don’t get the key 🔑

    • Jayden Nguyen
      Jayden Nguyen

      He also say do you find Rebecca no

  • Mike Brady
    Mike Brady

    The crown is in the dishwasher and the miscarry crown is in the cobbard whith the plates something is behind a pillow

  • sm Fry
    sm Fry

    Love u and stay sweet stay strong

  • sm Fry
    sm Fry

    Love u

  • Ginny Puls
    Ginny Puls

    I think Rick noa likes Maddie in the special way

  • naiira

    Guys remember this is just like Piggy

  • Laiah Cardoso
    Laiah Cardoso

    I need the money is behind a pillow and also the queen I don't know where it is but he didn't show me it he didn't show us women's coin dated in so I don't know what the point is I do know I told you where is the money

  • Kerlly Lopez
    Kerlly Lopez

    Highly recommended

  • Terēze Riekstiņa
    Terēze Riekstiņa


  • Rosemary Triner
    Rosemary Triner


  • Rosemary Triner
    Rosemary Triner

    Yes I think you will win you are all

  • Serenity Henderson
    Serenity Henderson

    Are sus

  • Jay M
    Jay M

    Hello i am your bigs fan😇😇😇😇

  • Jay M
    Jay M

    Hello i am your bigs fan


    It agent d