Valentine's Day! In today's video, Dixie and I celebrate our Valentine's Day weekend with a little surprise I put together. Enjoy!
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  • Sahira Rodriguez
    Sahira Rodriguez

    For all the people commenting on how dixie is with noah just like stop... She can litterally read these comments. If she is having a bad day or not feeling well then she is. All I know is people start juding so fast based what they saw on the screen. Not everything is based on what you see. She couldv'e had an amazing time with him but then again people have different personality's. So stop saying she "looks bored" or she "dosen't love him". She does but dosen't show it on screen. They are human as well and somtimes need priviacy. And if she does or doesn't, if she shows it on a stupid screen or not, who are you to be commenting and ruining the whole point of the video. Who are you to judge someone so fast based on a dumb screen. Overall, I wish Noah and Dixe the world and I hope they are happy how they are. AND I WISH PEOPLE STOP FRICKING JUDGING HER OR HER PERSONALTY GODDAMN.

  • Lacey Shill
    Lacey Shill

    y’all need to calm down. i came to the comments too read some nice vibey comments, but all i see is hate on there relationship. like common obviously she doesn’t want to put makeup on, but at least she went on the trip!! i can tell noah doesn’t care how she looks or act. he just cares if she likes it or not! so leave then be!!

  • lil shartie
    lil shartie

    noah deserves wayyy better. dixie doesn’t look like the gives one fat shit about what he does for her.

  • Draco Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy

    Noah Neck 💓

  • Natalie Lopez
    Natalie Lopez

    The Chihuahua part 💀✋

  • soinhu foitu
    soinhu foitu

    I love how Noah does everything for Dixie. He has things custom made and everything. That is so cute🥺

  • imanz vidz
    imanz vidz

    dixie: rich boyfriend check

  • lxnley cameroni
    lxnley cameroni

    yall stfu abt this relationship. is it ur business? no. so stop hating on the relationship off of what u see on camera. stop thinking ur the most important people in the world and ur opinion is valid to everyone. u wanted them together, here u go. dixie is mentally exhausted and depressed with anxiety. so no she isnt gonna be happy all the time. but noah supports her. yall need to stop looking at everything from the bad side of it god. when can yall not be toxic for once.


    Wow love you doah forever

    • soinhu foitu
      soinhu foitu

      Intro song namw

  • Maryam Bin Kalban
    Maryam Bin Kalban

    Remember when Grifen tried taking Dixie on a helicopter but failed

  • Georgina's life
    Georgina's life

    WHY WAS I CRINGING THROUGH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and when he called Dixie dicks I started cracking us so hard lol

  • mm carts22
    mm carts22

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  • Alison Jenkins
    Alison Jenkins

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  • hi hi
    hi hi

    She really said nApTiMeEeEeEeEeE😌😌😌😌

  • mikin lirou
    mikin lirou

    it’s okay guys, he just glitched in the beginning

  • Jaden Lee
    Jaden Lee

    Jesus loves you

  • Hassa Medici
    Hassa Medici

    3:09 Why did I laugh so hard? HAJSHAJSHJAHSJAHSJAHAJHS

  • Audrey Kuykendall
    Audrey Kuykendall

    It’s funny bc griffin took her on a airplane and now becks doing it

  • Aribella Menold
    Aribella Menold

    lol you know it’s Dixie when you see a girl in a oversized hoodie 😂

    • mikin lirou
      mikin lirou

      He nevrshowed us the book

  • Alok Shah
    Alok Shah

    Dixie is really a person who will say 'Ya it was cool' if Noah asks her how was everything 🤣😂

  • Aruveer Yadav
    Aruveer Yadav

    03:09 for a moment I thought 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • tekle beridze
    tekle beridze


  • amir ahmad
    amir ahmad

    Name intro

  • amir ahmad
    amir ahmad

    Intro song namw

  • Leah M
    Leah M

    Y’all are saying that she is sad or doesn’t like him. You can clearly tell that she is just nervous on camera. I definitely think that if the cameras were off she would be smiling laughing and having the best relationship. Also, they are literally the cutest ever. luv u guys

  • Milani Spade
    Milani Spade

    Hi gibby

  • Mollie Constantino
    Mollie Constantino

    dixie is such a mood

  • Teeyana Ramos Lewis
    Teeyana Ramos Lewis


  • josef

    Really people watch this? How come? I really don’t understand What is his talent ? Rich white man ? Sad I’m very sad

  • Sammy Rice
    Sammy Rice

    Someone clearly doesn’t pay attention to what day of the week it is 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ireri Caro
    Ireri Caro

    I follow Dixie on tiktok I love the video

  • بنت خليل
    بنت خليل

    Dead vibe maan..hope she feels better

  • Khloe Scott
    Khloe Scott

    He nevrshowed us the book

  • Tik Tok Balkan Offical
    Tik Tok Balkan Offical


    • Emily An
      Emily An

      Oh cute 🥰

  • Tik Tok Balkan Offical
    Tik Tok Balkan Offical


    • Emily An
      Emily An

      Hey no a neck

  • Lily Smith
    Lily Smith

    Can u do a house tour

  • Marissa Zghayyar
    Marissa Zghayyar


  • Lucas Lidgett
    Lucas Lidgett

    I agree with you

    • Lucas Lidgett
      Lucas Lidgett

      I agree with you brihanna

  • hannah _pog
    hannah _pog

    *the second version of daved dobrek*

  • Amber O'Brien
    Amber O'Brien

    I hope she's okay! She seems so drained and always tired, that depression ain't no joke! I hope she gets some soul healing!! Love y'all! I miss her little talk show on her channel!

  • Annabelle F
    Annabelle F

    She didn’t even say thanks you! She was kinda ungrateful......

  • Alien ElinPup
    Alien ElinPup

    The thumbnail tho- 🤢🤮

  • Xbutterxxliily

    Y’all all saying “it looks like she doesn’t appreciate what he is doing” nah she does she just has a bland attitude like me 👍

  • you_you_las

    He calls her dix but I heard it so wrong at first :/

  • AngelDograYT Gaming
    AngelDograYT Gaming

    Dear Noah, you are just a great boyfriend to Dixie. You guys are perfect for each other! ❤️

  • Shelby Robertson
    Shelby Robertson

    Noah treats dixie so nice but it's like she doesn't even care ugh I hate her 🙄🖐️

  • Brody Johnson
    Brody Johnson

    4:20 🥵

  • Spyerk Smith
    Spyerk Smith

    Hey no a neck

  • اروى يعقوب سالم علي بايعقوب المشيخي
    اروى يعقوب سالم علي بايعقوب المشيخي

    Oh cute 🥰

  • Kageyama Recordings
    Kageyama Recordings

    Dixie takes the biggest dumps.

  • Daniela Montemayor
    Daniela Montemayor

    Dixie is a mood tbh taking naps anywhere

  • Emily An
    Emily An

    "tomorrow is valentine's da- tomorrow will be frida- today's friday. tomorrow will be Saturday"

  • samantha leblond
    samantha leblond

    Beautifully panned Noah great job much love ❤️ from Toronto Canada 🇨🇦

  • Evie Moon
    Evie Moon

    3:30 omg they are so cute I can’t-

  • Moriah Gregory
    Moriah Gregory

    Noah every time he sees Dixie “hey it’s my baby 🥰”

  • Jelly._.ViDeOs

    You should take a visit to the pencilvania the zip line is from all the way from the top of the mountain to the bottom coasters r also fun

    • Emily An
      Emily An

      everything he’s done for you amen .

  • Sajeesh Aadharsh
    Sajeesh Aadharsh

    Dude plans a Valentine’s weekend which really is his adventure weekend 😂

  • amore -
    amore -

    i’m sorry but you know those fake cliche texting couple pranks? That’s even more entertaining than dixie towards this relationship

  • Mad Mad
    Mad Mad

    Everything’s so chillll

  • Jake Harrison
    Jake Harrison

    This is why you don’t go for looks, Noah has everything and Dixie just got the looks because her mom is pretty n shit. No personality there, if she’s so depressed and down why don’t she reconsider her life decisions. She’s around my age, it’s known that fame isn’t all that. Y’all hyped them both up too much, they’re just normal people as you can see. Why do they deserve fame? I wouldn’t want it because of examples like these. All Dixie was on that trip was ungrateful, fake and moody. Ewwww

  • Poppy Isla Cansfield
    Poppy Isla Cansfield

    3:11 my life

  • Sadia Nishat
    Sadia Nishat

    The most boring thing I’ve ever seen 😀

  • Livinia Donnelly
    Livinia Donnelly

    Dear reader... Only 1000/7 billion people are probably reading this... If you think about that... This is good luck... And this is meant for you... People love you... You mean a lot to lots of people.... You’re 10x attractive then you look in the mirror.... Your beautiful.... Stay safe.. Stay beautiful... Stay kind... And thx for reading this message x Idk why you are still reading Bc there’s nothing else . . \___________/

  • Livinia Donnelly
    Livinia Donnelly

    If they break up ever I will quit TikTok bc it just won’t be the same Edit: I won’t actually quit I just will cry for a while..

  • Ghida .G
    Ghida .G

    Caught Breaking Ruleees

  • Nabs

    Little chuwuwa 🥺

  • Nabs

    Wait we’re they for real?😰

  • Nabs


  • Nabs


  • fxrnii

    Everyone Jesus is coming soon , give your life to him he loves you so much ,don’t ignore this please , this is a sign.repeant from your sins and pray everyday, thank Jesus for everything he’s done for you amen .

  • Giselle Roman
    Giselle Roman

    Yes he treats Dixie like a queen like he is just such a good boyfriend good job Noah Beck

  • talia brown
    talia brown

    Sometimes youtubers might accurately forget their filming with something there interested in like dicie looked out into the view plz comment if I am right

  • Liv gAmeZ Andezz
    Liv gAmeZ Andezz

    Dixie’s dad be like: WHY IS THERE ONLY ONE BED!

  • Nari Washington
    Nari Washington

    Me watching this because I’m single and my cuz has a crush on Noah beck

  • M

    They are so cute together. Noah is a sweetheart and Dixie you’re beautiful. Don’t listen to the haters!! They don’t know your life

  • Marielisr20 9
    Marielisr20 9

    Hi noah

  • evelin ✨🤗🌼
    evelin ✨🤗🌼

    Noah, you have such a pure heart don’t ever change. I love you and Dixie together, and I don’t think she’s “bland” or whatever people call it.. towards you it’s hard to explain but I know Dixie loves you.

  • Miyohna Nesmith
    Miyohna Nesmith

    Oh heck naw u cheating on meee 😢😥

  • Patrick

    You and Musty Dimelio are so cute!!!

  • Joelle Bayles
    Joelle Bayles

    these comments are so dry and hateful. If you would open your eyes you could see that Dixie is struggling mentally and Noah is just trying to give her a break and let her relax...he does all these nice things for her its so cute and yall should really put you in Dixie's shoes...on top of depression she has so much hate as an influencer, and they are just trying to catch a dam break...give them a break plss.

  • Kristina Franco
    Kristina Franco

    This is the most boring Couples Video I have ever seen

    • Sadia Nishat
      Sadia Nishat

      Righttt like this whole video was so boring and there’s no chemistry between this couple i never watch these famous tiktokers but this was in my recommendation

  • Blood Demons
    Blood Demons

    The "cuwawa" looks more triggered

  • Dale DeWitt
    Dale DeWitt

    You are the best bf treating her like the queen of england

  • Miley’s Crazy life
    Miley’s Crazy life

    Noah is the definition of a supporting boyfriend who takes care of Dixie everyday and that is honestly adorable and that is why I love doah. Like Noah and Dixie deserve the world

  • Liam Shalamar
    Liam Shalamar

    Traveling during a deadly pandemic and when asked why you respond with "it is what it is" why are people continuing to support selfish people potentially causing more deaths.

  • SapPynappY 1
    SapPynappY 1


  • Antonia Smith
    Antonia Smith

    I think Dixie forgot her manners...

  • Paige Thomas
    Paige Thomas

    I love you

  • Leila’s Edits
    Leila’s Edits

    No one: Literally no one: Noah figuring out his days if the week:

  • victoria 1919
    victoria 1919

    Dam.....wish I had a boyfriend that royals me with gifts and love 😂

  • Isabella Antonellis
    Isabella Antonellis

    They are such a cute couple

  • Kevin Hamilton
    Kevin Hamilton

    She is gorgeous you are so lucky bro 😍

  • Mikey DeAngelo
    Mikey DeAngelo

    How does one of the best dressed guys date one of the worst dressed girls.

  • Jenna Fox
    Jenna Fox

    Pandemic? What pandemic 🙄

    • Jenna Fox
      Jenna Fox

      Noah’s actually lowkey sweet tho

  • AI Purge
    AI Purge


  • Karl Jenkins
    Karl Jenkins

    I’m never gonna get over how cute they are, if the end WHICH THEY BETTER NOT they idk what love is

  • XX_bethany_XX Dye
    XX_bethany_XX Dye

    Aww this is so cute !!!!

  • Gilbert Trois
    Gilbert Trois

    You are in my top 10 biggest simp of all time

  • jeremiah honore
    jeremiah honore


  • Mariah Longboat
    Mariah Longboat

    Dixie literally looks like she doesn’t wanna be there at all it’s so sad to see noah so invested and her not at all