10 Banned Candies That Can KILL
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10 Candies Banned That Can KILL
ORIGINAL VIDEO: (lv-home.info/the/Y2SLrWjRgmiBms8/video.html&ab_channel=TopFives)

  • ItzLabeebPlayz

    come to islamabad if u ever come to pakistan

  • Kenzie wakelin
    Kenzie wakelin

    i sell the toxic waste chew bars at my work

  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay

    Toxic waste chew bar? I had that on holiday 2019.

  • Azan Timbers
    Azan Timbers

    These guys started defending kinder eggs

  • Black Rhino
    Black Rhino

    Do y’all not have kinder eggs in the UK? We have them everywhere in the us

  • Bradley Hutchings
    Bradley Hutchings

    Who else sniffed the Lucas stuff lmaoo

    • Bradley Hutchings
      Bradley Hutchings

      Also them candy cigarettes

  • maddy telford
    maddy telford

    They’ve never had a toxic waste chew bar omg I buy them all the time 💀some are sour some are sweet and I have A toxic waste addiction it’s not even sour they ARENTT BANNED

  • CH4ZZ4

    When u gonna munch down on that led then bros

  • Heather Freeman
    Heather Freeman

    Kinder eggs arnt banned in the uk! woop!

  • stranger_ Goku
    stranger_ Goku

    I live in spain and i do the cabalgata but in Barcelona no one died

  • Mo Ah
    Mo Ah

    2:58 3:07

  • Sarah Roberts
    Sarah Roberts

    Nahhh toxic waste I would never have that

  • Cédric Racicot
    Cédric Racicot

    Come get your kinder eggs in canada if you want them soo bad🤣🤣

  • Terra011

    kinder eggs isnt banned we eat them all the time in UK

  • Terra011

    this cideo got 346k likes where is that video of u guys eating toxic waste

  • Becky Bellingham
    Becky Bellingham

    At 3:55 did I hear vik say "there's Elmo" it's the cookie monster :l

  • xxprol0ganl0w7y xx
    xxprol0ganl0w7y xx

    Me sat here waiting for them to start singing ball shit On the kinder egg one lol

  • Mia .K
    Mia .K

    The one about exploding gum. The guy was makin some illegal stuff whilst chewing his gum.

  • ooga booga
    ooga booga

    “If a baby chokes on a toy, its a stupid kid anyways”

  • SyncTitanic8 860
    SyncTitanic8 860

    It got 300k likes

  • prxdy ugly
    prxdy ugly

    Harry's savage😂😂💔

  • Archer poppenbeck
    Archer poppenbeck


  • Tree

    Those cigarettes candies were the shit I still rmeber when they weren’t at my local store. I was devastated, only thing I ate

  • Sapphire Fabian-Lovely
    Sapphire Fabian-Lovely

    not my mates crushing palmer violets n sniifing them

  • BoroHenry 2k9
    BoroHenry 2k9

    When the sluge bar coming

  • Theweirdguyantics 29
    Theweirdguyantics 29

    Video: it’s banned to give free candy in spa1n Span n0nc3s: hey Kid gve me £1.50 and i’ll give u some candy and take you for a little trip

  • Banjo Bro
    Banjo Bro

    I have all of these at my local sweet shop

  • Rya Vydelingum
    Rya Vydelingum

    Is anyone not gonna mention how Vik called Cookie Monster Elmo? Ngl, I was triggered, but then just started dying with laughter. It's 3:53 if anyone wants to see it

  • Hossein_JJ

    Toxic waste has got to be the best sweet ever

  • Lorenzo the boss
    Lorenzo the boss


  • 88 rising fan
    88 rising fan

    12:42 Toby realizing they were doing blackface

  • Toby Tekkerz
    Toby Tekkerz

    by the way the owner of trolli is less than 20 years old

  • Chr15 tune5
    Chr15 tune5

    One of my friends past out from a toxic waste in class, that was fun I've also eaten the nuclear sludge chew bar thing, fuck

  • gram fn
    gram fn

    do it

  • Thisura Akuressa
    Thisura Akuressa

    Anybody smoked rockets? Jus me?

  • Ithan Gaming
    Ithan Gaming


  • Harrison Piskadlo
    Harrison Piskadlo

    Day nine of asking for a nuclear munch bar

  • DonnerK

    The timestamp of the choking baby line: 3:07

  • Ninjapooface

    #bringbackfat ethan

  • Ismail Bilal
    Ismail Bilal

    4:44 i swear ive ate that Edit: nvm it was banned in 2011 Only relation i can make is ita pakistani, and i was in pakistan at the time

  • coolio c josephs
    coolio c josephs

    10 seconds later Harry chokes on a toy.



  • Raymond Boop
    Raymond Boop

    The exploding gum was on 1000 ways to die

  • Smaug 8103
    Smaug 8103

    I remember toxic waste, and on my first time I put like 6 of the sweets in my mouth and died.

    • Tea is yummy.
      Tea is yummy.

      I’ve bled after having too many

  • James Mackenzie
    James Mackenzie

    On Amazon theirs a box that contains them. I didn’t know they were recalled. There’s a toxic waste box that includes a bunch of them

  • UKStudiosNE

    The nuclear sludge bars are sold in one stops in the north east I'd be amazed if they didn't elsewhere in the UK

  • ADV con
    ADV con

    the thing is ive had a chewbar this year and i didnt know

  • Jennifer Veitch
    Jennifer Veitch

    I have ate one five of the toxic waist and was fine

  • Meme Man
    Meme Man

    Why didn't they hire explosive gum guy in ww2

  • It’s Safaa
    It’s Safaa

    LETS GET 300k likes Now they 3540k likes did they try it did they?

  • imogen glover
    imogen glover

    harry laughing at a girl choking on a kinder egg toy is the best thing

  • Taylor Davey
    Taylor Davey

    they still do the sludge bars 40p

  • Caro Wells
    Caro Wells

    I think the UK still bans the import of chickens from the US because between 5 and 10 percent of chickens produced the the US are washed with cold water with a small amount of chlorine. It’s strange because the European Food Safety Authority says this treatment poses no threat to consumers, yet they stick to the ban anyway. With some products, it’s more about protecting a market from competition than concern over consumer’s’ health.

  • Not Deez
    Not Deez


  • Caro Wells
    Caro Wells

    Since Kinder didn’t care about the market enough to change anything, Yowie got in after making a sort of substitute for for Kinder Surprise that changed the packagiing a little bit, just enough to legally get around the FDA regulations, and now they own the entire American market.

  • Deranged Ace
    Deranged Ace

    15:13 wtf we still have these in sweden istg. Lmao

  • Mohammed Suffian
    Mohammed Suffian

    5:00 love that quote lessons fav movie after dark knight ffs rip Heath ledger

  • frog gamer
    frog gamer

    In a 1000 ways to die there is a similar death that occurs when a man chews his gum and blows up

  • Angel Torres
    Angel Torres

    Vic is not funny I think he shouldn’t be in a sidemen videos anymore

  • Innocent Rag
    Innocent Rag

    why smarties not banned

  • Hana Andonov
    Hana Andonov

    300k likes bro

  • Lily Hull
    Lily Hull

    i’ve grown up snorting everything why they so surprised

  • Reef England
    Reef England

    They have the toxic waste nuclear sludge bar on Amazon

  • Bradley on 60 fps
    Bradley on 60 fps


  • Aaliyah Townsend
    Aaliyah Townsend

    The toxic waste chew sweet are in the uk still I’m eating one right now there in a toxic waste pack with different toxic waste sweet

  • Elias Hernandez
    Elias Hernandez

    Lucas smackes

  • Roman Brightman
    Roman Brightman

    Tobi's reaction to harry saying "it was a stupid baby" shows harry gonna have a kid only for 5 days

  • Masalmeh Rami
    Masalmeh Rami

    The tedious health fittingly suggest because frost unknowingly delay qua a telling toenail. foamy, third tire

  • Yunz43lx12

    Bro toxic waste isn’t banned I had it yesterday

  • ZayTube

    Vick: That didn't age well Me: Neither did the kids who ate this candy

  • dante hamaru
    dante hamaru

    11:21 1000 ways to die throwback

  • Lydia Courtney
    Lydia Courtney

    There in cork

  • Mensch Mensch
    Mensch Mensch

    uhhhh i live in germany and we still have those cigaret things

  • eliana

    i had candy cigarettes in 2019 in switzerland LMAO

  • 1 F4bb
    1 F4bb

    Well I have had the haribo gummy bears

  • lil_sul

    whheres thhe nuclear sludge

  • Sebi Bergamini
    Sebi Bergamini

    Ok, I'm not proud of this but here it is, at a school trip we stayed in a juvenile hotel, I'm in Switzerland so there are these candies called Traubenzucker, they are supposed to give you energy for sports because its sugar from fruit. It comes in the compacted tablet, my friend had a bunch of them and we were I'm 6th grade... The entire grade was doing lines of it when the teacher wasn't around. One kid did a lot of that sugar powder and got sick, on the way back my friend being the dumbass that he was tried to do a line of cocoa powder in the backseat of the van... Edit: Switzerland also sells candy cigarettes at festivals and they have powdered sugar as smoke, I once pranked my dad with it, it didn't go as well he was unimpressed and not laughing...

  • SML Tea
    SML Tea

    All these candies are dangerous. Thank goodness this was all canceled.

  • 2D RKADE
    2D RKADE

    This was no doubt the greatest intro of all time, hands down. Incredible

  • Viktor Aggerholm
    Viktor Aggerholm

    fuck off Tobi, nobody likes you

  • Ella Langley
    Ella Langley

    It can’t just be me that doesn’t think toxic waste is sour but rainbow belts are 😂

  • Jack Robinson
    Jack Robinson

    Them toxic waste bars are still around I get them at my local shop.

    • imogen glover
      imogen glover

      same i love them tho

  • Gaius Caligula
    Gaius Caligula

    If your baby is gonna choke on a toy it was a stupid baby anyway - Harry Lewis 2021

  • Bojan Predojevic
    Bojan Predojevic

    We still have candy smokes tho

  • Xolder Nightingale
    Xolder Nightingale

    5:50 did Harry get told to be quiet ?

  • Tay _clarkson
    Tay _clarkson

    Did no one else find Harry trying not to laugh at the girl who died in France so cute 😂 his little smirk 😂

    • Tay _clarkson
      Tay _clarkson

      @Biscuits what 😂

    • Biscuits

      No, no homo

  • SolMaxiZ

    Hello there

  • Jack Mc garry
    Jack Mc garry

    Me in Ireland still having most of this candy in Ireland

    • Raeven Silhouetto
      Raeven Silhouetto

      Same here in the Netherlands lmao

  • enter name
    enter name


  • Melody Grace
    Melody Grace

    I have had one of them toxic waste bars...

    • Jack Robinson
      Jack Robinson


  • Levi James
    Levi James

    I like how kinder eggs are banned in America for like one kid choking but guns. "The second amendment says..." jacksh**

  • andrew westwood
    andrew westwood

    slugges for the sidemen

  • Norton Bros
    Norton Bros

    Toxic wastes are in AUSTRALIA

    • Jack Robinson
      Jack Robinson

      And UK

  • Curly

    I just want to point something I noticed out. 8:10 "Mexican Candy" from "South America".

  • RekeBear

    14:52 You're doing it wrong (I hope to God), you're supposed to *"suckle"* the red part until it completely melts in your mouth, only then can the candy truly be considered spent/eaten. 15:13 I used to kinda chew those back in my younger days, they tasted tastelessly bad (too much powder, thus it crumbled in your mouth like hell). Spat them right out of my mouth.

  • play general among
    play general among

    Whe have kinders in Europe

  • Ranferi Pineda B
    Ranferi Pineda B

    I still eat the Lucas candy

  • Untold Shadowblade
    Untold Shadowblade

    8:38 the kids at my school would do the same but with pixy sticks and got bloody noses

  • Chlo

    right it’s over 300k likes, let’s see these lead bars then bois (also pls don’t feel inclined and pls go careful if you do 😂)

  • Goku3653

    I always eat The Lucas candy

    • Ranferi Pineda B
      Ranferi Pineda B

      Yeah same