PLAYING AMONG US with SPY NINJAS New Roles Mod - Among Us in HD cuz It's in Real Life
Among Us in HD (cuz it's in real life)
After Chad Wild Clay made "COOLEST HACKS TO BECOME POPULAR AT SCHOOL - Epic Tik Tok Hacks Tested by Spy Ninjas", Vy Qwaint created "TIK TOK PRANKS - Trying Funny TikTok Hacks on Cool Friends To See if They Work", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "EXTREME RAP BATTLE ROYALE vs SPY NINJAS - Vy Qwaint & Melvin PZ9 vs Daniel & Regina w/ MC CWC", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "WHICH LV-homer Is My ENEMY? Spy Ninjas React To FGTeeV, Aphmau, Preston, LankyBox, and SSundee", the Spyninjas play Among Us in real life! Watch as the Spyninjas use teamwork and deception to make it through a game of Amoung Us at the Safehouse. Each player is given a crewmate or imposter role. The crewmates must focus on completing their tasks and challenges while avoiding being taken down by the imposter and solving the mystery of who the imposter is in the group. The ninjas must watch the behavior of the other players to discover who is being sus and who can or cant be trusted. Meanwhile, Imposters sabotage the Crewmate's completed tasks while also sneaking up on and defeating other players. Who will win the game, the crewmates or the imposter? Who is the must sus of all of the Spy Ninjas? Thank you for watching my suspiciously funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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  • Vy Qwaint
    Vy Qwaint

    This is my first time playing Among Us in Real Life. I need to improve my discussion skills during Emergency Meetings LOL

    • Isabella Warner
      Isabella Warner

      I'm a biggest fan of the by Ninja

    • Cristina Eni
      Cristina Eni


    • Kayden Naylor
      Kayden Naylor


    • Taylor Whitt
      Taylor Whitt

      @Poppy Whittingham did the Spurs win was posture

    • Jameel Mohammed
      Jameel Mohammed


  • Emily


  • Z M
    Z M

    20:40 did chad swear?

  • Bridget Odland
    Bridget Odland

    yes yes yes yes yes

  • Bridget Odland
    Bridget Odland


  • Bridget Odland
    Bridget Odland


  • Bridget Odland
    Bridget Odland


  • wendy silvestre
    wendy silvestre

    i sub

  • katherine forsyth
    katherine forsyth


  • Teri Hopwood
    Teri Hopwood

    The imposter only wins when there is one crew mate left and when Melvin’s gage fell out the imposter wins not crewmates

    • Teri Hopwood
      Teri Hopwood

      So the imposter won that round

  • abeer alfahad
    abeer alfahad


  • Bella Brown
    Bella Brown

    Melvin need to go faster about I’m gonna

  • Alicia Lupita
    Alicia Lupita

    I might get your new recrewt kit

  • Sejma Altumbabic
    Sejma Altumbabic


  • Renzy

    It. Is. Nadia. I. Yed. Yes

  • Rick Stephens
    Rick Stephens

    yes among us

  • Sunil Kartha
    Sunil Kartha


  • Farhat Pasha
    Farhat Pasha

    Hey guys mine Name is Daniel but an a

  • Farhat Pasha
    Farhat Pasha

    I never Play among US in IRL

  • Kassandra Princess Tiffany G. Mamaril
    Kassandra Princess Tiffany G. Mamaril


  • Femke Grijpma
    Femke Grijpma

    Melvin is de inpastr

  • Isabella Cruz
    Isabella Cruz

    Yes a bather one

  • A_ person
    A_ person

    Stop. Just stop. Please.. are you parents proud of you? Huh?

  • starlight cy
    starlight cy

    If I say spy ninjas three time I might get a comment I don,t think it will work😣

  • Aspect Juice
    Aspect Juice

    Actually no Melvin did not bring up the fact that Daniel was dead Regina dead

  • Todd Gustason
    Todd Gustason

    Don't say bad words

  • Sanjay Poordeen
    Sanjay Poordeen


  • Brandon Phillips
    Brandon Phillips

    I like win melfin did the Dan’s !😹😇😂😅😂🤣😅🇺🇸

  • Trever the gta Stunter
    Trever the gta Stunter


  • Trever the gta Stunter
    Trever the gta Stunter


  • Trever the gta Stunter
    Trever the gta Stunter


  • Trever the gta Stunter
    Trever the gta Stunter


  • Trever the gta Stunter
    Trever the gta Stunter


  • Brandon Phillips
    Brandon Phillips

    That’s so funny!😹😂😅🤣😇

  • Alexis Paz
    Alexis Paz


  • Aomsin Duangpim
    Aomsin Duangpim

    Vy Vyvy vy vy vy Yes

  • Aomsin Duangpim
    Aomsin Duangpim

    Vy hi

  • Aomsin Duangpim
    Aomsin Duangpim

    On ok

  • Vijayalakshmi shadasivam
    Vijayalakshmi shadasivam

    vy wow your are so bad at being snekey and you are snekey girl

  • Vijayalakshmi shadasivam
    Vijayalakshmi shadasivam


  • Nicole Wang
    Nicole Wang

    Daniel is bad at sleeping

  • Heather Johnson
    Heather Johnson

    I wanna play among us with y’all if y’all can just send a thing just got a join button then I could just press on it and then we can play together and you can see me😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    • Gacha super sister GO!
      Gacha super sister GO!

      And sameeeeeee

    • Gacha super sister GO!
      Gacha super sister GO!

      I liked this command

    • Gacha super sister GO!
      Gacha super sister GO!


  • Alex Mr
    Alex Mr


  • Alex Mr
    Alex Mr

    Wait were is part 3

  • Gweneth Gweneth Weee!!!
    Gweneth Gweneth Weee!!!

    Yes do more among us

  • Natalie Deeley
    Natalie Deeley


  • Mr.GhostyY ST
    Mr.GhostyY ST

    The 2nd round isn't fair because Melvin won so yeah

  • Shelby Lalonde
    Shelby Lalonde

    vys like your dead daniel everyones watching

  • anshu hyoju
    anshu hyoju

    I love to play among us it's so fun

  • Amira Jane
    Amira Jane

    👁👄👁 vy is so bad as being impostor

  • Hari Haran
    Hari Haran


  • LaTóxicaAlexa

    Yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeesssssssss do a Another one please

  • Anaiya Brar
    Anaiya Brar

    Yes play again

  • Nicole Barnett
    Nicole Barnett


  • CC Charmer
    CC Charmer

    Where are the vents

  • Blaze The Dragon Master
    Blaze The Dragon Master

    It says in the title new roles but there is no new roles

  • Claudia Illingworth
    Claudia Illingworth


  • Breaker Of New Dawn
    Breaker Of New Dawn


  • Karim Fuentes
    Karim Fuentes


  • Ferhat

    You need to vy i have played among us real life challenge too there was 4 people and there is 3 crewmates 1 impotser and i have played as well love you vy❤❤💖

  • Leah Bernstein
    Leah Bernstein

    i want you to do more among us videos

  • Karen Backiel
    Karen Backiel

    I don’t trust a hacker Peezy nine that’s the only way you can make us better

  • Marthese Theuma Scerri
    Marthese Theuma Scerri

    Look if I got it I would send it to you guys but I am not doing that because I don't know how to do that

  • Aashani Desmond
    Aashani Desmond


  • Bells Turner
    Bells Turner

    I am getting my ears

    • Project Zorgo Leader➊
      Project Zorgo Leader➊

      18:29 what do u mean



  • Nurazlina Aziz
    Nurazlina Aziz

    When Chad sad the die thing its gross so much

  • Boy Squad
    Boy Squad


  • Boy Squad
    Boy Squad

    The 10 million subscribers why does she not have their shirt the pink

  • mochi Cream
    mochi Cream

    daniel opens the door: regina :get away from me daniel:you get away from me! me:wha- u went in there daniel edit: i love the spy ninjas! WE ARE THE SPY NINJAS

  • gee Heslop
    gee Heslop

    It is not a boat it is a ship

  • Hodan Mohamed
    Hodan Mohamed

    1:2 #

  • Hodan Mohamed
    Hodan Mohamed

    melvin said shut up to daniel 4:27



  • ekrem gasi
    ekrem gasi

    yes NO

  • Ggg Ggg
    Ggg Ggg

    Hiii i am a big fan plsss shoutout

  • Chorti P
    Chorti P

    Love this

  • akshatha murthy
    akshatha murthy

    I love you spy ninjas

  • Olivia Bird
    Olivia Bird

    vy is dad

  • Olivia Bird
    Olivia Bird


  • Olivia Bird
    Olivia Bird


  • Isa L.
    Isa L.

    Imagine the hatch a vent and regean vented imagine in round 3

  • Robert Rutherford
    Robert Rutherford

    Y E S

  • Silvester G
    Silvester G


  • Cindy Hodgkinson
    Cindy Hodgkinson

    I really like your guises videos

  • Adrian Alfaro guerrero
    Adrian Alfaro guerrero


  • Adrian Alfaro guerrero
    Adrian Alfaro guerrero

    I did it meant that it my little brother

  • Tanecia King
    Tanecia King


  • Tanecia King
    Tanecia King

    I like play Among Us

  • Layla Hailan
    Layla Hailan

    Give me ice cream brother my brother and the Impostor do you get it ice cream with a I And also for impostor yes let’s do more of these impostor games I have a brother his name is Badr And my name is Layla I have Roblox and my brother doesn’t like Among us we did it in real life and I nearly won but I was only seven years old it was a bit hard for me because I’m only seven and my brother is 11 and my brother friendWas there and there’s only three people and I’m nearly won

    • Evan Shievdayal
      Evan Shievdayal

      Too much

  • Kerry Clarke
    Kerry Clarke


  • Kerry Clarke
    Kerry Clarke

    I l l l l !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!😃😄😄😄😄😄😄😁😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😅😅😅😍😍

  • Dariel Derrick
    Dariel Derrick

    The spy ninjas should play a roblox game together

  • John Hobson
    John Hobson

    can you be on live please

  • Levir Deesha
    Levir Deesha


  • John Hobson
    John Hobson

    spy ninjas team take out the project zorgo i can fight too vy and chad Melvin Daniel and Regina you all are the best fighters

  • Marina Castillo
    Marina Castillo

    Melvin is the Imposter

  • Marina Castillo
    Marina Castillo

    Melvin is the Imposter

  • Tracy Wright
    Tracy Wright

    I am the storker

  • Nevaeh Morley
    Nevaeh Morley

    Happy 10 mil vy

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