Maddie SECRET REVEAL with Strangers in Our HOUSE Challenge!
Maddie's secret reveal. First Matt and Rebecca created "Daniel Sent Us Back to Detention for 24 Hours!" Next Rebecca Zamolo uploaded "How to WIN a DATE! Nerd Vs Popular Girl Challenge to Reveal Rebecca's Secret." Finally the Game Master Network made "Eating Only One Color Food For 24 Hours Challenge." Now its Matts turn again to go back to the future in the 90's just like saved by the bell. If he gets the memory ball back from the era Matt and get the final memory needed to get RZ Twins missing memories back. Maddie's secret is something she hasn't told us since she moved away. What could it be? In order for Matt to get the memory he must be the the last standing in the house. His best friend is nice but evil. Rebecca isn't even interested in having a crush on Matt anymore. Maybe the challenges will reveal a weakness? First is a giant obstacle course in the backyard. Next is a fear factor challenge. Finally they must play hide and seek to find the mystery memory. Who do you think will win? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.
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  • Matt and Rebecca
    Matt and Rebecca

    Try the don't skip challenge and watch it all the way through for a shout out! We need your help to solve what happens.

    • Mia Gilliatt
      Mia Gilliatt

      Daryl is working with the RHS

    • Kenleigh Marie Eakins
      Kenleigh Marie Eakins

      Guys I really love you LV-home channel no seriously I'm on LV-home to yeah I just wanted to say that I love you LV-home channel😎😉😊 And I like unicorns no silly love unicorns🦄 and my name is my name Kenleigh@ and I am on Tik Tok I and I doll yeah Tik Tok and I like them I press the heart

    • Orlaith Marie
      Orlaith Marie

      I love you guys and Daniel is not to be trusted

    • Brooklyn Popek
      Brooklyn Popek


    • Brookelyn Watson
      Brookelyn Watson


  • Anishah Alif Chowdhury
    Anishah Alif Chowdhury

    i saw RZ twin.

  • aditya baraskar
    aditya baraskar

    Daniel trapt Madi in the90s

  • Issabella Quadra
    Issabella Quadra

    Daniel trapped Maddie in the 90's don't trust Daniel he might trap you too

  • Girl gamer Joya Sweid
    Girl gamer Joya Sweid

    Anyone fasting for ramadan?

  • Sin Sonisa
    Sin Sonisa

    Kick maddie out of the Zamfam if she not reveal her secret

  • kayden wood
    kayden wood

    Daniel is a traitor

  • joslynette morales
    joslynette morales

    i saw rz twin behind rick noah

  • Alberto Matehuala
    Alberto Matehuala

    I saw Arzie twin

  • Ashlei Wright
    Ashlei Wright

    Wright said the company was expected that would have a record high five or decades of major trade in which they o 9 so I gotta

  • Ashlei Wright
    Ashlei Wright


  • Ashlei Wright
    Ashlei Wright


  • Ashlei Wright
    Ashlei Wright


  • The Rabbit and Bubba
    The Rabbit and Bubba

    Daniel is evil 😈

  • Donalee Pollard
    Donalee Pollard


  • Makayla Adams
    Makayla Adams

    Becky said 143

  • Makayla Adams
    Makayla Adams

    That was in the hospital

  • Emily Aldridge
    Emily Aldridge

    the memory ball is in the motherboard and Daniel trapped Maddie in the 70s And Daniel is lying to you and Daniel was the one who put the rhs in the 50s dinner

  • Faouzi Bourass
    Faouzi Bourass

    Daniel trap nadie in the 90s daniel betrat the zamfam He is now evil daniel

  • Onyok Maris
    Onyok Maris

    When when matt say winner it was wrong beacaus it was weird

  • Christina Shalini
    Christina Shalini

    I saw to rhs in the camera

  • Kate C
    Kate C

    DO NOT TRUST DANIEL he is evil he was the one that kicked maddie off the cameras at the vampire party

  • Sofia Pacheco
    Sofia Pacheco


  • Soapy Sponge
    Soapy Sponge

    daniel is evil. he sent the stuff to king pin and trapped maddie in the rz vision

  • Lewis Johnson
    Lewis Johnson


  • Zarzar Blanchard
    Zarzar Blanchard

    People but I don’t know

  • Tracy Halloran
    Tracy Halloran

    I don’t know what to say I’m not gonna go slow this is the time going by the house

  • Maya Hotaran
    Maya Hotaran


  • Maya Hotaran
    Maya Hotaran


  • Payton Vlogs
    Payton Vlogs

    I am so mad at Maddie

  • day c
    day c


  • Sidra Dana Ibrahim
    Sidra Dana Ibrahim

    hi Rebecca i am a huge fan

  • Ishanvi Kalpoe
    Ishanvi Kalpoe


  • Tanner Smith
    Tanner Smith

    I saw to read people

  • y1 SA
    y1 SA

    i saw rz twin

  • Olaa Moh'd
    Olaa Moh'd

    i hate daniel wow...

  • Jessica Perez
    Jessica Perez

    Maddie has a crush on Rick Noah and Rick Noah like Maddie but they dot no

  • Philip Brittain
    Philip Brittain

    Kingpin and the RHS

  • Laura Bednarz
    Laura Bednarz

    I love it when Rick Noah found the black box but said that it was a red box instead. Love your vids Rebecca and Matt

  • Maria Albastaki
    Maria Albastaki

    Is Rick Noah color blind he said red box to a black box

  • Melanie Bedoni
    Melanie Bedoni

    i saw a rhs

  • Angela Genethli
    Angela Genethli

    Matt said wait daniel im

  • Eola Harter
    Eola Harter


  • tham danny
    tham danny

    Who Ship RZ Twin with game master or Daniel cause idk who to ship with help me please I'll do anything for you cause your my king & Queen

  • Delena Nelson
    Delena Nelson

    Daniel trapped madie

  • Delena Nelson
    Delena Nelson

    Oh no rick Noah went somewhere else the game master got him

  • Coco Nakhle
    Coco Nakhle


  • Amber Rose
    Amber Rose

    Bono and sorry to say this but Daniel's evil

  • Amber Rose
    Amber Rose

    Daniel track mat inside TV show Daniel is bad

  • Amber Rose
    Amber Rose

    Wales anthem I'm sorry to say this but one of your friends to Matty inside the elevator TV show but Matt is not you and Rebecca it's not you either it's none of you guys but it's Daniel who did that he was trapping your best friend Rebecca inside the rally of 2:3 show

  • Amber Rose
    Amber Rose

    The RHS is Roxton with no and he's trying and I is going to get Noah the r8s this is going to get Rick Noah and captain forever go take in the channel because we can always get in Catford

  • Amber Rose
    Amber Rose

    Somebody's watching Vick Noah

  • Isa Ahmed
    Isa Ahmed

    Vampire mansion

  • Yamileth Sanchez
    Yamileth Sanchez

    I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate this

  • Nikki Jade Carig
    Nikki Jade Carig

    I didn’t see anything.

  • Emily Garrett
    Emily Garrett

    I don't trust Daniel he has been working with Kingpin and don't trust

  • Malillany Olivares Aviles
    Malillany Olivares Aviles

    I hate maddie

  • Wesley Mcree
    Wesley Mcree

    I know the color of Rick Noah hair

  • Wesley Mcree
    Wesley Mcree

    I knew it and I'm about to like right now

  • Wesley Mcree
    Wesley Mcree

    I think we actually have but I don't know what it is?

  • Wesley Mcree
    Wesley Mcree

    How come Matt didn't reveal his secret not fair for the girls I'm sorry like what the heck he should reveal his secret when he went and because Rebecca did.

  • Adriana Campos
    Adriana Campos

    I see the RHS

  • Adriana Campos
    Adriana Campos

    I have nothing but I love you ❤️😘💕 hope you are 👍🏼 okay

  • Obama Bin Laden
    Obama Bin Laden

    I think Maddie likes rich Noah

  • Titi

    Daniel trapped Arzie twin in the 90s

  • Titi

    No that was the demon pen

  • amey jolliffe
    amey jolliffe

    i litrialy just watched the vampire mansion

  • Nichole Lastra
    Nichole Lastra

    I saw two Rhs

  • Hala Issa
    Hala Issa

    200 K

  • Mary Ward
    Mary Ward

    I saw kingpin and Aussie twin

  • Keta Channel
    Keta Channel

    maddie do to much she have just said it

  • Kirby House
    Kirby House

    Maddaie is so mean if maddaie dose not reveal her secret I am going to on follow you anymore

    • Kirby House
      Kirby House


  • Ayana Williams
    Ayana Williams

    3 Daniel is working for the rhs

  • irshad lowtun
    irshad lowtun

    Do not trust daniel

  • Timothy Smart
    Timothy Smart

    I saw re cest

  • justice wubker
    justice wubker


  • justice wubker
    justice wubker


  • Codi Munsch
    Codi Munsch

    Rick is sus

  • Louella Cummer
    Louella Cummer


  • Best gamer roblox Alharbi
    Best gamer roblox Alharbi


  • Icey Glow
    Icey Glow

    Don’t trust Daniel he trapped Maddie in the 90’s and sent the memories to Kingpin

  • Icey Glow
    Icey Glow

    I think Maddie ‘s secrete is that she has a crush or she has a crush on Rick Noah

  • Emily Thomas
    Emily Thomas


  • Paul Sylvester
    Paul Sylvester

    DANIEL IS EVILLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul Sylvester
    Paul Sylvester

    i didnt skip (:

  • helen flannigan
    helen flannigan

    The .ast 1 is ghost busters

    • helen flannigan
      helen flannigan

      On the 4th one it was ghost bhsters

  • Serenity West
    Serenity West

    Wait the other way I watch evil then we'll weigh the same as he got on

  • Zanna Leinneweber
    Zanna Leinneweber

    Red Hood

  • Shaylee Bowers
    Shaylee Bowers

    i love your guys videos so much

  • Shaylee Bowers
    Shaylee Bowers

    so interesting

  • Robert Veenvliet
    Robert Veenvliet

    I saw RHS😑

  • Mysia Pink Pailagao
    Mysia Pink Pailagao


  • Alyssa Clarke
    Alyssa Clarke

    Don't trust Kingpin did join Hocus Pocus she was there and join Robin Hood she was there trust me Alyssa Clark I love your videos I know that made from heart and I know it you've been going through a long time but Maddie you're the best you are the best girl in the world and Rebecca you are to the best girl in the world to and they love your videos you are the best in the world and Matt you don't need to print them anymore

  • Kaslus Xiong
    Kaslus Xiong

    Guys help I'm trapped on the game master

  • Ryan Parkes
    Ryan Parkes


  • Betty Staggs
    Betty Staggs

    What is up with Daniel

  • Lorena Vasquez
    Lorena Vasquez

    Lo 143 😀😊

  • Melanie Morales
    Melanie Morales

    Sense when did Rick Noah know how to battle royale

  • Aaliyah Knott
    Aaliyah Knott

    kingpin is at the vampire mansion

  • Siba Ibrahim
    Siba Ibrahim

    That’s so mean Maddie everybody told there’s and u just u know what just u are so unfair

4 milj.