Preston Crashed our Prom inside our HOUSE!
First Rebecca Zamolo created "I got proposed to on a unicorn for prom!" Next Matt and Rebecca uploaded "Rebecca said yes!" Finally the Game Master Network made "Saying yes to evil Daniel for 24 hours challenge." Now it is finally the big day. Prom is here. We get to celebrate winning this moment and challenge with J15 magazine. Maddie will reveal her secret prom date. Maybe this is her new crush? Matt's best friend brings a surprise crush to prom and might get his first kiss. Rebecca has two dates, her amazing husband and her ex boyfriend who mysteriously found her. Whichever couple wins the most challenges will be King and Queen. First is a fashion show. Next is couples dancing and Matt and Rebecca recreate their viral flash mob. Who do you think will win? This might have been a bad idea. At the end Preston and Brianna crashed the prom. Why is he here? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!
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  • Brianna

    This won't be the last time we crash your prom 😉💃✨

    • Kimberly Lincoln
      Kimberly Lincoln


    • DemonxxicPlayz

      Unlike the price you see that ice I want that too short to get it it’s OK if you’re buying bring me any color oh I like to give me a blue

    • Merida Kurtish
      Merida Kurtish


    • Alex and Kaylee Norfleet
      Alex and Kaylee Norfleet


    • Maudo Jalo
      Maudo Jalo


  • safeer AHMED
    safeer AHMED

    I see king pin

  • Mar Dood
    Mar Dood

    Maddie looks like repunzel

    • Mar Dood
      Mar Dood

      Sorry if that’s rude but repunzel has a yellow dress

  • Vicky Slater
    Vicky Slater


  • •Holly Parker•
    •Holly Parker•

    Myle or Kaddie? (ship names for maddie x kyle)

  • Rosie live Torres
    Rosie live Torres

    The person that was in the backyard they were just red

  • Rosie live Torres
    Rosie live Torres

    Somebody was in the back yard

  • Haven and the prayers gaming channel
    Haven and the prayers gaming channel

    I want to meet all of yall

  • Haven and the prayers gaming channel
    Haven and the prayers gaming channel

    I went to Texas befor

  • Abril Almanza
    Abril Almanza

    And prom spuad

  • Abril Almanza
    Abril Almanza

    Matt plz

  • Kirsten Beaune
    Kirsten Beaune

    Prom Squad

  • Quyen Tofts
    Quyen Tofts

    I think the winners of the the prom is Preston and his wife

  • Quyen Tofts
    Quyen Tofts

    Is Preston going to crash the prom?

  • Gabrielle McCrea
    Gabrielle McCrea

    I always watch your videos

  • Shameer Ayub
    Shameer Ayub

    Rebeker and made

  • Hayley Lanning
    Hayley Lanning

    lllloooooook at the fodig

  • Claire D'Amore
    Claire D'Amore

    I love Brianna and Preston

  • Jah'mir Bealer
    Jah'mir Bealer

    Utility room is the only place that she

  • Janelle Ocampo
    Janelle Ocampo

    OMG I Watch Preston

  • Janelle Ocampo
    Janelle Ocampo

    Look at the Footage

  • Crisoforo Cuautle
    Crisoforo Cuautle


  • Crisoforo Cuautle
    Crisoforo Cuautle


  • Crisoforo Cuautle
    Crisoforo Cuautle

    It. Going

  • HAPPY DEKU OR IDK Midoriya
    HAPPY DEKU OR IDK Midoriya

    Prom squad

  • Shruthi Sanil
    Shruthi Sanil

    Some people was spying on the prom

  • Shruthi Sanil
    Shruthi Sanil

    Date 2 was being bad

  • Spongbob Nuggies
    Spongbob Nuggies

    Eve is mean

  • Shruthi Sanil
    Shruthi Sanil

    I saw a redhood in the window

  • Michelle Martin
    Michelle Martin

    Two things one this will be the last time you crash the prom two prom Even though I am not a teenager

  • Nancy Jean Marie
    Nancy Jean Marie

    I saw somebody with a red hood behind Matt and I don’t know who it is

  • Roberta Silva
    Roberta Silva

    My names and Alicia

  • naidamnavarro

    Castrated the did it hahahahahah hahahah food for dinner

  • naidamnavarro

    On youtube

  • naidamnavarro

    Shut up brianna

  • 5 STAR
    5 STAR


  • Paul Czarwin Copio
    Paul Czarwin Copio


  • Rebeka Balas
    Rebeka Balas

    Lily k

  • Andhy Suryadinata
    Andhy Suryadinata

    Gosh Preston and Brianna guys

  • Stephanie Baines
    Stephanie Baines

    John is a agent

  • Chris Burgrss
    Chris Burgrss

    I love your Chanel.

  • Kelsey Redden
    Kelsey Redden

    Prom squd

  • Roblox squad Fnaf is fun
    Roblox squad Fnaf is fun

    Prom squad

  • Alina And Ellie
    Alina And Ellie

    eve did push you

  • Cody Carbaugh
    Cody Carbaugh

    I just recently had a last dance. It was put on by a couple of parents that didn’t want to see another event go away.

  • Russ Pick
    Russ Pick

    Prom squad

  • Ava Ava
    Ava Ava

    I thought Matt and Rebecca would win

  • Gloria Goff
    Gloria Goff

    Prom squad

  • Maria Stars
    Maria Stars

    Prom sqad

  • D&Y vlogs
    D&Y vlogs


  • Jessica Rancifer
    Jessica Rancifer


  • Olivia plays
    Olivia plays


  • kitty channel lovely
    kitty channel lovely


  • Nea Claasen
    Nea Claasen


  • Jet Morgan
    Jet Morgan


  • Jet Morgan
    Jet Morgan

    Prom squad

  • Richard Henry
    Richard Henry

    Prom sqad

  • Ty Delaughter
    Ty Delaughter

    Green man

  • Ty Delaughter
    Ty Delaughter

    Briiiiiiiii 😵

  • k and a mincraft and roblox
    k and a mincraft and roblox


  • Sonice Se
    Sonice Se

    I subscribed

  • Enisa Corap
    Enisa Corap


  • Janine Slater
    Janine Slater

    I love you bri

  • Anne Lennox
    Anne Lennox

    The red whatever they called the Red person is in the basketball court whenever it is

  • Smoothie Gachaowo
    Smoothie Gachaowo

    Lol when Preston And Bree Came It was Cringy Lol But I Recognized there voices immediately XD

  • Khloe Troxell
    Khloe Troxell


  • Avant Lewis
    Avant Lewis

    Prom squad

  • Jorge Lizarraga
    Jorge Lizarraga

    Skddslaks 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Mailynn Terrones-Sagastume
    Mailynn Terrones-Sagastume


  • Mailynn Terrones-Sagastume
    Mailynn Terrones-Sagastume


  • Helen Buds
    Helen Buds

    Omg brinna commented! I love this tho

  • Aqua Gaming
    Aqua Gaming

    Prom squad

  • Jessica Rattle
    Jessica Rattle


  • Angie Schlotthauer
    Angie Schlotthauer

    Prom squad

  • Angie Schlotthauer
    Angie Schlotthauer

    On the prom thing where preston did that

  • Angie Schlotthauer
    Angie Schlotthauer

    I saw a dude outside with window

  • Gabby Sometimes plays Roblox
    Gabby Sometimes plays Roblox

    Prom squad

  • Pro Parkour
    Pro Parkour

    I see something black

  • Chrissy Comeaux
    Chrissy Comeaux

    I love Preston playz

  • Pro Parkour
    Pro Parkour

    I saw red without seeing Daniel

  • Chah Browne
    Chah Browne


  • Fran Sieler
    Fran Sieler

    How do you make a video l want to be a youterber too

  • Fran Sieler
    Fran Sieler

    I I'm at my grandmas house lol

  • Fran Sieler
    Fran Sieler

    O M G hi Rebecca

    • Fran Sieler
      Fran Sieler

      L I'm a big fan and hi braina

  • kelly298

    I already have and I love your channels all of you

  • prettel gamer
    prettel gamer

    Rebeca the red hud spys was at your house

  • Unicorn Baby unicorn
    Unicorn Baby unicorn

    Prom squad

  • kelly298

    Prom squad

  • Sara Bouti
    Sara Bouti

    Prison White I have no more and you'll we can and I have you shampoo

  • Gareth Lambert
    Gareth Lambert


  • Camila Velasco
    Camila Velasco

    Eve pushed you

  • Mia Chen
    Mia Chen

    I am wearing a crop top right now

  • Sharleen Rubery
    Sharleen Rubery


  • Cristdean Caileigh C. Lorica
    Cristdean Caileigh C. Lorica

    Rebecca's 2nd date is. Loser pigon dumb


    OMG! I found there is a RHS

  • Jorge Canovas
    Jorge Canovas

    There is a girl out side the window I think that’s evil Rebeca

  • A'Niya White
    A'Niya White

    Eve is Evelyn the ghost

  • Esteban Lucero
    Esteban Lucero

    Rick noha is working for the rhs

  • Denise Domazet
    Denise Domazet

    Arzy twin talk to Rebecca

  • Jayne Keeley
    Jayne Keeley

    eve is evelyn