WATCH What Happens When Rich Mom Shames This POOR MOM | Dhar Mann
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- Mom Shamed For Breastfeeding On An Airplane, Ending Is So Shocking:
- Judging Others:
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  • Dhar Mann
    Dhar Mann

    LIVE NOW! My 1-hour holiday special: Featuring new holiday-themed videos, behind the scenes with your favorite actors & exclusive new merch! Also, EXCITING NEWS! Shop my latest limited edition merch collection, everything is on SALE! Shop now before it sells out:

    • Namgay Dorji
      Namgay Dorji

      @Default A.6jhgo

    • Vasia Yfantis
      Vasia Yfantis

      So u seeeeeee

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      Kaylen McNeal


    • Paul Cruz
      Paul Cruz

      I subed

    • Odelia pryce
      Odelia pryce


  • Dominic Robertson
    Dominic Robertson

    Of course the name is KaReN

  • Nakea Hamilton
    Nakea Hamilton

    I love them and so please be kind and stop the hate and stop the bullying and bullying can really hurt others I hope everyone will just stop the hate 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Braylon Akers
    Braylon Akers

    The poor mom is 100000000000× bettter

  • Siddu Puligilla lol
    Siddu Puligilla lol

    "thank you so much... karen" *wait what*

  • Alyssa Holloman
    Alyssa Holloman

    That why I won’t worried because her name was already Karen

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker

    Okay is there a joke here I mean KAREN?? The hair the ego is this intensional or a coincidence it’s so perfect.🤣

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker

    Okay is there a joke here I mean KAREN?? The hair the ego is this intensional or a coincidence it’s so perfect.🤣

  • Jacorey Haynes
    Jacorey Haynes

    it is me or the riche mom have tow diffretn i clor

  • Super gloxy
    Super gloxy

    Her name is Karen makes sense

  • Epic game pro YouTube
    Epic game pro YouTube

    She's a Karen LOL🤣

  • Eshaal Hassan
    Eshaal Hassan

    Her name is Karen 😂 it suits her and her hair 😂 I'm dying

  • ƎZAF

    Typical Karen

  • Aro Playz
    Aro Playz

    I got nothing for Christmas I got to spend time with my family and my gift was soo good

  • Anime Trop
    Anime Trop


  • Aro Playz
    Aro Playz

    Why live chat

  • Danica _yeet
    Danica _yeet

    I dare u to count how many times the word cheap is spoken.

  • Salxty Chxrry
    Salxty Chxrry

    Karen bc that’s what she is

  • Eduardo Saldivar
    Eduardo Saldivar

    Wait her name is Karen 😷🤣

  • Hxney_Queen

    This made me cry to tears

  • Dorthea Raymond
    Dorthea Raymond

    Why is her name Karen? that's pretty weird not going to lie

  • Alison plays Roblox
    Alison plays Roblox

    Anna oop the Karen name Karen LOL

  • Sadie Paramonte
    Sadie Paramonte

    Her name what sea is fisa Karen

  • Amaru Preciado-Cruz
    Amaru Preciado-Cruz

    I like her cut/ wig is the Karen cut and she is named Karen


    Reason why she rude and mean is because she is a KARENNN!!!!!! AND EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT HAPPEENS RIGHT

  • Bashni Mahatho
    Bashni Mahatho

    Instant Karma hit like

  • Kaylynn Johanningmeier
    Kaylynn Johanningmeier

    Dude she like a gold digger she don't have a husband-.-

  • Noah estanakzai
    Noah estanakzai

    bruh She be lookin like a Karen 😂

  • Jennifer Fuentes
    Jennifer Fuentes

    Every video has "So you see" in it.

  • Bashni Mahatho
    Bashni Mahatho

    1:51 did she say KAREN, Nani!!!!!

  • Xx_ScarletMoonLight_xX Aesthetic sister
    Xx_ScarletMoonLight_xX Aesthetic sister

    the rich mom name matches ahem kArEn🤣🤣

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker

    This is why we love dhar Mann because the people who are the rude people learn a lesson and then the person who maybe not be rich cuz on the outside but maybe there rich on the inside

  • Lee Family
    Lee Family

    It’s the lipstick on your teeth for me

  • Taylor Davis
    Taylor Davis

    Hi kAReN

  • Sister And Brother Studio
    Sister And Brother Studio

    Woman : Oh thanks Karen ! Me : *laughs*

  • Twisted Crossing
    Twisted Crossing

    This was- amazing

  • Sugar Dust
    Sugar Dust

    So you see....

  • Fnafbloxgamer 5000
    Fnafbloxgamer 5000

    The rich girl is Karen I am triggered

  • Caleb Espinoza Ignacio
    Caleb Espinoza Ignacio

    Shes actually a karen

  • Connor Willcox
    Connor Willcox

    This was powerful ❤️

  • Allison V the Unicorn bunny angle anglea
    Allison V the Unicorn bunny angle anglea


  • Allison V the Unicorn bunny angle anglea
    Allison V the Unicorn bunny angle anglea

    Karen is a meanest person ever dhar man is a best person ever

  • Blue Butterfly Team
    Blue Butterfly Team

    Her name is KAREN omg and she actually is a Karen

  • Hey i'm Srisaanvi
    Hey i'm Srisaanvi

    Sadly these type of women are called Karen and it’s contagious

  • Kyle Williams
    Kyle Williams

    Karen: i know we said 25 dollar 💵 limit but who would follow that logic am I right? Me: a smart person?


    Wow her name is Karen and she has the Karen cut 😂

  • Galaxy Marshmallow
    Galaxy Marshmallow

    Her name is karen... Is she a karen? (joke)

  • Classic Shadow
    Classic Shadow

    I like how the music went from happy to depressing when the kid got mad when he didn’t receive the PS5

  • Crafty Girl
    Crafty Girl

    7:27 ungratful little chid-

  • Cøfféè._. chåñ
    Cøfféè._. chåñ


  • Mago Garcia
    Mago Garcia

    Why is the boy riche huh is it because he is rich.

  • Mago Garcia
    Mago Garcia

    The kids like the cheaper cookies than the rich bad cookies the girl likes the cheaper ornament

  • Anyomonus Person
    Anyomonus Person

    Somebody always gives advice at the end

  • Crafty Girl
    Crafty Girl

    SERIOULY start making netflix movies your DA BEST!

  • •GalaxyWolf•

    The fact her mame is Karen to lol

  • Grant Belisle
    Grant Belisle

    White elephant is almost always a bad gift. So I don’t know why she thought there should be a bunch of nice stuff.

  • สุนภา วัฒนาฟุ้งเจริญ
    สุนภา วัฒนาฟุ้งเจริญ

    The kids seeing everything Kids,your cookies are so good the kids get revenge on the karen

  • Elvis Williams
    Elvis Williams

    The rich mom is so bad

  • Carina Feng
    Carina Feng

    The rich mom's son, Riche, reminds me of the rich kid in the movie "Richie Rich"

  • Libby Jane
    Libby Jane

    There is nothing wrong with shopping at dollar tree

  • Google Drawings
    Google Drawings

    Dont be rude to the mom but dont be like that you need to be like Kind to others but when you don't they will be rude to you back so dont

  • Ethan Hughes
    Ethan Hughes

    did anyone realise that the rich mom has two eye colors

  • Nola Ghee
    Nola Ghee

    HER NAME IS KAREN ୧(^ 〰 ^)୨

  • Hajara

    Dhar mann know how too give people good advice I love all of your vid I watched all of them but I watch them again and again I love your videos

  • Richard Martinez-Carrillo
    Richard Martinez-Carrillo

    thanks karen

  • SunnyStarYT

    I Laught so hard when she said her name her is KAREN XD

  • Lianny Rodriguez
    Lianny Rodriguez

    This “Karen” is in every mini movie having to do with racism

  • Javion The Master
    Javion The Master

    I knew her name was Karen

  • Jeanne Gevaert
    Jeanne Gevaert

    Im happy whit a 1 cent cookie

  • Pwnage

    When I first watched this video I called the rich mom “Karen” as a substitute until her name was revealed *BOY WAS I UNPREPARED*

  • X Terrence Afton x
    X Terrence Afton x

    Wow she was so rich to name her son “Richie”

  • Xela Ubeda
    Xela Ubeda

    Karen fits her name 12:47

  • •Sophie The Police•
    •Sophie The Police•

    Dude this is so cutee

  • GeoBoy_1231

    Karen looks like a Karen and the haircut also looks like a Karen haircut as well >:3

  • XxIts_MeexX

    Ok I’m late lol

  • Yael Pastel
    Yael Pastel

    If anyone treated me like this, I would’ve left the party the moment the disrespect started. Idk about y’all, but I will NOT be disrespected like that lol

  • XxIts_MeexX

    What is wrong with that karen lady she even got that Karen cut hehehe no hate tho but I love it.

  • XxIts_MeexX

    I would love that gift

  • XxČhrîstine_BxX

    Homemade cookies are better than bought cookies, right?

  • Jose Mendez
    Jose Mendez

    F the damm Karen with her laughter oh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah so cute and Korky I bet she is but hurt that they liked the poor moms cookies better than the ones that she bought

  • Juliet Flores
    Juliet Flores

    woman: Hey karen do you still have that hand made ornament Karen: yes why Women: well can i have it reminds me of my childhood Karen: FiNe Woman:Thank you

  • Hirosuki

    I love your contents!

  • Bey gang
    Bey gang

    Her name Karen suits her well

  • xX_ThatFlower Girl_Xx
    xX_ThatFlower Girl_Xx

    The way she tried to hold back from laughing when the kids chose her cookies over the expensive ones was hilarious XD

  • FnafFnaf Fan
    FnafFnaf Fan

    i saw ayden

  • Martha Lopez
    Martha Lopez

    Wait a minute if Santa didn't give the present then Santa does he even exist

    • Martha Lopez
      Martha Lopez

      I have so many questions

  • Rose M
    Rose M

    She is a "Karen"

  • ella bella fnaf
    ella bella fnaf

    She has pretty eyes tho

  • True Stories
    True Stories

    his sons name is richie and when he grows up hes gonna be poorie lmao jk sorruy if i offended anyone

  • ella bella fnaf
    ella bella fnaf


  • s o n
    s o n

    Everytime i watch so you see video i always got an invisible man chopping onion infront of me

  • Ava Laster
    Ava Laster

    These make me so sad I was crying 😭

  • Tsuyu Asui UwU
    Tsuyu Asui UwU

    Good name "Karen" btw she look like a Karen 🤣

  • • 《I LOVE_ TIK TOK》 •
    • 《I LOVE_ TIK TOK》 •

    *How to know ur a Karen* #1. Name Karen #2. Hair short #3. Blonde hair #4. Being very rude and annoying *And That How u Know ur Karen :>

  • Zachary Windham
    Zachary Windham

    Karen alert Karen alert📢🔊📢🔊📢🔊📢🔊📢🔊📢🔊

  • Life Changing life changing
    Life Changing life changing

    Money: a total illusion of this world!

  • PonyPLAYZ

    Lady: wOw tHaNkS kArEn" Me: Yea, she IS A KAREN

  • Seth Shetty
    Seth Shetty

    You know when someone is named Karen something about to go down lol

  • FREE Content
    FREE Content

    Her name is Karen, she acts like one, and she has the Karen style hair!

  • Mayra Hernandez
    Mayra Hernandez

    Her name is Karen and she is a Karen