My Girlfriend, My Best Friend and the Barfy Beach Date
My Gif is the best Beach
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  • Fire Dude
    Fire Dude

    Is it precilla

  • MattC

    James sounds like Finn

  • green

    Epic vid! Keep doing yo best James!

  • Joshua Pan
    Joshua Pan

    pls post

  • RandomPerson In The comments
    RandomPerson In The comments

    Can we just say James has really improved his drawings. Good job James

  • el pro man galileo
    el pro man galileo

    6:10 today i was just like floof (1) in this part of the video.

  • RandomPerson In The comments
    RandomPerson In The comments

    Congrats James ;)

  • Justine Valdes-TheBerge
    Justine Valdes-TheBerge

    7:55 wait.... Maaz

  • Sage Xander Gre Angeles
    Sage Xander Gre Angeles

    james why are u not posing anymore are u busy

  • Andrei Lopes
    Andrei Lopes

    7:56 i got like "DAMN IT´S THE AMAAZING"

  • Obviously A pineapple
    Obviously A pineapple

    2:09 NANI! is that a pansexual flag I see?

    • MattC


  • Gitthirak Khammany
    Gitthirak Khammany

    theodd1out is leaving us behind he buff and have a girlfriend he leaving us simple people

  • Jace B
    Jace B

    You know how JaidenAnimations and SomethingelseYT came from looking like james’s to more human like? I wonder if James is gonna end up doing that also d:

  • Catherine Jasso Garcia
    Catherine Jasso Garcia

    But i liked u.,,

  • Kristopher Hayashibara
    Kristopher Hayashibara

    are you selling a Get A Free Glow Mask bc there is a add sponsoring that

  • wplayz

    Yes Internet ruin it

  • Jacob Kirkland
    Jacob Kirkland

    Do you play a mug us

  • Tristan Roblox
    Tristan Roblox

    I can agree I have Disney land passes and I have no idea if I’m going to get a refund. BUT I STILL WANNA GO.

  • Sherwin Pelenio
    Sherwin Pelenio

    who is it who is it 😡

  • PnastyPlayz

    ʏօʊ աɨʟʟ ֆɛɛ ʍɛ ɛʋɛʀʏաɦɛʀɛ

  • Faith The Dragonet
    Faith The Dragonet

    I think his GIF is Dj

  • BrianTyronGriffin Master Ultra instinct
    BrianTyronGriffin Master Ultra instinct

    Y gif has a bady of a men james!!!!

  • eloba virus
    eloba virus

    4:54 I died in case you haven't noticed

  • oulla the martian channel
    oulla the martian channel

    2:45 that's my face wene destiny 2 beyond light come out and I lost all of my armor

  • Keller Winebrenner
    Keller Winebrenner

    I live in Washington and I am 8 years old

  • Keller Winebrenner
    Keller Winebrenner

    Minecraft sucks because it's just not good you kill cows and pigs it's Horrible😥😥🙄😶😑🐮🐖

  • Clips Catcher
    Clips Catcher

    Do you think James wholed be mad if I started animated and used his style

  • Shasun Lin
    Shasun Lin

    5:38 Wryyyyy!

  • wIdE mAN iN a SuIt
    wIdE mAN iN a SuIt


  • Carl wheezer And the grate Croissant
    Carl wheezer And the grate Croissant

    Hey James I herd someone invented a wheelchair that can climb stairs so to protect yourself from A dragon on these new wheelchairs sadly there is no way to protect yourself from that dragon

  • Alyson Chiquito-Moreno
    Alyson Chiquito-Moreno

    Who is she

    • Faith The Dragonet
      Faith The Dragonet

      I think it might be DJ

    • Alyson Chiquito-Moreno
      Alyson Chiquito-Moreno

      Or him

  • Little Kiddles
    Little Kiddles


  • Christopher Overstreet
    Christopher Overstreet

    Its pronounced \gif/ not jif

  • ThatOneWeeb Riley
    ThatOneWeeb Riley

    YAYYYY CONGRATS Also I love how my brother got a girlfriend and my half brothers gf had her bd a bit ago and I figured out my crush who I liked for a year confessed to another girl so theyre waiting to be older to date and this guy is mt bestfriend and he still didnt tell me about this for a year but he told someone else so like rn im in the woods next to my house on my tire swing crying so im happy James posted

  • Willow Rogers
    Willow Rogers


  • KarbineX

    Therapist: Travis floof doesn’t exist, it can’t hurt you Travis floof: 2:20

  • lVX

    Solluminati voice-THATS TUFF 0:45

  • Izna khanna
    Izna khanna

    Nobody: Literally nobody: James: We are both in are flipy flopys

  • Jade Chan
    Jade Chan

    Ballora:*Dies in a car crash* James gif:*Holds up left/right hand* Me:Are you gonna crash? 1% yes 500,00000,00000,000% NO Me:yes James gif:No ( . . ) | W |

  • YH Pog
    YH Pog

    0:53 listen closely dream fans.

  • Mini Crewmate
    Mini Crewmate


  • Kapser Lundberg
    Kapser Lundberg

    Hi I LOVE ur vids and this ur animations get better and better BUT there is some one COPYING u!! (At least I think he is cus all of his vids r exactly like ur vids!) his name is Dabikrabik I just think u should see what he is doing (I might be wrong but to me they look exactly the same)

  • Gerrado ARC
    Gerrado ARC

    Is your girlfriend the boyband which red hair

  • Pika Plays
    Pika Plays

    Went to target today and bought a soobway plush

  • Galaxy Girl
    Galaxy Girl

    Is your girlfriend rebecca

  • Joseph Lee
    Joseph Lee

    whhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy james you and the elephant were so cute together what the heck ?!?!?

  • Noel Ramirez
    Noel Ramirez

    Did anyone ever get the signed card for donating lol I never received one

  • Solly Joachim
    Solly Joachim

    Did you used to act with the asdf movies?

  • clavelhernan yahoo1345
    clavelhernan yahoo1345

    odd1out: Im not in with jadien rule 34:we still do it even if you say no

  • Kingston Rapoza
    Kingston Rapoza

    play fortnite piz DR DOOM is in fortnite

  • Caiden Carriere
    Caiden Carriere

    im really happy for you!

  • Simply Alex
    Simply Alex

    Everyone stop asking who james gf is. It's his own business Not trying to be mean just saying c:

  • Stephen Miguez
    Stephen Miguez

    You will be missed

  • Stephen Miguez
    Stephen Miguez

    Rip Georgia

  • Trashmouth Tozier
    Trashmouth Tozier

    0:57 PERIODT

  • Cindy Du
    Cindy Du

    Ya now you can go to ocean city with ur gif

  • Meat Fat
    Meat Fat



    James I know you have given a shoutout to the hunter kid that did not give you his youtube channel name but I will please give a shoutout to "GAMEBOYSANDGIRLS" thank you

  • TheGaming Crocodile
    TheGaming Crocodile

    Never seen this video before lol

  • FAK3 astro
    FAK3 astro

    Throw it back ?

  • Razib Chowdhury
    Razib Chowdhury

    First ppppppp rhymes now wwwwwwwwww rymes

  • Alikethree4

    You should make a gif plush

  • Amber Olp
    Amber Olp

    cable part two so in can you do live cable

  • Faith plays toca Tocaboca
    Faith plays toca Tocaboca

    So if you stop at 2:11 you will look at the box and see a pride flag and a pan pride flag sooo.....

    • MattC

      Or it’s just colors in a rectangle.

  • Violette Starin
    Violette Starin

    Oh bro, Im at disney right now. we hadn't gotten there until like 11 at night. And once we got done with the airport we had gotten on the bus and I was playing and then the bus started moving and the driver never turned on the air conditioning (Aka the breathers). And so my step-dad complained to him, and the bus driver was like, "Oh well I didn't see anyone put there hands up to turn on they conditioning." So then tiredly we went into coronado springs and we were there at the front desk for an hour, because they were figuring out why my mom never got an e-mail for the room being ready. Then they told us our room and so we went outside and it didn't tell the short way to get their (Aka the bridge) so we walked all the way around and we finally got to our room and it was freaking trashed, the beds weren't made, the trash was full, crumbs were on the floor and there were dirty towels on the floor. And they had since 3pm to get the room clean. So we called the front desk and asked them for another room and complained about the room and so we waited another hour for the bell-hopper to come, and then we finally got our room. So it's monday now and we switched over to disney's animal kingdom lodge and we waited for like 4 hours to get our room and then we walked into the room. The time was 5pm and there was only one bed and a pull-up couch and may i remind you we are staying here for 6 days and nights, then my step dad went to the front desk again, and they switched us over to a big room with three beds, three tvs, and three bathrooms.

  • Gabriel Lopez
    Gabriel Lopez

    I have a ploosh of james

  • madex henderson
    madex henderson


  • vitot sreis
    vitot sreis

    Algum Br perdido aq nós vídeos da gringa ?

  • Ultra Rino
    Ultra Rino


  • mike feinberg
    mike feinberg

    James: it is not Jayden and it never was Me: wait that's legal

  • ShotaHimikuCosplay

    why is there a random blurred comment on the top left corner of the screen?

  • Pig Master
    Pig Master

    Don’t ask who his girlfriend is I mean it’s not your life in all if he doesn’t want to he doesn’t have to...but I’m happy he did this video 🐈 also the dogs look cute

  • yeeaston

    *I pooped myself*

  • The Memer
    The Memer

    You should react to youtubers sing videos

  • king dude L
    king dude L

    My TWIN

  • Abraham M
    Abraham M

    If you Reach 16 million subscribers then you show your girlfriends face review

  • Tuppy

    The Odd 1s Out? More like... The Odd 1s Staying!

  • Phresh Animations
    Phresh Animations

    Maybe shippers should ship dragontales and clifford.

  • Exeny

    GIF stands for Girl i F**k 😳 james explain yourself

  • infinite haynes
    infinite haynes

    You should collab with black gryphon I would love to see that

  • Andrés Cuadra
    Andrés Cuadra

    How many people do plot twist now

  • Michael Liang Tan
    Michael Liang Tan


    • DontBeATrap Thanks
      DontBeATrap Thanks

      Ha you are a comedy genius


    Renemeber when he wasn't cringe

  • FoxWoodGhost

    in 2 year later we will find out it was Jaden all allong

  • zack Kolac
    zack Kolac

    Shits hahahaaha

  • NightOregano703

    People Travis Scott Is Scared To Distrack: 1. Fluoph 2. Fluoph 3. Fluoph

  • FoxWoodGhost

    what has to be Jaden bro 0:46

  • Leandro Balzano Schroder
    Leandro Balzano Schroder

    your my favorite youtuber ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stacie Morrison
    Stacie Morrison

    I think his girlfriend is let me explain studio because they made the same video where they talk about them having a date

  • Nate Goodman
    Nate Goodman

    oH nO tHeY wErEnT wEaRiNg MaSkS

    • MattC

      Fr you know he only said that for the video he didn’t really care

  • Mason Albrecht
    Mason Albrecht

    Yes the animations god is back

    • Julian Ibarra
      Julian Ibarra


  • TheCalicoNinja


  • Avery Kerby
    Avery Kerby

    “We’re both in our flippy floppies”

  • Dario Capello
    Dario Capello


  • Tobstar

    Plot twist: He met her at a furry convention. ONLINE........

  • Chumpee's World
    Chumpee's World


  • Maria Duarte
    Maria Duarte

    James: *posts* Me: *clicks instantly*

  • Oh Hi Gamer
    Oh Hi Gamer

    Everyone should stop shipping James and Jaiden for three reasons 1. The reason covered in the vid 2. The two have a legendary friendship that could be ruined by that 3. James x Maaz is better anyway lol

  • The_Boiofgaming

    Are you into men. MWAHAHHAH.

  • Y’allSome Hoes
    Y’allSome Hoes

    Omg my dogs name is floof too! I like your content I’m here bc of Jaiden animations 😂

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