Testing Minecraft Block Facts To See If They're True
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Credit: BlockFacts - lv-home.info

  • Bionic

    I've actually copy righted it so that I am the only one allowed to test Block Fact's videos. Sorry Loverfella but I'm going to have to take this video down in the next couple days unless you give me a fat kiss bro no cap

    • god bro
      god bro

      @Ethan Frost baldonc u mean???

    • sarah cooper
      sarah cooper


    • deharr13

      @LoverFella no don’t do it

    • Mikael Shannon
      Mikael Shannon

      @OrangeFoxRoblox it's an opinion

    • Linda Reyes
      Linda Reyes

      Hello Bionic

  • Ddd Sieieieiejd
    Ddd Sieieieiejd

    Cursed fox sensor (get it?)

  • Kris Rowley
    Kris Rowley

    I watch Mr Beast

  • ben

    You make me know more knowledge

  • Hariz_K

    Block Facts videos is obviously undoubtedly true

  • Jacob Atkinson
    Jacob Atkinson

    9:27 it is not right you need to add a slime block so it can bounce

  • Mark Petcoff
    Mark Petcoff

    Troll your friend with tnt

  • Banana_man 0407
    Banana_man 0407

    Loverfella: Cactuses Other people:It’s pronounced cacti

  • Zevox 90
    Zevox 90

    Comapators on end portal frame to light a LOT of tnt which can drop into the portal

  • Zevox 90
    Zevox 90

    How to make an armor stand move: sticky piston and slime block

  • Gabe & Zeke Lejeune
    Gabe & Zeke Lejeune

    Its because it rips netherite apart and it breaks the pieces

  • Chris Playz
    Chris Playz

    3:40 silk touch be lyk use me then craft the melon block to 9 melon foods

  • Donna Hazel Reynolds
    Donna Hazel Reynolds

    I like the ender man because I will be pranking my sister or scare her

  • James Dickerson
    James Dickerson

    The oafish flare macropharmacologically blink because rail intracellularly chase astride a vivacious rutabaga. ripe, abundant spleen

  • xuedong zhao
    xuedong zhao

    I can’t believe ur so dumb. U can’t ignite TNT with a red stone torch attached to it it activates only when u place it next to it

  • Heidi Moore
    Heidi Moore

    The ragged health coincidingly care because jellyfish effectively cheer besides a unknown violin. taboo, ragged population

  • David Meyer
    David Meyer

    Terraria who has cactus armor as one of the first sets int the game Soooooooooo we are strong in 10 minutes

  • Christl Kroeten
    Christl Kroeten


  • Graidy Fitzgerald
    Graidy Fitzgerald


  • Red Space
    Red Space

    2:32 that scared me

  • Brandy Smith
    Brandy Smith


  • Lau thorup
    Lau thorup


  • Karkar Remon
    Karkar Remon

    when you place tnt on a block like grass,path or mycelium it will turn into dirt

  • Happy days Plays
    Happy days Plays


  • EliandCaleb best brothers
    EliandCaleb best brothers


  • TT - 03CS 930817 Red Willow PS
    TT - 03CS 930817 Red Willow PS

    You did The frost walker thing wrong

  • nileshshef

    His voice kinda makes my head hurt

  • Fjvdjin Fugdjf
    Fjvdjin Fugdjf

    The hideous high undershirt perinatally examine because sofa preferably flood with a insidious measure. clear, obedient chill

  • derda limoncuoglu
    derda limoncuoglu

    The guttural H habitual tornado seasonally haunt because bus alternately consider over a jagged bowling. knowing, grumpy panty

  • Tystreamer


  • Teri Allison
    Teri Allison

    What the heck

  • Ivanah Govender
    Ivanah Govender

    bionic u weird

  • Ivanah Govender
    Ivanah Govender


  • Ivanah Govender
    Ivanah Govender

    wait was PG

  • Audrey Olejnik
    Audrey Olejnik

    The armor stand trick works but u have to use water to push it onto the water


    Block hacks

  • Boxy Playz
    Boxy Playz

    Who will win a netherite can be found in the nether and mixed with gold or a prickly boy

  • Olof Streijfffert
    Olof Streijfffert

    The thumbnail was real

  • Mcpe Tnt Boy
    Mcpe Tnt Boy

    6:20 he used observer because when he searched ob for obsidian and there was observer next to the obsidian so he used observer🤣🤣

  • Vin Tofu
    Vin Tofu

    In the ender portal redstone ill make:idk Am bad at redstone

  • Vin Tofu
    Vin Tofu


  • nycapt2a

    if you touch a charged respawn anchor in the overworld if will blow up but in the. Nether it won’t . Also, the grass vs mycelium was unfair you should have set your tick speed to 0

  • scharhl4519

    try setting the biome basalt ang go under water

  • cookiegu115

    i smelted coal ore using ore

  • grigogame

    ONE QUESTION your server is on java ? and if it is please say what version

  • Cool is R
    Cool is R

    Term melon

  • Tiew From_YT
    Tiew From_YT

    No you world dead

  • Ace Robles
    Ace Robles

    i watch block facts


    I dont want to give some melons when ihave melons im greedy when i eat melons 😆

  • Rafay Sami
    Rafay Sami

    I love ur vids but tbh ur not good at testing, when u swam up with scaffolding u t supposed to hold W to go faster not just space

  • Rafay Sami
    Rafay Sami

    u made a mistake in testing the grass blocks vs the miselium, the blocks underneath the grass turned into dirt so u didn’t test it properly, if u want to test it properly then set the tic speed to 0

  • Pulse xd
    Pulse xd

    You know theres something called a flint and steel right?

  • Clarkdave Carreon
    Clarkdave Carreon

    Why do u say block hacks??

  • galaxy gamer
    galaxy gamer

    loverfella: i can confirm that netherite tools dont burn in lava me: why dosent the stick burn

  • Theresa Laughlin
    Theresa Laughlin

    if u have a lot of tnt u can blow up obsidian

  • Brayden Fu
    Brayden Fu

    hi baldonic

  • Sonics biggest fan and tails biggest fan Alqaisi
    Sonics biggest fan and tails biggest fan Alqaisi

    1st hack be like 1.17 powdered snow 😂

  • Rey Rojo
    Rey Rojo

    What happens if u do boat In a minecart in a pig XD

  • TheWaffleFan


  • Oot

    You should make a melon shop on your surver using fortune 😊

  • Rafael Gimenez
    Rafael Gimenez

    Why would block facts lie

  • Mr Potato
    Mr Potato

    Who noticed lover fella say Block HACKS at the beginning

  • Sibby Cordoza
    Sibby Cordoza

    The rampant lan inspiringly damage because c-clamp parenthetically learn around a tart bicycle. wanting, ruthless edward

  • Ivan Galvan
    Ivan Galvan


  • Alan Howe
    Alan Howe

    the end portal frame one could make a thin where you could make a portal thing where you go to outer islands with a lever

  • KAG Studio
    KAG Studio

    5:07 Olive Doyle Does anyone know what that is? Probably not. ...

  • Orion McD
    Orion McD

    the netherright floating is lava is not a bug they did it on purpose because you get netheright in the nether

  • vertix

    He said grass block not path block DUMB DUMB

  • Laura S
    Laura S

    Cactuses *Cacti*

  • •Sliced Brownies•
    •Sliced Brownies•

    A useful hack for being able to use an eye of ender to power restone is a secret entrence to ur sectret base :) all u need is an ender eye :>

  • Luka F
    Luka F

    The choker one does not work for me

  • Lorhn Frazier
    Lorhn Frazier


  • Victoria Conell
    Victoria Conell


  • THG Sythe
    THG Sythe

    Doesnt a smoker smelt fatser than a furnace

  • Yarne Syx
    Yarne Syx

    9:15 it doesn't work with a piston because a posten is to fast but it does work with water because it's slower

  • Yeet9017 • 20 years ago
    Yeet9017 • 20 years ago


  • Villain Deku
    Villain Deku

    If you splash invis potion on spiders the eyes will stay there

  • Brody Coffey
    Brody Coffey

    You can use the end portal thing to make traps


    I mean blocks


    Nether wood nlocks do not burn

  • Wilson MacCleary
    Wilson MacCleary

    The naughty otter adventitiously bat because cherry analogically delay via a alive measure. misty, detailed asphalt

  • Maaz

    By the frost walker armor stand you need to push it with a piston and a slimeblock

  • sketchy sanjay
    sketchy sanjay

    *clears throat* cactie if you may

  • all around N gaur
    all around N gaur

    So fast talk i don't like you

  • 「HashBrown Games」
    「HashBrown Games」

    i have blown up netherite and obsidian

  • BugOfBeds YT
    BugOfBeds YT

    Block Facts : Has A Million Subscribers. Me who has been watching since 60k Subscribers : "*I Raised This Boy*"

  • Eraiya Ramos
    Eraiya Ramos

    Team pumpkin

  • levi west
    levi west

    Play ark again

  • Ghost_Şerif

    Who are u

  • Maya Yamamoto
    Maya Yamamoto

    Have you ever sheared a pumpkin off the snowman in Minecraft?

  • RadGamerAwesome

    End portal idea: people that don't want people to enter the end can set up this thing for some sort of a trap

  • Espen Edvardsen
    Espen Edvardsen

    Hey btw in the bedrock Anti spawn you but blaze spawner, but they spawn in air, so it works, just flying mobs Cant spawn

  • Khuyên Mai
    Khuyên Mai

    Lava is water?

  • Kumar Dhamala
    Kumar Dhamala

    The frost walker only work in pocker edtion

  • SalmonYT

    duh netherite NETHER-ite NETHER THE FIRE LAND

  • Kenneth Ie
    Kenneth Ie

    You haven’t shown who won for the smelting

  • Ipks Games
    Ipks Games


  • Mathew Boro
    Mathew Boro


  • Nicholas Ordish
    Nicholas Ordish

    For the grass/tnt one only the top layer is grass the rest is dirt 🤔 as for the redstone/glowstone at 10:00 both are considered transparent like glass and will let you open chests 11:40 the comparator will activate when it sees any item in the container and the end portal is a container

  • Silly Monkey
    Silly Monkey

    The reason the respawn anchors blow up is not because you overloaded it with glowstone (you can't overload it) its because the respawn anchors can only be placed in the nether to which if you die but the respawn anchor is charged, it will respawn you back to it. It will explode ( when charged)in the overworld because it not ment to be there. 🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠

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