The Nations Review | Filler™ Episode™
The finest Austro-Hungarian Matriarchy sim of the early 2000s.

I assure you it doesn't run with any number of fixes on windows 10 or 7,
but it does on XP.
If you're still interested, you can get a copy here:
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  • Silver Latios
    Silver Latios

    I've been expecting this video since the teaser in the Pharaoh review, and I'm so glad it's here. I actually didn't know it doesn't run on Windows 10, but honestly I'm not surprised, I've never been able to get it to run in the past several years. I had hope the GOG version did, but apparently not, RIP. Still, thank you for showing everyone this amazing game. I remember never wanting to get to the City technological stage because I was never able to fulfil the citizens' requirements, but I still loved it.

  • Андрій Горбунов
    Андрій Горбунов

    > In English, we don't use numbers pff. In Russian, this game is called 'Lost World 4'. Why 4? Nobody knows. (Well, they labelled an addon to the first Alien nations as LW2, then this game was going to be LW3, but suddenly a hotfix patch came out, so it became LW4. Also, none of the races are called what they are called originally: Sajkhi are Ants, Amazons are Dryads and most surprisingly, Pimmons are Elves.)

  • David Acero
    David Acero

    Frick the police

  • Mr.Fancybag

    idk if you would read this but i wonder if you can do a review of Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends? an ol' artifact game I enjoyed and such rare to hear an see.

  • Argonisgema

    So a game that's so old it won't even work on modern systems. whats the point in buying it then?

  • Lord Friedrick
    Lord Friedrick

    I hope Sseth will make a new Chad move with more "man of culture" art...

  • Officer K
    Officer K

    Bugmen :O

  • gghbb kdjfjjf
    gghbb kdjfjjf

    Play Friday night funky



  • BigDaddy

    Big shout out from Australia...or am I in Ostrich...I no longer know

  • Robert Boberson
    Robert Boberson

    will valheim be next? 😏👉👈

  • Dead King
    Dead King

    There's a chance that one of the Hololive members watch this channel

  • Cooler.

    Review zoombinis you malicious overseer

  • Bowl Of Carrots
    Bowl Of Carrots

    Wow this game sounds like a country I live in hmm

  • Shaddykack

    Ayo’ Sseth! Why yo DRIP so clean?

  • Richard ps
    Richard ps

    Looks like the drug crazed dream of a Majesty fan boy

  • Richard ps
    Richard ps

    I love that this guy is massively popular, but hardly ever does content

  • UnDeaDCyBorg

    I remember trying the game (or its predecessor, not sure anymore) years ago. All went well until I came to combat, and found out I could only give units orders individually. The AI had no such problem. ... I think it was the first part.

  • Cero Cero
    Cero Cero

    It is now on steam, there is no longer a excuse to not play Caravaneer 2

  • Corey Moore
    Corey Moore

    I've .... been watching this for two weeks.... every day I think I might need help or maybe his content is so good that lots of people watch like me

  • Real Peter Mitchell
    Real Peter Mitchell

    Game suggestion: Armies of Exigo. It's an RTS from 2004 made by Black Hole Studios (the same people who made Heroes of Might and Magic 6h) and distributed by EA, and is essentially Warcraft 3 with an underground layer. Unfortunately, it's not on any official store, and can only legally be bought second hand on disk via EBay or Amazon and such.

  • Hugh Shaftner
    Hugh Shaftner

    So its pretty much modern day America

  • Hi Dere OWO
    Hi Dere OWO

    More SS13 stories please.

  • Nedko Boqnov
    Nedko Boqnov

    Oh man when i saw Spellforce my heart skipped a beat

  • Pacyfist

    Because Sseth hasn't mentioned it, I'll just say it here: the soundtrack to Alien Nations 2 is stupid good. You might not be able to play the game on windows 10, but you can at least check out the ost on youtube.

  • Frodo the Wizard of the Force
    Frodo the Wizard of the Force

    that short showing of spellforce hype me for a possible video on that

  • cabroni peppperonie
    cabroni peppperonie

    does sseth play terraria ?

  • Dustin Lawson
    Dustin Lawson

    i swear some bluehaired femboy from 2020 went back in time and made this game lol

  • Dustin Lawson
    Dustin Lawson

    if your not working the stock market then we are gonna need more than a video a not mad just disappointed

  • Jeremiah Vires
    Jeremiah Vires

    I've been subbed for a year, how the hell do I say your name?

  • Oliver Holm
    Oliver Holm

    5:30 So anything except money, got it

  • Andrei

    Jagged Alliance 2 review please

  • MrDefective

    I love the videos with the cursed technology involved

  • NumberTJ47

    You should cover Noita. You can find jars of piss and throw them at people, it's just your thing.

  • Patxiku93

    Holy shit, Spellforce the order of dawn. Now that's a hidden gem

  • bud389

    Oh snap, I didn't know the chinese were featured in this game.

  • Paskies

    Still waiting on that frostpunk video, one of my favorite city builder.

  • Hibyguy

    I fuckin LOVE this guy

  • Godou's Productions
    Godou's Productions

    You have to play Almost Alive, the game is a demo but i am sure you will love it

  • ynderulets tyalikanky
    ynderulets tyalikanky

    Yeah. Frostpunk please

  • Much Eggs
    Much Eggs

    Can you do rimworld next and the family and adviser friendly organ harvesting slavery mods?

  • leblancxiii

    1:05 woah what game is that

  • AllTheOthers

    What do you mean "distortion"?

  • Frederico Sousa
    Frederico Sousa

    You should really play (or replay and review) Dishonored. It deserves it and its a very fun game

  • Dared L
    Dared L

    Damn, it took me but a second to recognize the game Sseth had open on his laptop at first, Spellforce. Again confirming that he's got an exceptional taste in videogames that nobody ever played. Sure hope he reviews or mentions that one again, the game is very underrated and deserves recognition because it is fairly unique even though it can become a slog and it's one of those games where it is possible to completely fuck up a character and make it almost unplayable by making your every choice the wrong one.

  • Lord Tikky
    Lord Tikky

    man your videos always makes my day

  • True lip
    True lip

    I find sseth videos meld too well on ketamine, so much so I tried to shill into the merchant guild with great trouble half k hole deep, only thing that stopped me was my card being lost.

  • Zeriel

    >LITERAL Berrypickers Its like pottery

  • Zeriel

    Sseth spitting pure truth about UI design decline. All that 2D art was gorgeous. I miss it all.

  • Michael Beuer
    Michael Beuer

    As an Austrian =, I can confirm that this game 100% reflects the Austrian reality.

  • RusDaddy

    “Numbers are for confusing the taxpayer” i see sseth is letting out a bit of his ancient hebrew wisdom

  • Camo Moose
    Camo Moose

    Should have put Greg in the Thumbnail

  • Lovegrip Symposium
    Lovegrip Symposium

    Dangit sseth, you're just too charismatic to stay away from.

  • RazorGames

    I never played this. I always thought that it is a reskin of Settlers :)

  • Mohammad M
    Mohammad M

    This is quite literally Society, the game

  • Templar Crow
    Templar Crow

    holy shit i played this game wen i was 6 and never knew its name til now

  • Galador

    THIS was my childhood

  • Alastar flint
    Alastar flint

    not a Classic, but he did say this is an interlude or something type episode.

  • iRemilia

    i remember playing the first game when i was a kid. if i remember correctly you could build an embassy and make peace with your enemies, then move a couple combat units into their base, declare war and win instantly. was a great game though, had a lot of fun with it.

  • Gzijebeziu Żebyr
    Gzijebeziu Żebyr

    That's cool and all, but where is the Dominions video?

  • Alone_Fox


  • Melody Yawgmoth
    Melody Yawgmoth


  • Melody Yawgmoth
    Melody Yawgmoth

    Based Amazons. Only the strong survive.

  • Melody Yawgmoth
    Melody Yawgmoth

    And The King in Yellow reaches it's (not) crescendo.

  • Pijus D
    Pijus D

    1:04 what game is that running on the laptop?

  • Иван Елин
    Иван Елин

    Отличная игра, отличный обзор!

  • 5uperM

    3:06 As Chris-chan and The Supreme Gentlemen intended.

  • daniel X
    daniel X

    Matriarchy, Lazy Alien and bugman. So it is not fiction but our real world.

  • NickJ

    Frostpunk is truly the greatest child labor simulator on the market.

  • Modern Zombie
    Modern Zombie

    Why does this sound like the russian jewish population of tsarist russia?

  • Adrian Jagiełło
    Adrian Jagiełło

    WHERE IS GOTHIC 1 REVIEW??????????

  • DoW- Goren
    DoW- Goren

    I see your "Spellforce" running, you can't just slip that by me, you scamp!

  • Jester Lablanc
    Jester Lablanc

    did you actually cook a egg

  • Twisted Cogitamentum
    Twisted Cogitamentum

    I wonder how many of his subscribers know where the name Tzeentch comes from Or that the T is silent and the double S in Sseth’s name is a reference to that?

  • Shawn Hett
    Shawn Hett

    Pretty sure this game has another name too- “Amazons and Aliens”

  • GRom4232

    Your videos help me get through a tough day, bud. The irreverent humour is the stuff I live for. Don't care to associate with the crowd you seem to generate, but the jokes keep me coming back. Don't agree with the subtext you're putting out sometimes, but it is funny. You give me the content I crave, and I desire more of it.

  • Nelson Mandela
    Nelson Mandela

    Seth really had clips from Africa Addio😂

  • John H
    John H

    8:00 he’s just like me

  • Israphel776

    "Imagine living" Stop there. Already too much.

  • Tatu Juntunen
    Tatu Juntunen

    Damn french revolution stealing our bread

  • Lino Lino
    Lino Lino

    hey hey people, sseth here. Have you ever wanted to commit mass genocide without worrying about the overated geneva convetion? well now that won't be a problem with Hilter Simulator 2021. A game where you play as the infamous painter that throws a hissy fit about not being accepted into art school, venting his anger onto his very greedy and religious neighbours by lighting them on fire inside an oven.

  • Peio Camara
    Peio Camara

    but holy shit, business at the back

  • Joseph van Wyk
    Joseph van Wyk

    Can you review GUN ? (if you recall that old 1st person western shooter).

  • Thomsn Vykovski
    Thomsn Vykovski

    why do you alway play the most degenerative games

  • 果白

    SJWs should be punished for discriminating white men.

  • Will Chase
    Will Chase

    Do a review on oxygen not included please, i think youll love the game

  • Raven Seeker
    Raven Seeker

    No episode from you Sseth is a filler episode.

  • a b
    a b

    Judging from the Congo footage, I’d say Sseth is a tasteful MajorSamm viewer

  • Pixel Rookie
    Pixel Rookie

    Excellent video as always. I patiently await for when the next review comes.

  • William Reynolds
    William Reynolds

    "In fact, men only have two moods. One, pick berries and two look for wife."

    • Jester Lablanc
      Jester Lablanc

      i thought it be the other wat around

  • xEkLiiPz

    Not gonna lie this video felt unusually rushed. Not your best work but still enjoyed it :)

  • D Fang
    D Fang

    Hello Sseth. I'm your fan from Russia. Do love your absolutely tolerant content. Hope that you will return to us as soon as possible and with winner's medal. I think that you love games wich can couse PTSD. Try project zomboid. Death can be fun there.

  • kees kees
    kees kees

    Love the supreme outfit XD pretty shitty they got taken over by the Carlyle group sigh...

  • Anubis Cerberus
    Anubis Cerberus

    I remember playing this garbage as a kid. A friend lend me a copy back in the day when I was in elementary school. I swear to god, this game was so freaking ugly it gave me nightmares the first day after playing it, and the more I played it, the more frustrating the gameplay was. This is one of those memories that I never wanted back, oh dear Lord.

  • Sean L
    Sean L

    VERY UNREALISTIC!! not enough bugmen calling each other tankies and selling each other out!! 0/10 Sorry! Immersion is important. Hopefully the developers see this and patch it in.

  • Kristóf Novotny
    Kristóf Novotny

    Please I beg you do an ep on Little Big Adventure 2, that game was my childhood.

  • Taha teğin
    Taha teğin

    It isnt child labor, it is voluntary service.

  • Mama Mia
    Mama Mia

    "Free review" For these words I refuse to believe that sseth is a jew

  • Sammy Freeman
    Sammy Freeman

    Sseth you should play Noita

  • kyle bow
    kyle bow

    still waiting on "impossible creatures" review

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