making impostors VOTE OUT themselves using 14,400 IQ...
Disguised Toast's convincing capabilities has reached the next level, even making the impostor vote themselves out because of him.
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Intro soundtrack composed by: Fabian Del Priore (Rapture)
Edited and Animated by:
#amongus #disguisedtoast #animation

  • Jonathan Huge
    Jonathan Huge

    Watch my video rn. i made one for you guys. It’s a Toast 1v7 carrying Valkyrae.

  • Γιαννης Βογιατζης
    Γιαννης Βογιατζης


  • Jakob Schwabe
    Jakob Schwabe

    The crooked celsius additionaly intend because gondola extremely ask round a clean multi-hop. unwritten, amusing click

  • Raghav Dinesh
    Raghav Dinesh

    How come everybody is now small

  • Wyatt4611hi

    toast is to op kick him out lol

  • Danger Noodles
    Danger Noodles

    Is no one gonna talk about that rainbow end screen at the end of round 1

  • Giovanni

    I think it's bm that Toast has actual reasoning for his "soul reads" but never shares it, because from other povs his accusations come from nowhere seemingly. Like, that's entertaining from his pov, but for everyone else it's like playing poker with someone who never shows their hand and just says they've won and takes all of the poker chips.

  • Ziik

    25:12 when you die and don't think your crew will figure it out

  • halley amelia
    halley amelia

    Am I confused several times in a row or does he reuse some of the old games from other videos?

  • MrMoustacheNinja

    DK- “you know why I love toast joining these lobbies is because he bodies you all” I love you DK. And yes toast does. That round was incredible 😂 nailed it from the start

  • The Noobest Girl
    The Noobest Girl

    Toast just running around not doing any of his tasks is triggering me real hard

  • Signe Meyer
    Signe Meyer

    When it only was Steve Tina and Kimi left and dead Hafu on the fourth place, it looked like strawberry, raspberry, carrot and lemon

  • WidgyAinz


  • Leka Lmao
    Leka Lmao

    Hafus brain is actually so large wait-

  • Laer's Lexikon Der Musica
    Laer's Lexikon Der Musica

    DK is legend

  • Fidriyanto Rizkillah
    Fidriyanto Rizkillah

    lmao 5up

  • Orhun

    This is Michael getting kicked out of his son's dorm all over again.

  • CowboyredPedro

    The women that Toast streams with are so annoying. How does yelling into a microphone help back up your argument? Ray is by far the worst, but these women are horrible to listen to argue. 🤢

  • Purple Li
    Purple Li

    14:32 This is almost perfectly the rainbow colors from right to left. Just purple and blue mixed. I like it.

  • TheGarlov


  • niniven niniven
    niniven niniven

    T Toaast

  • WidgyAinz

    Toast should’ve literally said ‘I haven’t done any of my tasks’ ☝️

  • Never Ending
    Never Ending

    Love toast😂

  • Brii x
    Brii x

    7:18 “5up why is it not you?” “because im a crewmate” “thank you”

  • Jonathan Lopez
    Jonathan Lopez

    Channel sucks now

  • 69NO


  • Sv5 Fsac
    Sv5 Fsac

    Wait,is 14,000 IQ a tool?

  • C U
    C U

    15:15 "You know why I like Toast coming to this lobbies. Cuz ya'll that think you're so smart are getting Bodied right now " - that's right dk

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous

    DK's logic is identical to Sykkuno's. DK reports a body and then says it could be a self report. Sykkuno says that it "could" be him so he is going to vote himself out. I feel like DK and Sykkuno should play in the same lobby as toast to simp for him!

  • Slyder Ace
    Slyder Ace

    Omg what an ending....I was yelling at them to hurry up and vote Steve!


    Haha im glad the girls won but man that was to hard watch 😂😅 they didn't listen to anything that was said in the meeting prior where Steve was trying to flip the vote 😂 but glad they got the dub 👌🏽

  • peter olanipekun
    peter olanipekun

    “My name is Toast! Yeah!” 😂😂😂

  • Alfred Bufulea
    Alfred Bufulea

    I loved Steve’s “Tina, Kimmy, I don’t trust either of you who are we voting for?”

  • Robbie Arcangel
    Robbie Arcangel

    I miss his games with otv & friends

  • MONA A
    MONA A

    Wait how did she voted herself ?? To tie it or what?

  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin

    For context, right at the end when DK thought he missed DumbDog's body, DumbDog had died shut in top decontamination right next to DK & DK did not report. Turns out DumbDog didn't make it into Decontamination on either Steve's or DK's screen, Steve killed DumbDog right at the entrance to decon as DumbDog didn't make it through the door on Steve's screen. Usually, if you see someone get trapped on a door on your screen, then they teleport, it's because they made it through on their own side however DumbDog died before the server fixed the desync. This also explains why sometimes 2 different people see a body in different places. I'd imagine if everybody was together, some may have actually seen DumbDog in top decon where as the rest would have seen him at the entrance.

  • Jordyn Bowers
    Jordyn Bowers

    I just watched a 5min ad for a Hindi song and they were dressed up for a wedding and the song was kinda slapping, well the video ends and turns out it was tseries 😂 anyways reminder people to watch the ads! It’s a great way to support creators and it’s free:)

  • Andy Pham
    Andy Pham

    Detective Toast was proud of young detective Watson

  • Karlyn

    "I'm a sassy boy" - Toast 2021🤣🤣💀

  • Ash Watchez
    Ash Watchez

    Toast is trying harder and harder to be a robot, and his content really suffers because of it.

    • faithfae

      You prolly not a fan then. That's how he normally speaks even off-stream

  • Arnon Hod
    Arnon Hod

    The animation was so good

  • Halotic

    That ending was lit. I liked he killed toast too and left it with the ladies who got it done in the end. I also couldn't believe toast didn't sus Steve the way he was chasing him round one tho. He obviously wanted him dead first

  • Did anyone say medic
    Did anyone say medic

    Disguised Toast is probably the only person who won’t be called over-confident when he self praises 😂

  • That chip you found on your bed from 3 months ago
    That chip you found on your bed from 3 months ago

    Can i just say, Im so glad Matpat said toast was his favorite among us creator in his video. Because chances are I would not be watching this video otherwise.

  • Mr12Relic

    Everyone else: Doing tasks Toast: Strolling through his mind palace of 2 rounds ago

  • Amerzski

    I like how Toast facepalming at the end.. noone in the final 3 is saying anything logical.. Seriously? Your best argument is he is pressing reactor so it must be him? How would anyone verify that?

  • lilac wang
    lilac wang

    The abundant pair extragingivally close because seal curiously stroke beneath a smelly shears. dramatic, craven diploma

  • Jackson Burgess
    Jackson Burgess

    Like a hyena chasing a donut in the Savannah's desert... that is just... man

  • nefetei

    Love sassy toast

  • GodCoreVT

    Bro by the time toast stops playing among us he’s gonna be a professional mind controller

  • blivvy

    Steve: "Now I look like a fool for voting him" Toast, who also voted: "A FOOL!"

  • Kade

    He seems way more comfortable with this group now

  • Team Hud
    Team Hud

    Toast failed card swipe

  • Raima Haque
    Raima Haque

    4:21 *I N T E N S E*

  • Bryan Jay
    Bryan Jay

    Funny thing you woudnt expect someone named toast to be amazing in an investigative game until you add disguised

  • Marchal Miller
    Marchal Miller

    my phone broke so im late now on laptop but this video is incredible keep up the great work

  • Nemira Annak
    Nemira Annak

  • The Lyrics of this Song
    The Lyrics of this Song

    toast pls i don't wanna hurt you but become a variety channel pls. all that minecraft and rust stream content you could have made millions on that and all the other games you played. I was not able to watch all your streams on facebook cause of the lengths. I still loved the video but they are becoming kind of task for me to watch rather than watching of pure enjoyment.

  • Sunshine

    they nicknamed Steve and DK "dumb and dumber" in these lobbies lol, but after that last game, I think we gotta petition for them to pass the torch onto Tina and Plushys, after countless games of hard work on their part, I think they've really proven they deserve that title just as much as Steve and DK do lmao.

  • Taroilo


  • Tan Adriel
    Tan Adriel

    Flamethrower imposter burn down Crewmate can't report the body until Crewmate dies from the flamethrower

  • А

    These lobbies full of big brain people is too much for my little walk-into-every-room-to-see-if-you-have-tasks-and-never-check-map brain 😭

  • Lolmonster777

    I swear, I get more attracted to Toast every episode.

  • LuchoNYC

    I miss content with sykuno and rae and that crew. This crew is boring to me.

  • Chirag


  • Person Person
    Person Person

    I still don’t understand why Kimi voted for herself

  • Aditha Aroshana
    Aditha Aroshana

    I'm just a weird guy~

  • kang soju
    kang soju

    9:59 why does toast sound like he was praying or whispering an incantation?

  • Khasbaatar Sanchur
    Khasbaatar Sanchur

    At like 4:09... he is just editing his face cam and having fun 😂 Edit: sorry it was just my 360p 😂😂

  • Hannah Melodies
    Hannah Melodies

    Is he wearing pajamas 😃

  • matt clark
    matt clark

    kinda wish steve won

  • Eshi

    My name is Toast, yeah! And I'm the most, yeah! If I'm not saving the game then I'm a ghost, yeah!

  • Kajuan Hurn
    Kajuan Hurn

    Toast don’t do task as crew

  • Red Mage
    Red Mage

    Toast miscounted DumbDog's faked download by 3 seconds

  • SJ Aquino
    SJ Aquino


  • Kit Mountaincat
    Kit Mountaincat

    Tinakittten steve i with you on strawberry. Chaotic translation steve i think you did it you gave me a headache and i am punishing you!

  • Bobahollie

    Sassy toast is a new breed

  • HawkeyeDerezzed

    The last game: Toast plays as the Jester when the mod is off.

  • ChupacabraFood

    I love Dk. Toast should bring him into the Sykkuno-Rae lobbies!

  • Aakayla Sheppard
    Aakayla Sheppard

    Plushy's saying she doesn't like that anymore bahahha

  • Soccermomsarethicc

    Valorant video?

  • Eclectic Androids Pictures
    Eclectic Androids Pictures

    I miss the brief moment in history where toast actually tried to do his tasks lol

  • Emily

    A hyena chasing a donut in the savannahs desert That's a sentence that should be inscribed somewhere for future generations to marvel at

  • capt Ryan
    capt Ryan

    One videos and this much ads man

  • Muhammad Ali Jan
    Muhammad Ali Jan

    "Everytime its the man as an angel in the suit"

  • Diminish12

    Tinaaa: ya better start spittin right now! Lmao.

  • Hi Jean
    Hi Jean

    Stupid question but what is the thing that Hafu said at the end of every meeting?

  • yaren güney
    yaren güney

    why the code isnt covered

  • JaylioHD

    I feel like Toast would be an excellent chess player with his brain power and the fact that he can recollect events so vividly

  • MadHouseProductions

    3:20, is he saying porch monkey??

  • tasha bandack
    tasha bandack

    why do the girls act like little kids 😪

  • B.R. V.
    B.R. V.

    What bothers me about these and most among us streams is that everyone takes it so personally when they’re accused. Why do they get angry 😂 it’s a game based almost entirely on chance and lying, why would anyone believe you.

  • Augustinas Gadliauskas
    Augustinas Gadliauskas

    DK: *reports the body* Also DK: "could be a self report"

  • Just a Futsu
    Just a Futsu

    The reason why this was big brain because plushy thought 5up would vote Toast, and since she wanted a kill win instead she voted herself to tie.

  • SinkableRuby

    toast should play town of salem, it's like this but more complicated

  • Hee Hee -
    Hee Hee -

    Kimi and Tina on the last and second last meeting is kinda.. ugh

  • L

    Toast not doing task *meta* is back.

  • Stolas Amon-Seere
    Stolas Amon-Seere

    But, without using K and then M how else to you plan to use powers when your gets that large?

  • BB VV
    BB VV

    this is so interesting yet i cant understand half of everything or apply it in public lobbies in fear of getting voted with "no proof" or facing the ban hammer.

  • Tacu Gerald
    Tacu Gerald

    DK with no Toast on Lobby: 3rd imp DK with Toast on Lobby: 3rd imp but also content

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