MORTAL KOMBAT "Scorpion VS Sub-Zero" Opening Scene (2021)
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MORTAL KOMBAT "Scorpion VS Sub-Zero Fight" Opening Scene Clip (2021)
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  • edgar manalo
    edgar manalo

    already watch this, this story is base in lfe of hanzo bloodline, in final scene hanzo became scorpion.

  • David Gutierrez
    David Gutierrez

    Kung lao dies Johnny cage isn't in it manos so funny

  • Rudy Kadous
    Rudy Kadous

    I watched the movie 3 times on hbo max and everytime I just felt like they weren't giving scorpion the respect he should be giving, I really believe they downgraded scorpion especially being one of the more powerful haracters in the video game and in the my world.. where the hell was his Teleport? He's like invisible when he's teleworking all o er the place and whipping ass... they showed scorpions real power more in the bat in the sun mini movies when he fought the white ranger... button there credit they show cased his whip real well in the movie... and Cole should never exist it should have been based way more on scorpion he was a whatever harsher just thrown in...

  • meriton ilazi
    meriton ilazi

    one the best scenes in action movies' i thought this movie going to be great but so disappointed i would have mad it a better movie

  • Kenshoto Ken
    Kenshoto Ken

    Don't waste you time with this movie. Go for the Animated movie of last year...

  • Wgleyson Souza
    Wgleyson Souza


    • Wgleyson Souza
      Wgleyson Souza

      @Charming nowhere to hide I don't understand that language?🙂👍

    • Charming nowhere to hide
      Charming nowhere to hide

      Ga bisa bahasa inggris;)

  • Sharky YNWA
    Sharky YNWA

    So what exactly happened to the baby

  • Diogo Quarenta
    Diogo Quarenta

    Hanzo = Scorpion Bi Han = Subzero

  • Stanislav K.
    Stanislav K.


  • Unesko Unesko
    Unesko Unesko

    Muzik bütün bad👎👎👎

  • Tufan Kara
    Tufan Kara

    Hanzo Hasashi

  • Aleksandra Piela
    Aleksandra Piela

    plot twist he is not sub zero he is Noob Saibot

  • Mahphkn Awsum
    Mahphkn Awsum

    Possibly my favorite part of this whole movie....and kung laos spinning hat 😁🤘

  • Jabeen Zahra
    Jabeen Zahra

    Truly beautiful 🤩

  • Jack Ekermawi
    Jack Ekermawi

    Terrible movie! I mean how bad can movies get? Just watch this and you'll have a pretty good idea

  • Art Fon
    Art Fon

    That woman wasn't worth having a fucking line to say? No? Tellst a lot about WHOEVER made this shit!

  • da baby
    da baby

    Holy fuck this movie was so dogshit

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark


  • Alexander Alvarado
    Alexander Alvarado

    Bad movie 👎

  • Aleksandras Savickis
    Aleksandras Savickis

    Tekken is better :trolface:

  • / Dimas Gens \
    / Dimas Gens \

    Ga bisa bahasa inggris;)

  • 00 00
    00 00

    It was alright, not brilliant, why did they have to ruin it with Kano's silly jokes?, why do films have to insist in making it funny?. There is no proper MK audio just a cheesy electro version in the credits. Had potential as parts where decent but overall ruined it trying too hard. The original is hard to beat.

  • William Timotius
    William Timotius

    i still haven't watch the movie but why is Bi Han the one who kill Hanzo's Family ?, shouldn't it be Quan Chi ? are The Writers of this Movie make their own plot and didn't follow original plot Ed , Tobias and the Studio real stories ?

  • Buğra Taştan
    Buğra Taştan

    This movie is a disgrace to Mortal Kombat Legend. Aimless story, low quality fighting scenes...

  • Okwirisam 254
    Okwirisam 254

    I watched This Movie when I was High on Weed and I just love we should always connect with our ancestors

  • RiV Uchiha
    RiV Uchiha

    Iam sub zero❄❄❄❄

  • Christon Far From Home12.98
    Christon Far From Home12.98

    This movie was the best

  • BlackGokudu_57

    4:50 The most sadly part in the movie

  • Assalam Qu
    Assalam Qu

    Filmnya bagus, tapi gak ada pesan moral.

  • Leila

  • Charlie Chavez
    Charlie Chavez

    The mortal combat we wish to watch 😀


    It's not scorpion vs sub zero it's hanzo hasashi vs bi-han a later hanzo becomes scorpion and bi han becomes sub zero


    He didn't say "GET OVER HERE!!!!"

  • Haizad ice
    Haizad ice

    They really went overkill with the blood effects like ingame

  • niduoe stre
    niduoe stre

    everytime enemy was killed im liked “fatality”

  • Шамиль Лабазанов
    Шамиль Лабазанов

    Где можно посмотреть ?

  • ninj4stud

    Man this film is bad; really bad

  • fernando Alonso Fontana Montoya
    fernando Alonso Fontana Montoya

    Me la quiero ver toda

  • gio957

    Killed his whole family, that's cold.

  • Umran Ullah
    Umran Ullah

    Wow looks awesome scorpion always my favourite can't wait

  • Kairi Hojo
    Kairi Hojo

    this is real hanzo

  • Yeaitsyaboi

    The way he screams Bi-Han with such vengeance is amazing

  • few2rock

    Great 15 minutes of the movie, rest of the movie was complete garbage. 2/10

  • Francesco DT
    Francesco DT

    I thought Sub-zero was the good guy and Scorpion the bad guy... I need to read again the hole story...

  • AlexandR Alban
    AlexandR Alban

    No MK soundtracks... that all what you need to know.

  • Zainal Mustafa
    Zainal Mustafa

    Punten gofood

  • Issac Gandero
    Issac Gandero

    Shout out to my parents for not letting me see this movie. They did me a favor.

  • Wok Bang
    Wok Bang

    That chinese english translation is dead on thonks creator

  • Jaye Andre
    Jaye Andre

    This was the best part of the movie. The rest was 🗑

  • Irfan Alvin
    Irfan Alvin

    Joen Taslim 🇮🇩

    • Jessica Gardner 01
      Jessica Gardner 01

      @Irfan Alvin alright, do you want to know ?

    • Irfan Alvin
      Irfan Alvin

      @Jessica Gardner 01 No

    • Jessica Gardner 01
      Jessica Gardner 01

      Have you heard of online trading/ marketing before?

  • Tomas Carrizales
    Tomas Carrizales

    I like the movie

  • Hth Big
    Hth Big

    Cut fim

  • freesf ftrefv
    freesf ftrefv

    This movie wasn't as cheesy as the other mortal Kombat movies but it was still cheesy. I don't understand why nobody can get it right!

  • Eleonora Vlaxoy
    Eleonora Vlaxoy


  • zeppirl

    Gotta say it was as disappointing as the first movie's attempt. Shallow characters and poor script. They tried to put this backstory in for sub zero vs scorpion which was a nice attempt to add depth but that's as good the storytelling gets in this version.

  • Hippyhare

    I find this a little bit awkward as in all the other movies it was scorpion that was the bad guy and Sub-Zero seem to be a good guy and here it's the opposite


    Joetaslim/sub zero from indonesian

  • Tylor Smith
    Tylor Smith

    I see why he lost this fight... He forgot his buckets of water.

  • panglima ucuf jos gandos
    panglima ucuf jos gandos


  • asaknight 321
    asaknight 321

    Listen, the story line might've not been the greatest but it was pretty cool and awesome to see everyone more modernized. Especially comparing goro from the 90's to now. Sure the story line but be confusing with Cole. But its incredible that they even made this movie and I believe we should give the makers a good amount of credit for giving justice to this. Still better than the older movies in my opinion. All and All this movie is a 8.5/10 for detail, the action, and the fatalities. I recommend any hardcode mortal kombat fan watch this.

  • jose cruz
    jose cruz

    Best scene in the whole movie imo

  • Black skyhigh
    Black skyhigh

  • Zara khan All about toddlers
    Zara khan All about toddlers

    Omg can’t wait

  • Gunslinger I Lv
    Gunslinger I Lv

    After last mortal kombat movie i think im gonna pass this

  • Rafael Fajardo
    Rafael Fajardo


  • Swopic

    Quan chi as subzero of course

  • JC 12
    JC 12

    But what happened to the baby?

  • kio shiro
    kio shiro

    This movie is horrible. I only watched it because of Sanadasan. The rest is just insufferable.

  • Lamer87

    7:32 this is the most beautiful "get over here" I heard from the sega game gear times :)

  • Lorenzo Grant
    Lorenzo Grant

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥

  • Fernández Taiel
    Fernández Taiel

    Bi han no se supone que hizo las pases con Skorpion? , Y el primer sub Zero quai lian , el que escorpión mato , no se supone que tiene que ser el el que protagonise a el sub Zero?

  • Eric Kamakeeaina
    Eric Kamakeeaina

    I'm not deep into Mortal Kombat lore, so I'm curious, was Sub Zero a villain in the Games?(Or as evil as he is in the movie cause...Damn) I always assumed he was one of the heroes/An Anti Hero of some kind.

    • Diogo Quarenta
      Diogo Quarenta

      It's a vilian

  • Tula Daniel
    Tula Daniel

    Where is the rest of it?

  • Olin won
    Olin won

    Itu masih hanzo vs bi han belum jd sub zero dan scorpion

  • Akyaren

    I hate that the game developers have a boner for scorpion so they try to make subzero the bad guy and nerf his abilities while they give scorpion all the cool stuff and make him into an angel, when the guy is literally a demon that lifts his skull flesh to spit fire. And now this movie also portrays subzero as a some sort of nawt-zee. I've really had enough of these people trying to shit on sub-zero so hard. It was supposed to be an even field, like yin and yang, fire and ice, but right now they've buffed scorpion so much and gave him such a "loving family man" character while portraying subzero as a cold-blooded murderer that it's not even balanced anymore. Such a shame they absolutely butchered the story of subzero because of their obsession with scorpion.

  • Jean Novais
    Jean Novais

    This video remember mine childhood. 🥺🥺🥺

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  • Spider-Man Unknown
    Spider-Man Unknown

    This scene alone was phenomenal and I don’t know what happened after because the rest of the film was bad.

  • Meiyo

    Trailer: 20/20 Movie: 5/20

  • Ty Ty
    Ty Ty

    When I quickly scrolled down the videos and I saw this thumbnail with the tail of my eye I thought for a moment that was another semen retention motivational video and that that women was covered in all the jizz accumulated in the recommended time period 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • dont nothing
    dont nothing

    public safety warning : WINDY KUJAWA STALKING and MUNCHAUSEN BY PROXY (daughter about age 4) chain text please send to others thank very much and wire taping......

  • Cavava Cava
    Cavava Cava


  • Cavava Cava
    Cavava Cava


  • Alex Schumaker
    Alex Schumaker

    I cried when I saw this preview. I remember going to mall to play this against some strange wizard kid at the arcade, back before the dawn of the cell phone era and the birth of the whole present day shitshow. Goodtimes...😊

  • Terry Kennedy
    Terry Kennedy


  • Alien Wired
    Alien Wired

    Hiroyuki Sanada

  • Diego vetori
    Diego vetori

    Que pena, filme ficou uma merda


    Mi sto sentendo male dall' adrenalina

  • مروق وبس
    مروق وبس

    أنا في الانتظار إخلاص متى

  • Aleg Libert
    Aleg Libert

    🖕🖕🖕😂😂😂 new line cinema is not old new line Cinema

  • ڛوُيُڊآنْ

    ازق فلم مر علي التاريخ

  • Dr.KiLLeR


  • lucas Oliveira
    lucas Oliveira

    Assisti so pq tem uma sena q fala brazil kllkkk

  • entretenimento10


  • Rios

    Title is clickbait. The full fight scene isn't even included in the video.

  • Pantera Pérez
    Pantera Pérez

    Verga cuando sale esta chingona 👏👏👏

  • Sass Entretenimientos
    Sass Entretenimientos

    Where can I find this movie, plz not virus link

  • Ruben Figuera
    Ruben Figuera

    De verdad me pareció muy mala la película...

  • 1r0zz

    the choreography looks like a kung fu movie from the 70ies, and the direction looks like a 2010 movie... :/