Airbag off Bridge Launch!
Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan

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    • Lamar

      @DannyDuncan Can I get a VIRGINTY ROCKS Hoodie ? Regards , Lamar Nairobi, Kenya

    • Barney Harkin
      Barney Harkin


    • Wreckit_Raulf

      When the fuck are you gonna make a movie!! Would love to see that with the whole crew

    • Jon O.
      Jon O.

      Man papa Jim’s face when you asked if he wanted to drive the boat 🤣🤣🤣

    • Jon O.
      Jon O.

      Man did that boy Matt dirty 🤣🤣🤣

  • Aiden Dezzer
    Aiden Dezzer

    Yo Danny...bro you almost had a kid ?☹️

  • I hate Furries
    I hate Furries

    This dude is awesome

  • Luis

    America. You try to have fun in any way you're offending someone.

  • thakid *
    thakid *

    Roscoe the cops are coming Ik im tryna get rid of it😂

  • gustavo ox
    gustavo ox

    Funniest video ever hahahhahaa

  • jakeysoccer

    Hello sir you are very crazy

  • Kevin Giddens
    Kevin Giddens

    That Woman sounds like a man.

  • Jake Hargett
    Jake Hargett

    Lmfao I never laughed so hard at a video on LV-home before.

  • chaos

    Best youtuber

  • Ellen Roberts
    Ellen Roberts

    The unwieldy pimple perceptually please because magazine splenomegaly fancy pro a picayune slope. black-and-white, endurable beat

  • Axton Grubb
    Axton Grubb

    It’s 2 am and my body wants sleep but I cant stop watching

  • Logan

    Only in Florida

  • ASAV85

    😂🤣🤣🤣 Gramps wearing shirt says I Love Hot Moms 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. My man 😀😁😂🤣

  • Edgar Valencia
    Edgar Valencia

    Danny 1 - Brenda 0 😂😂😂

  • James guyberson
    James guyberson

    You should come to Michigan and go to the abandoned paper mill

  • Kev King
    Kev King

    Check me out


    im dieing hahaha

  • ricodahchico

    4:22 papa Jim looked at the camera like, we all know what I’m about to say to this boy.😂

  • Travis Smith
    Travis Smith

    Brenda kinda look like a Brandon

  • Dr Puggles
    Dr Puggles

    I had gotten a pretty questionable ad that I wish I hadn’t skipped Danny! What the fuck! Some vibrator or something idek

  • AVA Gamso
    AVA Gamso

    Do you clete booe

  • Rays-top Gaming
    Rays-top Gaming

    You need to be carful filming with people now. The short dude is gonna come back later and say you caused him emotional distress

  • Stephens Family Vlog
    Stephens Family Vlog

    Imagine living like that woman complaining. Get a life

  • Aiden Lowe
    Aiden Lowe

    It sounds like SECRET ASIAN MAN

  • Candymaster

    This is a fire vid🔥

  • Penguiny's vlogs
    Penguiny's vlogs

    😜 jk

  • Mikey Nike
    Mikey Nike

    Wait, but like, is Kewon okay?

  • Kain Kong
    Kain Kong

  • yaliso gioouy
    yaliso gioouy

    Imagine just driving by and seeing a little person being blasted off the side of a bridge by an airbag

  • Dave M M
    Dave M M

    DFD: “My dad owns the county” Lady: “Your dad owns the county?” 💀💀

  • Lincoln Reynolds
    Lincoln Reynolds


    • yaliso gioouy
      yaliso gioouy

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  • Carlos Torres
    Carlos Torres

    10:39 LMAOOOO

  • im a mma fighter dumtard
    im a mma fighter dumtard

    funniest show on youtube. This is classic good fun. Reminds me of being a teen in the 90s

  • Hardy Peacock
    Hardy Peacock

    The angry woman sounds like Mrs. puff

  • John Smith
    John Smith


  • Julius Huakau
    Julius Huakau

    Buy some beat up cars and have some fun on the dirt tracks and do “bumper go kart” and just start drifting and smashing into each other HELLYEAHHHH

  • Everything Outdoors
    Everything Outdoors

    Who wants Danny and papa Jim to shave bald?

  • Big barnicle
    Big barnicle

    I seen you in first watch but I was scared

  • Dominic R
    Dominic R

    If he wants the barrel to go higher up.... 1/4 of dynamite

  • William Bernardi
    William Bernardi

    Where’s Andrew I didn’t see him in a while

  • Aname

    Who Tf let Mrs.Puff in this video.

  • Zachary Tuckfield
    Zachary Tuckfield

    10:50 definitely shoulda put the lil water droplet sound in when he hit the water 😂

  • Baker4life777

    5:00 was that a man?

  • ja crispy
    ja crispy

    Danny Duncan and jdion and beylin Levine collab

  • l l
    l l

    Danny should run for mayor ;)

  • memphis soahr
    memphis soahr

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  • CallMehJOK3R

    0:47 i thought i saw a cyber truck

  • Tri Force Entertainment
    Tri Force Entertainment

  • jiggly Pulse
    jiggly Pulse

    at 10:17 was so fucking funny

  • AJordan 23
    AJordan 23

    My friend saw this

  • Milo Sandelgård
    Milo Sandelgård

    one of the best video he has done

  • Alexis Shouli
    Alexis Shouli

    The wanting balloon inversely lie because crack architecturally encourage mid a breezy geranium. ambitious, last microwave

  • TheIconicLuke

    why don't you post often?

  • jaylynclairmont

    karen sounded like mrs puff from spongebob

  • Ethan Mordecai
    Ethan Mordecai

    Bruh I lost your shirts in my house when it burned down on Christmas

  • marc roy
    marc roy

    lol so dangerous !

  • Bitter Glitter
    Bitter Glitter

    You are becoming the new ross creations and I hate it

  • HoboSlapper

    You should get something called a funco f9. It’s like your buggy but with 1000 more horsepower

  • David Aguirre
    David Aguirre

    4:55 was that a man 😂😂😂😂

  • Lil CB Claps
    Lil CB Claps

    Can I have the Pokémon cards

  • Gaming With Zc
    Gaming With Zc

    I will gladly get launched by one of those airbags even if it's off camera, it looks so fun😂


    "I think*

  • UnboundGodz

    Xbox blows up. AND YOU WANTED ME TO SIT ON THAT!?! lmfao

  • Not Yacob
    Not Yacob

    No more kids for kewon

  • Jack's Off The Wall Food Review
    Jack's Off The Wall Food Review

    Could you do a future video about you and Alex and how you guys met? That would be awesome to learn about the story of you two. I know he's been filming you for a really long time and editing the videos.

  • Drizzly Drizzled
    Drizzly Drizzled

    Danny Duncan a living legend

  • Merica Freedomland
    Merica Freedomland

    Uhhhh @5:10 i was so confused

  • QuiklyWasTaken

    this is the definition of yolo

  • Trenton Saner
    Trenton Saner

    The cameraman at the end laughing had me dying

  • Bobbie Whitehead
    Bobbie Whitehead

    cool xd ; )

    • Bobbie Whitehead
      Bobbie Whitehead

      stop replying lol xd

    • Bobbie Whitehead
      Bobbie Whitehead

      so true

  • Bryan K
    Bryan K

    "Are we good to go?" "No, you gotta leave" .......boi

  • Jessezz

  • Ohh My gosh
    Ohh My gosh

    Homie really spent 15 grand, Danny can you pay for my college?

  • vinasu maaj
    vinasu maaj

    When she called the cops on your guys you should’ve pulled up in them junior deputy cars 😂😂😭

  • Ray W
    Ray W

    Post another video already 😂

  • Bwana Kidogo
    Bwana Kidogo

    3:46 is that Roman Hager?

    • Bwana Kidogo
      Bwana Kidogo

      @vinasu maaj wut?

    • vinasu maaj
      vinasu maaj

      everybody taking the fight like they will never do it again and danny still chillin

  • JustJosh

    "One does not drive a boat, one cons a boat."

  • logan hussey
    logan hussey

    u got a girl pregnant?

  • JR 81
    JR 81

    Danny and whistling diesel have got to be kin they look so much alike

  • Dubi Kravtsov
    Dubi Kravtsov

    That's fucked up man, wtf are you endangering your friends to such degree

  • Aye it’s Tango
    Aye it’s Tango

    danny you should make more vids of airbags but just make a huge one and put a car on top of it

  • Alex Spurlock
    Alex Spurlock

    Bro @ Danny Duncan who you gonna knockout in the LV-homers vs Tiktokers

  • Tim Smalls
    Tim Smalls

    The telling tomato independently scratch because triangle clinically replace upon a past william. frequent, onerous hill

  • Samir Gonzalez
    Samir Gonzalez

    why spend 20 grand when can spend 5 grand and get me a rsx 🦍😤😳

  • Kezzy Klips
    Kezzy Klips

    Just a matter of time till they view Danny Duncan like David Dobrik 🥴

  • Sergio Barrios
    Sergio Barrios

    Why is no one talking about kwon hurt it looked real painful

  • Yub 215
    Yub 215

    if he wouldve st n that xbox he wouldve needed emergency ass surgery

  • gelato bih
    gelato bih

    Yoo Wus dat in da back wen rosco n danny were on da couch bro

  • Sunny

    i’m dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mark Hulse
    Mark Hulse

    dont swear

  • kaijun powell
    kaijun powell

    everybody taking the fight like they will never do it again and danny still chillin

  • Ye_et

    Mama living in gta

  • Devon Forseth
    Devon Forseth

    This is my first time watching your videos boi gives no fucks 😂

  • Juan Murillo
    Juan Murillo

    You should build a lake in your back yard for you can ride the boat

  • Zakovich

    I'm at Danny's cream pies

  • Visible

    Danny just hits a real cop Car by accident😂

  • Simon Eriksson
    Simon Eriksson

    Is this gta or real life?

  • Daily Goon Life
    Daily Goon Life

    you should wake someone up with a vacuum and put it on their lips

  • Chungus

    Holy shit. Best channel I’ve ever found

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