HELLUVA BOSS - Spring Broken // S1: Episode 3
Happy 2021! Have episode 3!
When Blitzo's ex girlfriend steals his parking spot things sure do happen.
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    • Nataša Nimčević
      Nataša Nimčević

      Were is episode 4 ???

    • yeetyt 1356
      yeetyt 1356

      @Jimmeh Rulez aa

    • Xsmileslex

      I love this episode keep up the good work, me, my sister and mom watch it together every time you make a new one. We all love your work

    • Idk Anymore
      Idk Anymore


    • FELIX INKINIFEE akya fan
      FELIX INKINIFEE akya fan

      @Horse ok ?

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    He did not high five her-

  • Charra Gamer
    Charra Gamer

    does moxie sound like invader zim to me ?

  • - abunnienamednugget -
    - abunnienamednugget -

    "I'm SooooOOOOooOOOOooOOOOoooo dRiNkY" my favorite moxxie clean quote ever

  • The Gremlin Duke
    The Gremlin Duke

    There's going to be human loona fan art thanks.

  • supervisor batman
    supervisor batman

    When's the next one

  • Jillian Valentine
    Jillian Valentine

    Here's my wishlist for the voice actors to be a part of Helluva Boss. 1. Travis Willingham 2. Catherine Taber 3. Troy Baker 4. Liam O'Brien 5. Sean Schemmel 6. Christopher Sabat 7. Nolan North 8. Johnny Yong Bosch 9. Greg Ellis 10. Keith Silverstein 11. Isaac Singleton 12. Matthew Mercer 13. Rick Pasqualone 14. Patrick Seitz 15. Steve Blum 16. Fred Tatasciore 17. Alan Tudyk 18. James Arnold Taylor 19. Phil LaMarr 20. Tom Kenny

  • Tyler Wiseman
    Tyler Wiseman

    WHERES EPISODE 4 im dying for This 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎉😈🍆⭕️

  • Vincent Jackson
    Vincent Jackson

    I need to stop playing Doom. Seriously, it's hard for me to watch this without wanting to commit a hate crime.

    • Crataegus

      it is not a hate crime, it is salvation with shotgun!

  • Angel Dust
    Angel Dust

    So do the imps have a human form like vortex/ Luna/ Verasica and veronica’s hench-people

    • Crataegus

      they are among us

  • lunawolf


  • lunawolf


  • Corva

    6:03 Thank YOU. Degenerates should be deleted.

  • Carlos B.
    Carlos B.

    I actually love these yo

  • Rou You
    Rou You

    It’s More Than a month please episode 4😩

  • star child
    star child

    Dose anyone know when the next ep of this or hazbin hotel?

  • Shadow

    3:01 "Shut Up Dad-" "Blitz!" That was so cute.

  • Spicy Hedghog
    Spicy Hedghog

    Wooo almost a million likes!!

  • Olivia the Gacha Queen
    Olivia the Gacha Queen

    Millie: *gets knocked out with a bottle in episode 1* Also millie: *takes down a frigging fish monster in this episode*

  • -lila draws-
    -lila draws-

    Wow you had to break the 4 wall vivziepop

  • Cool Kid805
    Cool Kid805

    My friend calls you vivziepie instead of vivziepop 😂

  • Puffer

    Uhh can't wait for the next episode!!!!

  • Olivia the Gacha Queen
    Olivia the Gacha Queen


  • Attack on Titan: Last Chance
    Attack on Titan: Last Chance

    "A human called me a possum..I'm not a possum.." - Moxie -

  • baby featherduster
    baby featherduster

    12:46 lol look at their faces

    • baby featherduster
      baby featherduster

      14:34 wait wait wait where the fuck is josh???????????????

  • Kim lain Aw
    Kim lain Aw

    Kids watching be like: 👁️👄👁️

  • michele webb
    michele webb

    Looking forward for the next episode soon!

  • Odd Shock Gaming
    Odd Shock Gaming

    No there goes a demon who loves her man

  • Satorxii _
    Satorxii _

    Moxi being drunk is funny I liked it

  • Jack Lann
    Jack Lann

    Ok it's been a month and I still watch this episode and dont get tired of it. What sorcery is this?

  • Vexision GD
    Vexision GD

    Does anyone else notice the Mario jump noise when Mille jumps to grab the keys?

  • Kali Blackbird Laliberte
    Kali Blackbird Laliberte

    Millie sounds different

  • libra does stuff
    libra does stuff

    so no ones going to talk about how.... VIVZIPOP REALLLLLYY NEEDS TO REALEASE A FULL VERSION ON VEROSIKAS SONG!?!???!?

  • Misha Lum
    Misha Lum


  • Pedro Perez
    Pedro Perez

    Did anyone catch that there was two girls kissing each other

  • Natsuki chan
    Natsuki chan

    Vivziepop I have a question when you are going to release another episode of Hazbin hotel and by the way I love your drawings and the helluva boss series

  • Fynn the Fox
    Fynn the Fox

    I'm honestly glad we've gotten an episode on Loona. She's been mostly in the background.

  • Riccardo Spanò
    Riccardo Spanò



    Hazbin hotel!!!!!!!please

  • Alan Krawczyk
    Alan Krawczyk

    Where is now epizod Hasbin hotele?🤨

  • Spikero2

    1:31 Oddly specific.

  • Lucifer {King Of Hell}
    Lucifer {King Of Hell}

    And So It Begins, another Chapter for the Best Animated show Of 2021

  • Spirit the weeb !
    Spirit the weeb !

    I forgot the fact that they're doing all of this for a parking spot

  • D H
    D H

    They really got the VA for Zim in this show??? NICE!

  • Luka Verhaest
    Luka Verhaest

    It’s that time of the month where you check vivziepops channel every two minutes to see if they uploaded a new episode of helluva boss

    • baby bean
      baby bean


  • Adriel Ellis B. Santos
    Adriel Ellis B. Santos


  • Gamer Cat
    Gamer Cat

    Hazbin hotal

  • Kim Johnsen
    Kim Johnsen

    I F***ing love this so so much xD

  • Iolanda Zibordi
    Iolanda Zibordi

    happy2021 oh fukc

  • Deejay

    No one in this comment section: 0:42 Mille: Imma head in-

  • Nargiza Sabitova
    Nargiza Sabitova

    2:07 veroccica fliped blitzo.

  • Christina Kranenfeld
    Christina Kranenfeld

    Ive noticed something with the series..... why are these demon kin seem to be actually better parents then the human in the series .....

  • J. Katsaki
    J. Katsaki

    8:36 is that itadori yuuji



  • sarup singh
    sarup singh

    Why does maxie call his dad sir

    • GeekyTheArtist

      Blitzo isn't Moxxie's father. He calls Blitzo "sir" because Blitzo is his boss. Just so you know the main 4's relations: * Blitzo is Moxxie and Millie's boss * Moxxie and Millie are married * Loona is Blitzo's adopted daughter Hope this helps!

  • X_Luna the Wolf_X
    X_Luna the Wolf_X

    Oi where's episode 4

  • The treacous Squad gamers
    The treacous Squad gamers

    0:20 me when I drive:

  • Akiko Arvin Soriano
    Akiko Arvin Soriano

    My new fav series

  • Jessica Love
    Jessica Love

    Idk if this is the person I met on among us but I fucking love this😂😂

  • # esr
    # esr

    Imagine an episode where angels are featured. And they are posh wannabe shits.

  • Sarah Mendoza
    Sarah Mendoza

    I was wondering if I could use angles voice for a O.C voice claim I’ll give you credit

  • DinaMoon

    9:05 мне одной послышалось "прикрой рот"?

  • Muhammad Akhyar
    Muhammad Akhyar

    ye wow so good ye

  • Fizzyohawk

    It's been a month wheres the next episode

  • Nine Buenaflor
    Nine Buenaflor

    I'm not a furry doe *screeches in pain*

  • Tanner pelsor
    Tanner pelsor

    You know the way how "loony" had red cheeks? Yeah, she has a crush on Veronica's body guard.

  • conrad__

    Best series on youtube, I swear

    • conrad__

      @MonsterHunter 66 I'd say it's better than Hazbin

    • MonsterHunter 66
      MonsterHunter 66

      2nd only to Hazbin Hotel.

  • Summer H
    Summer H

    loona is me when I'm at the mall with my mom and a group of cool kids walk by

  • 3nd3rb0y003

    moxxie is not a fucking possum

  • Alknix

    Ow wow. The animation quality dropped hard on this.

  • smutz

    3:05 "oWo what's this?"

  • Brayden D. Burroughs
    Brayden D. Burroughs

    I need more, lots & lots more. Mwhahahahahehehe teehee

  • Junior & Friends YouTube
    Junior & Friends YouTube

    13:05 Fish

  • Clyve Truises
    Clyve Truises

    1:31 To Verosika's defence, Blitzo really did her dirty and doesn't even feel bad about it 😂💀

  • grlvworld

    sooo vacay to bonetown should be a song available for purchase....because i'd buy the HECK out of that song!

  • Yellow Fizz
    Yellow Fizz

    Very interesting, You should allow a guest star appearance of THE Yellow Fizz in the next one. Thank you.

  • Niko Pfälzer
    Niko Pfälzer

    I want another Hazbin Hotel episode. 😔

    • MonsterHunter 66
      MonsterHunter 66

      Same. I miss Angel Dust.

  • Myra Ellenburg
    Myra Ellenburg

    Why did blizo need hors back rodeoing lessons that’s a bit sus and he took the hor’s car nice

  • Myra Ellenburg
    Myra Ellenburg

    How did louna on the roof and got off in about 5 seconds and how did the fat dude get in

  • Five Nights at ytp
    Five Nights at ytp

    Make more helluva boss

  • ZephiroX Fan
    ZephiroX Fan

    This episode is taking way longer to hit 1m likes compared to the other episodes

  • What Phoenix
    What Phoenix

    10:24 would you like to delete all your friends yes or no

  • Casson Frederick
    Casson Frederick

    2:54 Wait, is it just me, or is does like Loona's voice sounds like Petra from Minecraft Story Mode?

  • Nani Yan
    Nani Yan


  • Viking 3-8
    Viking 3-8

    Looking forward for episode 4

  • Christian Johnson
    Christian Johnson

    me: thinking verosica was blitzo's sister me now knowing that it's his ex

  • Viking 3-8
    Viking 3-8

    This is adult swim worthy

  • Hate u 2
    Hate u 2

    hazbin hotel????

  • Chase X
    Chase X

    I love how there’s a shit ton of diversity in this series and people are just fine with queer people and people of colour and plus size people, AS THEY SHOULD BE AND THERE ARE NO BIGOTS OR HOMOPHOBES OR FATPHOBES EVERYONE IS JUST COOL WITH EVERYONE AND THIS IS THE KIND OF SOCIETY I WANNA SEE

    • Patrick Teejay
      Patrick Teejay

      I’m with you man❤️❤️👍🏽👍🏽 but unfortunately that’s just how the real world is. Just most assholes who are homophobic and shit.

  • sebastian charbonneau
    sebastian charbonneau

    YYOOOOoo VIVZIE, I've Been wachting your videos since day ONE, loved every single one. but something has been floting in my brain for the past month now, and that is one simple question. How is the progress on Hazbin Hotel? The tension is KILLING MEEEEE!!!!!.....

    • sebastian charbonneau
      sebastian charbonneau

      @GeekyTheArtist ok, thanks for the imfo, apresiate it. + Im subbed to your chanal now!

    • GeekyTheArtist

      Unfortunately, according to a post on Viv's Twitter, she can't give any updates on Hazbin Hotel or it's progress with A24. Because of her wording that she just "simply can't", it's been widely presumed she's been under Non Disclosure Agreements with A24.

  • Karen Torres
    Karen Torres


  • Jus Desireable
    Jus Desireable

    Is she blind suffering from some sort of brain damage lol Moxie

  • kravis walker
    kravis walker

    12:43 Anyone else notice that verosika' tatt says blitzo?

  • Lord Headass Of Ravioli
    Lord Headass Of Ravioli

    I've watched each episode about 7 times each now waiting for episode 4

    • Patrick Teejay
      Patrick Teejay

      I’ve watched it, 40 times already 💀💀💀💀

  • Kenji's Gaming Den
    Kenji's Gaming Den

    rewatching this shows all the fun little details you all put in, like the doodle moxie giving his boss the stink eye XP

  • monster lunch
    monster lunch

    where theFUCK is EPISODE 4

  • Ethan Entwistle
    Ethan Entwistle

    Are you going to make more shows on LV-home

  • Dabo 90
    Dabo 90

    I mean, it is good, astoundingly good.... but not as good as ep.2 or ep.0 That said, I CANNOT F*****G WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. Please keep the series at least as good as this episode.

  • Pot8o king
    Pot8o king

    I can't wait till the 9th of March cause that's when the next episode will happen

    • Pot8o king
      Pot8o king

      @Lil Hamster well 1 episode a month and the last one was on the ninth 9f last month so just a guess tbh

    • Lil Hamster
      Lil Hamster

      How u know that?

  • Akano food
    Akano food

    dang this is great not even i can do something this good

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