The Flop-portunities Are Limitless | Shaqtin’ A Fool Episode 5
Bernie Sanders makes a guest appearance in the latest Shaqtin.
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  • Zee Dilig
    Zee Dilig


  • Hunter

    Drummond really going for that mvp

  • Mcneil Webster
    Mcneil Webster

    0:41 💀💀💀💀

  • Jared_Playz

    0:33 Imagine having the same shoes, the same sleeves, and same syncing!

  • Zack B.
    Zack B.


  • Niners 21
    Niners 21

    Haha I saw this on tnt

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou

    That last clip of Kenny remind me of when he tried to jump the car like Kobe lol

  • Ken Arthur
    Ken Arthur

    Last 2 clowns went down like dominos. Howard trying to shoot FTs like Wilt. He ain't no Wilt.

  • Anson Lee
    Anson Lee

    I dint even smiled or feel entertained on this episode. So fail

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy

    That last clip of Kenny remind me of when he tried to jump the car like Kobe lol

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    Bernie's freaking sanders is everywhere 🤣 feel the burn 🔥

    • asioe kiou
      asioe kiou

      The Dwight Howard edit has me rollin' !!!!!! HAHAHAHA

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni

    How it started: "Derek Fisher and Kevin Martin did a double flop" How its going: "Joel Embiid and Daniel Theiss did synchronized flopping"

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone

      liked the matrix at the end

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    The synchronized flop woow, this one is rare, well done boys

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone

      The Dwight Howard edit has me rollin' !!!!!! HAHAHAHA

  • Kuchiki Rukia
    Kuchiki Rukia

    Ernie: "well he made 1 of 2" Chuck: " well thats making them, thats shaq like numbers" hahahaha

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      Viewership is done in NBA and them flopping isnt gonna bring ppl back.

  • Boyle Franks
    Boyle Franks

    Double flop gold. Amazing.

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      Shaq not being #1 on this is a crime. Petty White at it again! Never forget Petty White's face when Chuck told him Gobert would DOMINATE him. (OoO)

  • JacobWolffe TV
    JacobWolffe TV

    Embiid is a Shaqtin Legend

  • Lor T
    Lor T

    First appearance on Shaqtin since last week ..... LOL

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone

      We are nearing the point where the animations are nearly better than the clips lol

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty

    How it started: "Derek Fisher and Kevin Martin did a double flop" How its going: "Joel Embiid and Daniel Theiss did synchronized flopping"

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    Man the graphics guys are like the fifth character of this show!

  • Walter Johnson
    Walter Johnson

    Embiid ain't even flop. Theis did tho

  • Giannis Ksanthopoulos
    Giannis Ksanthopoulos

    Yo just watch old comersial with Chuck. Mr. Barkley vs Godzilla......

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty

      Definetly Schroeder! 💯✔😂😂😂

  • Mister T
    Mister T


  • Nate

    At least Theis was able to finally win something.

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty


  • Ferenc

    Two Germans in Shaqtin a Fool? Dieser Kommentarbereich ist nun eigentum der Bunderepublik Deutschland.

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    The Dwight Howard edit has me rollin' !!!!!! HAHAHAHA

  • Jiren

    liked the matrix at the end

  • Michael Omari
    Michael Omari

    Joel's wasn't a flop he literally lost balance

  • Carlito Brigante
    Carlito Brigante

    He made 1 out of 2 free throws "Yea, those are Shaq-like numbers" 🤣🤣🤣🤣


    Viewership is done in NBA and them flopping isnt gonna bring ppl back.

  • Alex Schwarz
    Alex Schwarz

    Shaq not being #1 on this is a crime. Petty White at it again! Never forget Petty White's face when Chuck told him Gobert would DOMINATE him. (OoO)

  • Zach

    We are nearing the point where the animations are nearly better than the clips lol

  • Andy C
    Andy C

    Synchronized flops now..

  • xJuju

    Dwight what is going on man. Scooting back further away from the basket ain't gonna help your % am I missing something?

  • Cofimaslisa

    pls give us McGee

  • Austin Geno
    Austin Geno

    Wesley snipes 😕🤣

  • Sly11B Enal
    Sly11B Enal

    Definetly Schroeder! 💯✔😂😂😂

  • bjern757


  • redskullz124

    Is the clip of Shaq "inspiring" Donovan Mitchell going to be on next week's show?

  • OneMan Production by KVL
    OneMan Production by KVL

    Shaq still hating on Dwight. Get over the Superman in the building Shaq. You were a great center but had Kobe. Dwight had Lebron. Dwight stepped it up when it counted the most. He earned his ring playing his best vs Denver the Joker and that was the turning point for the lakers run to the finals. Shaq you don't play anymore leave Dwight alone, I'm sure he shoots better than you at the stripe

  • Mid - Life Gaming
    Mid - Life Gaming

    Kenny's matrix leg splits got me dead af 💀💀💀💀🥀💀🥀💀🥀💀

  • Adrian Tarrant
    Adrian Tarrant

    There is actually a thing about it being easier for really tall guys to shoot free throws from further away from the line. It’s something to do with the arc of the ball

  • le Golas
    le Golas

    AMANTADINE (VIREGYT K) is working!!!! heals Covid perfectly (in 24-48h) - and the pandemic is over.

  • Julius Moore
    Julius Moore

    He hit him in the face. I didn't see no flop🤷🏿

  • Lanor Gnejt
    Lanor Gnejt

    That ft Howard really cracks me up

  • Miguel De Greef
    Miguel De Greef

    This is not even funny anymore. Shaq’s only purpose is gone. Please fire Shaq.

  • Ostrich 03
    Ostrich 03

    Dwight’s shorts are next episode

  • J

    Bruh 😂

  • Ness

    The matrix 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nolan Francis
    Nolan Francis

    Andre Drummond gonna win Shaqtin a fool mvp

  • Mario JT
    Mario JT

    Just a reminder shaq, rudy has 200mil contract

  • Allen Lin
    Allen Lin

    The Matrix!!

  • Jaeden Sports
    Jaeden Sports

    I got a Papa John’s ad during this video.

  • George Karram
    George Karram

    Who’s the old man people keep posting about? I’m confused

  • Platinum Pineapple
    Platinum Pineapple

    The Coaches Reaction are the best

  • Chris Walker
    Chris Walker

    I went to shake Marcus Smart's hand, and I got a flagrant 2.

  • Mike Fedorovsky
    Mike Fedorovsky

    Benoit Benjamin becoming a recurring mention on the show is hilarious

  • Eric Corey
    Eric Corey

    The level north contemporaneously trace because bail monthly matter minus a utopian thumb. snobbish, magical bicycle

  • Moses

    I can't believe Charles Barkley was watching a game

  • Liavin 25
    Liavin 25

    the can't even play 90's ΝΒΑ >>>>>>>>>>>> today NBA bloomer

  • Samuel Manning
    Samuel Manning

    Dwight Howard shouldn't be there, but atleast he can actually make free throws shaq

  • What The
    What The

    Start suspending players for blatant flopping it will stop forever in one day.

  • The Latest And The Greatest
    The Latest And The Greatest

    Put Shaq’s interview with mitchel on here

  • Joshua Davidson
    Joshua Davidson


  • clegaainz

    Shaq needs to get replaced

  • Goran Hrastovik
    Goran Hrastovik

    Why top..4?

  • BloodOrange

    Nba is dead as the dodo

  • Tiny Jungle
    Tiny Jungle

    "Everybody loves Bernie" Yet we still end up with war criminal corporatist Joe Biden. Democracy yo!

  • Only Facts
    Only Facts

    01:18 LEBRON isnt a good defender he just leats his man cut to the basket and the GSW player is so dumb that passes outside instead of passing the ball to the open man under the basket...

  • Only Facts
    Only Facts

    NBA players this days are horrible... 01:15 he is under the basket and passes the ball...then Curry shoots the ball and there are 2 GSW players under the rim with nobody from the LAKERS team...

  • Vladyslav Kurbatskyy
    Vladyslav Kurbatskyy


  • Uchawi Beatz
    Uchawi Beatz

    That Dwight clip ain't funny Shaq. Especially coming from one the worst free throw shooters of all time

  • bkim9289

    How is hardens pass to the person defending him not on here

  • fizzy

    Well I know one thing for sure, recent behaviour by Shaq toward players is plain and simple disrespectful and unsolicited remarks. Although I have forever loved Shaq for his humor and straight forwardness, he did cross the line recently.

  • Falo

    No Marcus Smart flop? lol

  • TrueSake

    Thought the refs were punishing flopping... guess not. You flop, you’re gone. Would quickly solve the issue.

  • A Garcia
    A Garcia

    Should be 50k fine for every flop and then give it to the referee as a bonus. This is ridiculous.

  • Tolga Ercan
    Tolga Ercan

    1:37 Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu?

  • Ayub Hussein
    Ayub Hussein

    Andre Drumond a Shaqtin´A Fool legend

  • Mike Patterson
    Mike Patterson

    These guys rule, their show is hilarious every time they are on the air!

  • inefekt69

    Shaq should put himself on this week's episode the way he's made a fool of himself the last few days...

  • laura baylor
    laura baylor

    @brenda mason its a japanese skin lightening lotion. It says in the article the african american celebrities in hollywood use it and is strong enough that it changes their skin color from dark skin to light skin mixed race,however they deny it i guess they deny using this lotion because they just want people to think they are naturally light skinned and not bleaching their skin lighter, they should just be honest.

  • K13 Big dawg
    K13 Big dawg

    😂😂😂😂😭☠️🥦💨💨 #rns was #waiting on #javell #mcgheeee made dis #litt

  • Illicit Productions
    Illicit Productions

    Germany going strong in this one

  • Music

    I can imagine that Dennis Schröder is still there. 🤦‍♂️

  • Humpa Humpason
    Humpa Humpason

    2 Germans - Ich bin sehr enttäuscht von euch Jungs

  • sean hurley
    sean hurley

    Anyone notice Wiggins coulda had unconested lay-in when Schroder flopped?

  • Robbie Griffey
    Robbie Griffey

    shout outs to the video editors on shaqtin lol they the real mvps

  • Alwin Uding
    Alwin Uding

    Embid and Theis have fallen for each other😉❤

  • koolwhat


  • john malone
    john malone

    This is allways funny

  • Ryan Johansson
    Ryan Johansson

    I honestly can’t comprehend why a near 300 pound All-Star pro basketball player who makes millions of dollars feels the urge to dive and flop around the court. It’s so embarrassing and makes the whole sport look pathetic.

  • T NoSu
    T NoSu

    Drummond as usual was trying to get his cry-screening fouls and get to the line 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮


    It's funny even more funnier to see Theis and Schröder flopping when you know they played together throughout their youth

  • Angelo D
    Angelo D

    Man merkt direkt, wer aus einer Fußballnation kommt.

  • Ethan S
    Ethan S

    Any Center Today > Shaq AKA Kazam

  • Leonel Zamora
    Leonel Zamora

    Anyone know why he doesn’t do 5 anymore?

  • Wil's VG Addiction
    Wil's VG Addiction

    1:45 That's one of the funniest things I've ever seen in an NBA game. These clowns should be ashamed.

  • Mathew Cheng
    Mathew Cheng

    Lebron teaches all his teammates how to flop, he's the GOAT of NBA actors.

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake

    Dat Neo + Kenny pause hang time editing is LT 🔥👌💯

  • A's up Lakers
    A's up Lakers

    Dwight Howard stats are going lower he should have stayed with the Lakers