Doctor SHAMES High School DROPOUT, Instantly Regrets It | Dhar Mann
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- A Girl Steals Clothes From Her Roommate, Instantly Regrets It:
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00:00 Doctor SHAMES High School DROPOUT,
06:33 Recommended Video To Watch Next

Idea By: Dhar Mann
Written By: Dhar Mann
Director: Rushikesh Bhadane
Editor: Joel Ray
Casting Associate: Daniel Carrera, Lauren Parsons
Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller, Jacq Balmeo, Sherri Salazar
Production Assistant: Carlos Orellana, Barry Bryant
Sound: Noel Palacios
Chris - Melvin Ward
Kim - Zoey Marie
Scholar - James Nichols, II
Bystander 1 - Yui Shibata
Bystander 2 - Remy O'Brien
Bystander 3 - Jenny Shibley
Bystander 4 - Ian E Cole
Bystander 5 - Adam Valencia
Waiter - Matt Patrick Fox
Teen - Yony Marian

#LiveYourBestLife #Inspirational

  • Dhar Mann
    Dhar Mann

    Hi #DharMannFam, SHOP NOW! My latest merch is available now! Lots of different colors, slogans & styles, you're going love: Also, for exclusive giveaways & more inspirational content follow me on Instagram here:

    • Wakeup Motivation
      Wakeup Motivation

      It seems that in U.S C.E.O's names are kept secret from the employees. Right?

    • Thila N
      Thila N

      I am very much interested but I am not residing in US....sigh

    • Appiah Kufuor
      Appiah Kufuor

      I love this video

    • Reynan H. De Luna
      Reynan H. De Luna

      Excuse me sir, Dhar Mann

    • Sarah Pasquis
      Sarah Pasquis

      That's one of my favorite video from Dhar. This one really illustrated that you should judge a book by it's cover.

  • Devil's Ace
    Devil's Ace

    6:00 he’s lucky the owner is a cool and layed back guy who would rather teach a lesson then fire him for belittling him

  • Margaret Torrance
    Margaret Torrance

    People can be different

  • Margaret Torrance
    Margaret Torrance

    Hi he’s a bit of a stupid guy to bost

  • Cora Miller
    Cora Miller

    Okay I am

  • double H
    double H

    Moral of the story: doctors are only nice in there jobs.

  • Mari Rj Ignacio
    Mari Rj Ignacio

    I like this channel the main characters sometimes have dark skin color to fight racism i wish they create to stop asian racisim

  • Kay’s World
    Kay’s World

    Shaming those because they didn’t go to college or have a higher education isn’t the way to go. Those who went to high school can be the richest person and successful can make it like those who went to college.

  • fiz ,
    fiz ,

    Is gay po

  • Billie Brown
    Billie Brown

    The two toothbrush superfamily smash because caterpillar probably spot absent a fantastic jeep. dysfunctional, lumpy belgian

  • Presley Eidson
    Presley Eidson

    You can become successful without going to college

  • Salma Yusuf
    Salma Yusuf

    Bruhhis sneekers be looking fineeeeee B)

  • Mia Lopez x
    Mia Lopez x

    Moral of the story : *Don't listen to people who don't know your true you!*

  • M Playing
    M Playing

    He is accountant not a real doctor because he has doctorate degree in accounting

  • Shamseera Safeer
    Shamseera Safeer

    4:08 it was thanos's line from infinity war😀

  • Roxann Carlene
    Roxann Carlene

    The zany notify neurobiologically preserve because battery importantly appear past a loud act. rhetorical, accessible balance

  • Wakeup Motivation
    Wakeup Motivation

    Things aren't always what they see .

  • Mixtrally the leo
    Mixtrally the leo

    2:20 Dr: you are wearing sneakers Me: excuse me those are Jordans and they expensive i am saying expensive

  • Felister Njoroge
    Felister Njoroge

    Wow I love the video, thanku dharr mann

  • The Unknown Plays
    The Unknown Plays

    Doctor Strange be like:

  • Arif Rahman Y11E
    Arif Rahman Y11E

    Dhar Mann I’m a big fan of you I appreciate what you do please reply to me ❤️

  • mobile legend
    mobile legend

    iPhone iPhone please for me

  • Chalikkathodika Muneera
    Chalikkathodika Muneera

    At first, I thought Dr.Ramson was just making friends with Chris Crawl. But slowly it began to make uncomfortable with him discriminating his backgroung. Dr.Ramsen thinks he owns the store and he is the king. He didn't even show the respect to shake hands as if he is a VIP.

  • Gayathri Nair
    Gayathri Nair

    why do people judge so early its not cool and being a show off doesn't help either

  • Sivan Sta. Romana
    Sivan Sta. Romana


  • Lelani Geldenhuys
    Lelani Geldenhuys

    Dr ramsen must play in more videos

  • Lelani Geldenhuys
    Lelani Geldenhuys

    Dr. Ramsen

  • Riham Jamal
    Riham Jamal


  • NoVa Zoel
    NoVa Zoel

    This was my fav it is so relatable

  • BrekfastKing

    Your videos inspired me to start my own business a year ago and now I'm making so much more money than I ever dreamed of. Thank you dhar mann!

  • Janelle1312

    Never judge anybody. It doesn't cost anything to be nice to others! Always be nice towards other people. One simple compliment, for example; "Hey! I love your glasses!" can lift someone up if they are having a bad day or are in a bad mood. Or if someone is sad, be there for them and try to make them feel happier. Personally, It makes me feel good seeing people happy and that's why I am always nice to others and don't judge anybody based on looks or anything. Spread positivity

  • Cheryl Woolnough
    Cheryl Woolnough

    I didn’t know doctors are rude oooohhhhhh you didn’t know that doctor oh silly me

  • ladybugo. exe
    ladybugo. exe

    First off who the heck spends more then 50 dollars on SHOES And second what docter spends 1000 dollars on shoes?!? Most irresponsible docter ever

  • Jonnymike 27
    Jonnymike 27

    The only one who can determine how successful you are, is you. You determine how successful you want to become. My version of being successful, is by changing the world on how we see people. As Dhar Mann once said "Never Judge A Book By Its Cover. Never Judge Someone Without Getting To Know Them. Never Judge Someone Based On The Color Of Their Skin". What i want to do, is change peoples hearts on how people see each other. I would love to help people who are racially segregated in schools, our places of worship, and overall in our communities.

  • Latika Karmakar
    Latika Karmakar

    Ya know you are motivating thousands Dhar Mann! Keep it up! ❤️

  • Prajval Rao
    Prajval Rao

    I find it funny that the phD guy doesn't know who he works for

  • Art Mine
    Art Mine

    First video uploaded

  • Doctor X
    Doctor X

    Oh this is new video! Black people dissing each other 😂

  • Aaron Muhane
    Aaron Muhane

    The doctor played it well.

  • Gen gen
    Gen gen

    Why does the doctor sound like the main villain being introduced in a video game that’s supposed to be the good guy

  • tom's territory
    tom's territory

    the guy in the light gray shirt is an amazing actor and his skin is so smooth like tfff

  • ꧁Mohit꧂

    He looks like Mr Moore from karen shames black person?

  • Roxann Carlene
    Roxann Carlene

    The roasted discovery commonly notice because license preclinically time against a ethereal age. important, cheap title

  • luv codm
    luv codm

    this is teaching us to drop out and become even more successful

  • m00dyclxuds

    “1,000 dollars!” its your money so why buy it if its just gonna get ruined anyways?

  • deadinaclick

    school isn't meant for everybody, and there are many different paths to success. for some people, school might be holding them back from their goals. the problem with school is that school enforces the idea that THE ONLY way to succeed is by being good in school. This is incorrect.

  • Caleb Holmes
    Caleb Holmes

    I just love how he was so elegant in bringing down that man's pride.

  • DeeDee A Smallwood
    DeeDee A Smallwood

    This has to be my most favorite ❤ video Dhar. Well done

  • Blanchard Johnson
    Blanchard Johnson

    Doctor Ramsen is what they call an educated fool.

  • Tiffiny Terrell
    Tiffiny Terrell

    Why he leaving him hanging like that? 0:29

  • Kale G.
    Kale G.

    What does going to college have to do with knowing about champagne brands

  • jerald moreno
    jerald moreno

    i was crying when i see he's eye red

  • Vickie Clark
    Vickie Clark

    That guy is even smarter than the doctor is cause he makes more than the doctor does and didn't pay a dime to go to school. Now that is intelligent.

    • Kale G.
      Kale G.

      That’s a good point

  • Kale G.
    Kale G.

    Actually abstract means an artist put some paint on a canvas randomly and is getting a couple million

  • Nadisha Bailey
    Nadisha Bailey

    That shoe that cause a $1000 is ugly

    • Kale G.
      Kale G.

      If you’re spending 1000 dollars on black shoes you already lost

  • Karlla Mendoza
    Karlla Mendoza

    A doctor who brags about his success and riches but can’t pronounce Dom Pérignon right. 🤣 The majority of successful people we’re dropouts. Just because they are dropouts don’t mean they are stupid

  • kampot fishery
    kampot fishery

    Thank for teach me some lesson


    Hey Dhar! I just wanna say that your awesome! Me and my family watch you. You teach awesome lessons that I can reflect back to. Keep doing what your doing your amazing!(Tell the actors that they are also amazing)

  • CardinalEgan

    True that things aren't always what they seem _to you_. Maybe you're just not observant...

  • A cup of Tae with Suga and a Kookie
    A cup of Tae with Suga and a Kookie

    IDK y but, Dhar Mann's videos have become so addicting!!!

  • BubblyiiLoveeeRoy Yt
    BubblyiiLoveeeRoy Yt

    Spilled his drink: ha ha I really meant to do that

  • Xx 3my xX
    Xx 3my xX

    I havent watched dhar mann in a while and i realised i dont recognize any of the actors 😃

  • timothy smith
    timothy smith

    I am don

  • Nia Marie
    Nia Marie

    2:04....reminds me of fresh prince of bel air...carlton🤭🤭

  • GUCCI Ryan
    GUCCI Ryan

    That guy was being really douchey about being a doctor

  • FRANKIE Nelson6rrttSjw75053P8E8506ZSP
    FRANKIE Nelson6rrttSjw75053P8E8506ZSP

    Man are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.

  • James Lalanne
    James Lalanne

    damn he insulted his doctor title at the end 💀

  • Fresh Dialects OFFICIAL
    Fresh Dialects OFFICIAL

    Yass it’s out!!!

  • Christopher Osas
    Christopher Osas

    favorite video

  • Lonnell Ware
    Lonnell Ware

    The man with the Ph.D. belittled his character to the lowest level making himself a complete riot and exposing his Ph. D. worthless!

  • JAM 2107 Vlog
    JAM 2107 Vlog

    I love this message don’t judge the book by its cover and simplicity and being humble is the best!!

  • Greg Shannon
    Greg Shannon

    “Your wearing sneakers probably don’t cost 50 dollars” the man where doir Jordan 1s “ a 10,000 dollar shoe

  • strx_berry

    "Why are you even trying to buy the painting" Me: why are you even doing this- my dude looks so dum rn-

  • Axe Gang
    Axe Gang

    He said idiot?

  • Aaliyah Davis
    Aaliyah Davis

    Why does the doctor keep bragging that's weird Dhar Mann stop

  • John Livingston
    John Livingston

    I started working right after I graduated from high school; I live my life by the phrase Sic Parvis Magna Sic Parvis Magna Greatness From Small Beginnings


    It's not what's on the outside but what's in the inside

  • Michedayline Joachim
    Michedayline Joachim

    No need to fire him. He is already well known that with his doctor degree he’s working for a drop out. That’s enough.

  • Talaysa Paige
    Talaysa Paige

    hi donan ilov yor videos

  • Happy_ThePotato

    "You know how much they cost, A THOUSAND DOLLARS" Sir you can just dry them off.

  • CrazyFortniteKid Gaming
    CrazyFortniteKid Gaming



    That was such an accurate description of uppity blank......

  • •The Savage Queens•
    •The Savage Queens•

    Never judge a book by it's cover

  • •The Savage Queens•
    •The Savage Queens•

    The dr man didn't even let him finish speaking-

  • Tami Barker
    Tami Barker

    Love this. Now one of my favorites


    It’s a repost wyd

  • JackDaBest C
    JackDaBest C


  • Live love froggy Froggy
    Live love froggy Froggy

    Ooooo man this was good

  • Aaliyah Bacchus
    Aaliyah Bacchus

    Never judge a book by its cover

  • bnsflionel


  • Branae Brown
    Branae Brown

    This is the first video of Dhar man's that I haven't heard an actress or an actor say "so you see" it feels so weird I don't know why lol

  • techno fan007
    techno fan007

    "Never judge a person by his appearance!!"

  • Shellan Ricketts
    Shellan Ricketts

    Things are not always what they seems indeed.

  • Mega0Adrian

    love yr vids i watchem all most every single day keep up the great god

  • zain odeh
    zain odeh

    are we just gonna ignore how he did not take the painting when he won it

  • Douglas Oanya
    Douglas Oanya


  • Marcia Brown
    Marcia Brown

    Watch this 20 times one of the best video from dhar mann ..

  • R3C0N TG
    R3C0N TG

    "I never went to harvard, the people working for me did,"-Elon Musk

  • 3vanos

    “yOu BumBlINg IdiOt” this actor does it so well

  • xtwilight princessx
    xtwilight princessx


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