Islanders @ Penguins 2/18/21 | NHL Highlights
Extended highlights of the New York Islanders at the Pittsburgh Penguins

  • detective andy23rdpct.
    detective andy23rdpct.

    I can't remember the last time the Pens have had sooo many 2-way defenseman. Letang use to be it, now with Matheson, Marino, Petterson, and even Doumilon's offensive game has made HUGE improvements. I'm sure they woulda rather kept #8 in Boston. LOL

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith

    Nice play by Kapanen to go to the net force the turn over and put one behind the Islanders goal tender. Good for him and the Penguins. Not much respect for the Islanders after the way they treated JT.

  • shadowsneak12

    The pens just cannot score on the power play

  • Frederic Frisch
    Frederic Frisch

    Go go Pens

  • J.P. Nimphius
    J.P. Nimphius

    I'm an islanders fan and we want revenge

  • J.P. Nimphius
    J.P. Nimphius

    I'm an isles fan and we want revenge

  • Vinda Kitchen
    Vinda Kitchen

    Wooooow Seru banget !!!

  • Jef Badboy
    Jef Badboy

    I’m confused when did Crosby score

    • 2 thick 4 Youre whole
      2 thick 4 Youre whole

      He tipped the puck on the first goal.

  • Justin Haffenden
    Justin Haffenden

    Please start showing the fights!!! They should be a part of the Game Highlights!!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Russell Wilson
    Russell Wilson

    Thank you Crosby for the 1st goal! Still cashing tickets! Crosby still getting it done!

  • Bobby T.
    Bobby T.

    Bryan Rust for Hart

  • Your Brother Jerome
    Your Brother Jerome

    Mike Matheson for Norris

  • antho 420
    antho 420

    i really like lafferty, strong guy

  • Benedek Balazs
    Benedek Balazs

    I think that Crosby redirection goal was as masterful as many other of his highlights. And the play is underrated. It was not a fluke, he did it with a purpose and in a blink of an eye.

    • Michael Moldovan
      Michael Moldovan

      true, he did it on purpose

    • Wade Appling
      Wade Appling

      When I first saw it I thought, are you kidding he let that go in. Then I saw it again, damn.

  • Kain Cioffee
    Kain Cioffee

    I used to watch hockey from 95 to 2005... I was a big fan... After they went on strike, its like I took a 10 year "break" but got back into NHL around 2016-17 and the lvl of competition, the player skill lvl, the athleticism... It just doesn't compare. Guys today look so much faster. Everybody gets after the puck... Goalies! Like every single of them look like Martin Brodeur or Patrick Roy back in the day! It makes for some really good hockey and im really glad I made my way back to the NHL!

  • Greg Garner
    Greg Garner

    Let's go Pens!!

  • Ex Eaglesbandwagon
    Ex Eaglesbandwagon

    Rust and Zucker are a blessing to the Penguins. There ability to make plays, score and set up goals with great passing is what the Penguins need to be successful. Great win yesterday.

  • Bill Miller
    Bill Miller

    If you back check and fore check, the scoring opportunities will take care of themselves. This was a blue collar performance by the Penguins, and yes...the Isles are a talented and well coached team!

  • Zachary Brannon
    Zachary Brannon

    That is a good islander team we just beat. Love to see it

  • Landon Bichler
    Landon Bichler

    Let’s go pens

  • Alex Fedorov
    Alex Fedorov

    Zucker - good game )) Malkin creates turnovers and HIGHLY OVERPAID !

    • Your Brother Jerome
      Your Brother Jerome

      Malkin was the reason the Zucker goal happened, Malkin forced a turnover to make the play.

  • 21DaHoagie12

    Where the heck that Eric Peacock guy and his negativity at?

    • Your Brother Jerome
      Your Brother Jerome

      Durp shoulda kept Kessel!!! 🤣

  • Impuhlz

    Absolutely loving the chemistry on the Geno Rusty Zucker line- a line of pure rag-tag beauties working their magic. Let's Go Pens!

    • Nadia NurLaeli Official
      Nadia NurLaeli Official

      @bbrock1981 bola

    • J D直達車
      J D直達車

    • bbrock1981

      Yeah absolute Zucker(german sugar) !!! :)

  • Hannesa99

    I like crosby

  • john platt
    john platt

    how about Jason Zucker passing that easy empty net goal off to Rust. What a guy. Could of easily added another goal to his stats and had himself a two goal night but instead fed his brother a goal, class act...beyond happy to have him on the team for the next couple years.

    • Assa Massa
      Assa Massa

      Щ👠👡👟👞' 👒👡👠👟👞👡👡👠👒👔👔👒👒👒👒👒👒👒👒👒' 👒👒

  • Random Person
    Random Person

    Finally a good defensive performance. Great job guys

  • OrangeManBad

    I think this is the season that Kasperi Kapanen will arrive and show his true potential and have a real breakout season. He already played great at the start of the season but Malkin's lazy play slowed him down. Now he scored instantly when he was on the ice with Crosby who atleast somewhat still tries altough I understand that he saves the physical style of play for imporant playoff games because he doesn't want to ruin his health. If Kappy was on the PP in place of Rust he would definitely have buried those chances. I think they should give him some 1st PP time because he is the one that tries the most on the whole team and has deliver it every game. Toronto didn't give him that much of an ice-time because of how much offensive depth they already have and he still posted good numbers. Scored also bunch of short-handed and the thing I like most about Kappy is that he is for real the Mr.Clutch! During his career in Finland and on international games aswell as in NHL playoffs he has scored the game-winning goal multiple times. My favourite was when he scored the OT game-winner at the U20 tournament final at here in Finland in front of his home crowd. 2nd favourite one is the NHL playoffs game 7 OT game winner for the Leafs few years back. They went past first round then for first time for a looong time if I remember correctly. Anyways if anyone happens to read this all in all Penguins got a very promising player that still hasn't reached his full potential level and in Penguins if get's ice-time with Sid I'm sure he will score maybe 15-20 goals in this shortended season. If that happens next season he will score 30-40 goals if he gets to play with Sid and is healthy. So you got a very good player IMO.

    • OrangeManBad

      @Phoenix29 Well I think Kapanen should be given atleast chance there and then let's see who suits better there.

    • OrangeManBad

      @Ryan Morrison Okay that was one thing I remembered wrong. But still I think Kapanen will play the best hockey of hes career in the next few years. I didn't say Kappy was better than Rust as player overal I just said Kappy is on fire right now and would have buried those. And he definitely has scored a clutch goals multiple times during his career.

    • Ryan Morrison
      Ryan Morrison

      He definitely didn't score any clutch playoff goals for the Pens because he never played for the Pens before he went to the Leafs. Kinda makes your entire paragraph of praise easy to dismiss as a man crush. I like him but he's nowhere near as good as Rust and won't ever replace him on the PP1. Maybe in the case of injury. Their PP has struggled mightily already this year and he hasn't gotten any PP1 time over Rust. Ps. I hope you're right about the number of goals to come from Kapi.

    • Phoenix29

      I prefer Rust on the first PP

  • Little Hockey Notes
    Little Hockey Notes

    B.Rust is on fire right now

  • My Burner
    My Burner

    the whole restructuuring leagues sucks so bad this year, glad we won just find it boring .

  • Zaxter Deep
    Zaxter Deep

    Great game from Jarry. Hopefully his confidence is coming back. Was strange how well he did last season and how iffy he’s been so far. But his last two games were great (can’t be expected to stop 42 shots against the caps who absolutely dominated them). Excited for next game to be as chippy as that Bruins rangers game. Let’s go pens! Gg islanders.

    • fmthebaron

      He's playing great in these home games. He needs to play better on the road.

    • Riley Bickford
      Riley Bickford

      Jarry definetly needed this win to build back some confidence,hopefully the man can stay this well throughout the rest of the season

  • Ben Caldwell
    Ben Caldwell

    Good improvement for the pens to build off from tonight. Jarry played well and we really husled tonight to take advantage of opportunitys to score. Nice win over a playoff caliber team 👍 we will need to continue to play like this to keep up in this league. isle's again Saturday, more games against Boston , New York, Washington and Philly so we will need to stay agressive.

  • DS_Colbster

    Let’s go pens

  • Penguinhn

    This is the hockey I like to see the pens play! Zucker deserves teammate of the year! Let's go pens! 🐧

    • توته


    • توته


    • Kason Carlson
      Kason Carlson

      Yes what a guy he is

    • Ryan Cross
      Ryan Cross

      Gotta love the unselfish play

  • Marquis _
    Marquis _

    If cal only put in the shorty

  • Adam G
    Adam G

    That play by Matheson on that second goal was really sweet.

    • J D直達車
      J D直達車

    • Landon Bichler
      Landon Bichler

      That’s true

    • Pens 71
      Pens 71

      It was clean

  • Duper9

    Refs clearly bias against PIT. Crippling them with almost 8 minutes of powerplay time is blatantly unfair ):

    • Phocus

      No they broke the rules

  • PHIL CRAIG phil69nvegas4u
    PHIL CRAIG phil69nvegas4u

    Awesome win guys.

  • Propulsion Studios
    Propulsion Studios

    So sick of ads. NHL has become the all-time worst offender of over-advertising.

    • Duu Ges
      Duu Ges

      I understand where you’re coming from bro but the NHL needs the advertising more than ever. Hockey is most reliant on its ticket sales and without that they could barley even play the season this year. It’s annoying but it’s a necessary evil

  • TxtRage03

    The penguins announcer sounds like a baseball announcer

    • TxtRage03

      @Michael Moldovan That makes alot more sense

    • Michael Moldovan
      Michael Moldovan

      @TxtRage03 he broadcasts baseball sometimes so... possible

    • TxtRage03

      @Michael Moldovan honestly idk what it is but I get that baseball vibe when I hear his voice

    • Michael Moldovan
      Michael Moldovan

      Because he cringes at every pens goal?

  • singular meme vids bruh moment
    singular meme vids bruh moment

    Why no Brandon games fight eh?

    • Russ Artist
      Russ Artist

      Why not show how the four on four came about , which led to isles scoring?

    • Gaming Channel
      Gaming Channel

      Its not aboot the fights its aboot the game, aboot the two teams each other buddy, ok so again its not aboot the fights

  • Jacob Hobart
    Jacob Hobart

    Good game Pittsburgh Penguins and tough loss New York Islanders!

    • meikorules1

      Good old Jacob !

  • Nicholas Francoletti
    Nicholas Francoletti

    This Penguins team is so frustrating to watch. On one night, they'll look dead and lifeless on the ice. The next game, they look like Cup Contenders again. I'll take the win, though. It was BY FAR our best performance as a team of the season.

    • Cristina Reyes Astudillo
      Cristina Reyes Astudillo

      @Michael Moldovan r.

    • J D直達車
      J D直達車

    • Jaara

      Maybe the line changes made the job done. That Rust-Malkin-Zucker line looked pretty good.

    • Nicholas Francoletti
      Nicholas Francoletti

      @Michael Moldovan Exactly

    • Kenon Boykin
      Kenon Boykin

      As a pens fan, I second this

  • hi add me in roblox my user beswarmsimulatorzz
    hi add me in roblox my user beswarmsimulatorzz

    in random here, not a fan of either if these teams but this is very embarrassing seeing the islanders letting the penguins take the goal 4 times. also im a rangers fan.

  • Josh Saundh
    Josh Saundh

    I would like too see New York and the flames in the cup final of the playoffs flames all the way to the cup final

    • Camden Jones
      Camden Jones

      @Plush Bros both of them not going to Finals at all

    • Josh Saundh
      Josh Saundh

      @Plush Bros who is your nhl team

    • Plush Bros
      Plush Bros

      @Camden Jones for which side

    • bIGbOYjAkOb

      @Camden Jones yeah

    • Camden Jones
      Camden Jones

      Not happening buddy

  • The Real Russell Wilson
    The Real Russell Wilson

    I’ve been a lifelong Islanders fan since 2019 and I can say this is the most embarrassing moment of my life. I’m ashamed to be a Islander right now so I’m turning in my fan card. Goodbye NY. I won’t miss you. I’ll be rooting for the Golden Knight now since they can actually run a program.

    • Nicholas Francoletti
      Nicholas Francoletti

      @MUT Burner1 Yep. It's a bandwagoner. The Golden Knights aren't even actually a guarantee to win a cup.

    • MUT Burner1
      MUT Burner1

      This is fake right??? 😂

    • MSG Is A Factory Of Sadness
      MSG Is A Factory Of Sadness

      Lifelong fan since 2019 bruh 🤣🤣

    • YT Helix
      YT Helix

      Bruh it is one game. You are still good

  • Michael Moldovan
    Michael Moldovan

    Good game Isles! See you guys Saturday

  • Whiplash95

    Time to fire Trotz. A loss is unacceptable, especially to a garbage team. Let alone a Sidney Crosby led team. Least clutch coach of all time and most overrated cheater ever. We’ll always be inferior to the Penguins and the rest of the NHL. Hire Al Bundy to replace him.

    • Ty 94
      Ty 94

      @Plush Bros 82-83 season *

    • Plush Bros
      Plush Bros

      @Ty 94 *83.

    • N8 THE GR8
      N8 THE GR8

      @Ty 94 damn😂

    • Ty 94
      Ty 94

      @Plush Brosyeah, back in the 80’s.....😂 Zero cups to show for even after going 4-0 in the playoffs against the Pens. 82’ was the Islanders last cup...😂😂🤣

    • N8 THE GR8
      N8 THE GR8

      @Plush Bros sucks it ain’t cups

  • Kenon Boykin
    Kenon Boykin

    Yes! Yes! Yes! 😏🐧

    • Hannesa99

      Kenon Boykin same