Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Unboxing + Galaxy S21 and S21+
Unbox Therapy
Unboxing every Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy

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    • Demetre Jakhaia
      Demetre Jakhaia

      @No context Fake!!!!!!

    • Dee Adams
      Dee Adams

      Ayeeeee!!! 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

    • Antish Fakeerah
      Antish Fakeerah

      S21 ultra phantom Black 🖤 👻

    • Emmet O'Shaughnessy
      Emmet O'Shaughnessy

      Please, this would be amazing prize to brighten up 2021

    • Aiden Mbinda
      Aiden Mbinda

      Love your videos keep it up

  • Denny

    The phantom white color reminds me of the s3, with the clean white color


    SAMSUNGOD of mobiles

  • BCFXSignals


  • sandor agustin bernal torres
    sandor agustin bernal torres

    No charger 😑😑😑😑😑

  • William R.
    William R.

    Omg did they get rid of the glass back 😊

  • 李健诚


  • Dana Galloway
    Dana Galloway

    I love the lavender phone, but what's the point if you're going to put a black case on it so you have somewhere to store the S Pen? Unless the cases also come in matching colors?? I also love that the ear buds match, but I have not found any ear buds yet that will stay in my ears without some kind of around-the-ear support. Are they able to be returned if necessary? Otherwise, that's too much money to experiment with.

  • A G
    A G

    God I love my Samsung. I'm finally switching. Apple is standing up for privacy and I'm jumping ship!

  • Kryptic Deity
    Kryptic Deity

    Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Gang

  • Suman Das
    Suman Das


  • Sachin 17EC434
    Sachin 17EC434

    S21 Ultra is Beautiful with Beast features 🔥🔥❤️

  • Varun vannela
    Varun vannela

    Did everything

  • zaida dilone
    zaida dilone

    Thank you. ! Loving your unboxing vids ! Amazing reviews and breakdowns!

  • Joh Minjun
    Joh Minjun

    I am watching it through S21

  • Rey Anthony Guibone
    Rey Anthony Guibone

    I love the background music

  • ෴ ꧁Hugo Rosas꧂෴
    ෴ ꧁Hugo Rosas꧂෴

    Do they have TOF?

  • Hun Kana
    Hun Kana

    I love this Phone More an more ❤️

  • Its Zelix
    Its Zelix

    Are you telling me this Ultra phone has the same amount of RAM as my PC currently? Oh well..

  • Krista Queen
    Krista Queen

    If anyone wants to know.. the song from 13:15 to 15:05 is called "Corals Under the Sun" by Sivan Talmor & Yehezkel Raz Edit: the original has vocals but you it look up the instrumental version for the same song from the video

  • Krista Queen
    Krista Queen

    I'm making the switch.

  • Alex Morales
    Alex Morales

    Can I have the phone

  • Hachem Abou saleh
    Hachem Abou saleh

    Hello i have iPhone XS Max do you advice me to bring Samsung s21 ultra

  • Tech Khabar
    Tech Khabar

    I will /not win

  • Jeramy Tarbell
    Jeramy Tarbell

    I went with the regular s21 super comfy loving it so far everything is so snappy and smooth

  • 꼬꼬댁!!!!!!!푸드덕

    Hello I am korean

  • Bcgdbchdbc Nddgddgcdgd
    Bcgdbchdbc Nddgddgcdgd

    Do you know what even older note series S pen will also work on galaxy S 21 ultra older note s pen can also work on This s21 ultra like note 8 s pen 2017 note 10 s pen 2019. Note 20 s pen 2020 if you want more s pen features Go with s pen pro I think it costs a bit expensive than normal s pen....

  • Willy cast
    Willy cast

    No SD card No Headphone Jack No charge im thinking going to another provider Samsung no no no..

  • 19BCS1803 ROOL NO.
    19BCS1803 ROOL NO.

    dose wireless charing to earbuds do work with s21 also

  • kevin Nielsen
    kevin Nielsen

    Why did they sent all off them?

  • dudder86 dudder
    dudder86 dudder

    I had the s10plus on a att just paid it off got the s21 ultra 5g and damn its a nice phone I love the 8k video and the new 1440 at 120hrts worth the $1,200 but I gpt mine for $600

  • Nadeem Ali Vlogs
    Nadeem Ali Vlogs

    Sir please give me this phone please 🇵🇰i don't have money to buy this device this is my favrit

  • Sharven Hubbard
    Sharven Hubbard

    the music on the background makes this just soo cinematically calming and just soo good I love it

    • Sorena Khiabani
      Sorena Khiabani

      Francis chopin nocturnes

    • Sharven Hubbard
      Sharven Hubbard

      @brassNvinyl same

    • brassNvinyl

      I know I’ve heard it before, dying to know the name of it!

  • Mudassar Hussain
    Mudassar Hussain

    I will be very grateful to you

  • Mudassar Hussain
    Mudassar Hussain

    Please give me Samsung s21

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      this more chill vibe really hits should do more vids like this one

  • David King
    David King

    What is the name of the song someone please

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      Best smart phone 8k vedio record ing amazing

  • Khalil Chahid
    Khalil Chahid


  • Lim Min Zhi
    Lim Min Zhi

    I really hope I’m lucky to win this giveaways cuz my phone is no longer functioning

  • Lim Min Zhi
    Lim Min Zhi

    When is the giveaways announcement

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    Others: dreaming for at least a single S21 phone Unbox Therapy: Let me flex to you all of its variants LOL

  • Enrique Leon
    Enrique Leon

    I just ordered my s21 later ultra case. You know what just occurred to me. Why don't you guys do an aramyd fiber wallet? It could be simple like one fo the elastic wallets and it could perfectly match our cases!

  • GneX4Ktb


    • Pia Uranjek
      Pia Uranjek


  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy

    S21 ultra really looks like a solid phone.

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      I'm done with Samsung, they follow suit into what Apple does. The note 20 Ultra will be my last Samsung device.

  • Jesus Diaz
    Jesus Diaz

    If I was looking to upgrade my OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren edition I would get the S21+ 256Gig with 256Gigs dark grey color, but I am still happy with my OnePlus phone for now.

  • Felipe

    please, what is the name of the song that starts playing at 17:00 ??

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy

      thing.... I cannot share quality pictures/videos like I used to do with my iphone. I use facebook messenger to talk to family and friends and was able to share quality photo/vide

  • Sharon Henry J
    Sharon Henry J

    phatom black izz realyy nizzz

  • BmnGameBoy

    You didn't show the plastic wrapping removal because you did it beforehand, how dare you 🤣 it has like 5 peel away stickers

  • Shaun Rooney
    Shaun Rooney

    Currently got a Google pixel 4a should I upgrade to the s21

  • Omkar Naikwadi
    Omkar Naikwadi

    No charger 😕

  • Shivam S
    Shivam S

    Best smart phone 8k vedio record ing amazing

  • matija dzajevic
    matija dzajevic

    this more chill vibe really hits should do more vids like this one

  • kadeem Palmer
    kadeem Palmer

    phantom black is the best

  • PsychoNinja

    Idk if its my phone but every time i multi task for more than 30 minutes my S21 Ultra gives me a pop up and says my phone is too hot and it cancels my multi tasking. I dont even multi task aggressively. I go on a video call then minimise it on the screen while scrolling through Instagram. Really disappointed, just wondering if anyone else is having this problem.

  • Martha García
    Martha García

    Pretty informative thx.

  • diego lazaro
    diego lazaro

    I need help would yall recommend to get s21 plus ultra or wait for the new note s21, I would appreciate who ever takes the time to answer.

  • iam nobody23
    iam nobody23

    S21 ultra black is amazing .

  • Maximiliano Balzamar
    Maximiliano Balzamar

    I'm done with Samsung, they follow suit into what Apple does. The note 20 Ultra will be my last Samsung device.

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    I would so go for the ultra even though its a lot more expensive

  • Dennis drost
    Dennis drost

    Funny enough Samsung we're quick to make fun of Apple as they did not include a charger, and then they turncoat and do the exact same thing. Nice products but professionalism of the company is lackluster to say the least.

  • Lyo Afonso
    Lyo Afonso

    shitty phone , they downgrade the screen resolution, they basically make a shitty plastic phone with no acessories on high price

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon

      These phones have better specs than my desktop. Then again,so does my s9+

  • Giovane N
    Giovane N

    Hey mate, Thanks for the video. I have recently moved from my Iphones (been with apple since 2008), to a Galaxy Note20 Ultra. I must say I quite like to phone apart from 1 thing.... I cannot share quality pictures/videos like I used to do with my iphone. I use facebook messenger to talk to family and friends and was able to share quality photo/videos with everyone - now it just doesnt happen. for whathever reason my family and friends with IOS cannot receive my videos in good quality, it is all pixelated. Could you please help me? Thanks a million.

  • shahad Al-mutairi
    shahad Al-mutairi

    Why no charge adapter !!! I don’t understand what the issue here

  • hailey bauer
    hailey bauer

    Hopefully I'm able to eventually get it because I definitely need to upgrade my s8

  • Ryan Hamburger
    Ryan Hamburger

    Please could you do a s20 vs s21 comparison

  • blindreaper15a

    Hey Lew, what's your thoughts on s21 ultra overheating issue when using the camera? Are you aware?

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    The doggo got my whole attention aside 5:19

  • BeSiiX N.
    BeSiiX N.

    The latest chip is snapdragon 888 not 875 as you say bro 🙃

  • Eric Vengeance
    Eric Vengeance

    @Unbox Therapy What is UP with the Peanuts *Charlie Brown* -esque *Schroeder's piano* musical background ?!? 🤔

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      I went with the S21 Ultra in Phantom Black. It arrives tomorrow. I cant wait


    What going on with upcoming smart phone... do they want us to use the smart phone and throw it away once the battery dies??? Is like shopping for new car that doesn’t has battery in it unless you purchase it.


    I was excited until I hear the galaxy s21 is 6.2 inches..... That to damn big, why not just make it 5.8 inches or 6inches max for regular galaxy s21??? Imma just wait for Blackberry upcoming phone in the summer.

  • Chevy Sky
    Chevy Sky

    Bro my 5 year old Samsung Galaxy S7 has 1440p😂

  • G M
    G M

    Just got my s21 ultra and it's kind of disappointing that I have to turn the phone sideways to see the screen clear when I'm wearing my polarized glasses! I'm wondering if I remove the factory screen protector would this solve the issue?

  • Raymond Wallace
    Raymond Wallace

    Guy... are you high AF? Been in meditation... Maybe a Xanny script from the doc?? Haven't watched in over a year and your EXTREMELY chill and cloudy!!?? You good man? This not the brutally honest, Jack check this out, in your face guy I remember. Did I miss something?

  • The Pro Noob
    The Pro Noob

    Time for me to buy 😎 Samsung S8 plus 😂

  • Nunya Bysnss
    Nunya Bysnss

    These phones have better specs than my desktop. Then again,so does my s9+

  • Mohammad Sheikhzadeh
    Mohammad Sheikhzadeh

    Just the regukar one

  • Logan Johnson
    Logan Johnson

    Would this be worth the upgrade from the note10?

  • That Man
    That Man

    Rember the s20 😂

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    5:14 You can just see the little dog waddle across the screen in the background

  • Kel Cheung
    Kel Cheung

    that plus version be looking sexy

  • Saprativ Sarkar
    Saprativ Sarkar

    What is Snapdragon 875 he is talking about. It is Snapdragon 888

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone

      I'm eyeing the S21 right now. It's drop dead gorgeous!

  • Raj Giri
    Raj Giri


  • EmptyClipz83

    I went with the S21 Ultra in Phantom Black. It arrives tomorrow. I cant wait

  • Sean Bowen
    Sean Bowen

    I'm totally sold on the Phantom black. I'm buying mine as soon as I get my income tax check. Also purchasing the phantom black ear buds as well.

  • Martin Siedlecki
    Martin Siedlecki

    I'll be hanging on to my note 10 + as long as possible

  • Cameron Scott
    Cameron Scott

    Ive been using the phone in the high resloution for a fee days now and havnt noticed a big difference in the battery usage

  • Emii_Gale

    i have the Note 10 Holographic back phone and i think i'm going to upgrade to the S21 ultra light color lol it has shifting colors lol i'm excited!

  • Chris Duffy
    Chris Duffy

    "There is a screen protector" ... peels it off and places it on its face Me : 😰😰😰

    • Martin Siedlecki
      Martin Siedlecki

      There's a factory screen protector already pre-installed on the phone. What he peeled off the packaging screen protector

  • Hidden Gem
    Hidden Gem

    Samsung S21 Ultra black with galaxy buds pro black looks awesome. Definitely this phone has everything but it's very expensive.

  • Dan MacDonald
    Dan MacDonald

    S21 grey for me.

  • lemonlimelukey

    the sheeple are pleased.

  • Mason Jack
    Mason Jack

    I recommend PEEKAY_TECH on IG who help deliver the phone I have been dreaming to get this guy is good an legit

  • Laczko Mihai
    Laczko Mihai

    Give it to me baby.

  • Nasser K
    Nasser K

    People paying hundreds of pounds for an extra lens 🤦‍♂️

  • Kr8t


  • Chris Magalona
    Chris Magalona

    I'm eyeing the S21 right now. It's drop dead gorgeous!

  • Lim Min Zhi
    Lim Min Zhi

    When is the giveaways announcement?

  • Mikey J
    Mikey J

    I mean....HOLY FUCK....this audio is bad.

  • Mikey J
    Mikey J

    Dear god, the audio in this video is terrible! Was it recorded inside a barrel?

  • Joshua Lobrecht
    Joshua Lobrecht

    Picked up a s21 phantom grey today