I got the Galaxy Buds Pros.
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  • JellyBeanJoey

    How do they compare to JBL FreeX's?

  • Zain Satti
    Zain Satti

    Day 2 of asking dankpod to review the encacfire f1s

  • Clickbait

    could you do a similar comparison with the new Oppo Enco X?

  • Ben Barnette
    Ben Barnette

    Are you one of the wiggles I mean u mix music sooooooo just saying

  • Patrick Gründler
    Patrick Gründler

    You should try the Jabra earbuds I’ve had a great experience with them but they do have a wind noise problem

  • Trentan Eoff_
    Trentan Eoff_

    I feel like he just doesn't like samsung

  • do__ren

    Over Ear is always best!

  • Lewis Kelly
    Lewis Kelly

    RIP beans

  • Florian 1337
    Florian 1337

    trey them bose m8

  • Matias Mamani
    Matias Mamani

    Apple fanboy

  • Caleb Fossett
    Caleb Fossett

    You've done a lot of reviews on cheap vs expensive headphones and earbuds but what is the effect of cheap vs. expensive DACs and cheap vs. expensive AMPs have on the listening experience on cheap vs. expensive headphones, earbud, and speakers?

  • Calan Parker
    Calan Parker

    I wanna see you try Sennheiser momentum true wireless 2

  • ourfreakingshow2

    Could we get some more big company headphone reviews? I’ve been looking at headphones from JBL, skull candy, and some other big names and Id love your input on them.

  • Adam Mada
    Adam Mada

    Have ya ever consider reviewing speaker? Cheap or expensive. Just a suggestion.

  • D Metal Dragon
    D Metal Dragon

    @DankPods should review the razer hammerhead true wireless pro to these too

  • Gary Stinten
    Gary Stinten

    so pretty, she's made in italy

  • Gary Stinten
    Gary Stinten

    could you do a review of the sennheiser wireless buds? thanks.

  • FileNotFound__

    Importhant question, Apple DirtyBuds or KZ ES4s sound wise?

  • Спас Стоянов
    Спас Стоянов

    Hey, dude! Just popping in to tell you that I bought a pair of grado SR60e on your recommendation. This is the first pair of "quality" headphones I've bought and they are currently in the process of melting my face off with sweet, crisp goodness. Thank you for this! You've made my life better!

  • jack

    thought it might be important to mention, you can indeed turn off the touch controls on all the Galaxy buds in settings, or if you don't want to turn them off completely, but just reassign the buttons to do something more useful, then you can do that too. honestly, I'm a huge fan of the touch controls on my Galaxy Buds. I never 'miss' them and poke myself in the eye or something (that was a bad attempt at a joke), but yeah, for me holding down on either the left earbud or right earbud increments the volume down and up respectively, tapping either side once will just pause whatever is playing, double-tapping on either side means that it will skip the current song and go to the next one, while a quick triple tap will mean I can go back to relisten to the song or just go to the previous song. all and all, it's not for everyone, but for the people who use it, they really like it, and for the people who don't, well they can just turn it off if they desire. anyway, great review, love your stuff!

  • Hynek Hošek
    Hynek Hošek

    Could you review soundcore liberty air 2s ?

  • Andrea Garrett
    Andrea Garrett

    The low gemini ignificantly rock because lung univariately consider until a spiteful greek. motionless, encouraging hydrant

  • Tamago Yaki
    Tamago Yaki

    Ever think of trying KZ's wireless earbuds?

  • Little Polar Bear
    Little Polar Bear

    Hey Wade, are you ever going to review the Marshall phone?

  • Sam Duke
    Sam Duke

    Yo, im at gepps cross rn. you got a red parmalat?

  • Eduardo Alvarez
    Eduardo Alvarez

    I honestly could care less about any of your content you could be reviewing how snake and turtles could make the greatest power couple in the world but at the end of the day I keep coming back cuz I love the personality that you through in to every one of you vids bro !

  • Matteo Marasco
    Matteo Marasco

    Great video man. You should try the marshall in ear mode eq earphones.

  • SBworks

    Can you review corsair hs50’s , they’re amazing headphones

  • Lord Of Chaos
    Lord Of Chaos

    Can you review the Ps5 Pulse 3d


    Tbh you probably lost the beans because you dropped them in your real beans and you ate them

  • Mr Note
    Mr Note

    Do a review of fiio m3k pleeeeeeeeeeesssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee

  • Kayena Arellano
    Kayena Arellano

    Make sure yours don't overheated in your ears.

  • Joe

    I actually like those touch buttons. if your hands are dirty, then you can just activate the controls with your arm or the back of your hand. absolute lifesaver, you don't need hands in order to operate it.

  • Valdas Netavo
    Valdas Netavo

    Wake the fuck up, Samsung ear buds pro is much better looking and sound than these balls hanging Airpods desing... 😂 And Samsung s4, have much features than any fackin new iPhone today

  • Brogon btw
    Brogon btw

    The beans are the best I have them 😫😒

  • Battle mercy
    Battle mercy

    I hope he makes a vid on daft punk

  • Real World Review
    Real World Review

    You can turn off the touch controls in the Gear app. Make the beans and pros 100000x better. Just won't fix the ANC

  • nurman the king
    nurman the king

    hello dankpods I know you may never see my comment but if you do can you please check out koss headphones like the ksc75 or the ur40 I would really want to hear your opinion on these.

  • Ezra Haviland
    Ezra Haviland

    You should review the lg buds


    Can you review the Skull candy earbuds?

  • Christopher Marshall
    Christopher Marshall

    So I've had the sony wmx dosbzbxx0000003 for like a year now and tbh yeah they aren't all that for all the raving reviewz, v unwieldy. Made me miss my original samsung buds, mainly because and I know this isn't normal, but if I needed to chat to someone I would tuck the buds into my upper ear where they would sit snug, weird I know but that little trick but it was so useful, hoping if I get buds plus they do the same

  • TheSneakySandwich -
    TheSneakySandwich -

    Can we get a showcase of all the stuff on your desk?

  • Onefifty

    oi dank what do you think of jabra?

  • Xxomg galaxyxX
    Xxomg galaxyxX

    Product:Awful and terrible. companies:offerable

  • GaryVee2

    You can just turn off the touch controls. I like the touch controls. You just have fat fingers lol

  • Christopher Deane
    Christopher Deane

    First off let me say I do love your vids, I am a fan. But if you thought I won't gonna complain you're surely mistaken, lol haha see what I did there with your dialog from the video haha( ok moving on). But you are a apple fan boy for sure 80% of the time I would say which everyone kind of knows obviously with all the iPod stuff. However when u said samsung was finally starting to compete with air pod pros u r def wrong there. The first couple samsung wireless headphones where in ear ones with good noise isolation and tight fit and all that while apple was not. Then apple comes with the pro finally getting an in ear while samsung goes to the beans which didn't stay in ear and basically sucked so at first apple finally starts competing with samsung actually , then samsung starts competing with apple as far as the shitty can't stay in your ear ones, now samsung are back on track with these ones. And the airpod "pros" was only a tad better than the first samsung buds in my opinion and the second buds where barely an upgrade, the way the second airpods where Barely an upgrade, and the pros was way better. Now hopefully samsung will catch up to apple as far as making a significant upgrade to their previous headphones, meaning better than those own last version is all I mean. Over all I think Samsung's truly wireless are usually better than apples until they came with the air pros, now samsung needs these too be a major upgrade to keep up cuz the beams was a definite f'ing flop and sucked IMO. Thanks for reading anybody, sorry for the long post, just a major truly WL headphone buyer and fan.

  • Ekip Vefa Arası büyük
    Ekip Vefa Arası büyük

    Could you please share some spotify playlists

  • WellBeSerious12

    Lie. Sony's microphone sounded the best, of the three.

  • Drejkol

    I kinda expect them to release Buds Pro Plus soon. Original Buds Plus are pretty much same or even better in every aspect. Better sound and bass, better battery life, better design, better NC - They don't have ANC but doing great job with PNC - those are earphones after all if you fit them correctly then they should work pretty much like earplugs. I got BPro for free to S21 and all I can say is that I like my BPlus more. Way more. I was expecting an upgrade even by a tiny little bit but after using BPlus for years, Pro version just feels like downgrade.

  • SemmyRace

    Tbh I have first gen Galaxy Buds and I kinda like the touch controls

  • Joe Ramirez
    Joe Ramirez

    You put the beans in the wireless Sony headphones case on that outside pocket.

  • Michael Young
    Michael Young

    You should review the Meter TWS earbuds! I have a pair and I wanna see how they stack up against other audiophile stuff because I can't tell yet. And I keep seeing them at Walmart for pretty cheap, so yeah! :D Thanks for reading!

  • Zachary Shaffer
    Zachary Shaffer

    You should check out the Neurable headphones. I keep getting their ads on Instagram and was wondering if their any good

  • HandmadeShark 26
    HandmadeShark 26

    Three words “Sennhiser momentum Two”

    • Bastian Espejo
      Bastian Espejo

      Two Words "They suck"

  • THE ANGRY HIKER 7.62x39
    THE ANGRY HIKER 7.62x39

    Hey try out the skullcandy line of headphones

  • Augustas Paulauskas
    Augustas Paulauskas

    Can you do massdrop x sennheiser hd6xx vs senn hd600 comparison video ?

  • O .H .J
    O .H .J

    Hey review the TaoTronics Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones I want to know your opinion and plus if they suck it'll be fun to watch you humiliate them like the raycons

  • Jonathan Sarmiento
    Jonathan Sarmiento

    Give me

  • Russian Koichi
    Russian Koichi

    Jeusesuesuesuesus 4k 60 fps i swear i was 100 percent 6 secs ago now 93

  • Exp Exp
    Exp Exp

    Will you talk about the iPod Shuffle 3gen? (like ups and downs of the device)

  • Ryan Ech
    Ryan Ech

    No way this man was roasting the *new* cable for being "a half way cooked noodle" like what? Does every wire this man come across automatically has wear?

  • AFunkyMonkey81

    Can you review the Oakcastle MP100 on Amazon? It's a cheap MP3 player and has alot of good ratings.

  • Keshava Ramanujam Panchangam
    Keshava Ramanujam Panchangam

    Even Tho This Channel Is Junk I'm Subscribing Now

  • Max Di Lello
    Max Di Lello

    6:08 why are prosumer headphones at bunnings...

  • Gage Doherty
    Gage Doherty

    Idk if Iphone has it but on Samsung devices you can disable the touches on galaxy buds

  • geesegoose

    whats the music btw?

  • Kruemmelbande The Cat
    Kruemmelbande The Cat

    Did the ducks take your beans?

  • Shourya Gurao
    Shourya Gurao

    Search status cb1

    • Shourya Gurao
      Shourya Gurao

      They are a good pair

  • WaGnEr Aka Night Bot 3.0
    WaGnEr Aka Night Bot 3.0

    Bro this man Is Fucking hilarious

  • TTVPhantom 2107
    TTVPhantom 2107

    Can you try the razer Hammerhead true wireless earphones or earbuds

  • Joel Cressy
    Joel Cressy

    was kinda hoping to see that AKG logo get the 1-grit. still not deserving of the name.

  • JPMS - Video
    JPMS - Video

    Yo could you try something from v moda they more dj headphones but idk

  • T. C. B.
    T. C. B.

    People probably don't know this company too well, but Poly (previously known as Plantronics) are a local company that I like, however after some of the things you've pointed out about too much bass and such, I'm curious what you would think of their lineup. They're pretty pricey, and to me they feel cheap for the cost. With that said, I would recommend checking out the BackBeat Pro 2 SE, and BackBeat GO 3.

  • Russell Cook
    Russell Cook

    Gotta disagree on the headphone touch control, try the pixel buds touch control, it’s amazing

  • Poopy Puant
    Poopy Puant

    Air pod pro's are good. But not everyones got the money for them

  • Adin Roberts
    Adin Roberts

    Can you do the quiet comfort earbuds

  • My Name
    My Name

    the lost galaxy buds are in a bose sunglasses case

  • My Name
    My Name

    iPhone 12 "pRo": iPhone 12 but bigger Sony Xperia Pro: actually a phone for pro's

  • Kalyn Binder
    Kalyn Binder

    I can't do airpods . I hate having them in my ear . I bought some headphones finally from Sony and I'm finally enjoying my music lol.

  • Ahmed Wael
    Ahmed Wael

    You have to try the moondrop starfield!

  • DarkBladeOniken

    Tbh I like that they shake out, I usually whip it out and shake em into my hand.

  • SkankHunt42

    Clearly a apple fanboy. The touch controls aren't hard at all!! You like a fucking analog stick but don't like the touch of the headphones?

    • SkankHunt42

      @Chill Sodaa You're just to poor to afford it. fuck out of here.

    • SkankHunt42

      @Jamie Vatarga Don't lie, you get yourself off thinking about apple and their overpriced products

    • Jamie Vatarga
      Jamie Vatarga

      @SkankHunt42 sure... Tell that to all the apple products I own... Oh wait, no I have none

    • Chill Sodaa
      Chill Sodaa

      @SkankHunt42 What does that have to do with apple you dumbfuck🙃🙃 touch controls on headphones are attrocious anyways

    • SkankHunt42

      @Jamie Vatarga Fucking apple fan boy.

  • Mauro Mortier
    Mauro Mortier

    Please please review the skullcandy crusher ANC! You’ll like it, it has a nice surprise 😋

  • xXxPlactor

    Yoo dankpods Could you Review the bose quite comfort earbuds? When you say the Sound is Good i will buy them !

  • milleta

    Wait, wait, wait... WAIT... Frank is a SHE?

  • Envy_hypez 56
    Envy_hypez 56

    Dear Samsung Headphone users are monkey brain , we need simple and audio for our greasy heads Please fix your manuals and give us our beeps and boops we crave Sincerely The monkey brain audiophiles

  • CINEWHOOP Hungary
    CINEWHOOP Hungary

    commenting cus it helps

  • Zakariya Sajid
    Zakariya Sajid

    Can you try out the Austrian audio hix55 over ear headphones as you keep saying that's where the good akg engineer went.

  • Lucas Mitchell
    Lucas Mitchell

    Never had a problem with touch controls. Who pushes their earbuds in with one finger you grab it by either side. You're definitely exaggerating or just have shit hand eye coordination

  • eri

    the problem with all these things is that i'm autistic and i can't stand the feeling of shit in or even on my ears. speakers for life

  • Big Man Dan
    Big Man Dan

    I just got some Boltune BH-020 earbuds. I think they're pretty sweet, I'd be interested in seeing you shatter that illusion.

  • Luqman Khan
    Luqman Khan

    Take a look at Huawei freebud pros? Meant to be as good or not even better than airpod pros

  • spade

    r u grandline review

  • yasgamer

    So I owned the sony, lost them, bought some momentum true wireless 2 by SENN, and found the sony again. So I found out that there's a wind reduction mode hidden in the app and while I didn't think much of it at first, it worked beautifully, it cancels about as much noise as the sennheiser without wind noise (however, a bit less than full nc) and when you get on the bus you can kick it back into high gear for better nc. If it weren't for that feature I wouldn't have returned the sennheiser tbh. Just sucks that they didn't make this mode accessible with hardware because I don't really wanna open up the app every time I enter/exit a building. PS: The Sony disables touch controls when it's not in your ear. The SENN does not. Also there's enough spots to touch to adjust the sony when it's already in your ear.

  • darkflame808

    After my horrible experience with galaxy beans losing connection every four seconds even after having them replaced I will never invest in Samsung headphones.

  • Rob Mirsky
    Rob Mirsky

    Watching this with my AirPod Pro’s in, with a smile on my face

  • Dimitry Dimitry
    Dimitry Dimitry

    Dude is trash

  • Aidan Connochie
    Aidan Connochie

    I got some sony wh-1000xm3s taking a while to get use to. But they're lovely. My only other headphones are grado sr60e

  • ViaisLame

    14:46 Jesus

  • Block Buster
    Block Buster

    got em ther r great mate

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