I Missed This Entirely and I Can’t Unsee It...
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In order to take a break and step back from everything that they found in the last episode, the team dives head-first into the Reddit again to see what the fans have found, both in the way of new discoveries and hilarious distracting memes. However, relating to the former, the team makes an interesting new connection when it comes to the Syntec logo, and the speculation on what that might mean as a whole becomes front and center.
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  • DollieBird

    I’m kinda happy that it isn’t real. You know why? It’s because now I can guarantee their safety and not keep watching and stressing out because I don’t want them to get hurt.

  • Fuzzy •
    Fuzzy •

    Woods is designer baby, he has no genetic imperfections

  • Thy Vindicator
    Thy Vindicator

    We have been tricked, backstabbed, and possibly bamboozled

  • FrostPhoenixYT

    WAIT A MINUTE i think all the numbers don't mean patients but instead those are phone numbers. If they all have 863 that must mean it's all connected to the SAME LINE. Like so Matt can see :)

  • zayne deadpool
    zayne deadpool

    The pc is on carpet and not spots to be so it does not brake

  • FrostPhoenixYT

    I- I use L- light mode

  • Just._.Bella21

    Matt: this isn’t real Me: Dang I really thought this was real, I really got bamboozled

  • Appleajaa

    1:40 sams to predictable her birthday was even predicted

  • Samuel Bronsink
    Samuel Bronsink

    aw dang it i kinda thought this was real :( but good job on the acting

    • Samuel Bronsink
      Samuel Bronsink

      wait but from the start like when u broke the wall with the keys ever since u have been acting? for a year

  • Laila Frank-Gore Year 8
    Laila Frank-Gore Year 8

    yo i was test tube or ivf lol

  • Laila Frank-Gore Year 8
    Laila Frank-Gore Year 8

    how did they know you three would be discovering this tho

  • Happy

    My whole life I thought this was real

  • ella emons
    ella emons

    Wait so when he went to the sheriffs he just -

  • bigmo44030o

    Topiramate is 863

  • Noah Chapman
    Noah Chapman

    Wait wait wait where did pat go why’d he leave

  • Stephanie Joey's Girl Jiles
    Stephanie Joey's Girl Jiles

    I'm medicating right now when I heard 5159. I looked up and said how did they get the last 4 9f my phone number.? I am so done.

  • The la Champ
    The la Champ

    Sam he doesn’t just look good then he always looks amazing

  • Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller

    Search Nelson Syphus and go to hos videos and look at the thumbnail from the bottom up. 😳

  • Ebony Durrant
    Ebony Durrant

    Why on the thumbnails your eyes look bright blue but in the videos your eyes look gray

  • Aidan Lyons
    Aidan Lyons

    If you search up nelson syphus it talks about nuclear medicine

  • Samuel

    Have anyone notised that there are the same coluor in syntech logo and The colurs on the three difftrent bases

  • Marie Pilant
    Marie Pilant

    Syntec's showing its true colors with the snake label.

  • Darryl Jones
    Darryl Jones

    Most older newspapers aren't uploaded to the internet..... BUT, if you go to your local courthouse or library most of them have an old roller reel that they should have most if not all local newspapers in. That was how I found records of a death in my family before the internet was off dial up

  • Timothy Mallon
    Timothy Mallon

    Nelson has a LV-home channel and he is talking about you and his video says he took it all what did you take that he needed

  • Game Son
    Game Son

    I really wanted to hear what matt said about sleep.

  • ana beltran
    ana beltran

    bild sam a snack room

  • MultiMotionz

    D is syphus parnter i know this because when you where texting him he told you

  • Lucky CEO
    Lucky CEO

    Me when I watch a trailer 👁👄👁 This is dramatic, I Love it!

  • Randiel Colon
    Randiel Colon

    Is nobody else going to talk about how woods just showed his Hershey bar to us

  • Goldgod

    Bring time travel to the mix

  • Goldgod

    I want to see woods be syphus who went back in time and became syphus

  • Arianna Mae
    Arianna Mae

    That civil war meme just feels real now, since the tape video

  • Goldgod

    863 is the number of pages Matt's book will have

  • MR. RED
    MR. RED

    My theory is that in the end woods is going back in time and will be cyphus

  • MR. RED
    MR. RED

    I kinda feel relieved that it's not real hehe

  • NexusSin

    Matt does have those cheeks though, his head is just bigger. Huehuehue

  • F W
    F W

    No one: Me: (watching this after I saw the newest one) D doesn't seem to care about the subjects as much as she does her self. so she doesn't sound trust worthy. I don't think anyone who has contacted you is trust worthy

  • jwilshh


  • SoccerRoo103

    My theory is that 863 was the person who broken and injected the serum

  • Twiztid King 420
    Twiztid King 420

    This feels like the matrix pick your own destiny the red pill or the blue pill

  • M&M 100
    M&M 100

    You said you recognized the shape So maybe it was snakes But we don’t know cause we didn’t see it Edit: I just looked back at the logo, it’s a 3 leaf clover ☘️ or 3 heart ♥️ what ever it’s is lol

  • Avery Birtman
    Avery Birtman

    I don't have data and my Wi-Fi has been out for 13 days so I have a quite a lot to catch up on.

  • truetype80

    FINALLY they admit it's all been bullshit

  • Joy Mackay
    Joy Mackay

    Wait what if the 3 digit codes on the keys are the keys to the rooms of patients 🤔 or keys to the surum to the Patient

  • Jaq Newell
    Jaq Newell

    I found current day syntec it's a gaming channel called syntac

  • Julian Weaver
    Julian Weaver

    In time stamp 14:48 y'are talking about the keys the numbers on them could be to a specific room that was labeled as the patients name too like patient 863 was in room or whatever they were in 863

  • Rowan Lasher
    Rowan Lasher

    how about you ask talk to your parents samantha

  • ShadowMaze Gaming
    ShadowMaze Gaming

    5:08 who knows more about sam matt or syhpus lol

  • Onikia Herme
    Onikia Herme

    The logo that was on the document is the same logo on the cup, because like everyone said it looked like a red heart it’s actually just their logo

  • George Martinez
    George Martinez

    21:52 Sing it, sister, when Matthias and Sam ran 4 mph.❤️

  • Mythic SHADOW
    Mythic SHADOW

    28:25 OHHHHHH It's a green screen!? I thought it was a built set!

  • Osiris

    I got a unknown call while watching this and it scared me

  • jordi Greenan
    jordi Greenan

    and also what was the warning at the beggining

  • jordi Greenan
    jordi Greenan

    this is just one key

  • Stephanie Pierce
    Stephanie Pierce

    Does anyone else notice that the symbol of syntech is 3 infinite signs with with 3 snake heads pointing to each other? Comment or like if you agree or tell if you dont

  • Single Bullet
    Single Bullet

    What if nelson is d.s best friend but then nelson betrayed d

  • Marco Fusaro
    Marco Fusaro

    26:39 Let's just give a thumbs up for SYFICE

  • Chen Lezhan
    Chen Lezhan

    I know how :they made project pegasus possible

  • QT Venoms ツ
    QT Venoms ツ

    Wait this whole series isn’t real this kinda hurts but it is ok

  • Mary Frazier
    Mary Frazier

    Sam's mom or maybe her dad was a patient

  • keenan green
    keenan green

    You can make 863 from the logo with the snakes is anyone else seeing what I'm seeing?

  • Kash Warmbier
    Kash Warmbier

    Matthias: this is all not real Me: my whole life is a lie

  • Zoe Gabriel
    Zoe Gabriel

    by Zoe

  • Shan Tan
    Shan Tan

    4:41 let me just help you samantha. Mathias knew all these so technically syphus did too. :)

  • PhantomWolf KS
    PhantomWolf KS

    Well if since we know here B-Day we can celebrate it!

  • J May
    J May

    I love Sam, she is the type of person I would want to be best friends with.

  • Teddy Sparrow
    Teddy Sparrow

    So you burned a hole through your 2nd floor just for this!?

  • Mythic Universe
    Mythic Universe

    23:51 can we just appreciate woods in the back of Matt just waving and like glorifying his chocolate bar?

  • Jerry Perkins
    Jerry Perkins

    Ayo hold up London

  • REE Kid
    REE Kid

    You should ask the LAPD guy to do a persons check or whatever it’s called

  • Tita_0525

    I know this is a skit, but wow I would love to do this escape room!😂😂

  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams


  • Jane B
    Jane B

    I meant to say arent nor are my bad

  • Drewtotero

    Matt- Sam do you use LV-home in light mode Me- now I know why she’s a person of interest

  • Drewtotero

    I think we all know we need a how they made it series


    Matt could syntec be trying to make super people and life’s blood was a thing to upgrade humanity


    Love ur vids


    On the date's the Y's are also written differently. I do that though...like I switch how I write my t's u's and y's a lot

  • Jiya Mashruwala
    Jiya Mashruwala

    At 7:37 when Matt started talking about sleep I actually wanted to hear

  • Syphus 590
    Syphus 590

    Syphus, merrill T. Altadena, CA, license number A 19993, ACTIONS: surrendered, date: 10/10/2014, reasons: reasonable suspicion of illegal human experimentation

  • Barrett Richter
    Barrett Richter

    Strange theory but the could be time travelers and Sam caught them in the future so there trying to stop it in the past also the life’s blood could be how you tune travel pls like so Mathias sees it thx

  • XaltyHimself

    But what is the serum because that didnt look like a prop and im still going to watch these and be super involved i just wont be scared and looking over my shoulder

  • Krishna Bharadwaj
    Krishna Bharadwaj

    Well I know this is real you can't fool us, Doug, if this wasn't real you would have told us earlier, there are multiple instances where you told us this is real and now you're like bam this is not real I personally cannot believe that this is not real. Edit: I have seen you act and Matthias is good at acting but woods and sam are...... lets say not designed for the acting purpose.

  • King Ranch
    King Ranch

    The snake symbol has the infinite symbol 3 times

  • Potato Chip
    Potato Chip

    I’ve seen so many 2003 Mercury mountaineers I’m like Suphus that you

  • A Robot
    A Robot

    Time travel

  • Livv C
    Livv C

    I knew it. Crying


    Umm guys i searched Nelson Syphus on LV-home and it showed up. I watched the videos and i think it could help Matt. Plzz like this so matt can see it.

  • Chubbz for Dubbz
    Chubbz for Dubbz

    Anybody else wanna hear about that sleep debt thing?

  • UDED_DoMo

    They said internet wasn’t released in 1997 but I just looked it up and internet was released to the public on April 30, 1993

  • BlueBird Squad
    BlueBird Squad

    Wait so this stuff I'd made up? If not sorry but just wondering

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay

    Now that its been stated none of this isn't real PLEASE make a blooper real PLEASE we need to know how hard you laughed when "Syphus" started screaming in Sam's offic

  • Hannah Paterson
    Hannah Paterson

    At -17:05-- everyone's blood type is either A+ A- B+ or B- with one being AB+ and one being O- but none being O+ which is the most common blood type...

  • Charlotte Black
    Charlotte Black

    what if the numbers on all the keys are like specific to rooms that patients were in like a lock box of room key

    • Charlotte Black
      Charlotte Black

      and thats why the two main numbers are so important because they were successful tests

  • Brxised

    What do u mean it’s out now

    • doliio volay
      doliio volay

      ghosts of the failed patients that died.😐

  • Mr Marvel R29
    Mr Marvel R29

    This should be on NETFLIX 😊

  • jetpackhorse53 yt
    jetpackhorse53 yt

    Sam I did what you said, I screenshot woods and no one's gonna do anything about it

  • MimiFox

    I mean...I can't be the only one who saw that coming right? I mean the whole thing is awesome but a little out of the scope of reality at this point.

  • Elijah Pekarek
    Elijah Pekarek

    Yes, my poat was in the vid by someone else nice

  • Lizett Vasquez
    Lizett Vasquez

    I know it’s a few days late but a couple videos ago it said something like “they will make a request” and something like “don’t follow the request” but John Doe “requested” to put stuff in the “drop”. I’m kind of thinking John Doe is the one that “contacted” y’all. “-D” didn’t really “contact” it was more of sending clues. John Doe emailed which is directly contacting y’all.

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